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  1. Goddamn it, you guys. You don't always need to download Photoshop for some fancy-schmancy text, but the least you could do is run it through a generator for nicer-looking text... Plain white MS Paint text looks ugly, lazy, and often has low readability. Hell, even typing it out twice and overlaying a white set of text over the black one in a shadowing effect would fix most of the issues I mentioned, although not quite nice-looking as alternatives.
  3. This just doesn't apply to this article, it applies to everybody who can't be half-assed to do things right... or make images entertaining or appealing. That's a big problem with this website, and not just with overlayed text. It says something when the most commonplace form of "meme media" is the repeated copy-pasting of particular images and faces where only situations are changed, which oftentimes are just another unfunny story in the author's shitty life. People don't try to make things funny. They don't care about making anything entertaining or with quality. They slap text on an image, taking twenty seconds out of their time, ship it off to the Internet, and feel like they've did something.
  5. You don't need goddamn artistic skills. I've seen way too many people have shit art skills that spend a little bit of time on a little project or comic, and it turns out great! It's essentially what old 4chan comics were built on. It's what you fags affectionately call "rage comics" were built on! But since nobody, and I mean NOBODY will step outside of their little "safety boundaries" and do more than copy-paste faces and slap text on images, the least amount of effort they could possibly spend making something, nothing ever worthwhile will ever come out of your guys' meme community. And any original content will be taken as a miracle, hailed as the next messiah... Or drowned out by the rest, of the content, ratio of junk to gold at 50-1.
  7. Not to say that all pre-generated or "lazy" content is bad! I've laughed at a few image macros before. Some things that obviously had effort poured into it or were nicely drawn sometimes fall flat on their face. But this only proves in the former that there was probably room for improvement, but the joke was funny enough to stand by itself. Not everything can benefit from drawing scenes or adding AAA movie effects, but people seem to think that Advice Animal templates are the only way to deliver a punchline. Not only is that a problem which restricts creativity, it gets stale quickly. A formula needs something to mix it up once in a while or it's just gonna die. There's only so much you can do with an Arrow to the Knee punchline. Memes die. Not only is the destruction of creativity and original content unfunny and bad, it only rushes memes to their grave, or at least down to obscurity due to quality loss.
  9. In short, it's Eternal September, something some of you should probably look up. Kids these days simply do not try to make anything interesting, funny, or quality anymore. It seems to be that people are afraid of spending more than thirty seconds on their masterpiece. It's drowning out funny and interesting content with its sheer bulk, killing creativity, and causing the destruction of memes in record time.
  11. It's junk food. Memes are junk food today: unhealthy, quickly manufactured, and quickly devoured. Thank you, guy who dressed up as Spiderman for making me realize this and type this out.
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