Log Horizon Web chapter 63 (90%)

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  1. 1
  3. This development is not totally beyond Shiroe's expectation.
  5. The shadow warriors are minions spawned from 7th of the garden Ruseato. He predicted that they will pester the raid group once the battle begins. He only envisioned a handful of them at most, but the darkness spreading on the ceiling is too big, the number of shadow too many... The number of shadow warriors that spawns is equivalent to the number of people damaging black Ruseato.
  7. Shiroe knew about this.
  9. For this battle, they have taken care of all the shadow warriors who followed them before starting their attack on 3rd of the garden Ibra Habura. If that is the case, Ruseato should have zero minions. Since Shiroe's group have moved on, there shouldn't be anyone dealing damage to Ruseato. There shouldn't be any shadow warriors spawning from Ruseato. The reason so many shadow warriors was created...
  11. Shiroe realised the only explanation.
  13. Ruseato pierce his body with his own halberd.
  15. A shadow warrior spawned because of the damage.
  17. The single shadow warrior and Ruseato did damage to black Ruseato again, spawning two more minions. Rinse and repeat. By sacrificing itself, Ruseato fulfilled its potential of raising the army that is flowing in from the passageway.
  20. "Vanguard!"
  22. Shiroe reacted before he finished his thoughts, screaming his instructions.
  24. Just a bit more. No need for 700 seconds, they can take down Ibra Habura in 600 seconds. They will have the manpower to spare then. He has to buy time, Shiroe thought. How much time did we took moving from the arena to this place? 7th of the garden Ruseato spawns a batch of shadow warriors in about 200 seconds. At this rate, how many minions has spawned? 31. At most 63... He came up with the answer immediately. The latter number will be hopeless, but the former number leaves a small chance of survival. Shiroe has to do this, even though he felt sorry, he still shouted.
  26. "Attack and go kiting..."
  28. This is like a suicide mission. Getting the herd of shadow warriors to chase you while escaping their wrath. Quite a few Silver swords members is about to follows Shiroe's instructions, but a stubborn raider rush out before they did.
  30. "Kyaaahhhh! Out of my way! Phanton step! Wyverb kick! Ahhhhhh!!! Taunting Shout!"
  32. Demikas double jumps in the air as if he was leaping off invisible platforms. He flew in the air like a rocket, spinning as he shouts. That is the provocation skill available to the warrior class. For an instance, Shiroe saw that all the shadow warriors is focusing on Demikas.
  34. All members of the raid group including Shiroe saw the long hair monk when he stopped for an instance. Demikas seems to be looking at Shiroe furiously. Shiroe lost his balance when he lost sight of Demikas because of Demikas' fast movements.
  36. Shiroe don't know what is happening as he floats in the air, feeling overwhelming speed as he move backwards.
  38. "...!"
  40. Naotsugu is definitely yelling. But Shiroe can't hear him as the scenery in front grew distant.
  42. Shiroe seems to moving at amazing speed within this large hall. Like being in a giant dryer machine, he experience sudden acceleration and deceleration rapidly.
  44. A shadow warrior appeared before him, ready to swing its battle scythe at the surprised Shiroe. But Shiroe's vision spins as if he has a hangover. The view before him dissapears because of the huge, heinous and dark siloutte of a greave.
  46. "Shut up! Phantom step!"
  48. Demikas leaps into the air, leaving the enemies swarming him behind.
  50. Demikas grabs Shiroe by the back of his neck as he fly all over the place.
  52. "What are you..."
  54. "Silence, fucking glasses! Wyvern kick!"
  56. The blood splattering on his face is warm and smell like rust, but it calms Shiroe down.
  58. Is this Demikas' vengence against Shiroe who messed up the raid, or does Demikas have some plan in mind, Shiroe is not sure. Demikas is grabbing Shiroe by the back of his neck, similar to a hunter holding its prey.
  60. (But this situation. Isn't too bad...?)
  62. If he look at it from another angle, Shiroe is like a cannon attached to Demikas.
  64. With this in mind, there is only one thing to do. Shiroe cast his enchanter attack spell which everyone feel is weak in all directions.
  67. Demikas should be using 'Drag Move' on one of the minions, but he grab Shiroe for some reason and is dragging him all over the place. Maybe he is simply using his level 90 plus wrist strength to carry Shiroe like some sort of cargo. It is possible with the abnormal physical ability of adventurers. Anything is possible.
  69. But the important thing is they are pulling the shadow warriors away from the raid group.
  71. "Go to the northeast passageway."
  73. "Shut it, stop nagging instructions."
  75. "Mind Bolt!"
  77. "You damn ink bottle!"
  79. Demikas' attitude remains hostile, but he change his bearings.
  81. He kicks the faceless shadows and breaks through, rushing towards the passageway while being targeted by countless foes. Shiroe organize the information through his shaking vision. He can see about 20 minions. Including those out of his view, there should be about 30. If Demikas stops for healing support, he won't be able to fight for 15 seconds. If he make do without support, he will only need half of that. Shiroe found it tedious to imagine what will happen to himself, but he knew the answer the moment he started playing Elder Tales. 3 seconds will be enough.
  83. "Hey Shiroe!"
  85. As a shadow attacks with a low stance, it's head expands and explodes like a watermelon.
  87. That should be William who dealt the final blow.
  89. "It's meaningless to support here, focus on Ibra Habura."
  91. "Listen, black heart..."
  93. "William! Defeat the enemy!"
  95. His voice reached the proud guild master, but Shiroe is not sure how William will think of it. William looks at Shiroe again with concern and shouts:"All parties focus your attack on Ibra Habura! Sorceror! Don't hold anything back, throw everything you have at it!"
  97. The scenery melts before hs eyes as Shiroe was moved at top speed, dodging the club of the frost giant Tarutauruga.
  99. The friction Shiroe felt on the back of his neck makes him itches. He notice the enroaching white film near his feet.
  101. "Tarutauruga's White Night. It will reduce movement speed, use fire..."
  103. "I already know. 'Lynx tumbling'."
  105. Demikas ignores Shiroe's warning, moving ahead while mocking the freezing spell. 'Lynx tumbling' gives Demikas the agility of a feline, he runs on top of the club dashing for the frost giant's wrist. He sprint for the shoulder next, aiming for new heights. Tarutauruga  who is breathing out white mist because of his freezing aura, was kicked by Demikas in the face as he accelerates.
  107. Demikas moves with a speed similar to a roller coaster with its safety feature removed and sending all its riders to the hospital on its first day of operation.
  109. Loop, tornado, slalom. The invisible threads known as hate binds dozens of shadows as Demikas leads them on a dramatic high speed chase.
  111. Shiroe hears shouting behind him. He can't make out what they are saying. Shiroe thinks that it is words of encouragement. It should be supportive words from his fellow raiders in Silver swords as he leaps into the jaws of death.
  114. The noise of the raid battle subsides as they enter the dark passageway. They will need to fight on for another 580 seconds. After that, they will need to rescue Dinkuron and engage the frost giant.
  116. That's why the 2 of them traveling hastily in the dark corridors cannot relax. Shiroe keeps on casting his spells with negligible attack power.
  118. Astral bind and nightmare sphere will hinder the movement of the shadows for a few seconds. He can't target all of them, but he need to keep pressuring their pursuers. If he lets up, Demikas who is carrying Shiroe will lose a lot of hitpoints. Not just hitpoints, Demikas' MP is dropping rapidly, the price he paid to break away forcefully. They were lucky to have made it to this passageway. The two of them are still alive as they move through the dark corridor.
  120. "Don't use Wyvern kick for the time being."
  122. Demikas did not respond.
  124. They can see the shadow warriors about 30m away from them. Shiroe has given up casting magic outside the effective range, focusing on supporting Demikas with magic instead. In this situation, mobility is more important than attack power. Demikas drags Shiroe in the darkness as Shiroe concentrates on his enchanting spells.
  126. Shiroe doesn't understand why Demikas brought him to this place. The kiting strategy is working great so far, but Demikas probably didn't plan all of this.
  128. Shiroe don't understand this irrational thinking and don't agree with it.
  130. Even after raiding together for so long, their suspicion for each other remains strong.
  132. Demikas used violence on the people of the land in the city of Susukino.
  134. It doesn't mean only Demikas is at fault. In the confusion of the Apocalypse, he probably thought that this world is still a game. Demikas is probably driven by fear when he created all this troubles.
  136. The guild Brigandia was notorious when Elder Tales was still a game, a gathering ruffians. From an outsider's view, the power struggle within the guild might be the cause of their extreme actions.
  138. Shiroe feels there are reasons why they acted that way and understood their thought process. But he is unable to understand what their motivations are.
  140. Demikas abused the people of the land and violated their rights. He even took part in human trafficking.
  142. And he stalked Serara, causing her much destressed.
  144. Shiroe doesn't have such fetish. He cannot understand and is unable to forgive.
  146. What a disagreeable man. That's how Shiroe feels about Demikas.
  149. A lot of time has passed as he thought about this.
  151. Shiroe sees the dark passageway in his view. He is not sure how many shadow warriors are there, but he feels that it is unwise to be too far away. Demikas continues to taunt and attack. It is unlikely for the minions to forget their hate, but he continued to do this to play it safe. The raid will fail if the shadow warriors return to the hall. Even now, they do not know if they have pulled all the shadow warriors away.
  153. "Stop, we are too far away. Wait for a while."
  155. But Demikas didn't seem to hear him and continue running.
  157. Shiroe got slightly angry and yell several times for Demikas to stop before Demikas complied. Shiroe is displeased with Demikas' action and starts to protest.
  159. "What are you thinking, if you keep on running..."
  161. Shiroe was thrown into the corridor ahead before he can finish, stopping only when his back hits a wall. Demikas rub his wrist guard against the wall as he glares at Shiroe and spoke.
  163. "Hey, enchanter. Say my name."
  166. Shiroe struggled to stand up, took a deep breathe and considered seeing a dentist. He lift his head to took a look, and chose silence.
  168. Shiroe considered what Demikas thought for the first time as he look for the words to say.
  170. Demikas approach Shiroe and leans forward with a serious and determined expression. Demikas' eyes are full of resolve, showing that he won't back down and will say his piece.
  172. Shiroe wanted to continue his accusatory protest, but drops this dull idea when he saw Demikas' face.
  174. Just like William's wish that cannot be compromised, everyone else has the same thing.
  176. It's the same for Shiroe too. That is why he did not join any guild for so long.
  178. Even Demikas have such feelings.
  180. Time passes by slowly as Shiroe thinks. He realized the anger in his heart is similar to self loathing. Shiroe who felt helpless during the Apocalypse and didn't do anything met Demikas who felt helpless and resort to violence.
  182. Demikas did some unforgivable things. Shiroe needed to rescue Serara. But it is hard to say whether Shiroe has the rights to punish Demikas. Shiroe is just Shiroe, Shiroe is not the law.
  184. (Even if I had the right to pass judgement... Robbing someone of their name is unforgivable for anyone.)
  186. Shiroe realized he has stubbornly refused to address Demikas by his name.
  188. He thinks that he is different from this outlaw, not recognizing him as another human being.
  190. That's the attitude Shiroe has taken.
  193. "Demikas."
  195. "Yeah."
  197. "... Demikas, I despise you."
  199. "Me too, Log Horizon's Shiroe."
  201. Shiroe and Demikas has comes to terms.
  203. They have agreed to disagree.
  206. The topic Shiroe raised was discontinued.
  208. The outlaw place his hand on Shiroe's chest and send him flying. Shiroe roll along the corridor like trash once again. Shiroe curl his body up and roll, reaching the goal, a cold steel door, like a soccer ball.
  210. "You can wait for your death here Shiroe. I am still busy with these guys."
  212. Demikas started running again without giving Shiroe a chance to respond. Green flashes can be seen in the dark corridor, shooting into the distance like a meteor.
  214. Several thoughts Shiroe is unable to articulate overlap each other as Shiroe is left alone in the darkness.
  217. 2
  219. Behind the door is a dazzling garden.
  221. Gears that are several dozen times Shiroe's height turns slowly. These gears are connected to the elevator through an intrinsic system,  controling the circulation system.
  223. The purpose of this vast space is clear with a glance.
  225. On the production line that looks like it was designed by Escher's an amazing amount of gold is being moved.
  227. It is a giant mechanism with gears and pistons, controling the flow of the gold coin.
  229. A white pavement placed between the gaps of the machinery leads into the depth of the hall. The path is filled with flowers and greeneries. As Shiroe moves ahead, sometimes he will cross a small arch bridge, other times he will pass by a pond full of gold.
  231. This garden is the vortex of gold Shiroe expected to find.
  233. The sound of numerous bell ringing made Shiroe turn his head. A series of chains tilts an iron chest the size of a bus forward. The crisp sound of millions of coins forms a metalic melody.
  235. He has no other words besides amazing to describe this sight.
  237. The path meanders around the operations of the machinery. Getting just one bag of gold will double Shiroe's wealth. He thought about how much gold is in this garden, but realize that it is impossible to tell.
  239. There is more gold here than he can imagine.
  241. As he watch this scene, Shiroe feels that the contrat he has brought along is weak.
  243. His abilities pales in comparison. If it was Shiroe from last year, he probably would have run away. But he is different now. Shiroe came to the depth of Palm and enters Abyss Shaft with deep resolve.
  246. "... Welcome. Although I wished that you didn't make it here, I still have to say it"
  248. Besides the gigantic golden lake, Shiroe saw Kinjo with his guard. Shiroe squaint his eyes, looking for any difference in Kinjo, but failed as usual. Kinjo stood behind the crystal angel as he awaited Shiroe's arrival.
  250. That angel is 9th of the garden Uru, the final boss guarding Abyss Shaft. Just 4 metres in height, it is small in stature compared to the other monsters they have encountered so far, but is definitely more powerful than the other bosses. Even if he had brought the rest of the Silver swords along, the chance of victory is still fifty fifty. It would be sucidal for Shiroe to fight alone. If he actually brought the raid group along, they would probably fail since they are worn down with the consecutive battles. Shiroe ignores the threat before him and look straight at the young man.
  252. (The colour of his lapel pin is different, that's the only difference. It is really hard to tell them apart.)
  254. He met Kinjo in the cabin on the snowy mountain before, and greeted him during a banquet in Akiba city. He also saw Kinjo when he performed bank transactions in Susukino.
  256. That's the role Kinjo plays. That's how the Kunie clan is.
  258. When Elder Tales was a game, they plays the role of a bank employee based on the same avatar of the people of the land. That's the origin of the Kunie clan, Shiroe deduce. He can see fear, wariness and pride in Kinjo's eyes.
  260. (How terrifying. Even with 9th of the garden Uru under his control, the adventurers still managed to infiltrate this place... Even though we saw it as a hopeless fight, it is the same for them too.)
  262. Shiroe tries to imagine their plight.
  264. A group of 20 odd immortals charging into your home base like an avalanche.
  266. This is like a zombie siege. They will rise again even when you wipe them out, wearing down the defense gradually. There is nothing more terrifying. It is normal to feel fear and be on your guard. But Kinjo still stood before him despite the danger, probably because of their pride. The pride as a people of the land and the will to protect Yamato.
  268. They have followed the words of their ancestors til this day, watching over Yamato.
  270. Their unity and loyalty is beyond the imagination of Shiroe, a modern Japanese man.
  273. "I came here to speak with Mr Kinjo."
  275. "Then we have the obligation to hear what you have to say."
  277. "..."
  279. Shiroe stiffens when he heard Kinjo's words.
  281. He expected this, but Shiroe's suspicion at the cabin have raised unnecessary tensions, this is his punishment. Shiroe was trapped by Kinjo's hostility. And that is why this young man in white have the duty to finish their conversation.
  284. "Can I explain this as a flowing river of gold?"
  286. "... Ah, it is. As promised, we will disclose the secrets to you. All the gold in Yamato originates from here and will ultimately return here. Even we do not understand the ultra ancient technology that controls the distribution of the gold. The gold will be distributed to monsters or even dungeons like one from this giant viscous stream. This system is the dark secret of Yamato, a taboo secret guarded by the Kunies for hundreds of years."
  288. ... Shiroe realized a fact from Kinjo's speech.
  290. For normal people of the land and the nobles of the league of the freedom cities of Eastal, the Kunie clan management of this system can be seen as a form of betrayal. They would never have thought that the Kunie is funding the goblins and orcs.
  292. Shiroe who knew that Elder Tales was a game won't think of it this way. If you think of it as a system, it is neither good nor evil. But Shiroe has no confidence that the people of the land who fought lengthy wars with the demihumans will view it the same way. If this fact was exposed, everyone in the server will boycott the operations of the Kunie clans. It might even lead to riot and murders.
  294. Kinjo was right to be wary. Shiroe didn't think deep enough.
  297. "Me and my group have no intention to make this fact public."
  299. Unsure of how convincing he actually sound, Shiroe promised Kinjo.
  301. "... since you made it here, you have the rights to bring gold back as dictated by the law of my ancestors."
  303. Shiroe's thoughts wasn't conveyed to Kinjo. Kinjo remains guarded, speaking in a tone he has practiced repeatedly.
  305. "With our long history, a part of the documents left behind by our ancestors are missing. We are not sure ourself whether you can bring back a thousand or a billion gold coins. All I can do is to pass on the words of our ancestors to you."
  307. Kinjo stares at Shiroe with flaming eyes, burning with determination.
  309. They might not wielding blades, but this battle is as intense as the fiercest fight he had gone through.
  312. Shiroe gulp under his gaze, his throat feeling parched. He noticed how weak he is. He was smooth and coordinated when directing policies through the Round Table Council, but right now, he feels as though his knees are going to give way.
  314. He remembers the profile of William's crying face. The concerned expression Akatsuki makes when she looks up at him. The worries of Naotsugu as he joke around with Shiroe. Chief Nyanta who has been watching over him, Minori, Tohya, Isuzu and Rundelhous who put their trust in him.
  316. What he is feeling now is not weakness.
  318. Tetora commented that she wants them to win.
  320. He crave victory for the sake of others. The bitter memories of unfulfilled wishes motivates him to search for the best ending possible. The solo player Shiroe who has no responsibility as a loner is no more. Shiroe thirst for the ending more than anybody else. Because he is bad at emphathizing with others, he has no other ways to repay their kindness.
  323. "The gold of the Kunie is a cursed treasure. No matter how much of it you gain, it is not wealth. Your greed is a monster you are nurturing. That's how the world ends."
  325. Kinjo's words sound like an ominous prophercy, but Shiroe chose to interpret it as the Kunie giving their blessing.
  327. In the depths of Shiroe's heart, he was glad that he made it here.
  329. Surrounded by the melody of countless bells, Shiroe and Kinjo shared a moment of silence.
  331. Shiroe took out a contract from his magic bag slowly, and tore it in half. The torn contract transforms into gentle light and flames, the sparks dispersing like butterfly before the wide eyed Kinjo.
  334. Gold appears out of the thin air.
  337. "This is..."
  339. "The contract has been completely accepted. The Round Table Council does not seek wealth."
  341. Shiroe tells Kinjo with a faint smile.
  343. What Shiroe actually wants to say is the continuation of the failed conversation they had in the cabin on the snowy mountain.
  345. "We don't want ownership of the guild building. What we want is to become the strength for life in Akiba to carry on peacefully. We are grateful to the system which offered us with this opportunity, but it is time to end our tenure. Even if disputes were to arise, there must be a way for us to overcome it, that's our conclusion... This contracts release the bond that binds us when it is torn."
  347. Shiroe puff his chest out before the confused Kinjo.
  349. This is not just my own intention, but also the will of the Round Table Council too.
  351. "We transfer the ownership of the guild building, Cathedral, commercial hall and all public areas to the Yamato server itself. The contract will be destroy to make this transfer permanant."
  354. He went through numerous hardships and long discussions to reach this stage.
  356. There are some who think it is foolish to give up ownership of these zones.
  358. But after doing a cost benefit analysis, this is the plan they came up with. Purchasing a zone for the rights to administrate it just by paying a one time cost sows the seed of mayham.
  360. The zone owner doesn't stand to gain from their investment. But faced with the threat that another party might purchase the zone... which means an attack, they have no choice but to buy it first. That is why the Round Table Council used all their budget and took loans from the major guilds to purchase the cathdral, commercial hall and the city zone of Akiba.
  362. But upkeep became a problem.
  364. The maintenance fees of the guild building alone is manageable. But the upkeep for all the properties of the Round Table Council has now exceed 10 million gold monthly. This is a heavy burden on their finances.
  366. The threat of an attack will increase the pressure on defense. A committee centered around Shiroe and Henrietta explores the possibility of reducing this burden. After numerous discussion, they formulate the plan for this expedition.
  369. "This... You mean that all the gold here will be used for the purchase?"
  371. "That's right. 'All the gold in Yamato originates from here and will ultimately return here.' That's what you said right? Since the contract has been accepted, the funds are used as dictated by the contract and came back to this place after the purchase. Just as I planned."
  373. "Mr Shiroe, did you came here just to explain this?"
  375. "In a way, yes."
  377. "What about your request for a loan... What is all that about?"
  379. Shiroe pushed his slipping glasses back with his finger.
  381. "That is the main issue. We want to purchase all the zones in Yamato, the forest, the mountains, the lakes, the sea and everything else. I proved it is possible just now, so we will do the same with all these zones, relinguishing our rights and transfer them to Yamato... The land of Yamato should be returned to Yamato itself."
  383. Kinjo clench his fist so hard that it turned pale, holding back his heightened emotions.
  385. "We won't purchase zones that is in the form of buildings. Maintaining the status quo won't affect your clan, but we hope that all the free zones will have the status of being unowned. Also... The people of the land can't buy zones."
  387. This thorn has been stuck in Shiroe's heart for the longest time.
  390. "This is an abnormal situation. The Round Table Council does not wish to spark off a war. We do not wish to deny the landownership of others. But I feel that the promise made between people will be sufficient. The zone purchasing system is unnecesary for us. Please loan the necessary funds to the Round Table Council. In order to stop our path towards destruction, please finance us."
  393. 3
  396. The ground is uneven and smells of sulfur.
  398. It looks dumb to lie face down in this place, that's why William fall backwards and face the sky. If he turn his head to the side, he can see black arrow heads and rags dyed in weird colors. It is probably someone's equipment, it is a mess around here.
  400. His whole body felt hot and strained, any slight movement is a disaster. William knew the wetness he felt on either side of his nose are not blood, but he didn't bother to wipe them away. His arms are in protest mode, unwilling to work because of excess bow usage. All his comrades are on the floor crying anyway.
  403. They won.
  406. They expended huge amount of resource, some of the raiders are out of battle commission for now. There was one time when they were caught in a tug of war between fainting and resuscitation spells. They have avoided inevitable defeat when the bloodied Demikas returns with the shadow warriors in tow. This is only possible because they brought down Ibra Habura. Because of the 2nd party's effort to buy time in the passageway, they manage to pull off the win in the chaotic fight that follows.
  408. They have run out of gas. If the black armored Ruseato is to show up now, they will be smashed to oblivion like a baby. The raid group collapse the floor from fatigue. They are covered in mud, enduring through ice and fire, totally exhausted... But they are shining brightly.
  410. William sit up with his abdominal muscles, looks around him and laugh.
  412. It was soft, but is very cheerful.
  414. They won.
  416. William thinks that was impressive.
  418. It is an unspeakable joy. It's as if all his regrets, remorse, anxiety and dissapointment was all wiped away. Awesome, we did great, William whoop in delight. William felt embarrassed at his limited vocabulary, but it was just for an instance.
  420. (We pulled off a spectacular feat! Awesome, what a great bunch of friends!!)
  422. Federico continues to lay back as he wave his hand.
  424. Dinkuron stick his hand into a puddle to cool off. His bangs are messy, the image of a cool guy is lost.
  426. Odiso lay prone, waving his wand like a tour guide. Timid Alraunes pop into existence, hesitant to act. A moment later, they drag water bottles out of the bag and distribute to everyone.
  428. Only a handful of members can move, they are pushing themselves just to sit up straight. It is not an exageration to say the Silver swords are just a step shy from anniliation.
  430. But even if they are the verge of defeat, a win is still a win.
  432. (Ahh, that was really awesome.)
  434. William is like an idiot who keeps repeating the same phrase, repeating the word awesome in his heart over and over again. His mind is hazy, the image of his friends grows blur and dissapear. But William insist that wasn't because of the tears flowing out of his eyes.
  437. "We won."
  439. "Yeah."
  441. "We won."
  443. "We finally won."
  445. The soft murmurs repeated time and again in the hall.
  447. When William hears their words, his heart was full of joy. He is terrible at making speeches, but the gentle dialogue between friends are another way for them to interact. There wasn't any difference and it made him happy.
  450. "Hey guildmaster."
  452. "What's up?"
  454. William answers Federico who's voice is breaking. Federico push his upper body up like a sick patient. "That, over there." He gestured at the mountain of treasure with his chin. These are the drop items and gold from the flaming serpent Ibra Habura and frost giant Tarutauruga. A huge pile of gold, valuable jewelries and dozens of rare materials. There are phantasmal level weapons and armor too. They defeated 2 raid boss, so the rewards are doubled too.
  456. Basically, equipment cannot be transferred. The raid captain William will safekeep them, and distribute it to the members.
  458. There are all sorts of way to split their stash. They can use a point system based on raid attendance and bid for it, or give the equipment to those who can equip them. Or they who wants the item will play a game of rock paper scissors... Which system to use is a problem all guilds have to test through trial and error.
  460. Phantasmal items are powerful, raids are often conducted in order to obtain them. These items with special abilities and great attributes can only be won through raids, earning fame and respect from the whole server. They might even represent the glory of the guild, like the black sword knights.
  462. There are many guilds that dissolved because of dispute in splitting the loot. Because of this, every guild has to spend lots of effort in managing and distributing the rewards from raids.
  464. Silver swords have been using a point system since Elder Tales was a game. Members earn point by joining raids and aunction off the reward to the highest bidder. But for unknown boss they defeated for the first time, the loots will not be given out through the point system, but allocated on the discretion of the guildmaster William. There will be minimal dissatisfaction if they use the point system, but the items will simply falls into the person who wants it more, but not necessary be given to the most suitable player.
  466. William presents the powerful weapons to the best possible person through nomination, taking the efficiency of future raids into consideration as well.
  469. After recovering enough strength, William stood up and approach the mountain of treasure. Multiple windows opened, detailing the variety of items they won through the raid boss on his status screen. The name of the items conveys how powerful they are.
  471. That is normal. They are the first to defeat raid bosses above level 90. Reaching the top of the hill he has always yearn for, William is so calm that he even surprises himself.
  473. 'Eyes of ruin-chaos'
  475. 'Anti fire freezing blade'
  477. 'Ouroboros scale'
  479. They are all fascinating. All participants of the raid can access these information. They push themself and sat up, checking the windows floating in mid air before William. The hopeful gaze falls on the young man with silvery hair, who consider a while before saying to his team mates.
  482. "'Laurel tailsman'. For that guy."
  484. A metallic tailsman with intrinsic gold markings.
  486. Four petals forms a circle within the frame, a glorious piece of art made with expert craftsmanship.
  488. "I think we should leave this for black heart glasses"
  491. Suddenly, the air becomes thin. This tingling tension you feel when entering hostile territory.
  493. Federico sniff the air and announce "It is getting warmer."
  495. It is clear to all the raid participants that the raid in this zone is over. By right, they still need to take 7th of the garden Ruseato out to clear the zone, but there is no need for that anymore. The zone has lost its hostility towards William's group, it is now a safe zone.
  497. "It seems that guy have done something."
  499. Dinkuron says as he brush the dirt off his fringe.
  501. The negotiation Shiroe mentioned before is probably a success. He was sure it will work, but William still feel a smile on his face when it really did.
  503. "Well, this is a great item. It increases your durability and capabilities, a top class equipment. So, let's give it to... Shiroe. He is not one of the Silver swords, but he is still a battle brother."
  505. Affirmative response echoes throughout the pit.
  507. As he listens to his comrades answer that is full of pride, William begins giving out the next item.
  510. 4
  512. 4 days after bidding farewell to William.
  514. Shiroe's group landed on the highway bridge that is covered in greenery. Shiroe, Naotsugu and Tetora waves good bye to the griffon which left because their limited usage time is up. They stroll casually along the ancient asphalt road.
  516. "Mr Naotsugu is so cold."
  518. "I'm not, I told you that I hate riding with a pillion because my armor is heavy."
  520. "Not this again, you keep using the same excuse. Are you saving that spot for a special someone?"
  522. "That hurts. Why is with your retorts?"
  524. "Fufufu. Because I am an idol!"
  526. Shiroe look up to the sky as he listen to the two of them bicker.
  528. A nice day out in the winter. It will probably last an hour or two during this season, with the sun shining on Shiroe's path ahead.
  531. They chat a lot with the members of Silver swords during their way back to Susukino. They obtain practical intelligence, exchanging informations of life after the Apocalypse.
  533. Silver swords has a good idea of Akiba's current situation. For the adventurers who can communicate via telepathy, they can obtain information no matter how far away they are, as long as they know someone there. But the Silver swords are not too sure about the latest inventions and news. Shiroe did not consider hidding these information, working hard to share their discovery with others. In return, Shiroe learns about brand new ingredients they found in Ezzo empire.
  535. They spend the most time in discussing the large amount of materials they won in the raid. Shiroe was given some of them, but the Silver swords gets to keep the lion's share. If they wish for it, 8th district shopping centre and Grandeur will be willing to visit Ezzo to trade with them. Silver swords need to sell their spoils of war to replenish their supply too.
  537. Their discussion is not limited to just sharing their worries in this world.
  539. They gather around the camp fire every night, eating their disminishing supply of food. They discuss about the loot they obtain, the creation of new equipment and what their future holds... The topics are no different from the times when Elder Tales was still a game.
  541. All the participants including Shiroe felt a deep sense of satisfaction.
  543. They won the raid after enduring so much hardship.
  545. There is no need for words, it is fine this way.
  547. Naotsugu hums as he polish his new gears. Tetora sat on a boulder and smile as she swings her legs. Even Demikas joined in with the usual scowl on his face, resting his head on his arms lazily. Shiroe continues to follow the discussion of the Silver swords as he watches this scene. These are the few souvenoirs that he got, but it was plenty for him.
  550. He talked briefly with William.
  552. William wants to stay in Susukino. Titans has been roaming around as a field raid. This is no different then the Elder Tales game era, but new monsters will join in the fray infrequently. The 'eyes of mystery' explain to Shiroe clumsily how to repel them while healing at the same time, making preparation for the next raid. William added, keeping Susukino close to his heart.
  556. 90%
  558. Won't be continuing, someone take over please thanks.
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