Apple Jack

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  1. Slot: Apple Jack
  3. Username: schuby2000
  5. Birth name: Lee JeongMin
  7. Nicknames: LJ, MJ, MinMin, J.Min
  9. Age + DOB: 17, October 31st 2002
  11. Year: Junior
  13. Face Claim + Back up: TXT Huening Kai or DCRUNCH Dylan
  15. Personality: Is very honest and very stubborn. He’s always the type that will always reach out to students that need help and helps almost anyone. Since he’s a bit stubborn he gets into a fair amount of arguments but knows how to handle it so none turn hostile
  17. Background: Was born into a large family and grew up working in his family’s restaurant for a good portion of his early childhood. He’s the middle child of five so he’s always been the one that helps with the younger kids while his parents and older siblings were busy. After his 15th birthday his parents got a bigger venue for their restaurant so they moved to Seoul and JeongMin moved in with his older sister who live above the restaurant.
  19. Family: name/ age/ relation/ occupation/ closeness
  20. Kang Somin/45/Mother/Restaurant Owner//Manager/9-10
  21. Lee Jungwoo/50/Father/Chef//Restaurant Owner/6-10
  22. Lee MinYeon/21/Sister/Waitress/10-10
  23. Kang GaHyeon/19/Sister/Student&Waitress/10-10
  24. Lee Jisung/15/Brother/Student/5-10
  25. Kang HanByul/13/Sister/Student/8-10
  27. Likes: Cooking, Volunteering, Tutoring Students, Drawing, Baking, Cleaning, Reading, Bubble Tea, Homecooked Meals, Horror Movies
  29. Dislikes: Overly Sweet Things, RomComs, His Sides Being Touched, People Taking His Generosity for Granted, Being Ignored When Talking
  31. Hobbies: Cooking, Baking, Drawing, Reading, Cleaning, Volunteering
  33. Habits: Biting His Lip Until it Bleeds, Adjusting His Tie when Nervous, Cracking His Knuckles
  35. Extra facts:
  36. -Is Always Cold
  37. -Isn’t Scared Easily
  38. -Is terrified of Thunder and Small Spaces
  39. -Works at his family’s restaurant after school
  40. -Every weekend he cooks a butt ton of food for a youth shelter
  41. -Argues way too much with Rarity
  42. -Has a small scar on his hand from a cooking accident
  43. -Has two Boston terriers named Pugsly and Wednesday
  44. -Prefers working with his hands
  45. -Helps part time with the gardening club
  48. Love Interest: Fluttershy
  50. Students you are closest to: Twilight Sparkle, Shin ByulYi, Pinkie Pie, Jung Hoseok, Rainbow Dash
  52. Students you are least close to: Rarity, Moon TaeHyung, Ok HyeBin, Fluttershy
  54. Requested Scenes of any kind: min 3 (w/ LI or other students)
  55. -Helps Fluttershy out of a huge group a that are crowding around the food truck.
  56. -Arguing With Rarity after he complains about how messy his uniform got after helping his sisters in the food truck
  57. -Makes sure to bring extra food so Rainbow Dash doesn’t have to steal food from the others
  58. -Accidentally bumping into Fluttershy while carrying stuff for the gardening, spilling some paint for the stakes on Fluttershy and is quick to put everything down and drag him to the closest bathroom and offer him his own school blazer and shirt to change into leaving him in his under shirt
  60. Places you wanna go: Lotte World, Jeju Island, Bukchon Hanok Village, Everland
  62. Ways to raise money for trips: Have a bake sale, having a food truck from his family’s restaurant come to the school during lunch/after school for clubs and sports
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