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Nov 24th, 2013
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  1. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  2. 愛繕 (Love's Salvation) - Margot Knight & Malga Naruze
  4. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  5. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  6. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  7. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  9. The waking chime,
  10. I can hear it...
  11. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  12. It's from the school
  14. What day is it?
  15. Had a good dream?
  16. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  17. It's still Wednesday!
  19. What's for breakfast?
  20. We'll be late!
  21. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  22. Right, we're leaving now!
  24. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  25. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  26. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  27. That's the sign for class
  29. Look, look below!
  30. Everyone is hurrying~
  31. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  32. There's a nice breeze blowing!
  34. From the school's window
  35. Fly in - we're seated!
  36. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  37. Deal with lateness later!
  39. Even missing breakfast,
  40. being on time is victory!
  41. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  42. Death for the failed
  44. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  45. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  46. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  47. Class is starting
  49. My tummy is empty
  50. Class is long, you know?
  51. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  52. I do have sweets~
  54. Sucking on candy
  55. Adele looks back
  56. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  57. The miser keeps smiling
  59. Saying nothing, looking forward
  60. Tenzou looking serious
  61. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  62. Ukky dozing off
  64. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  65. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  66. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  67. Class still continues
  69. Nenji gives an answer
  70. Itoken follows through
  71. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  72. Seijun finishes up
  74. Pe-yan keeps silent
  75. The lolicon jumping around
  76. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  77. Suzu in good form
  79. Almost time for lunch
  80. Everyone's getting restless
  81. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  82. Sensei lets out a sigh
  84. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  85. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  86. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  87. Time for lunch break
  89. Closing the textbook
  90. Hassan starts dancing
  91. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  92. Bara-yan sends his script!
  94. Tou-chan isn't eating
  95. Though there's nothing on him
  96. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  97. Kimi calls everyone
  99. Asama's towering lunchbox
  100. Mito-tsan's having fried meat
  101. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  102. Party by the window~
  104. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  105. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  106. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  107. School is over
  109. After school, doing work
  110. Circling around campus
  111. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  112. Everyone to their own
  114. Heh, the idiot is making noise
  115. Having meetings in the bread store
  116. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  117. A break in the shrine
  119. Karaoke in the bathroom
  120. Even though we're thinking that
  121. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  122. Pretending not to notice
  124. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  125. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  126. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  127. The night goes on
  129. The places never seen
  130. Someday we'll go for them
  131. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  132. All of us, we'll go
  134. That person we never met
  135. Not able to leave*
  136. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  137. The bells will connect us
  139. Still can hear it
  140. Every day, all the time
  141. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  142. The unstopping bells
  144. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  145. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  146. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  147. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  149. Hold hands while we sleep
  150. Even with no one beside
  151. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  152. The bells will connect us
  154. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  155. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  156. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  157. Kin Kon Kan Kon
  159. *Nihonshock: くされえん [kusare en] – 縁 here is a kind of “destined to be” relationship to someone. And if it’s rotten (腐れ) , then we’re talking about those people whom we just can’t seem to get away from, even if we know we should.
  161. - Kawakami Minoru's Lyric Commentary -
  162. Now, having started preparing for the a Gagaku (imperial court) festival, Naito and Naruze have to deal with the sudden appearance of a strong rival, Asama and co., on stage. There was already a new piece prepared (The Iron CM song), but given the already existing witch and CM songs, there was a need to put up something with a different image, so
  164. Knight: I want something we can dance to!
  166. Naruze: The annoying ones passed down to us for the Sabbaths are a dime a dozen, you know.
  168. Knight: Doing one like that for the festival would be genius!
  170. With that trend, the thought of making a danceable for the new piece started to float in their minds. Still, having done nothing except witch songs until now,
  172. Naruze: ...Isn't this a looping witch tune?
  174. Knight: Yeah. What a thing this is, the requiem loop. ...It really brings down the mood.
  176. Like that, they started trying out many things. In the end, considering not only the emphasis of the song on themselves but also to give a feel about them having fun with everyone (because it was a festival after all),
  178. Knight: Then how about the school for our setting?
  180. Such a thing happened, and because hearing the theme reminds them of the 'school bell', they decided to use it in the song.
  181. The lyrics are based on the school, a song about a single day. Intended as a song about everyone in class, this song tries its best to cover the image of themselves - a part of the class - as well as their delivery work and some other stuff.
  183. Naruze: Still, these lyrics give off more of a 'the world is wide~' song than I thought.
  185. Knight: Everyone would recognize the main melody, so we could be well off with this...
  187. Naruze: Well, we finally managed to make a song with a different image to what we usually are. Even then, we can still say that this song is ours: it'll surely be a good song.
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