BALKAN ROUTE UPDATE 9/12/2015 Wednesday 23:15

Dec 9th, 2015
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  1. BALKAN ROUTE UPDATE 9/12/2015 Wednesday 23:15
  3. GENERAL: Idomeni camp was emptied by Greek police today in mostly calm manner. People who were stuck here were sent by buses to Athens. Volunteers needed in Šid/Adaševci!
  5. - PLEASE ALWAYS check conditions on the place you are about to go to volunteering or provide donations before starting your journey via phone, facebook or email. Situation may change quickly!
  7. - Archive of the updates:
  10. GREECE
  11. ============
  12. - Greek islands: More boats come to the southern part of Lesbos and other islands receive temporarily very high number of people on some days as smugglers try to make things difficult for Turkish police. Chios accepted 275 people on 5th December but more than 2000 on 6th December. Last 2 days less than 1000. Kos received almost 400 on 6th, just 87 yesterday. Leros accepted more than 600 yesterday so help will be needed.
  14. - LESVOS: Volunteering and donation info: Short term volunteering info:
  15. Volunteers are asking for donations: In order to be more efficient, we will need as soon as possible 4 walky-talkies Motorola T80 Extreme (10 km range), another Night Vision Scope (or binocular) since our actual one is temporarly lent, and of course survival blankets (a lot)... Contact: Fred +30 694 900 1568
  17. - CHIOS: International team of volunteers arrived today. They will set up food and clothes distribution here, they have funds and volunteer house available. If you want to help there, please contact Moritz Reitschuster on FB or here: +306 947 848 772.
  19. - IDOMENI: Idomeni camp was emptied by Greek police today in mostly calm manner. Only Syrians, Afghanis and Iraqis are now allowed on site and are able to continue to Macedonia. People who were stuck here were sent by buses to Athens to the Tae-kwon-do stadium. The whole border was stuck during today´s operation, "allowed" nations could pass the border only later in the afternoon.
  22. ============
  23. - GEVGELIJA: Camp was empty by late afternoon, in the evening more than 1000 people entered Macedonia, but situation under control. First train with 500 people left for Tabanovce at 21:00. Enough food and clothes ready for new refugees that came in the evening. If you can help with donations, write to
  25. SERBIA
  26. ============
  27. - MIRATOVAC: Miratovac was busy only in the morning, empty till now. Volunteers needed at the end of this week. Contact person is Manuela +381 628 997 837
  29. Miratovac is the first village after the Serbian-Macedonian border. People from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan pass the village after an hour-long walk through the muddy and swampy border area, just before they go to the Preševo registration camp by bus. There's a meeting point providing food, clothes (especially winter gear and children’s clothes), space for relaxation, and medical treatment for them. At the moment, there's no distribution of clothes, since there are not enough helpers/volunteers. Tents for the night-time after the buses stop running are currently getting installed.
  30. Also Tabanovce on Macedonian side needs volunteers, especially in the night shift, as well as information and men’s shoes. If you are in the area, please contact local team on field.
  32. - PREŠEVO: Busy in the morning, empty later on. Borderfree, Adra, UVP (local org) are providing support to the queue outside the camp. Tea, clothing, food, being distributed by UVP, Solidaritet, Adra in Miratovac. Volunteers currently not needed in Presevo. Volunteers are still lacking money for purchasing food, SHOES needed. If you can donate money of winter clothes, please contact United Volunteers of Preševo, Tel. +381 62 1499 561.
  34. - DIMITROVGRAD: Only 50 refugees arrived last night. IHO is handing out food packages as well as clothing and blankets during the night. Local team still asks for shoes, especially for men, size 40-44. Enough volunteers till 17th. Coordinator on site is Tarek: +381 62 895 45 77.
  36. - BEOGRAD: Volunteers at Miksaliste are asking for paper cups, coffee, milk, sugar, biscuits, razors, shaving cream, paper tissues, rubber gloves for volunteers; shoes, pants, coats, hats and gloves for men. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Please use Volunteer spot or contact
  38. Refugees can go to the Asylum Center at Krnjača, where they have access to hot meals, showers and a place to rest. Asylum Protection Center - provides legal, psychosocial and psychological support to refugees. Only long-term volunteers required. Based in Belgrade as well as Sid and they also have two offices in Presevo. Contact: Rados Djurovic +381 63 704-7080,
  40. - ŠID/ADAŠEVCI: Again 3000 refugees crossed today. Czech volunteer team helps in Adaševci in 3 shifts now, we provide information, hand out water and some basic clothes. Situation is calm and steady. Shoes, socks, scarfs, hats, large plastic garbage bags and tapes welcomed. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Please contact Petra Quirke: or +420 605 471 465 (sms only).
  43. ============
  44. - SLAVONSKI BROD: 3027 refugees entered Croatia from midnight until 9 p.m. Slavonski Brod camp is currently empty. The weather today has been noticeably colder than in the previous days. The refugees keep arriving exhausted from the voyage. What is needed here: shoes & socks (39-44), especially men's, incontinence pads, wheelchairs, baby carriages, baby carriers, pants, jackets, caps, gloves + some jackets. Volunteers registration for December has been closed. Contacts for donations: or
  47. ============
  48. - DOBOVA: 2100 people came till noon today, almost 2000 were at that time staying in Dobova. Almost 1900 left to Austria in the morning. Tents are usually full to accomodate all refugees. Dobova is missing shoes, winter jackets for smaller kids and baby bottles. If you can donate either please contact or
  51. =========
  52. - SPIELFELD: Military is preparing warm meals for the refugees, but only from 6PM to 10PM every day. No volunteers needed/allowed.
  55. =================
  56. - SUPPLIES IN SZEGED: Warehouse of MigSzol Szeged is still full of food, non-food and hygiene goods. You can pick up anything when travelling to Serbia/Macedonia and elswehere. Contact coordinators Szalai Balázs +36 20 229 6669 or Szőke - Tóth Ágnes +36 304 27 34 60.
  58. - Large amounts of supplies could be picked up also in Zagreb, please call Lejla +385 91 456 77 05 if you are able to bring any supplies from Zagreb to any of the borders.
  60. - and don't forget to act:
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