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  1. Ibuki General Notes (as of 9_28_2019):
  3. Normals: (Startup/Hit/Block)
  4. st. lp - (3/2/1) - starter for ibuki's target combos, native tick throw button
  5. st. mp - (5/4/2) - stagger button, counterhit can combo into itself or into st. mk.
  6. st. hp - (12/0/-5) - long range option. Buffer into kunai or ex kunai to either stay safe or steal your turn.
  7. st. lk - (4/0/-2) - great long range punish move, cancels into lp raida or uppercut to knock down.
  8. st. mk - (6/5/2) - can go into itself, if opponent has no 3f, you can do this with impunity. Also a good stagger button, though be careful about accidentally going into f+mk in neutral.
  9. st. hk - (10/3/-2) - Crush counter button, whiffs on crouchers.
  11. cr. lp - (4/3/2) - native tick throw button
  12. cr. mp - (6/3/-1) - buffer button, feels stubby and has quite a bit of recovery (not kidding, 16f)
  13. cr. hp - (9/2/-3) - chunky anti-air, as well as useful for post-stun or punish combos.
  14. cr. lk - (4/3/1) -
  15. cr. mk - (6/3/-2) - poke, can opt for st. lk after to fish for a counterhit combo.
  16. cr. hk - (8/-12/D) - it's a sweep.
  18. j. lp - (-/-/-)
  19. j. mp - (-/-/-) Anti-air normal
  20. j. hp - (-/-/-)
  21. j. lk - (-/-/-) Can instant air overhead with this button. Crossup.
  22. j. mk - (-/-/-) Crossup.
  23. j. hk - (-/-/-)
  25. Anti-Airs:
  26. b+mp - juggles on first hit, can be cancelled into command dash, followed up with kunai, CA, or lp raida.
  27. cr. hp - consistent
  28. st. hk - long range jump-ins, can CC and juggle into hk uppercut afterwards
  29. lk uppercut - decent hitbox, done preemptively can snuff divekicks like cammy's cannon strike.
  31. Command Normals:
  33. f+hk - bonshogeri kick, hops lows, projectile invincible, crush counters, -3 on block, very whiff punishable.
  34. f+mk - overhead, hops lows, projectile invincible, (-2/+3), combos into st. lp xx lp raida (or uppercut), into full lp/mp/hp target combo
  35. b+mp - anti-air, also weird blockstun properties, used for some mixups
  36. d/f mk - slide, dodges projectiles, hits low, mostly unsafe on block/hit unless spaced perfectly, decent for hunting for the last bit of damage for kill/stun.
  38. Target Combos:
  40. lp xx mp xx hp - a tc that starts off a 3f, is now -9 on block, and can cancel on hit into whatever you like. HUGE scaling though
  41. lp xx mp xx lk - the safer tc version that's only -2 on block. Pushes opponent far enough away to not be throwable afterwards (command grab maybe tho)
  42. mk xx cr. hk xx st. hk - can be used to either fish for a hard knockdown by stopping after the sweep, or go for a launcher reset by cancelling the st. hk into a mk dash.
  43. cr. mp xx f+hk - used to space out hit confirms that use vt1 or vt2, it provides enough hitstun/blockstun for the bomb to explode or shuriken to return.
  44. st. mp xx f+mk - weird overhead bait string, is -2 on block, but for some reason +6 on hit, allowing you to combo into much meatier buttons like st. mk
  46. j. lp xx j. mk - air reset jump combo
  47. j. hp xx j. hk - damage/groundslam air combo.
  49. Specials:
  51. vskill1 - decent poke, works like backswing blow. If you can't beat people in neutral with your normals, you're going to use this a lot. Beware, people will jump it and clap you if you're not careful. -7 uncharged, -2 charged, almost impossible to punish, but very whiff punishable against good players. Use it often enough in combos or in neutral to build 2 VT2s in a round, giving her incredibly mixup/damage potential. S5 nerfed the retraction of our hitbox during activation, so it's less useful as a means to avoid attacks.
  53. vskill2 - throw down a set of caltrops, or one at short/medium/long range by cancelling the animation using lp/mp/hp. Useful for setups, works like birdie's banana.
  55. srk+k - kazekiri (uppercut) - combo ender (hk), ex version has extensions with air kunai toss and has Full Invincibility. lk version 3f startup, can blow up badly timed meaties (i have been told not to do this by frustrated opponents, quite often)
  56. hcb+p - raida (lightning fist grab) - combo ender. Lp gives oki, mp is A Mistake, hp is most damage/stun, useful in corner. EX has different juggle properties, moves you forward, projectile invincibile, and does a Stupid Amount Of Damage/Stun (150/200)
  57. qcf+p - kunai (projectile) - not a true projectile, but can slip under enemy projectiles at full screen with hp kunai. can make certain things safe (st. hp). Ex kunai is your combo extender/mixup/pressure tool (will detail later)
  58. p (charge) - zonk kunai - done by holding lp, mp, or hp, it tosses a line, a spread, or an upward spread of kunai. Counts as one specific move, despite multi-hitting, so it doesn't affect scaling as much. Used for pressure, combo extension, and post-stun combos.
  59. k (charge) - zonk kunai (air) - throw bait, anti-air bait, round closer. lk fires a thin line, mk is a small spread, hk fires a huge spread.
  60. qcf+p - air kunai - unless it hits them in the toes and thrown late, it's not plus. However, it foils a lot of anti-air attempts, and adjusts your flight trajectory. There exist certain setups post
  61. qcf+pp - air kunai (ex) - the cheapest shit ibuki gets, according to The Internet. +14 on block (or better), almost impossible to anti-air, and can juggle into raida (or uppercut) afterwards.
  62. qcf+k - command dash - lk doesn't cross up, mk does, hk is an altered jump ark. Don't rely too much on the lk/mk command dash, it's negative in most situations, and the hk one has an absurd amount of trip guard. Still, useful for specific setups.
  63. hcb+k - kunai reload - slow, can be held to get more kunai. If you lack oki on something because it pushed them too far away, it may be useful to restock what kunais you don't have.
  65. back throw - I only mention this because it is a monstrous throw. 150/200 with followup options. If you backthrow someone and stun them, you will mostly likely kill them. All dash-ups are now -2 in season 5 for ibuki's backthrow.
  67. qcfx2 + k - CA - I mean, decent damage if you have it. It looks neat, too. 340 damage
  69. Hitconfirm Combos:
  70. general note: replace lp raida with hp raida in the corner for a small increase in damage/stun.
  71. hardly an exhaustive list, ibuki gets a ton of combo flexibility. just about any ex kunai can be followed up with a kunai dump to extend and gain damage. Only worth it if you're going to kill.
  72.     midscreen:
  73.         (0 bar)
  74.         st. mp, st. lk xx hk uppercut/lp raida              (183/283)/(167/323)
  75.         st. mk, st. lk xx hk uppercut/lp raida              (183/283)/(167/323)
  76.         st. mk, st. mp xx hk uppercut                   (210/310)
  77.         cr. lk, cr. lp xx hk uppercut/lp raida              (143/253)/(127/293)
  78.         cr. lp, lp xx mp xx hp xx hk uppercut/lp raida          (196/312)/(184/342)
  79.         f+mk, st. lp xx hk uppercut/lp raida                (193/283)/(177/323)
  80.         st. hk, st. lp xx hk uppercut/lp raida              (213/333)/(197/373)
  81.         (1 bar)
  82.         cr. lp, lp xx mp xx hp xx lp+mp ex kunai, qcf+lk, lp raida  (210/382)
  83.         st. mp, st. mk xx lp+mp ex kunai, qcf+lk, lp raida      (232/410)
  84.         st. mp, st. mk xx lp+mp ex kunai, qcf+hk, j. hp xx j. hk    (255/423)
  85.         st. mp, st. mk xx lp+mp ex kunai, qcf+hk, hp air kunai, lp raida(250/425) (tacks on a bit of extra damage)
  86.         (2 bar)
  87.         st. mp, st. mk xx lp+hp ex kunai, hp kunai release xx hk dash, j. hp, ex raida (361/530)
  88.         (3 bar)
  89.         st. mp, st. mk xx lp+mp ex kunai, lk dash, lp+hp ex kunai, mk dash, ex raida (294/460) (this serves no purpose, but is an interesting bit of juggle sillyness)
  90.         st. mp, st. mk xx hk uppercut xx CA (432/270)
  91.     corner:
  92.         (0 bar)
  93.         cr. lk, lp xx mp xx hp xx hp raida          (186/342) (always opt for hp raida, more damage/stun than hk uppercut)
  94.         st. hk, lp xx mp xx hp xx hp raida          (256/422) (always opt for hp raida, more damage/stun than hk uppercut)
  95.         (1 bar)
  96.         cr. lk, lp xx mp xx hp xx lp+mp ex kunai, hp raida  (210/382)
  97.         st. hk, lp xx mp xx hp xx lp+mp ex kunai, hp raida  (280/462)
  98.         (2 bar)
  99.         st. mp, st. mk xx ex uppercut xx hk kunai release, ex raida (400/554)
  100.         (3 bar)
  101.         cr. lk, lp xx mp xx hp xx hk uppercut xx CA     (338/282)
  102.         st. hk, lp xx mp xx hp xx hk uppercut xx CA     (408/362)
  103. Punish Combos:
  104.     light punish
  105.         lmh target combo into whatever (3f)
  106.         st. lk into raida or kazegeri (4f)
  107.     medium punish
  108.         st. mp combo (5f)
  109.         st. mk combo (6f) (tc is good here)
  110.     non crush counter heavy punish
  111.         cr. hp starter (9f)
  112.         st. hk starter (10f)
  113.         st. hp starter (12f)
  114.     crush counter
  115.         st. hk (CC), st. hk, st. lp xx stuff
  116.         st. hk (CC), st. hp xx stuff
  117.         st. hk (CC), dash, target combo or st. lk (spacing)
  118.     neutral jump (post stun/specific EX DPs)
  119.         j. hk, cr. hp xx kunai release, hk uppercut, ex raida, or CA (post stun combo)
  121. Frame Traps:
  122.     cr. lp, st. mp, st. lk - throw tech bait, native combo into knockdown after the cr. lp whether or not it chs or not
  123.     st. mp (Ch), st. mk, hk uppercut - you can link into uppercut post st. mk, can also go into mk target combo.
  124.     cr. lk, st. mp, st. lk - another throw tech bait, also ch combo off a low.
  125.     st. mk (Ch), st. mk - target combo here, or hk uppercut link
  126.     st. mk (ch), cr. mp - more reach than -> st. mk, also can work with longer strings such as st. mk, st. mk, cr. mp against crouchers.
  127.     st. mp (ch), st. mk, st. lk
  128. Okizeme:
  130.     lp raida limits backroll (counts as a grab), so she gets the following basic followups
  131.     Quickrise:
  132.         - dash, st. mp, st. lk xx lp raida (mid, beats 3f)
  133.         - dash, st. mk, st. lk xx lp raida (mid, beats 4f, more interesting followups to st. mk, is useful for manual timing for hard KD
  134.         - dash, cr. lk, st. lk xx lp raida (low, works only as a meaty)
  135.         - microwalk, st. hk (crush counter fishing, mash 3f afterwards if they block/get hit regularly)
  136.     No rise:
  137.         - dash, st. mk, slide, cr. hp, st. lk xx lp raida (mk, slide manually time oki for meaty cr. hp)
  138.         - dash, st. mk, st. lp, instant jump lp kunai (you land in front most of the time with this one)
  139.         - dash, st. mp, st. lp, instant jump lp kunai (you land behind... sometimes. Ideally with both of these you want the kunai to hit their back foot)
  141.     Uppercuts (other than EX) have identical oki to lp raida, but allow backroll. It does a bit more damage at the cost of reliable oki.
  143.     back throw:
  144.         - nothing really anymore, dash-ups are -2 across the board. You can use an ex kunai (lp+hp), i guess.
  145.     Vskill1 (tapped)
  146.         - dash leaves you +10, can fish for CC with st. hk, can't be ducked
  147.         - can also fish with cr. hp (meaty) for a st. lk followup (if point blank)
  148.         - mkdash leaves you +0
  150.     Vskill1 (held)
  151.         - dash leaves you +12, can fish with st. hp.
  152.         - mkdash leaves you +2
  154.     Sweep (hard knockdown)
  155.         - cr.lp, b+mp, instant air lp kunai (ambiguous crossup... thing.)
  157. Resets:
  158.     off of ex kunai:
  159.         hk dash, j. lp xx j. mk (nerfed since season 2, leaves them in front mid-screen, but easy 50-50 in the corner)
  160.         command dash, b+mp or f+hk (options but somewhat weak)
  162.     off of mk xx cr. hk xx st. hk target combo:
  163.         mk dash (leaves you in front)
  164.         mk dash, st. lk (leaves you behind, only in corner, leaves you slightly negative)
  165.         hk dash (midscreen, hits from the front as a jump-in, in the corner super ambiguous, crossup or not depending on timing of your j. mk)
  167. Setups:
  168.     st. mk, st. mp xx lp+mp kunai, hk dash, j. hp, mk dash (sideswitch, leaves you able to meaty with st. mk, covers backroll and quickrise, setup for instant air kunai or sazan setup if they don't rise at all)
  170.,, xx qcf+mk,,, xx hk kazekeri (works if you get the meaty)
  172.     Meterless Midscreen (Thanks Foolheart)
  173.     Close VT -> cr.lp xx mk.dash/lk.dash
  174.                              -> lk.dp dash
  175.     Close VT -> xx mk.dash/lk.dash
  176.                              ->  mk.dp dash
  177.     VT -> mk.dp dash
  178.                   -> delay mk.dash
  179.                   -> mk.dash mk.dash
  180.     Vskill1 xx VT (all these are super range dependent)
  181.         -> cr.hp xx lk dash mk dash
  182.         -> cr.hp xx hk.dash delay kunai/no kunai
  183.         -> cr.lp xx lk.dash cr.lp xx mk.dash(low damage reset but if you absolutely NEED a hit it’s pretty good)
  184.         -> st.hp xx lk.dash (at max range st.hp this becomes incredibly ambiguous and also in the corner is incredibly good)
  185.         -> dash xx lk.dash cr.lp xx mk.dash (point blank the dash goes under into a reverse which then you go under again with lk.dash and max vskill range you can do this to do a similar reset as the st.hp so just remove the cr.lp)
  186.         -> xx lk.dash mk.dash (only works really close and also sometimes just doesn’t work on some characters randomly)
  188.     VS2:
  189.     - st. mk, st. mp xx lp+mp kunai xx vs2+hp, qcf+hk, j. mk            (vary placement of the j. mk by microwalking. midscreen)
  190.     - st. mk, st. mp xx lp+mp kunai xx vs2+lp, qcf+hk, j. mk            (vary placement of the j. mk by varying activation time. corner)
  192. VT1: Bombs
  193.     Pros: 2 charges, blinds opponents when used, a nice chunky 100 damage per bomb, +4 ob +9 oh initial cancel off of cr. mk. Lots of reset setups. Can OTG with a backthrow if timed correctly. Can manually explode bombs with ex kunai. Can juggle bombs by using normals (tap lk/mk/hk in quick succession to kick a bomb half-screen, for example)
  194.     Cons: Incredibly finnicky to use, second charge is difficult to use. 3 bar v-trigger.
  196.     - VT1 explodes after 1s
  197.     - b+VT1 explodes after 3s
  198.     - f+VT1 explodes after 5s
  200.     activation bomb combos/setups:
  201.     - note: just about any combo here works when cancelled into with sufficient frame advantage and spacing for cr. mp to impact post vt1 activation. This means our lead-ins can be as simple as cr. mk xx vt1 or our generic hitconfirm combos with qcf+hp xx vt1 replacing our combo ender.
  202.     - after neutral bomb explosion, options are pretty varied. many ex kunai combos are still viable (even moreso due to juggle points)
  204.     st. mk, st. mp xx qcf+hp xx vt1, cr. mp xx f+hk (expode), j. hk                 (258/374) (hitconfirm)
  205.     cr. mk xx neutral bomb, cr. mp xx f+hk (explode), j. hk.                    (240/330) (air reset, 50-50 sideswitch)
  207.     cr. mk xx neutral bomb, cr. mp xx f+hk (explode), hp kunai release xx qcf+hk, j. hp, CA.    (449/363) (-ish, some kunai may drop)
  209.     cr. mk xx b+vt1, cr. mp xx srk+kk xx hk kunai release, hcb+pp, (explode), b+mp xx vt1       (348/464) (corner ex kazegeri setup)
  211.     cr. lp, lp xx mp xx hp xx lp+mp kunai xx b+vt1, cr. mp xx qcf+hk, j. lp xx j. mk (sideswitch), backthrow  (rrealistic/ramzeywolf bomb otg corner setup. make sure to sideswitch to backthrow your opponent on top of the bomb. can follow up with hp kunai release xx qcf+hk xx whatever)
  213.     on block:
  214.     cr. mk xx neutral bomb, st. mk, cr. mp xx command dash (explode), b+mp xx b+hp+hk (reset on top of bomb) (choose side with lk/mk dash)
  216.     post-activation bomb combos:
  217.     - almost always negative, only thing we have that jails for long enough to be able to set up a second bomb is ex kunai.
  219.     cr. lk, cr. lp xx lp+mp kunai xx hp+hk, dash, hcb+lp (explode), qcf+mk, hcb+lp          (265/473)
  220.     lpxxmpxxhp xx lp+mp kunai xx hp+hk, dash, hcb+lp (explode), qcf+mk, hcb+lp          (286/453)
  222.     st. mp, st. mk xx lp+mp kunai xx hp+hk, dash, hcb+lp (explode), mk dash, hcb+lp         (332/530)
  224.     st. mp, st. mk xx lp+mp kunai xx hp+hk, hcb+hp (explode), hcb+hp(explode)           (354/530) (corner only)
  226.     on block:
  227.     st. hp xx lp+mp kunai xx neutral bomb, st. mk, cr. mp xx command dash (explode), b+mp xx b+hp+hk (reset on top of bomb) (choose side with lk/mk dash)
  229. VT2:
  230.     Pros: 2 bar v-trigger, incredible mixup potential, lots of activation routes, nasty anti-air, decent damage.
  231.     Cons: -4 activation on block. We are now light punishable, so try to use this out of an actual hitstring, or use an ex kunai to get the necessary blockstun to force a mixup. you can hitconfirm this with cr. mk, though it takes practice
  233.     Combos:
  234.     stuff xx vt2, st. mk, hk uppercut (shuriken return), hp kunai release, CA (basic cancel into CA, useful off of pokes)
  235.     stuff xx vt2, cr. mp xx f+hk, nj hk, st.hp xx lp kunai release, CA (high damage CA combo, incredibly finnicky)
  236.     hp kunai xx vt2, ex raida (shuriken return), lp kunai release, ex raida (decent midscreen whiff punish, also can be used to just start pressure with hp kunai xx vt2)
  237.     b+vt2 (anti air), ex raida, lp kunai release, ex raida (407 damage anti-air)
  239.     Resets:
  240.     stuff xx vt2, st. mk, hk uppercut, dash, b+mp (can be waggled a bit to reset opponent on either side)
  242.     lp xx mp xx hp xx lp+mp ex kunai, dash, vskill xx b+hp+hk, b+mp (reset), dash
  243.         -instant j. lk overhead (Shine special)
  244.         -low cr. lk
  245.         -f+mk overhead
  247., st. mk xx lp+mp ex kunai, dash, vskill xx b+hp+hk, f+hk (reset)
  248.         -mk dash (side switch, beats most mashed ex reversals)
  249.         -lk dash (fake out)
  250.         -nothing (bait)
  252.     (corner only)
  253., st. mk xx lp+mp ex kunai, vskill xx b+hp+hk, b+mp (reset)
  254.         -b+mp xx hk dash (ambiguous side switch with shuriken return/command dash)
  255.         -low/overhead/mid/throw also works.
  257.     -ibuki vt2/vs2 mixup
  258.         st. mk, st. mp xx vt2, cr. mp xx qcf+lp+mp xx vs2 (full), mkdash, mkdash, cr. hp xx mk dash, st. hp xx lk dash, lmh xx qcf+lp+mp xx vs2+hp, lk dash, mk dash, ex raida     
  259.     (from:
  261. hardly an exhaustive list, again, there's a lot of tech that ibuki can do with resets.
  262. also most people will say to use regular hp+hk in these resets, not the anti-air version. Unless timed perfectly, the shuriken might miss the reset opportunity or whiff the crouching opponent. I prefer the consistency for the small loss in ambiguity.
  264. External Sources:
  265. DaFeetLee's season 2.5 oki guide:
  267. brother may i have some lööps:
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