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  2. HEY TEAM -
  4. We got to get this finished before ISUs are due because this is a priority.  Take a look at the email I sent.  Here are some things we need to talk about:
  6. I want to review each camera persons footage.
  8. how to contact people
  9. dealing with clients
  10. proper email format
  11. asking good quesitons
  12. what you are looking for interview
  15. Ms. Doelman
  17. ----- Original Message -----
  19. Hi Jamie, Erwin, Rob, Gallina, Kevin, Rosanna, Rosalie-
  21. I am out of the building this week and working up at OELC on a ministry initiative with student success teams from across the province so I will be missing the meeting. Sorry to miss out on the fun.
  23. I wanted to update you on the tech videos.
  24. The situation is (to quote Jamie of course) is that my students have done their initial training.  The teams are in place.  Every director/producer got their first choice of an area which means the lead person you are working with wanted to work with you.
  26. Next week, I will be asking the director/producers to contact you and do a pre-interview.
  27. The purpose of the pre-interview is to:
  28. - understand the scope of the courses
  29. - the type of messages you would like your 3 minute spotlight to tell
  30. - get a sense of what students might be tapped on the shoulder to be interviewed
  31. - a sense of when some hands on activities will be happening in your classroom.  Because tech education by its nature is project based, we want to show projects.  And it makes for more interesting pictures!
  33. How you can help us help you is:
  34. -         think about it in advance
  35. -         consider in advance what students would represent your area well.  It would be good to get a diversity of voices.  One thing we need to watch is making sure that girls feel like they can take tech too.
  36. -         If you have an extra course outlines around for their reference that would be helpful
  37. -         If you have past photos or video clips that might be helpful for editing, let them know.
  40. I realize it’s a busy time of year but my hope is to film and shoot the first 3 weeks of October and have a rough draft by the end of the first week of November.  Timelines are tight but it just might be doable.
  42. I will be back on Monday.
  44. Oh, by the way, I am pregnant.  I need to find a van.
  45. Anne
  48. James Schering writes:
  50.  I'm a little late on this but we should have a lunch meeting soon.  This Friday I am away so can we do it Oct 2, which is a Thursday?  Then we can get back to our regular last Friday of the month lunch meetings.  It seems there is new pressure to pass along PD stuff through heads (or maybe it was always there and we didn't know it) but we do need to be meeting once a month on a "formal" basis.
  52. Thanks
  54. Jamie Schering
  55. Technological Studies Department Head
  56. Construction Technologies Teacher
  57. Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School
  58. James_Schering@wrdsb.on.ca
  59. 519-880-9979
  61. "I've always thought that the people who are best educated are those who are both capable and contemplative, and move in both circles"    Lance Lee
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