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  1. Bruce Malory
  2. What do you know about FISCO?1 response
  3. Merry Rogers leads it, Kyara Grey does work in it; they seem like good enough people. They run a clinic every now and then, and are dipping a lot of toes in the businesses of Stormwind.
  4. Do you have anything in your past that could come back and affect yourself and/or FISCO?1 response
  5. Nothing comes to mind. If something does arise, the correct people will be notified and I will handle it personally, without risking FISCO's safety.
  6. What do you see yourself doing within FISCO in ideal circumstances?1 response
  7. Protection of others. Tracking down items, people, or creatures. Collecting information and constructing dossiers on people of interest within Stormwind; those that might be a threat or benefit to FISCO.
  8. Describe your job history.1 response
  9. Adolescent and young adult years were filled with years of smuggling, both in Gilneas for the Northgate Rebels, and along the coast of Stranglethorn Vale after Gilneas fell. After that life led to an unfortunate end where my life was placed upon the line, I took on the task of collecting and selling information unto others whom would be willing to trade something in return. Be it coin, new information, or something of equal value.
  11. Fast forward a few more years, and I find myself in the employ of Bryne Skripner. He and his crew were like any other mercenary company, though they had a particular interest in protecting the harbor district, that they dubbed Saltside. The district within the city often overlooked and avoided for its large amount of crime, and crushing poverty rates.
  13. After a predicament forced Skripner and his crew to Duskwood, events transpired that I'm not at liberty to disclose and we ended up parting ways. My respite from his employ led me to Uldum, then many other areas. Though the past few years have been spent solely within Uldum, among the Vir'naal. A tribe of people who accepted me as their own, and permitted me to live among them. I owe them a great deal.
  15. Thus brings us to present day, where I now seek employment rooted in legitimacy. I believe FISCO to be a liable prospect for me to venture into, on account of the inclusion of Kyara Grey as one of the employees. Her and I are of a similar mind, or at least were at some point. Therefore, I believe I could aid in producing the same sort of work that she does.
  16. How do you feel about taking orders?1 response
  17. I have no issue taking orders, provided they are backed by valid reason.
  18. Do you work well with others or do you prefer to work alone?1 response
  19. I can do either; I have not found one more beneficial to me than the other.
  20. Do you have any interest in skills other than your primary employment skill?1 response
  21. I've recently taken on the profession of hunting game and selling furs, though I don't seek further development of such an ability. I merely do so to pass the time, as I find it one of the few things that can provide me solace among savagery.
  22. Tom, hating his wife and wanting her dead, puts poison in her coffee, thereby killing her. Jane also hates her husband, and would like him dead. One day her husband accidentally puts poison in his own coffee, thinking it is cream. Jane realizes this, and has the antidote that could save him, but does not hand it over and her husband dies. Who is worse?1 response
  23. Both situations lack context and details, and either of them can be contorted to seem one way or the other. Tom's wife could be someone that's been stealing all of the money he's been trying save up for his mother's procedure. Whereas Jane could be in a relationship where abuse is as commonplace as breathing, but dares not raise a hand in fear of being overpowered or killed. When an opportunity presented itself, she chose to seize it.
  25. They are both at fault, but if we ignore all other possibilities and go with the black-and-white tl;dr that was provided. I would say that Tom was worse, because he willingly took action against his wife, resulting in her death.
  26. Do you have any special considerations that need to be addressed?1 response
  27. None. I merely seek employment, and opportunities.
  28. Do you have any questions?1 response
  29. None at this time.
  30. (OOC: What's your character's in-game name we could reach them by, and what time / day would make it most likely?)1 response
  31. My character's OOC name is Vilification.
  33. The best times to reach me a generally before 3pm MG Server Time throughout the week, whereas I work every other weekend at 11pm MG Server time. For reference, I work this upcoming weekend, but the one before I had off. Regardless of the day I work, generally I should be available after 7pm MG Server Time. That's typically when I get home from work, and come online.
  35. If you have any other questions, feel free to whisper me and poke at me about them. I've no issue with clarifying things, correcting things, or anything else that might arise.
  37. Thank you for the consideration! I hope you have a wonderful day / night wherever you are in the world!
  39. =D
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