(MLO) Learning by the Books Pt 2

Dec 30th, 2013
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  1. >The next day, while your mother was busy as usual in the library, you snuck away to go see someone special
  2. >A pair of guards stood before the doorway to your target, and needed to be dealt with
  3. >Simple enough, a long range levitation spell pulled over a candlestick in the room in front of them, and they both went to investigate
  4. >Big mistake, you snuck your way inside and hid behind an opulent pillar in the room of your desire
  5. >On her throne sat Princess Celestia, raiser of the sun, and beside her was her sister Luna
  6. >They were exchanging pleasentries, but you could tell that Luna was going to get some sleep after a long night
  7. >After the princess of the moon had departed, you crept your way up the large promenade to the throne, always being careful to stay out of sight
  8. >"You can come out of hiding, Anonymous. You know you're welcome in here."
  9. >You tense up behind the pillar, but walk out and into her view, a defeated scowl on your face
  10. "How'd you know it was me?"
  11. >She gave you a cheeky grin, showing that, though nearly as old as time as she was, the princess still had a sense of humour
  12. >"I didn't. So what brings you to my hall at such a time, Anonymous? You ought to be with Twilight in the library. She needs an assistant, now that Spike has grown up."
  13. >You scuffed your hoof against the floor, aware of how selfish your request would be
  14. "Princess, could you give my mommy some time off? She works all the time and I don't get to see her much anymore. I feel kinda lonely, especially since I can't go to school and make friends."
  15. >The princess of the sun looks at you with motherly concern and gestures to the small, padded stool beside her ostentatious throne
  16. >You trot over and take a seat, looking up at Celestia's face
  17. >It was drawn tight, making her look older than she usually did
  18. >The thought dawned on you that maybe ruling took more work than you had thought before
  19. >But when Celestia looked down at you, the tension had vanished from her face, and a warm smile had taken its place
  20. >"Anonymous, I will do this for you. And as a gift to you, I wish to show you something as well. Please, follow me."
  21. >As the princess got off the throne, you dismounted your stool, and when she started trotting, you followed in her footsteps
  22. >The corridor she took you down led directly to her personal chambers
  23. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. >The torch sconces lit before you and extinguished behind you, seemingly of their own will
  25. >Finally, you two reached her chamber
  26. >The centerpiece of the bedroom was a massive orrey, replete with gems of all kinds and at the center, some kind of stone with a hexagonal pattern on it
  27. >"This is the Celestial Orrey. It predicts the allignment of the stellar bodies that my sister and I do not control. And the stone at the center, is a mystical amplifier."
  28. >You strode up to the device, young eyes wide with curiousity and awe
  29. >But such feelings were replaced with confusion, which you redirected onto Celestia
  30. "Princess, why did you bring me here? Sure I mean, it's cool, but does it really merit a secret pilgrimage and stuff?"
  31. >To Celestia's credit, her smile never wavered for a second, nor did her voice
  32. >"It is more my actions with the artefact that I brought you here to speak of. You see, when Twilight visited me in Canterlot a decade ago, she had expressed her desire to mate and birth a foal."
  33. >Celestia appeared to be looking through the ancient device, which with her power, she very well could be
  34. >"I helped her plan out her fertility cycles so she could know when best to concieve. But a year later, she returned to me in tears, saying how no stallion would have her. So I did the one thing a mother watching her child suffer could do."
  35. >Her heavy gaze turns upon you, causing a shiver to go through your body
  36. >"I offered a solution. I would use magic to stir life in her womb and give her a foal. She was shocked, but when I showed her how I would do it, she readily agreed. So with the proper ritual, I gave her a foal."
  37. >A tear glistens, unshed in the goddess' eye before she closes them both and turns once more to the amplifae
  38. >"The spell had some...unfortunate side effects on her mental well-being however. So I wiped her memory of ever having it cast on her, and instead implanted the idea that she had gone to an insemination clinic instead."
  39. >When the ancient alicorn turned back to you, there was a new look in her eyes, one that you could have sworn was hunger
  40. >"So you see, Anonymous, I am your mother. Just as much as Twilight is. It had pained me all these years to watch you grow up and to not be a mother to you, but only a figure that you know of."
  41. >The smile returns to her face, though it's much erier with the look her eyes now hold, locked onto yours
  42. >"But now you know, that you have two mothers. And I want to express all those years of hidden love to you, right now."
  43. >You're surrounded by an aura of golden light and you slide towards the maddened goddess
  44. >She immediately plants her lips on yours, her tongue invading the orifice and ravaging it with insatiable lust
  45. >But you pull away from her, you don't understand what's going on
  46. "P-princess, why are you doing this?"
  47. >She recoils, visibly wounded by the question
  48. >"Why, because this is a special way ponies show love, of course. Don't you want to love your mother?"
  49. >Well, when she put it that way, maybe it wasn't such a bad thing after all
  50. >Celestia kissed you again, but this time hers was not the only tongue swirling around your mouth
  51. >You kiss back, clumsily since this is your first time, but it's making you feel warm and excited
  52. >A tingle travels down your belly to your stallionhood, making it swell with an erection for the first time in your life
  53. >But you're confused, why is your private part getting bigger?
  54. >Celestia merely chuckles as she feels your dick hardening against her soft underbelly
  55. >"Oh, excited already? Well, I suppose I should start right away then."
  56. >She trails kisses along your neck and down your belly, moving nimbly around your erection and kissing down to your inner thighs
  57. >You shiver at the kissing in your tender crotch, your dick twitching of its own accord
  58. >Celestia chuckles at the involuntary motion, and takes it as a sign to get started right away
  59. >She takes a long, slow lick of your shaft, all the way from the balls to the flare, and back down again, savouring it like a summertime popsicle
  60. >You moan, your young vocal cords making the noise crack in the middle
  61. >Celestia takes your throbbing flare into her mouth and swirls her tongue around the sensitive flesh
  62. >Her ministrations overwhelm you with waves of pleasure unknown before now, dulling your mind to a feeble state of being
  63. >As your member slid deep into her throat, you could no longer contain the pressure building up inside you
  64. >You orgasm deep inside Celestia's throat, your first load shooting into the alicorns belly and filling her up
  65. >She keeps sucking, milking every last drop before finally letting your dick out of her mouth
  66. >She licks her lips and gives you a look that tells you you're not done yet
  67. >"I always wanted to nurse a colt, but a princess can't be seen playing wetnurse to just any pony. But I kept myself lactating all these years in hopes that this day would come."
  68. >She turns around, presenting her plot, complete with a set of teats swollen with milk, sustained for years with magic
  69. >You realize it must have been agonizing for her, to keep all that milk in her for nearly a decade, just on the slight hope of you nursing from her one day
  70. >What love she must feel for you to keep it that long, it would be rude to not drink
  71. >You move in, your mind high from sexual endorphins, and take one of the tits in your mouth, beginning to suckle like a foal
  72. >Her milk trickles over your tongue and down your throat in a steady stream, thick and warm
  73. >It had a sweet flavour over top of the expected milky one, as though a small amount of sugar were mixed into the glands as they secreted the fluid
  74. >You were enjoying yourself so much, you hadn't even noticed that Celestia's pussy was winking in arousal
  75. >But the small bud caught your eye as it flicked in and out elusively
  76. >It looked a bit like a nipple, you wonder what kind of milk it produces
  77. >So when it comes out of its sheathe again, you immediately latch onto it, much to Celestia's surprise
  78. >She immediately groans and her hip press back, grinding her wet marehood against your equally soaked muzzle
  79. >With all of your suckling and licking, Celestia orgasms much quicker than she had anticipated
  80. >The resulting flood from her vagina fills your mouth and the excess pours down your chest, coating you in the sticky fluids
  81. >It tastes vaguely earthy, with a bit of sweetness
  82. >As the alicorn princess falls over from sudden weariness, you lick your lips and nuzzle at her neck, suddenly feeling very affectionate for your estranged mother
  83. >Sure she hadn't raised you, but she would have if she could have
  84. >So you settle in for a quick nap before going back to your real mommy and show her everything you had learned
  85. >You were sure she would love it, and of course you couldn't keep such wonders from her, after all
  86. >You love your mommies
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