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Fallout: Beyond Equestria Session 15

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  1. [2012-10-24 13:20:59] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Fifteen: Darkness Falls (Part Five)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PPtEHWDca8&feature=youtu.be
  2. [2012-10-24 13:21:04] <Kkat> 3Paid!
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  5. [2012-10-24 13:22:13] <Kkat> 3You're all 200 caps richer, with the promise of not 1000 but 3500 more each once you complete your (insane?) mission.  Woohoo!
  6. [2012-10-24 13:22:28] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  7. [2012-10-24 13:23:18] * Get_Lost is still a bit confused, but 200 caps riicher, so it can't be that bad moreover, she just recieved a phd in medicine
  8. [2012-10-24 13:23:30] * Mitzi adds the caps she's given to the ones she had kept from before. She wasn't entirely sure of the value of pony money, so she looked amidst the group for somepony else who might be able to point her in the right direction.
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  10. [2012-10-24 13:27:57] * Kid moseyed on out of the room, hoof on her caps. She seemed troubled.
  11. [2012-10-24 13:28:11] * CopyCat , being easily led, simply follows Noble_Heart.
  12. [2012-10-24 13:28:13] * Mitzi eventually settles her gaze on Bookwright. By her reckoning he was an intelligent pony, so surely he knew... stuff. She taps him gently with a paw and gestures to the rifle on her back; "Uh need more shooty packs fur dis gun. Yu know where Uh can find dem?"
  13. [2012-10-24 13:28:36] * Get_Lost pokes at kid, smiling a bit "what's wrong? need some help?"
  14. [2012-10-24 13:29:14] * Kid l
  15. [2012-10-24 13:29:35] * Noble_Heart carried the two griffins away, wrapped in her magic, a serious and somewhat dark expression on her face as she went. Not that she was ever particularly bubbly, but she lacked the usual self-agrandizing smugness one might come to be used to around her.
  16. [2012-10-24 13:30:43] * Bookwright looks up from the /extremely interesting/ narrative account he was reading and replies distractedly, "You need more magic-driven fusion packs. You should be able to buy them from a general trader (they're high-density energy sources) or a weapons dealer (they go in guns, after all)."
  17. [2012-10-24 13:31:32] * Kid didn't respond for a little while. "... There is literally no parta' this deal ah like, Get."
  18. [2012-10-24 13:31:52] * Shatara tilts his head a bit and follows Noble_Heart out.
  19. [2012-10-24 13:32:03] * Get_Lost "honestly, i am a little bt dubious too.... if the punga seeds are dormant, we will risk quite a bit"
  20. [2012-10-24 13:32:24] * Get_Lost "a high dose of radiation could make a mess"
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  22. [2012-10-24 13:33:43] * Mitzi nods slowly, then looks around the group; "Anee un else goeen tu trader?"
  23. [2012-10-24 13:34:06] * Get_Lost nods to mitzi "i hope so, i want to buy a lot of potions"
  24. [2012-10-24 13:34:42] * Bookwright nods again, distractedly. "I've been writing up some plans, and I'll need some doodads and thingummies to make them work. And there's probably some other supplies I'll need that I'll think of when I get there."
  25. [2012-10-24 13:34:44] * Kid rose her hoof. "Ah am. Gimme a minnute."
  26. [2012-10-24 13:35:17] * Mitzi nods and lumbers alongside her, hoping she would know what she was doing. The hellhound looks down at Kid and raised an eyebrow; "Yu okay?"
  27. [2012-10-24 13:38:02] * Noble_Heart continues out of the building and through the town with few pauses. She doesn't seem to care what odd looks or concerns she may get from the locals, at least short of someoen trying to actually stop her from going. She does pause long enough to acquire a sheet of paper and a writing quill on her way out, passing the edge of the falls and back down towards the road into
  28. [2012-10-24 13:38:02] * Noble_Heart town.
  29. [2012-10-24 13:39:14] <Kid> "An', I mean that there are too damn many places this could go wrong. We could get ambushed. There'r those ponies that ditched, is that why? An' we're bringin' it t' Stalliongrad when they're gonna test it a while away." The little filly snorted. "Jus... It sounds all kinda wrong is all."
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  31. [2012-10-24 13:40:49] * Get_Lost "well, if it doesn't seem easy, it's better if we are handling it personally, right? i'd rather try it instead of letting another unknown adventurer mess everyting up"
  32. [2012-10-24 13:40:51] * CopyCat trots along behind Noble_Heart quietly. She's well used to not being noticed.
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  35. [2012-10-24 13:41:50] <Kkat> 3Noble Heart and her trussed-up, unconscious companions are indeed getting stares.  And whispers.  And even a "should we call a constable?" from somepony in the back.
  36. [2012-10-24 13:44:03] * Shatara follows beside Noble_Heart. "So, uh...where we goin, Princess?"
  37. [2012-10-24 13:44:41] * Kid mulled that over. "The doin's rough. Th' wonderin' if it needs doin' is rougher."
  38. [2012-10-24 13:45:23] * CopyCat smiles reassuringly at the passers by as she follows the other alicorn.
  39. [2012-10-24 13:46:11] * Noble_Heart looks up as Shatara arrives beside her, frowning slightly. "We are not going anywhere. We have business to attend with these ruffians." She snorted in irritation and looked at the pair. The stares were somewhat concerning, but right now she had bigger things on her mind. "Unless you believe that We could find a better courier to take Our message than these? Though We would
  40. [2012-10-24 13:46:11] * Noble_Heart prefer to see them punished for their crimes, We are sympathetic to the reasons behind them."
  41. [2012-10-24 13:47:11] * Get_Lost "i don'y yhink that if we refused they simply decided to drop the idea... instead they would have hired a different group... and frankly, i want to be there in case of trouble"
  42. [2012-10-24 13:50:32] <Kkat> 3Having gotten his signatures, Effigy packs up his case and prepares to vanish.
  43. [2012-10-24 13:50:50] * Shatara nods slowly, hanging back a bit as he follows the alicorns closely, occasionally glancing back towards the inn and around the crowds.
  44. [2012-10-24 13:52:06] <Kkat> 3A pony with a badge pushes through the street, approaching Noble_Heart.  "I say, ma'am.  Hold up there."
  45. [2012-10-24 13:52:58] * Noble_Heart breathes a quiet sigh of irritation, pausing on her way as she looks up towards the constable, "Yes? We have important business to attend to. But We will always make time for Equestria's law." Looking down at the pony with a reassuring, hopefully, smile.
  46. [2012-10-24 13:53:03] * Bookwright puts away his notebook and shakes himself. "Alright, wych whay two the market?"
  47. [2012-10-24 13:53:35] * Mitzi nods; "Yu ar gud ponies. Eef yu leave dis, den maybe not so gud ponies du eet instead. Dat wud be bad."
  48. [2012-10-24 13:54:36] * Get_Lost "exactly my point"
  49. [2012-10-24 13:54:47] * Kid sighs. "Ah guess ya'll'r right."
  50. [2012-10-24 13:54:57] <Kkat> 3The constable looks up at the alicorn.  "Well now.  You've got two griffin folk all bound up and unconscious-like, and are parading them through town.  I must say, there seems like something wrong in that."
  51. [2012-10-24 13:55:29] * Bookwright grumbles. "You folks better have a plan. If need be I'll draw one up, but I will not allow this to happen until I am satisfied that the tribals and their history are preserved adequately."
  52. [2012-10-24 13:57:30] * Noble_Heart snorts and levitates the two griffins over to deposit them on the ground. "We did not believe it appropriate for Us to carry them on Our back, when they might awaken at any time." She looks down at the griffins with annoyance. "These two are responsible for two attempts on the life of an innocent pony. We would see them face proper Equestrian justice. Though We admit that
  53. [2012-10-24 13:57:30] * Noble_Heart We were tempted to find an alternative solution for their transgressions."
  54. [2012-10-24 13:57:47] <Kkat> 3Rainbows End Supplies is the town's general store, although specialty shops are scattered throughout the maze-like structure of the city.
  55. [2012-10-24 13:58:29] <Kkat> 3The constable cocks his head.  "Alternate solution?  And just what might that mean?"
  56. [2012-10-24 13:58:35] * Mitzi follows Kid and Get_Lost, hoping they would know where to go better than she did.
  57. [2012-10-24 13:59:40] * Noble_Heart frowns slightly and looks down at the pair, contemplating how to explain. "We believe that the one hiring them had the best of intentions with the worst of executions. We would offer them a chance to redeem themselves. But, We understand the importance of proper justice as well. If you wish to punish them for their crimes, We will not stop your right."
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  59. [2012-10-24 14:02:01] * Mitzi enters the Rainbows End Suppplies building and looks around. The massive hellhound has to hunch herself over to avoid colliding with the ceiling.
  60. [2012-10-24 14:02:15] <Kkat> 3The constable frowns.  "Well, if you don't lodge a complaint, and nobody witnessed, then I don't suppose I can arrest them."  He looks over the griffins.  "And you, walking about with them like that... well, if this is a kidnapping, it's not a subtle one.  But I do insist on escorting you where you're going.  Just to make sure everything is on the up-and-up."
  61. [2012-10-24 14:04:03] * Mitzi supports her bulk using the knuckles of her girder like arms. Using the flats of her paws would result in her claws carving grooves in the floor, and she was trying to be on her best behavious
  62. [2012-10-24 14:04:04] <Kkat> 3Rainbow's End is a squat, three-story building, the first two floors being taken up with shelves and rows of goods.
  63. [2012-10-24 14:04:15] * Bookwright has followed Mitzi into Rainbow's End.
  64. [2012-10-24 14:04:34] * CopyCat sits beside Noble and nods her head. "It's true Sir. One of these griffons attacked the guests of the Light Bringer inn and my f...friend" she pauses, as if surprised by what she'd said, "wanted them to deliver a letter to the pony that paid them. They said it was another pony like us."
  65. [2012-10-24 14:04:52] <Kkat> 3The proprietor waves with a smile as you enter, then continues to dust some of the merchandise.
  66. [2012-10-24 14:05:06] * Mitzi has a hard time maneuvering in the enclosed space, but eventually makes it up to the counter. She figured it might be better to ask, rather than poke around and potentially break something. "Hello leetle shop ponee."
  67. [2012-10-24 14:05:53] * Bookwright peeks around from behind Mitzi's bulk, where he was well concealed by her considerably well-muscled girth. "HI!" he says brightly.
  68. [2012-10-24 14:06:03] <Kkat> 3The constable frowns.  "I see.  Mercenaries.  Could have guessed from the armor... and the feathers.  Not a fan of assassination attempts in my town."
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  73. [2012-10-24 14:07:01] * Noble_Heart nods her head to the constable. "We are agreeable to that." looking up to CopyCat with a slight smile at the mention of friend. "It is most complex. And difficult to explain. But We believe the reason for the attack was not as simple as spite or hatred." She frowns a little and shakes her head. "As We said, if you wish to punish them, We will not contest. But We require a
  74. [2012-10-24 14:07:01] * Noble_Heart means to send Our letter with both speed and security."
  75. [2012-10-24 14:10:41] <Kkat> 3The shop pony trots around the counter, gazing up at Mitzi with a friendly (but somewhat nervous) smile.  "Hello.  We don't see many like you this far north.  What can I get for you.  I have many good things."
  76. [2012-10-24 14:11:32] * Mitzi struggles to remove the laser rifle from her back without knocking shelves around in the process, then gives up and just turns around and gestures to it with a thumb; "Uh need more ammo fur dis."
  77. [2012-10-24 14:11:50] <Kkat> 3The constable nods.  "Have you considered just sending a letter by caravan?"
  78. [2012-10-24 14:12:34] <Kkat> 3The shop pony looks the weapon over.  "Da.  I have good ammunition for that.  How much do you need?"
  79. [2012-10-24 14:13:07] * Kid smirks as she trots on in. "And we'd be more'n willin' t' get ya'll rid of those good things. But there's gotta be a good price." Ah, bartering. Yelling at other ponies to get what was wanted was her specialty, other than Sugar Wine Stew.
  80. [2012-10-24 14:13:30] * Mitzi shrugs; "How much yu got?"
  81. [2012-10-24 14:14:20] * Kid raises an eyebrow. "How much will y' sell em' for?" Initially, of course.
  82. [2012-10-24 14:15:08] * Noble_Heart frowns and contemplates that. "It must be delivered with great haste. We believe many lives hang in the balance. And cannot be delivered by Crimson Caravan." She doesn't look pleased by that statement at all before giving a sigh. "We shall find another to send it. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
  83. [2012-10-24 14:16:42] * Get_Lost taps on kid's shoulder and wispers to her "remember that i want to buy some potions too, like... ah... 200 caps worth of potions, if possible"
  84. [2012-10-24 14:19:14] * Kid gives her a dismissive pat on Get's side and looks at her. "Yeah, I'll get t' that. Don't you worry. Jus' gotta get 'im in th' right mood, first." She whispered to her, before turning back to the Stalliongrad pony.
  85. [2012-10-24 14:20:37] <Kkat> 3The shop pony haggles with Kid a little, arriving at a price of 45 caps for a clip of 24 shots.
  86. [2012-10-24 14:21:27] * Kid smiles. "Glad t' see ya'll deal. Mitzi, that good enough fer y'?"
  87. [2012-10-24 14:21:41] <Kkat> 3"Healing potions?"  the shop pony asks Get_Lost.  "Got many.  On sale too.  Straight from Stalliongrad."
  88. [2012-10-24 14:22:57] * Mitzi nods; going along with Kid's knowledge of value. She fishes the caps out of her pockets; "So, eet's furty-five fur twenty-fur. Eez dat all yu have?"
  89. [2012-10-24 14:23:13] <Kkat> 3After barter, Kid is able to get a price of 24 caps per healing potion.
  90. [2012-10-24 14:25:54] * Kid tips her hat. "Alrighty, ah think that's as good a deal as I'm likely t' get. Don't suppose ya'll got somethin' lil' ol' me could wear on her back t' scare off th' wasteland past th' border?" She needed some good armor and weapons. She was willing to shop around for them.
  91. [2012-10-24 14:26:25] <Kkat> 3"Nyet.  Got more clips where that came from," the shop pony insists.  "And, would you be interested in a slightly-used focus optic for magic rifle?"
  92. [2012-10-24 14:27:14] * Mitzi blinks; "Wut eez focus opteecs?"
  93. [2012-10-24 14:27:24] * Bookwright perks up. "If nobody here wants that I definitely do."
  94. [2012-10-24 14:27:39] * Mitzi looks to Bookwright for an explanation
  95. [2012-10-24 14:28:00] <Kkat> 3The shop pony explains, "It makes magic rifle more hurty."
  96. [2012-10-24 14:28:02] * Kid says nothing. Of course she knew what those were! Or at least, she had to think that in order to get a good deal out of the shop pony.
  97. [2012-10-24 14:28:31] * Kid raises an eyebrow. "How used n' how much?"
  98. [2012-10-24 14:29:07] * Bookwright looks helpless to Mitzi. "Pretty much what he said. They're somewhat sturdier and better made and aligned than the lenses that come with the rifle. The focus the energy beam better with less waste and reduce blooming."
  99. [2012-10-24 14:29:30] * Mitzi just stands there looking like she blew a fuse trying to comprehend that.
  100. [2012-10-24 14:29:44] <Kkat> 3The focus optics need a good cleaning, but are it serviceable condition.  After haggling, the shop pony is willing to sell the focus optics for 160 caps, as you are buying so much.
  101. [2012-10-24 14:30:05] * Get_Lost happily gives kid 192 caps "here, buy me 8 potions please"
  102. [2012-10-24 14:30:16] * Bookwright picks his words carefully. "They make the magic rifle more hurty."
  103. [2012-10-24 14:31:27] * Mitzi nods; "Sounds gud. So, eef Uh want dat focus ting und furty-eight shots, dat's..." She looks to be trying to count on her fingers.
  104. [2012-10-24 14:31:40] =-= Yoshi-Swing is now known as Karina
  105. [2012-10-24 14:31:58] * Kid stares at the pony at the counter and doesn't look away for much. "Two-hundred Eight. Which means yer gonna need eight more."
  106. [2012-10-24 14:32:23] * Bookwright continues, "I can also defray the cost somewhat." He pulls a magical energy mine out of his saddlebags and floats it to Kid. "See how much you can get for that in trade-in."
  107. [2012-10-24 14:32:55] * Kid barterbarterbargles with the shopkeep for the M.E. Mine.
  108. [2012-10-24 14:33:33] * Mitzi has a total of 400 caps, having not spent anything from their first payment
  109. [2012-10-24 14:34:59] * Mitzi takes a look at the scrap leather she's wearing as makeshift armour, then starts looking around the shop. She wasn't expecting to find something in her size, but maybe if she added it to the scraps she had now, it could be made bigger.
  110. [2012-10-24 14:36:03] <Kkat> 3The price on healing potions is extremely good here.  But in retrospect, that does not surprise most of you.  Stalliongrad is less than half a day's journey, and that is where healing potions are made.  Stalliongrad boasts a huge field of "green herbs" used in brewing healing potions -- the largest such field in all of Equestria by an order of magnitude.
  111. [2012-10-24 14:38:02] * Kid pffs. Lucky bastards were close to those green herbs. Back in the bog, you had to look for them, and they might not be worth it to get with what was usually in the way.
  112. [2012-10-24 14:40:02] * Get_Lost has no idea of why the potions are cheap but is happy she saved 8 caps, yay
  113. [2012-10-24 14:41:29] === CTCP time reply ``Wed Oct 24 23:41:33'' from Get_Lost
  114. [2012-10-24 14:41:49] * Mitzi fishes 250 caps out of her pockets and places them on the counter, collecting the power cells and gingerly slipping the focus optics into a separate pouch. She steps back to let the others finish their business before she asked for help installing her new gizmo.
  115. [2012-10-24 14:42:08] * Bookwright has a set of partially drawn blueprints open for reference, and has been scribbling things on a notepad. "Okay, looks like... I need a bundle of misceallaneous electrical components, a couple tubes of wonderglue, sixty spark cells, some touchup tubes of white and black paint, and a larger tube of red paint."
  116. [2012-10-24 14:42:47] <Kkat> 3The constable nods to Noble_Heart.  "Normally, I'd suggest Ditzy Doo Deliveries.  But... well, their last caravan didn't make it back yet.  And that's not like them."
  117. [2012-10-24 14:43:44] * Mitzi looks to bookwright and fishes the small energy cells that weren't compatible with her own rifle, as well as some scrap electronics out. She taps Bookwright on the shoulder and offers them to him; "Since yu help Ur, yu can have deese."
  118. [2012-10-24 14:44:24] * Bookwright nods in thanks, "Thank you Mitzi, these will be vital to my device."
  119. [2012-10-24 14:44:26] <Kkat> 3With a groan, the sniper griffin begins to awaken in Noble_Heart's telekinetic grasp.  
  120. [2012-10-24 14:45:01] * Mitzi smiles and her tail wags a bit
  121. [2012-10-24 14:46:39] * CopyCat notices their onlookers taking an interest in the awakening griffon, so she does as well. "Good morning Mr Griffon, how are you feeling?"
  122. [2012-10-24 14:46:47] * Kid leans on the counter and steeples her hooves. "Now. What'cha'll got in terms a' shotguns?"
  123. [2012-10-24 14:46:50] * Noble_Heart frowns, looking down at the griffins. "We would be willing to trust those whom Miss Doo trusts to carry her name. But We require the delivery to be swift. We do not know how long We have before what is inside must be known." She looked back to the constable. "We will trust your judgement if you believe We should seek aid elsewhere."
  124. [2012-10-24 14:47:22] <Kkat> 3Once back at the hotel, it will require a Mechanics roll (Mechanics 25 required, +10 bonus to the roll) to clean up the optics and get them installed.
  125. [2012-10-24 14:48:51] * Mitzi turns her gaze to Get_Lost, who had previously modified the rifle for her usage; "Can Uh ask fur yur help again?" She gestures to the pouch where she stashed the focus optics, then resumes looking at her scrap armour and pondering how to improve her defenses.
  126. [2012-10-24 14:48:56] <Kkat> 3The griffin winces.  "Like I was hit by an alicorn..."  His eyes fly open and he struggles in his bonds.
  127. [2012-10-24 14:50:35] * Get_Lost nodnods to mitzi "sure, i can mout that on the rifle lickety split"
  128. [2012-10-24 14:51:05] * Noble_Heart snorts and looks down to the griffin with a frown. "You were. Our magic brought you to ground. And now you face justice. Or a chance at redemption."
  129. [2012-10-24 14:51:46] <Kkat> 3The constable whinnies to the griffin.  "Careful there.  You're in good hooves.  These ponies tell that you've been up to shenanigans in my town, and we're going to need to have a little talk."  He turns to Noble_Heart.  "Don't know what to make of the missing caravan.  Not like Ditzy to leave us high and dry.  Ghouls in this town who need that water."
  130. [2012-10-24 14:52:18] * Mitzi smiles and steps back
  131. [2012-10-24 14:53:30] <Kkat> 3The griffin frowns.  "Why do I get the feeling I've been set up?"
  132. [2012-10-24 14:56:50] * Noble_Heart frowns and nods her head to the griffin. Somewhere in her mind wheels were turning. "We are afraid this may not be an isolated incident." Tapping her chin. "We would wish to believe it not so. But... We cannot speak on details of a thing We are not certain about."
  133. [2012-10-24 14:57:17] <Kkat> 3"Set up?" the constable asks.
  134. [2012-10-24 14:58:02] * Mitzi gingerly makes her way out of the store and plays with her dogs for a bit while the others finish their shopping.
  135. [2012-10-24 14:58:29] <Kkat> 3The griffin scowls.  "If the target was going to have alicorn assitance, my client should have known.  And if the client really wanted this mission to be a success, should have hired a lot more than just one griffin.  I didn't have a chance."
  136. [2012-10-24 15:00:10] * Noble_Heart stamps a forehoof. "Or your client did not know We would be there." She furrowed her brow worse, looking irritated. "Our arrival was most fortuitous, but not expected. We had only arrived in the area very recently. But We also suspect you of being set up. But not in such a way." She gives an irritated snort.
  137. [2012-10-24 15:01:38] * CopyCat gives the griffin a sincere smile. "Your friend said that I had hired you. Was it me?"
  138. [2012-10-24 15:06:09] <Kkat> 3The griffin blinks.  "No.  Mane's wrong... wait, what friend?"  He twist about and sees the other griffin.  "Oh.  Lovely."
  139. [2012-10-24 15:08:42] <Kkat> 3The shop pony motions Kid towards the second floor of the shop, which includes racks of clothing and shelves of armor, as well as some bulkier merchandise.
  140. [2012-10-24 15:09:46] * Kid peruses through the shelves. Razzin' frazzin' no boomstick having sonuva- ooh, that looked pretty! I mean, grr. Grr.
  141. [2012-10-24 15:10:54] * Noble_Heart sighs and shakes her head. "You have been captured for some time now. We are not pleased with such an attempt to slay a pony. But We have come to understand why your client might wish it done." She whinnied in irritation. "But We are uncertain what to do with you now. While We do not like the idea of letting someone who would slay another for mere caps go, We cannot blame
  142. [2012-10-24 15:10:54] * Noble_Heart you entirely for what has happened." She frowns and stomps a forehoof. "More than that, We require someone capable of looking for a missing caravan now. We have some guess as to what has happened to it, and We hope We are wrong."
  143. [2012-10-24 15:11:48] <Kkat> 3The shop pony meanwhile gets all the remaining items on Bookwright's list.  "25 caps."
  144. [2012-10-24 15:12:12] * CopyCat completely misses the griffin's sarcasm in addressing his 'friend'. "She made quite a mess in Lightbringer, and then made the small angry pony even more angry... then she talked about sandwiches, which was a little confusing."
  145. [2012-10-24 15:13:06] <Kkat> 3The griffin would facetalon if he could.  "Wonderful.  Let me guess.  'Backup', right?"
  146. [2012-10-24 15:14:46] * Noble_Heart taps her chin and nods. "She came to rescue you, We assume. Or perhaps to kill your target when you failed. We are uncertain. She did not bother to specify." She spread her wings in an approximation of a shrug. "But for now you are both here."
  147. [2012-10-24 15:15:12] <Kkat> 3The shop keeper barters with Kid over the spark cells, bringing the total up to an even 100 caps, including the ammo.
  148. [2012-10-24 15:16:08] * Get_Lost gathers her potions and leaves the shop, heading for whatever place the group is now using as HQ
  149. [2012-10-24 15:17:37] * Shatara flies back towards the inn, spotting Get_Lost leaving the shop on his way. He swoops down, landing before the mare. "Hey...the others inside..?"
  150. [2012-10-24 15:18:34] * Get_Lost nodnods to Shatara "yep, they are still buying stuff if you want to join the party"
  151. [2012-10-24 15:19:13] <Kkat> 3The Rainbows End shop pony sells Kid an armor reinforcing kit for 50 caps.
  152. [2012-10-24 15:19:35] * Bookwright nods to himself. "That will all do very nicely. Here are the caps."
  153. [2012-10-24 15:20:17] * Kid buys it! Hot diggety!
  154. [2012-10-24 15:20:44] * Shatara nods back to Get_Lost. "Thanks.." He takes a note of the sign as he steps inside, looking around at the various wares and searching out his companions.
  155. [2012-10-24 15:23:45] <Kkat> 3The shop pony gives Shatara a friendly wave as she enters.
  156. [2012-10-24 15:24:22] * Kid can't exactly say she's satisfied, but well, it was really her own fault. "Welp. That sounds a lot like we're done here, unless ya'll have a radbardin' out back." She looks at Shatara as he walks in. "... Or, not. Howdy, 'tara."
  157. [2012-10-24 15:25:11] * Bookwright looks up from putting away his purchases just as Shatara comes into the shop. His smile is unnervingly wide, and the glint in his eye is not quite sane.  "You're just the griffin I wanted to see! I want to ask a favor of you..."
  158. [2012-10-24 15:26:35] |<-- Pantzar has left irc.canternet.org (Quit: Download IceChat at www.icechat.net)
  159. [2012-10-24 15:26:41] =-= Karina is now known as Amare
  160. [2012-10-24 15:26:43] =-= Amare is now known as Yoshi
  161. [2012-10-24 15:26:47] =-= Yoshi is now known as Karina
  162. [2012-10-24 15:27:19] <Kkat> 3The shop pony gathers the caps he has just made and locks them away in a safe beneath an old but colorful poster with Rainbow Dash looking cool on it and a bottle of multi-colored Sparkle-cola.
  163. [2012-10-24 15:27:46] |<-- Micro_Sparkle has left irc.canternet.org (Connection closed)
  164. [2012-10-24 15:27:57] * Shatara waves a wing back at the shopkeep, squawking softly in surprise as the unicorn approaches unnervingly. "Err, hey Kid..." He glances around nervously. "Err...what kind of favor...?"
  165. [2012-10-24 15:27:59] <Kkat> 3(Sparkle~Cola Rainbow!)
  166. [2012-10-24 15:29:43] * Mitzi waves to Shatara as she goes past her into the store
  167. [2012-10-24 15:29:48] * Bookwright grins wider. It's gone past merely unnerving now to fairly outright creepy. "I want you to build a weapon for me..."
  168. [2012-10-24 15:30:30] |<-- Eri|mobile has left irc.canternet.org (Connection closed)
  169. [2012-10-24 15:30:31] -->| Eri|mobile (androirc@Pony-nejfkj.east.verizon.net) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPnP
  170. [2012-10-24 15:30:33] |<-- Eri|mobile has left irc.canternet.org (Connection closed)
  171. [2012-10-24 15:30:34] -->| Eri|mobile (androirc@Pony-nejfkj.east.verizon.net) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPnP
  172. [2012-10-24 15:31:27] * Shatara almost relaxes a bit at the suggestion of building something, but the grin... "Oh...uh...is that all? What kind of weapon?"
  173. [2012-10-24 15:32:55] * Bookwright shows Shatara the half-drawn plans and starts pointing out things. The details aren't all recorded and worked out yet, but the shape is there. "It's a kind of a heavy energy pistol..."
  174. [2012-10-24 15:33:21] |<-- Get_Lost has left irc.canternet.org (Quit: Leaving)
  175. [2012-10-24 15:37:16] * Kid hugs her armor kit, pays for it, then trots on by the door. "So. How's 'Princess' doin'? She get shot 'r stop bein' a pain in th' flank yet?" Please say yes. Please say yes. Please say yes.
  176. [2012-10-24 15:43:08] * Shatara looks over the plans curiously. His knowledge of energy weapons isn't the strongest, but he gets the basics. "She's...alright I guess. No getting shot that I saw. Wanted to hire those mercs to deliver a message." He turns back to Bookwright. "I think I could work with that. Need to sit down at a bench though. I'd like to see if I can't get some parts for my rifle first
  177. [2012-10-24 15:43:08] * Shatara though."
  178. [2012-10-24 15:46:04] =-= Zeph is now known as Zeph|Passedout
  179. [2012-10-24 15:50:43] * Bookwright nods. "Don't worry about it. Once I finish the fine print it'll be easy to build. And once it's built, I'm gonna make a copy of the blueprints for you."
  180. [2012-10-24 15:57:19] * Kid lets out a whisper of a curse under her breath. "Welp, can't say ah'm surprised."
  181. [2012-10-24 16:02:43] * Kid excuses herself sits out in front of Rainbow's End, making one last perusing for any interesting reading material. Cookbooks, interesting novels, heck, she'd take an instruction manual.
  182. [2012-10-24 16:05:46] <Kkat> 3Kid finds a magazine!
  183. [2012-10-24 16:07:01] * Kid lifts her eyebrows! Holy crap, it's a magazine. Well, not exactly boredom killing material, but it could definitely tide her over for a little bit. She examines the cover. "How much?"
  184. [2012-10-24 16:10:38] <Kkat> 3"30 caps" the shop pony says, looking at the issue of Arcanist's Digest ("This week: Steven Magnet!  How does he work?")
  185. [2012-10-24 16:12:03] * Kid grumbles. "I ain't a science pony, an' I dun have any reason t' want this other than curiosity. Make it 25, and it's a deal."
  186. [2012-10-24 16:12:58] <Kkat> 3The shop pony considers.  "Twenty-seven."
  187. [2012-10-24 16:15:52] * Kid lowers her eyelid. "Twenty-five, and yer still scalpin' me then."
  188. [2012-10-24 16:21:22] <Kkat> 3The shop pony frowns a bit but agrees to 25 caps.
  189. [2012-10-24 16:23:36] * Kid throws the shop pony some caps. Hey, they really should've seen it coming. She's been haggling all damn day.
  190. [2012-10-24 16:24:34] * Shatara nods back. "Alright then." He approaches the counter where Kid is haggling, looking around for anything that might resemble rifle parts.
  191. [2012-10-24 16:27:15] <Kkat> 3The shop pony looks to Shatara.  "I have many things.  What do you need?"
  192. [2012-10-24 16:30:49] * Shatara looks up to the shopkeep. "Err...parts for a battle rifle...maybe some ammo, .308 and nine millimeter?"
  193. [2012-10-24 16:35:00] <Kkat> 3The pony nods.  "No mods for battle rifle.  But I have parts to repair one.  Ammo I have plenty of.  How much do you need?"
  194. [2012-10-24 16:36:49] <Kkat> 3http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZqx1H-Y2Us
  195. [2012-10-24 16:38:04] <Kkat> 3((OOPs.  Wrong window))
  196. [2012-10-24 16:40:49] * Shatara 's ears perk at the mention of repair parts. "That's exactly what I need. How much for?"
  197. [2012-10-24 16:42:35] <Kkat> 3The pony produces a weapon repair kit for a battle rifle.  "25 caps for this," he says with a look to Kid.
  198. [2012-10-24 16:43:07] * Kid narrows her vision. Damn right, 25 caps.
  199. [2012-10-24 16:47:22] * Shatara blinks a little and glances towards Kid, digging out the caps from his pockets. "I'm gonna need at least a couple clips worth of thirty cal for the Rifle..."
  200. [2012-10-24 16:51:32] <Kkat> 3"20 caps for clip of eight.  Have several of those.  How many clips you need?"
  201. [2012-10-24 16:55:06] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
  202. [2012-10-24 16:55:21] * Shatara nods. "I'll take...three." He brings out the caps for these as well.
  203. [2012-10-24 16:55:58] <Kkat> 3The pony takes Shatara's caps and passes her three clips.
  204. [2012-10-24 17:03:48] * Bookwright looks up. "Hey, shopkeep? Do you have a canteen in the back I can buy?"
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