Call Me Maybe (Majesty ••, Resilience •)

Feb 7th, 2015
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  1. Call Me Maybe
  2. (Majesty ••, Resilience •)
  3. Sometimes when you're out on the town, you stumble unexpectedly on a hot number, and you don't have time for that brief interlude. This Devotion lets your character plant the seeds for that interlude to occur later.
  4. Cost: None
  5. Dice Pool: Manipulation + Socialize + Majesty
  6. Action: Instant
  7. To use Call Me Maybe, your character must be in a social situation with Good, Excellent, or Perfect Impressions with some of those mortals in attendance (see Vampire: the Requiem Second Edition, p. 174). Make the roll. If successful, each success translates to a single temporary dot of the Herd Merit, which can exceed the normal five-dot limitation on the Merit. That dot lasts until used once, or until the end of the chapter, whichever comes first. These Herd dots may not be used in the same scene, or in the following scene; they must be used later in the story. Your character may only have Herd dots from one instance of this Merit at a time.
  8. This Devotion costs 1 Experience to learn.
  9. Designed by Filamena Young
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