A B has a GitHub as a résumé question

ChrisLAS Mar 2nd, 2018 111 Never
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  1. Hi Chris and Mike. Love the show.
  3. I've been programming as a hobby for several years, and it's high time for me to turn it into a job™.
  4. I have no degree (university and I didn't get along very well), and no working experience. So, as I see it, my only real way to prove my ability to potential employers is through GitHub.
  6. I took a crack at actually finishing and publishing a project of mine for the first time. I made a medium-sized program in Python with Qt framework. It got a couple hundred stars on GitHub upon release (it's my only real "success" metric) and I'm pretty satisfied with the whole endeavor.
  8. The question is how many of these projects do I need to confidently put a GitHub profile link as my "résumé" for the lowliest developer position? What do employers even look for in a résumé like that? What would be red flags or instant deal breakers? (I currently have no docs or tests, so that's probably one of them)
  10. Cheers, keep up the great show.
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