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Avery Meets Zander

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  1. revah: It had been a few hours since she met Maggy, and had yet to discover her missing cash from her car. She was almost out of her stash of pot and had called up her dealer - they were to meet near a lower-end club on the other end of town. Although, she was itching to get more, it was the only thing keeping her off the slopes. Avery turned onto a dead street, and pulled up against the curb. Her fingers flew to the middle compartment, only to find that her money was no longer there. She knew exactly what happened to it in that moment and swore at herself. "Sounds about fucking right." She almost didn't even care, but it was half of her spending money since her most recent check. Avery simply grabbed her shades, despite it being late at night, and fetched her car keys and wallet. She walked across the street to meet with her contact. Once the deal was made she went to the back of the club to light her first smoke of the night.
  3. Lore: Bright lights and even louder music, and Zander lived for every fucking second. The bass pulsated through the floor and into the soles of his feet, traveling up the toned expanse of his calf, thigh, and midsection. His tongue teased the top of his mouth with a pleased, feather light swipe, he was enjoying himself and couldn't hide it if he wanted to. The music continually beat against his eardrums, abusing them with what was starting to sound more like noise than music. But Zander didn't mind, not in the least. Besides, who the fuck came to a club for its music? Barely legals and their 'besties' are who. It'd be noted that he fell under neither category. The man stalked the club, his dilated pupils scanning the tightly knit crowd. He was predacious but highly selective. Zander careened around dancing bodies with a practiced ease, a hand jutting out to settle carefully on the junction between hip and ass whenever the occasion called for it. He got a few gasps, but never stuck around long enough to deal with the consequences, just shuffled on through until he found himself on the other side of the room. He came up empty, granted that was usually the case with these sort of settings. Zander found himself settling more and more these days, too. He scanned the crowd a final time, his high already on the comedown. Images that were previously comprised of smeared colors took on a generously blurred effect, otherwise blended features individualizing themselves once more. Compartmentalizing, if you will, in the admirable attempt to present Zander with a less...fucked sense of the world. His teeth came down with an audible click, the muscles in his cheek tightening. Fucking shame. Spinning around on his heel, he made for the nearest exit, which thankfully was close by and not blocked by crackheads. All it took was a firm push to the mid section and Zander was washed with clean, fresh air. He isn't able to help the "fuck" that leaves his mouth or the relief that came with it. The door closed silently behind him before he even grasped the reality of a present and very alive audience. But first, a more pressing matter. "It fucking smells like piss out here," he exclaimed, eyeing the woman questioningly. "Or are you too doped up to give a shit?"
  5. revah: "Well aren't you an observant lad." The words fell off her tongue like soured honey, providing a snarky reparte on the final word. Her blue eyes lulled in their sockets, further implementing her increasingly distasteful mood. That bitch from earlier today stole half her spending money - now how is she going to be able to enjoy herself at the damn club? Drinks weren't too high...but the alcohol levels were for grade-schoolers. She needed something with a kick, she /craved/ it. With one heavily tatted arm held tightly against her own waist and the other occasionally bringing the blunt to her lips, Avery held a stuck-up demeanor in this moment. Not that she was paying attention to it of course. She couldn't help it, her high was slowly coming back and this made her eyes...wander. The curious female scanned the man head to toe. /Not bad - but not my type/. There was a brief moment in which Avery and Raven began to bicker inside her head at how to proceed, if the man was even worth chasing after. It was difficult to pick between the two polar opposite opinions, and the real Avery instead chose to remain silent.
  7. Lore: Something in Zander went off. A nerve had been stepped on, no fucking trampled on and it showed in the way a smile forcefully broke across his face, muddying pleasantly handsome--damn near baby face-- features with a twisted, painful grin. What a snobby tone for a bitch like /her/ to use. Low class. Zander stalked over, footsteps increasingly more like stomps; a march into war. Fuckingdramatic. He eased into her peripheral then settled nearly outside of it, easing his frame into the side of the building. He addressed her with a once over, then another just to really get a feel for her. Zander guessed she was inked head to toe and everywhere between. Fuck, she probably even had a tramp stamp, one she was /proud/ of. His tongue glided ruthlessly across the roof of his mouth--a habit he swore he'd break but never did--before his tongue folded to form words. "Damn right I am." There it is...that excitement of a chase. Pussies described it as butterflies in your stomach, but Zander knew himself better. It wasn't a fluttery feeling, it was fucking electrifying; heart stoppingly so. And he loved every second of it.
  9. revah: No matter how many tattoos she gets carved into her skin or how many people she pushes away, Avery was still very easily breakable. Her exterior was a rough one at that, and it enclosed a much softer tissue. This stranger ignited something within her, and as he moved closer her shoulders ever so slightly collapsed in together - as if to protect her heavily beating heart in some manner. There was a heat in her soul that she couldn't deny, what the fuck was this sensation? It burned her center away, but not in the aspect of destruction. No, this was an all-eating flame. It wouldn't be simply put out, it would continue to burn and consume. Her eyes darted away from him, hoping that looking away momentarily would get this flush of other-worldly sensation to cease, but she was wrong. It didn't help at all. Avery's mind was so caught up in all of this that the sudden tinge of a literal fire was reason to her outburst. "FUCK!" Air sipped through clenched teeth, Avery threw what was left of her blunt to the ground, and pouted at the red marks slowly coming to view along her fingers.
  11. Lore: Zander almost /cooed./ He hadn't even begun to pick at her foundation before it was crumbling at welcomed feet. A tough exterior on aesthetic alone, how fucking typical. (You're enjoying this too much.) Call him shameless because he could almost feel his knees buckle under the intensity of watching her break; a breach in the character she presented so carefully to a world she had no business playing in. Zander watched with a delighted expression as she hissed in pain, and for a brief second wondered what kind of sound she'd make if his hands were tightly woven around her throat. The thought is easily dismissed though when she pouts. So she can look cute, interesting. His eyes followed her haze to her newly reddened digits and remained there for a second longer before his fingers were wrapping snugly around her wrist, forcing her hand to elevate just the slightest bit higher. "Poor baby..." He murmured, jerking her wrist so that her fingers ultimately rested against his lips. "Does it hurt? Do you want me to make you..feel better?" He spoke against her thin fingers, reveling in the heat he knew his lips were giving off. It /had/ to burn. True to character, Zander doesn't wait for permission,--in fact, he's half certain he's already got it--just parts his lips and envelopes her pinched digits, a satisfied glint in his eyes as he does it. His pallet is warmer and will only irritate the skin but they both know that. God, fucking have mercy, doth exterior tis just as weak..
  13. revah: This fucker's presence had gotten Avery so out of it that she forgot all about the joint in her hand. A flush of agitation cascaded over the thinly toned female, and she was taken even more off-guard as her tiny wrist was suddenly within the confinements of the man's hand - twisting and pulling it wherever he desired. //Who the fuck does he think he is?? Snap your wrist back and kick him in the fucking dick!// - /Shut up Aves, I'm thinking./ - //What? No! You can't let just any stranger grab you like that..omg...did he just kiss your fingers...// Avery's gaze glossed over as she met with the enticing man's eyes. It was..inviting, yet, a clear warning if she ever saw one. It was as if she could feel her own demons reach out from her earthly body to try and grab a hold of his - they were drawn together and Avery couldn't help but...let him. In most cases she'd be a hard-ass, probably have the guy lose a finger or two. But this...she'd never experienced this before. This complete stranger was able to silence all doubt and worry in her mind in a simple motion and a few honeyed words. Amidst her own motionless moment, Avery gently tried tugging her hand away - just to see how hard his grip actually was. Nope. There was no moving it. This feeling of utter surrender made her heart twist and turn, in a painful yet alluring manner. Heated lips exchanging sensations to her raged fingers actually felt...good? What the fuck was happening? //Where's the hardass Raven that I know and love?// There was no response. She was busy at the moment, taking control of the situation and choosing to do nothing about it. "Is there even a right answer to that question?"
  15. Lore: One word; distinguished. Whatever forest fire that dwelled deep in the woman's gut had been snuffed out. Admittedly, it didn't take much scorch it; just a pair of pinched digits and an ego(fragile)big enough to go through with it. Zander's eyes glittered with unspoken satisfaction when Avery finally did speak up, a delighted hum resonating at the back of his throat in response. He plucked her fingers from his mouth and momentarily suspended them mid air, his eyes briefly averting from Avery to her fingers. "...Don't be stupid, of course, there is." @revah
  17. revah: Although the past few responses had been a terrible example of her normally rough demeanor, Avery wasn't about to continue to allow him in. She hardly knew the guy. To those who knew of her mental state, it would be clear that Raven took a step back to allow the more sensible Avery to step forward. "I'm fine, thanks." It wasn't as much of a bitter tone as it was a mature one. With a sudden jerk, she freed her wrist from his grasp.
  19. lop: "Ayooooo, bartieee, nother gin n tonic pls, but hold the tonic, soooooOOoooooo jus a gin, plssssssssss tysmmmmmm  At this point, Taehyung was /falling against the bar. He had started out with a lean. Something cool and casual to attract whoever he could while he sipped his long island iced tea, but that had quickly morphed into a little bob dance just beside the bar. That was fun for a while, but eventually getting tired -- and after a couple more drinks -- he sat at one of the stools... and as soon as he discovered it was a spinny stool, it was game over... "Hey, Dave, we need this one out of here. He's getting a bit loud," one of the bartenders nodded towards Tae, who looked outrageously offended, clutching his pearls. "Y I HAVE NVR BEEN SO DISREPECTED IN MY LIFE." A large, gruff looking man approached him and he scrambled off the bar stool -- but not after one more spin. "Come on buddy, time to go," the man said, grasping at Tae's shirt collar and tugging him along the edges of the walls so as not to disturb the rest of the club. The smaller male sort of wriggled in his grip, like a cat caught by the scruff of its neck. "TF U DOIN M8, I ASKED 4 ONE MORE DRINK, I DIDNT EVEN GET IT, YoURE SO RUDE ACTUALY I H8 YOU OMFGSNNJDBHSBSkKJD.." Despite his struggles. Tae was shoved out the back door and promptly locked out, leaving him to catch his balance on the other side of the alleyway. For a moment, he simply stood there, thinking he was going to puke.. when movement out of the corner of his bleary eyes caught his attention. He recognized the man standing there, but it took his slow mind a moment to process.. it was.. "ZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNDEEAAARRRR!" Immediately, the drunk stumbled over, nearly collapsing on top of the other.
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