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  1. [20-Nov-2013 17:57:43] * RedMeansGo_m (rmg@SystemNet-55586C12.sub-70-211-18.myvzw.com) has joined #tower
  2. [20-Nov-2013 17:58:54] * RedMeansGo_m comes flying through the door with purple smoke billowing off his duster and goggles
  3. [20-Nov-2013 18:02:42] <RedMeansGo_m> So that is why nitrogentriiodide is a bad rocket fuel
  4. [20-Nov-2013 18:10:33] <dbeachy1> D:
  5. [20-Nov-2013 18:10:41] <dbeachy1> DAMMIT RMG THAT STUFF IS EXPENSIVE
  6. [20-Nov-2013 18:10:54] * dbeachy1 swats at RedMeansGo's flaming duster
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