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  1. AA T ¶     Colton the Macho Man
  2. by ~IllSuckYourDick
  4. I remember as if it were yesterday. Colton Reed, the man who swept me off my paws.
  6. Chapter 1: The man of my dreams.
  8. It was September 1st, 2009.
  9. I was playing a game of zombie survival. I wagged my tail every time I got a kill. It made me feel so good. I was encouraged by other while also getting discrimination for me being who I am. Humanfags, what can you do about 'em? Anyway, I was playing and then I met these darling people. People such as Nickzip and Rawr. These people thought I was funny and respected me for who I am. And then, he showed up. With his peashooter handgun, his carpenter's hammer, his big muscles, spiky hair, small nose, smooth face, and cute belly button. I went up to him and said, "Hi there, would you like to help us with the barricade, we sure could use some help!". He then responded with, "Hey baby". He didn't know of my canine origins just yet.
  11. Chapter 2: The games that changed everything
  13. The more I played, the more I learned about the man known as, "Loligagger". We played and played and he told us silly stories. He was perfect. He was who I've been looking for all my life. Eventually, I met up with some of his friends. They were known as, "Mudkip" and "v0rx". Later on, I met up with one they called, "Doctor Gay", but that's another story. After playing a few games, I was invited to their steam chatroom. I was honored and I was ready to express my true feelings to Colton. I was about to tell him about how I wished to yiff with him, and how I wanted to feed him berries while rubbing his smoot human gut. I showed him a few deviantart pages and said, "Vic why are you showing me furry shit?". I responded with, "What's wrong honey, I mean Loligagger?", and he said, "Quit showing me this furfag shit!". Right there was where I was heartbroken.
  15. Chapter 3: A changed Vixen
  17. Everyday I dealt with the fact that my honey baby wasn't who I thought he was. Everyday I dremt of happy times where he would stick his nice, long, bulky human cock out and stick it in my furry, soft, tender cunt. Now, I knew that this was different. We still got along and played with eachother for quite some time. He started to hate the terminal shell server we played on because of the furries. I agreed with him, or at least pretended to. I visited that server whenever he wasn't looking so I wouldn't make him mad. Later, I found his facebook, along with some of his friends' facebook accounts. I saw his face, and nearly fainted. It was so beautiful, yet I knew it could never be mine. I visited his facebook daily and wrote him love letters. He discarded these as comedic messages and told me that I was a faggot. I couldn't help but forgive him. Recently, he had discovered that I was watching a furry video on youtube. He was silent and said, "Vic, what does this mean?" I took a deep breath and told him, "I'm a fox". His face got all red and steam came out of his ears. I blushed and my white foxy face got all red. He never spoke to me again.
  19. Chapter 4: Twenty years later, Colton found out where I lived and came over to my house. I didn't recognize him at first because he wasn't so trong anymore. Instead of being fit, he was chubby and fat. Instead of having spiky hair, he grew it out and put highlights in it. Instead of having a nose, he had a blank spot in the middle of his face. His lips were not lucious red anymore, they were chapped and brown. His eyes were not golden anymore, they were pink. I looked t how pathetic he looked and realised, this was the man of my dreams. He told me that he was dying from a rare but deadly disease. I looked at him, and he looked at me. I led him to my couch as we talked about it. He then told me that he wanted to have sex. I told him to give me a minute. I rushed to the bathroom and took off my clothes, letting my saggy cunt hang low. I walked out in front of him as I changed to my fox form. He looked at me and said, "Wow, you really were a fox" I pulled out the pull out couch, and we made love. I took his cock by the paw and forcibly stuck it inside my cunt. He looked at me as his cock lay in the furry sanctum which was my cunt. he smiled and pulled it out, then put it back in, then pulled it back out. He rubbed his sexy human body against me and made me smile. I squeezed his nipples as he let out a loud pleasureful cry. I licked him with my long, canine like, tongue and told him that I was his pet. I bent over as he stuck his cock in my ass. He was a fast acter and started playing around with my butthole. He reached in there and pulled out a few veigns. It hurt, but I loved it. I pursued him to do it more. He then rubbed his dick against my asshole's veigns and came on my face. As I licked the wet, sticky human substance, I looked at him. He then came all over me. His dick then became all saggy and we stopped having intercourse. 20 minutes later, he told me how since he was dying he'd rather get it out of the way now. He told me that he wanted me to eat him. I looked at him, licked my lips and said, "Prepare to be this fox's dinner!" I stuck his sweet, savory, human feet in my mouth and sucked on them. I worked my way up to the legs which were all hair and had bit of my fur on them. As my mouth got closer to his torso, I felt his saggy cock in my throat. I heard his penis go, "puh" as it let out a little drop of semen. I savored that moment for a few minutes before continuing. As I went for his torso, he sled down into my belly quickly and easily. With his face close to my lips, he kissed my forehead and said, "If I were to end up in anyone's belly, i would always choose you first!" I then closed my lips and sent him down to his new home. As I looked at my belly, amazed at how big and round it was, I licked my lips, opened my foxy vagina, and came all over the fold out bed.
  21. Chapter 5: Epilogue
  22. I'm now a very succesful accountant working in New York City. I spend most of my money on slices of cardboard that people here call, "Pizza". Every day on the job
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