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Log Twenty-Four: Cave Tunnel Investigation

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Apr 29th, 2013
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  1. [The team are at the collapsed building from a few session ago where we saves the people]
  3. <Wits> You spot something like a cave leading into the earth. As you enter, you realize there are stairs leading downwards here. They end in what proves to be a tunnel into the catacombs under the Angelic quarter.
  4. <Wits> It's completely dark beyond the passage.
  5. <Dirk> (Is the tunel lighted)
  6. <Wits> Nope, nothing like it. It's completely dark. You can't see anything.
  7. <Bashir> [hangs around near Fishy, speaking hushed to the grog] "They want us to go down there?"
  8. * Makara arrives with momo. A breeze follows him as he walks.
  9. <Wits> Anyone who has area lore can roll int+area lore if they wish
  10. <Bashir> (and forgets the stutter again, yay)
  11. <Wits> (for this area I mean the lore :)
  12. * Momo arrives with Makara. He cringe on to Makara HARD.
  13. <Makara> (I have the lore)
  14. <Wits> The grog is claled Agenor, he's the same one from last time. He replies: "They always do, don't they." and looks quite miserable about it
  15. <Wits> Roll away, makara
  16. <Makara> !roll 1d10+7 city lore
  17. <HyperBot> Makara, city lore: 10 :3+7
  18. <Makara> (still haven't taken specialization... I guess I will go with edenic quadter)
  19. <Bashir> (its a nice quarter to be familiar with :) )
  20. * Dirk Dirk sings a bit louder and light apears coming from within of him for a short time and Agenor no loger is fearfull ^^
  21. <Wits> Makara: You've heard stories of people disappearing into the catacombs, and others returning scared witless. There are horrible sounds, you've heard. You also know Brithonicus of Flambeau went missing when he wanted to kill whatever's spooking people down there. After that the magi haven't bothered to try again, given that he was the toughest sonuvabitch around.
  22. <Wits> Ok, Agenor looks quite enthusiastic about going down, now :)
  23. <Wits> He pulls out a torch and lights it.
  24. <Bashir> (/me is glad Bashir hasn't heard about Brithonicus...)
  25. * Makara relay the information to the party
  26. <Wits> It's not a whole lot of light, but you can see a cramped tunnel, with little alcoves on each side with skeletons in them.
  27. <Wits> Old, old skeletons, all blackened and grisly.
  28. <Dirk> "Makara do you know a nice light or see in the Dark spell?"
  29. * Bashir takes a deep breath trying hard not to dwell on the skeleton
  30. <Wits> The tunnel forks in 3 almost instantaneously after you enter. What do you do?
  31. <Makara> "No. The star is the true light of the dark."
  32. <Wits> Does anyone have magic sensitivity or anything of that sort?
  33. <Dirk> "I can see in the dark but just 1 torch wont be enough probably"
  34. <Dirk> (Second Sight)
  35. <Makara> (momo have faerie sense)
  36. <Bashir> (nope)
  37. <Makara> (faerie sight)
  38. <Makara> (fishy have premonition)
  39. <Wits> Does faerie sight help with darkness?
  40. <Bashir> (I hope poor fishy won't be traumatized..)
  41. <Makara> (nope)
  42. <Wits> Ok, in that case everyone roll just simple pe+awareess
  43. <Momo> (Momo is cat so it can see in the dark)
  44. <Wits> Oh, right :D
  45. <Momo> (not sure about fish)
  46. <Bashir> !roll 1d10 (not trained)
  47. <HyperBot> Bashir, (not trained): 5
  48. <Momo> "Silly human with their inferior eye that can't see in the dark~"
  49. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  50. <HyperBot> Dirk: 10
  51. <Makara> !roll 1d10+1
  52. <Dirk> (stress die?)
  53. <HyperBot> Makara: 4 :3+1
  54. <Wits> (No stress)
  55. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+4
  56. <HyperBot> Fishy: 6 :2+4
  57. <Wits> Dirk: You can use confidence on that to succeed, if you want
  58. <Fishy> "It sure is dark in here, fishyyy~"
  59. <Dirk> (OK spend it)
  60. <Makara> "Yet there's no star in here."
  61. <Wits> One fork of the tunnel leads left, one right, one center. Which one do you take?
  62. <Makara> (Can I let fishy premonition to detect the path's danger?)
  63. * Bashir sticks close to Agenor
  64. <Wits> Dirk: You notice a little monolith in one of the alcoves. It's in the middle of bones, but it's made of marble, and is a slightly different color than everything else here
  65. <Momo> "Hey fish, go scout it out."
  66. <Fishy> "Is fishy! And no!"
  67. <Wits> Fishy doens't sense danger from anywhere.
  68. <Dirk> "Wait a moment"
  69. * Dirk inspect this monolit without touching it
  70. <Wits> Dirk: The monolith has inscriptions in the kind of old Hyperborean that you have learnt, not the newfangled one spoken in the city. They are praises to Apollo of various sorts.
  71. <Dirk> (is the text engraved?)
  72. <Wits> Yes
  73. <Makara> "Did you discover some fishbone?"
  74. <Fishy> "Noooooo~"
  75. * Bashir takes a quick glance up into the city
  76. <Wits> What order are you moving in? The full-sized persons have to go single file, it's that small.
  77. * Dirk take a paper and a pice of coal from his backpack and make a copy with it
  78. <Wits> Bashir: It's a nice warm day outside, and cold and wet here.
  79. * Bashir stays behind Agenor
  80. <Wits> Dirk: Ok, you've got it all down.
  81. <Makara> "Calpurnia would love this sticking place."
  82. * Bashir longs for the warm day outside
  83. <Momo> "She sure would."
  84. <Wits> Now: Which tunnel?
  85. * Dirk try to read it (a roll needed?)
  86. <Makara> (do you even have the language)
  87. <Dirk> (yep)
  88. <Wits> You don't need a roll - you know what it says. It's just ritualistic praise, stuff like "Apollo, lord of light, we heed thine call", that sort of thing
  89. <Dirk> Ok witch direction was the monilit poinitng at
  90. <Wits> It's strangely out of place, though.
  91. <Bashir> (would've been handy if it said something like, Apollo, we heed thine call - by going LEFT you morons!)
  92. <Fishy> "Was it some bone of some fellow adventuring fish?"
  93. <Wits> The monolith was in an alcove slightly before the fork, and it doesn't really point anywhere - it's a small stone that stans upright
  94. <Wits> (Bashir :D)
  95. <Wits> All of the tunnels slope down slightly
  96. <Makara> "Hmm... this fork is indeed a tough choice. We will have to return and probably research this before we proceed."
  97. <Makara> "Is not I would normally said."
  98. <Makara> "So let's go for the right one."
  99. <Dirk> "Its as good as the otheres"
  100. <Bashir> "R-r-right"
  101. <Bashir> (who goes first? ^^)
  102. <Makara> (Me hahaha no.)
  103. * Dirk look at the monolit from behind maybe there is more hin to it and just in chase he change to the praising song writen down ^^
  104. <Wits> there's a map, I'll update it as you go
  105. <Wits> Dirk: Nothing behind it
  106. <Bashir> Neat Wits :)
  107. <Wits> Ok, you go right. As it turns out, it's a dead end.
  108. * Bashir breathes a sigh of relief
  109. <Makara> "Good, we narrow it down to two left"
  110. <Wits> You have to backtrack to th efork
  111. <Dirk> "the lets try out the straight path"
  112. <Wits> Ok, you go straight. That one continues further.
  113. <Makara> "You mad? Straight path? Straight?"
  114. <Wits> And then there's another fork :D
  115. * Makara follow as he said that
  116. <Bashir> "Iiis this a mmaze?"
  117. <Wits> What's the order you were in, again?
  118. <Bashir> (not sure of the others, but stays just behind Agenor)
  119. <Makara> (I think makara is in the middle, momo is near his leg, fishy is behind makara)
  120. <Dirk> (First is Agenor but I try to be behind him because I need good place to see)
  121. <Bashir> (is just behind Dirk then)
  122. <Makara> (actually make fishy hover above makara so they all occupied the same space)
  123. <Wits> Ok, Agenor first, then Dirk, then Bashir, then Makara & Momo & Fishy
  124. <Bashir> (so Makara, you are behind, or want me to be?)
  125. <Makara> (Bashir go behind.)
  126. <Makara> (be meat)
  127. <Bashir> (I'm gonna die..)
  128. <Wits> Ok, Bashir is last
  129. <Makara> (You will get kidnapped noticed)
  130. <Wits> Now, which way from the fork
  131. <Bashir> (I knew I should have stuck to stealing candy from kids..)
  132. <Makara> (wait you got trap skill?)
  133. <Dirk> (any differens to see in the 2 paths?)
  134. <Wits> Dirk: roll pe+awareness
  135. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  136. <HyperBot> Dirk: 6
  137. <Bashir> (I've no awareness, sadly :p )
  138. <Wits> Not really
  139. <Wits> Bashir: You can't really see much anyway, being the last one in the file and Agenor with the torch being the first
  140. * Momo try to check the path
  141. <Wits> Ok, momo roll pe+awareness
  142. <Bashir> (can admire the neat file we make as we walk along to our doom! DOOM!!)
  143. <Momo> !roll 1d10+4 (+1 more if noise specialization)
  144. <HyperBot> Momo, (+1 more if noise specialization) : 11 :7+4
  145. <Wits> (Also, remember to apply all the tricks your characters yourselves, I won't remember everything)
  146. * Bashir fidgets as we stand there, in the dark
  147. <Wits> Ok, Momo notices that the center path smells much more used. The left one smells like water.
  148. <Dirk> (You need to keep in my the Second Sight of Dirk)
  149. <Momo> "Center path smells like used, left one smells like water. I don't like water."
  150. <Fishy> "I like water."
  151. <Fishy> "Fishy~"
  152. <Dirk> "Then lets use the center path again as it is usual the path to truth"
  153. <Wits> (Dirk, yeah, I'll try. Remind me as well if you think I forgot)
  154. <Fishy> "awww."
  155. <Makara> "Center path it is."
  156. <Fishy> "awww."
  157. <Wits> Ok, center one it is. The path continues sloping downward. It smells worse here.
  158. <Wits> Ok, another fork. Except now there's no center path. Momo, with you cat ears, roll pe+awareness.
  159. <Bashir> "W-why d-d-d-did we sssstop?"
  160. <Momo> !roll 1d10+4 (+1 more if noise specialization)
  161. <HyperBot> Momo, (+1 more if noise specialization) : 10 :6+4
  162. <Wits> Do you want to use confidence?
  163. <Dirk> (So 11 as hearing it is)
  164. <Momo> (haven't add the specialization)
  165. <Momo> (use it )
  166. <Wits> Ok. You hear raspy, heavy breathing from the right passage, and smell a dog. A huge, scary kind of dog.
  167. <Wits> You also smell water from the left again
  168. * Momo say with a slightly shaken voice about the situation.
  169. <Momo> [what wits said]
  170. <Dirk> "So right is a Guard dog thats then the path we have to take I suspect"
  171. <Wits> Do you speak in a normal voice?
  172. * Bashir quells a whine
  173. <Momo> "I rather take water if possible. You know, sneak pass the guard"
  174. <Dirk> "Makara are you good with Animals?"
  175. <Makara> "I am."
  176. <Wits> Momo: Do you have magic lore?
  177. <Wits> Or anyone else, for that matter
  178. <Dirk> (I have Magic Lore)
  179. <Wits> Ok, you can roll as well. int + magic lore anyone with the ability
  180. <Momo> (I have infernal lore)
  181. <Momo> (for makara)
  182. <Wits> (Wont do for this)
  183. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+4 (+1 if Spirits or Daimons)
  184. <HyperBot> Dirk, (+1 if Spirits or Daimons): 10 :6+4
  185. <Wits> Want to use confidence again?
  186. <Bashir> (I know magic if I have it cast on me - and it is a fireball, all less than that is random happenings for all I care)
  187. <Dirk> (NO only have 1 left)
  188. <Momo> (btw, Momo have Major Flaw: Vulnerable to Canine)
  189. <Wits> Dirk: Ok. You get a nagging feeling there's something you should remember about this - hyperborean catacombs, large dog, guarding, but you can't quite put your finger on it. You feel ominous, though.
  190. <Bashir> (oh, well, at least Momo has larger problems than I have..)
  191. <Wits> (Momo: Ok, good to know :)
  192. * Bashir unsheathes his dagger
  193. <Makara> "The dog would smell us before we reach them." Makara whispered
  194. <Makara> (Any magic to hide smell?)
  195. <Makara> (and noise...)
  196. <Bashir> (perdo imagnem...)
  197. <Wits> (base 3)
  198. <Makara> (good got 5+5 on that)
  199. <Makara> (modifer to affect whole group?)
  200. <Dirk> (so its 10 for Touch & Sun duration)
  201. <Makara> (so cast it twice, one for smell and one for noise)
  202. <Wits> (Group would be 10 only if it's for diameter
  203. <Makara> (we are in diameter I hope)
  204. <Dirk> (Make it concentration as diameter might end to soon)
  205. <Dirk> (same difficulty)
  206. <Wits> (Diameter is about 2 minutes, concentration is same difficulty)
  207. <Bashir> (group would make it difficulty 20 though, wouldn't it?)
  208. <Wits> (wait, I'm not sure)
  209. <Dirk> (yep as part then group)
  210. <Wits> (Yeah, ok, group is +2, touch +1, conc+1, base 3)
  211. <Dirk> (15 is it)
  212. <Bashir> (makes sense yeah)
  213. <Dirk> (to difficult for just 10)
  214. <Wits> (So 15 yes. Too hard for Makara unfortunately)
  215. <Makara> (I haven't add aura and stamina)
  216. <Makara> (which add to 16)
  217. <Dirk> (ok then it go as +4 and probably +2)
  218. <Makara> (and that's without gesture and voice)
  219. <Wits> (you'd have to roll over 30 to pull it off at 15. 10 is just roll 20, so possible)
  220. <Bashir> (can give it a try...)
  221. <Makara> (oh yeah)
  222. <Bashir> (alternatively, Makara can just cast it on himself...)
  223. <Bashir> (go ahead, deal with dog, and let the rest of us follow)
  224. <Wits> (Yes, you could cast it on yourself and scout ahead if you like)
  225. <Makara> "Who want to scout ahead? I will cast a spell to deter the dog's sense"
  226. <Wits> (That's easy at level 5 if conc or diameter)
  227. <Dirk> (Sorry phone will back asap)
  228. <Wits> (On touch it's level 10, so slightly harder but possible)
  229. <Bashir> "um.."
  230. <Makara> "Good, we will depend on your success"
  231. <Bashir> [very quiet] "I might be able to, but I don't see well in the dark.."
  232. * Makara cast it on Bashir
  233. <Bashir> (add stutter, damnit)
  234. <Makara> !roll 1d10+16
  235. <HyperBot> Makara: 25 :9+16
  236. <Makara> (as good as it gets)
  237. <Wits> Ok, that succeeds. Do you want to do both smell and noise?
  238. <Makara> (yeah)
  239. <Wits> Ok, another go then
  240. <Makara> !roll 1d10+16
  241. <HyperBot> Makara: 23 :7+16
  242. <Makara> "Just be careful, the dog can see you "
  243. <Wits> That succeeds as well.
  244. <Bashir> [whsipers franticly] "and I can't see it!!"
  245. <Makara> (invis would be too hard I guess)
  246. <Wits> Bashir is completely quiet and doesn't smell like anything
  247. <Dirk> (Makara need now some rest)
  248. <Wits> (Yeah, makara has 2 temporary fatigue)
  249. <Wits> (Invis would be 15 at touch)
  250. <Makara> "I shall take a rest here while you go"
  251. * Dirk try to remember what it was about Dogs and Hyperborean Catacombs
  252. <Makara> (too bad can't reach 30)
  253. <Wits> (Oh yeah, and it has to be diameter now)
  254. <Wits> (So Bashir only has a few minutes)
  255. * Bashir mutters something and pushes past the group
  256. <Makara> "Oh, you only have a few minute so make it quick."
  257. <Bashir> (can I add some stealth to this mission of suicide?)
  258. <Wits> Ok, roll dex+stealth
  259. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+7 (hide special)
  260. <HyperBot> Bashir, (hide special): 15 :8+7
  261. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  262. <HyperBot> Wits: 9
  263. <Dirk> (The only speciality that count now ^^)
  264. <Wits> Did you bring the torch, btw, Bashir?
  265. <Makara> (You mad?)
  266. <Bashir> (no, why I complained about not seeing a damn thing)
  267. <Wits> Ok, you feel around with your hands and feet. Roll perception+awareness for that.
  268. <Bashir> (shite)
  269. <Bashir> !roll 1d10 (no awareness)
  270. <HyperBot> Bashir, (no awareness): 2
  271. <Bashir> (yay)
  272. <Bashir> (just great. :p )
  273. <Makara> (if only it is 1)
  274. <Bashir> (*yanks a dog tail*)
  275. <Wits> Ok, you have to go quite slowly, but you manage to make it without clattering any skulls too loud
  276. <Makara> (I thought the spell kept him quiet)
  277. <Wits> Him, yeah, but if he kicks something and it hits smoething else, that's a different story
  278. <Bashir> (my footfall and such I suppose, not an avalanche)
  279. <Makara> (true)
  280. <Bashir> (would be sad..)
  281. <Makara> (At least there's no branch on the ground)
  282. <Bashir> (roots maybe..)
  283. <Bashir> (tails...)
  284. <Makara> (We need gustbran now)
  285. <Bashir> (Gust, where art thou?! Wherefore has thou forsakeneth me?!)
  286. <Wits> After you've gone for about 1,5 minutes, you feel the tunnel ending in a larger clearing. You can't see anything else, but a little bit below you, you see a huge monster of a three-headed hound. It glows slightly in the dark, which is the only reason you can see it. You recognize it immediately: It's kerberus, a myth that the hyperboreans like to throw around. It sniffs the air, looking
  287. <Wits> slightly restless
  288. <Makara> (I hope you are okay with stabbing dog)
  289. <Makara> (cerberus?)
  290. * Bashir moves backwards as fast as I am able without attracting attention
  291. <Wits> Looks something like that:
  292. <Wits> (Kerberos is the spelling I was going for)
  293. <Makara> (Oh, totally not bloodthirsty
  294. <Bashir> (Momo isn't the only one for a fear of THAT)
  295. <Wits> Bashir: roll brave
  296. * Fishy feel scared
  297. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+1
  298. <HyperBot> Bashir: 11 :10+1
  299. <Bashir> (lol)
  300. <Makara> (haha)
  301. <Wits> Haha, roll again
  302. <Bashir> (oh wait)
  303. <Wits> No wait
  304. -->| Brother_Gui has joined #wizardbase
  305. <Bashir> (are personality rolls stress?)
  306. <Wits> Personality rolls cannot botch, unfortunately :D
  307. <Makara> (oh)
  308. <Makara> (boo)
  309. <Wits> Right, CJ?
  310. <Dirk> (Hi CJ)
  311. <Brother_Gui> Hullo!
  312. <Bashir> (hiya CJ! just in time, I may need a burial soon)
  313. <Brother_Gui> (sorry I seem to have arrived on the wrong day? whats going on!)
  314. <Dirk> (how is your health?)
  315. <Makara> (catacomb explore)
  316. <Dirk> (your 1h 15 late ^^)
  317. <Wits> As you are sitting around, waiting for Bashir to get back, Brother gui wanders down the catacombs with a torch, looking quite scared.
  318. <Brother_Gui> (I'm fine: operation proper is Thursday coming, had meeting on Tuesday. Yes sorry I thought was tomorrow!)
  319. <Wits> (CJ: do you remember if personality rolls can botch?)
  320. <Brother_Gui> "Hello! ANYONE HERE?"
  321. <Bashir> (the poor man, he's got a better sense of direction than the rest of us though)
  322. <Brother_Gui> (Personality rolls can botch...)
  323. <Bashir> (LOL)
  324. <Makara> (dead)
  325. <Dirk> (outch)
  326. <Bashir> (yeah)
  327. <Makara> (now roll)
  328. <Bashir> (do you host burials?)
  329. <Wits> (Ok, roll for botch)
  330. <Bashir> !roll 1d10
  331. <HyperBot> Bashir: 8
  332. <Brother_Gui> "HELLO! Any non-dastardly demons or infernal terrors lurking in these accursed catacombs?"
  333. <Wits> No botch
  334. <Makara> Here's the map, CJ
  335. <Bashir> (still, a whole wooping 1 isn't amazing)
  336. <Wits> You freak out, and start backing out faster than you would like. Roll dex+stealth
  337. <Dirk> "Pst, Not so loud ther is a guard dog nearby"
  338. <Makara> (Oh you probably don't know about the correct way)
  339. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+7
  340. <HyperBot> Bashir: 16 :9+7
  341. <Bashir> (Thank the GODS)
  342. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  343. <HyperBot> Wits: 9
  344. <Dirk> (he see our tourch)
  345. <Brother_Gui> (map asking me to sign in?)
  346. <Bashir> (admittedly, it would have been fun to just run past you all with Cerberous on my heels)
  347. <Wits> Ok, you manage to back out fast, and backtrack your way back to the others as fast as possible. The spells run out before you get there, but luckily you are a stealthy man
  348. <Makara> (just asking your name)
  349. <Wits> (CJ: Type any name)
  350. <Dirk> (jep you can enter any Name and then enter as guest)
  351. <Bashir> [whispering] "L-l-le-le--- Ce-cerb-cerberous!"
  352. <Makara> "Lececerebcerberous?"
  353. <Dirk> "A 3 Headed Hound?"
  354. <Bashir> [shakes head franticly] "b-big dog!"
  355. <Bashir> [nods]
  356. <Wits> (CJ: Bashir found this in the catacombs:
  357. <Momo> "...How big?"
  358. <Brother_Gui> (OUCH!)
  359. <Bashir> "bi-bigger than mmmme"
  360. <Momo> "... oh. Okay. Let's go home."
  361. <Dirk> "I think we going for the path to the water I dont want to fight such a beast"
  362. <Momo> "... plleaseee."
  363. <Brother_Gui> Gui hears voices and wanders towards the light
  364. <Wits> (Dirk: You remember now: a magical hound often inhabits catacombs built by the Hyperboreans - they guard the dead. They are mean opponens, and you really woulnd't want to run into one)
  365. <Dirk> "Best let this Guard of the Dead undisrupted"
  366. <Wits> Ok, you're all gathered at the interesection, talking inf hushed voices
  367. <Fishy> "Told you we should had go water, fishy~"
  368. <Wits> (CJ: You also have a guard grog with you, called Agenor)
  369. <Wits> (He also has a torch)
  370. <Wits> You head left now?
  371. <Dirk> (we have him with us ^^)
  372. <Fishy> (scout left)
  373. <Dirk> (yes)
  374. * Bashir edges as far away from the cavern entrance as he can get without running for dear life
  375. <Wits> Ok, you all go left, with Agenor going first and brother Gui holding the tail with his torch.
  376. <Wits> Yeah, bashir's still feeling pretty shaken up about the whole thing
  377. <Brother_Gui> "What are you doing chaps?" says Gui
  378. <Bashir> (I will have NIGHTMARES forever!)
  379. <Brother_Gui> (Does Bashir appear injured?)
  380. <Wits> You arrive at a slightly larger room, with skeletons stacked in piles everywhere
  381. <Wits> (No, Bashir looks fine, just scared)
  382. <Bashir> (no, just smelling slightly of pee :p )
  383. <Momo> (marking territory in your own pant :p)
  384. <Bashir> (now that the spell has worn off :p )
  385. <Wits> There's a small pond in one corner - water is running down the walls quite fast there, and it's gathered in the corner
  386. <Brother_Gui> Gui mutters a prayer for the dead that they might find peace. "A Charnel House!"
  387. <Wits> Yeah, Gui - the catacomb walls are lined with little alcoves that hold skeletons, and it smells pretty bad, especially in the direction of Kerberos
  388. <Wits> Other than the pond, the room seems to be a dead end.
  389. <Dirk> "Now I want to look here for infos where Laibon hase vanished as he visited this place a vew times bevore he got missing"
  390. <Brother_Gui> I look for religious symbols?
  391. <Wits> Gui: roll pe+awareness
  392. <Fishy> "Maybe one of these skill is Laibon?"
  393. * Dirk look for othe inscribtions
  394. <Fishy> "fishyyy~"
  395. <Wits> Fishy: Roll pe+awareness
  396. <Dirk> !roll 1d10
  397. <HyperBot> Dirk: 4
  398. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10+3 (Awareness)
  399. <HyperBot> Brother_Gui, (Awareness): 10 :7+3
  400. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+4
  401. <HyperBot> Fishy: 12 :8+4
  402. <Wits> Dirk: You don't notice anything
  403. <Wits> Gui: No, you haven't seen any symbols. It looks like they're just stacked here.
  404. <Wits> Fishy: You notice that the pond continues through the floor - there's an opening
  405. <Brother_Gui> "Fishy, want to check out that pool?"
  406. <Wits> Although the water is too dark for the other to see it, your fishy eyes spot this
  407. <Bashir> (is very dark down here, be glad that you brought a torch ^^)
  408. <Fishy> "I see an opening at the pond, fishy~"
  409. <Wits> It's filled with water, though.
  410. <Brother_Gui> Is Momo here?
  411. <Momo> "Here"
  412. <Wits> (Yeah, both Fishy and Momo are with you)
  413. * Bashir moves slightly away from the pool
  414. * Momo approach at look at the opening
  415. <Wits> Other than the hole in the pond,it seems to be a dead end.
  416. * Momo turn to Makara, "Makara, water-proof me."
  417. <Dirk> "Fishy can you see in the dark?"
  418. <Wits> Momo: You see a dark body of water. Now that you know about it, you see that it continues deep down.
  419. <Bashir> "I-i-it's a de-de-dead end, m-mmmmaybe we-we should go-go-go home?"
  420. <Brother_Gui> "have Faith Bashir!"
  421. <Fishy> "I can't see in the dark, fishy~"
  422. <Fishy> "I think."
  423. <Momo> "It's deep... and wet"
  424. <Momo> "Well, fishy, go check it out."
  425. <Fishy> "Nooo, it's scary."
  426. <Momo> "It's your natural habitat, Fishy."
  427. <Fishy> "Noo, it's scary habitat"
  428. <Bashir> (just push him in... :p )
  429. <Makara> (Fishy have like... no gravity. :p )
  430. <Brother_Gui> (hard to push a flying fish!)
  431. <Bashir> (I meant Makara... *cough* )
  432. <Makara> "Anyone good at swimming here?"
  433. <Brother_Gui> I can swim actually...
  434. <Bashir> [shakes head vigorously]
  435. <Fishy> "Me, me me, fishy~"
  436. <Makara> "Wanna go in? Fishy?"
  437. <Fishy> "Hmm, nah... Fishy~"
  438. <Brother_Gui> "Fishy, you go!" (Can I use my Inspirational +3 to convince Fishy its a good plan?)
  439. <Bashir> (and even if I could I wouldn't volunteer!)
  440. <Dirk> "I usualy only walk the ground"
  441. <Wits> (Yeah, Gui can convince Fishy. Roll that)
  442. <Bashir> (a chance to prove himself to Makara)
  443. <Brother_Gui> Brother Gui strips naked, looking pointedly at Fishy. I want to persuade him I will have to go if he doesn't
  444. <Fishy> (Fishy have simple-minded+2 so lower the difficulty)
  445. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10+3
  446. <HyperBot> Brother_Gui: 6 :3+3
  447. <Brother_Gui> Um, not very convincing. I should have learned Leadership!
  448. <Brother_Gui> "So Fishy, are you swimming or am i?"
  449. <Wits> Fishy; Roll simple-minded. Gui: Did you add communication for that?
  450. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+2 (simple-minded)
  451. <HyperBot> Fishy, (simple-minded): 4 :2+2
  452. <Fishy> (I haven't add comm)
  453. <Brother_Gui> No, that woukld make it 7
  454. <Fishy> (You win, this time.)
  455. <Wits> Ok. Fishy feels sorry for poor Gui having to swim in there, it's not even natural to him, poor thing!
  456. <Wits> He thinks he may have to do it.
  457. <Fishy> "Fishyy~~, you poor thing. I will go so you don't ave to, fishhyyy"
  458. * Fishy cautiously swims in to scout
  459. <Brother_Gui> "Bless you Brother Fishy!"
  460. <Wits> Ok, Fishy flops in and feels around, trying to make his way forward
  461. <Wits> roll pe+awareness
  462. <Brother_Gui> (Borther Gui puts his robe back on!)
  463. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+4 (+1 if keeping watch spec count)
  464. <HyperBot> Fishy, (+1 if keeping watch spec count): 10 :6+4
  465. * Makara is worried
  466. <Wits> Ok, you make your way forward nicely - it seems like someone has dug a small passage here. But then you run into a boulder. Looks like someone has also wanted to block that passage.
  467. <Wits> It's not very big, though
  468. <Fishy> (fishy size is -5)
  469. <Wits> You think you might be able to move it
  470. * Fishy push the boulder
  471. <Bashir> (didn't Fishy have some absurd strength though?)
  472. <Fishy> (that's a power)
  473. <Bashir> (ah)
  474. <Wits> Do you use the power?
  475. <Fishy> (Is the boulder larger than me?)
  476. <Wits> Yes
  477. <Fishy> okay use it
  478. <Fishy> it's a constant 0 point power anyway
  479. <Wits> It blocks the passag,e and the passage is just big enough for a human to swim through
  480. <Wits> Ok, roll str
  481. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+5
  482. <HyperBot> Fishy: 9 :4+5
  483. <Bashir> (suddenly wishes he knew how to swim...)
  484. <Wits> Ok, it's hard as hell, but you barely manage to push the boulder forward and upwards through the tunnel, and eventually you arrive at a pond on the other side
  485. <Wits> You push the boulder aside, and pop your head above the surface. Can't see anytyhing, though
  486. * Fishy look around
  487. <Wits> Or hear anything
  488. <Brother_Gui> (Makara, do you share sense or have remote communication with Fishy?)
  489. <Makara> (nope)
  490. <Bashir> (oh.... ¤#&%! if we are going through then we lose the torches)
  491. <Makara> (You can water-proof it and relit it later I guess?)
  492. <Makara> (at least magically)
  493. <Makara> (...oh just remember my magic make noise louder...)
  494. * Dirk spontan a candlight strong light with sun duration on the Grog
  495. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+5
  496. <HyperBot> Dirk: 12 :7+5
  497. <Dirk> (enough)
  498. <Wits> Ok, Agenor lights up and looks a little surprised
  499. <Bashir> "He ha-has be-been goone a l-l-long ti-time... Ma-maybe he ca-came into the o-o-ooother rooom?"
  500. <Makara> "Probably."
  501. <Dirk> "We will lose our torches when we go trough the water"
  502. <Makara> "If he die, then I can sense it"
  503. <Makara> (Familiar sense)
  504. <Wits> Fishy: What do you do?
  505. * Fishy look around
  506. <Bashir> (was thinking the room we passed by as we got here :) )
  507. <Wits> Fishy: You can't see anything. It's too dark.
  508. <Wits> Do you want to try to feel around above the surface?
  509. * Fishy swim back and tell everyone about the room
  510. <Wits> Ok, Fishy pops back
  511. <Bashir> (whats the worst that can happen? :p )
  512. <Makara> (No hand to feel around)
  513. <Brother_Gui> "um, we can swim through, but without a light..."
  514. <Wits> Fishy: You estimate it's not a very long dive even for a human, but tricky withou a light
  515. <Brother_Gui> Makara, does you magic allow things to glow?
  516. <Bashir> "I-i-i ne-ne-never learned to-to swim.."
  517. <Fishy> "Not a long swim, but it might be tricky without light, fishy"
  518. * Dirk just gave a tourchlight strong light to the Grog
  519. <Makara> If Weird Magic count
  520. <Brother_Gui> Yes I saw Dirk do that. I was thinking about something small we coudl hide if we need darkness, rather than Agenor :)
  521. <Wits> Yeah, Agenor's glowing. He's not enthusiastic to go in, though :)
  522. <Brother_Gui> "Dirk, can you make me glow?"
  523. <Bashir> (haha put a sheet over Agenor...)
  524. <Makara> (lit Gui on fire.)
  525. <Makara> (Now he glow)
  526. <Brother_Gui> (HUMMPPPH!)
  527. <Bashir> (thankfully, here is water nearby..)
  528. <Bashir> (there* even)
  529. <Dirk> "Do you have some containment with you that can opened and closed then we could put a light there"
  530. <Brother_Gui> Gui doesn't
  531. <Makara> (I guess we will have to hide it the PRISONER WAY)
  532. <Bashir> "W-w-would a sheathe do?"
  533. <Wits> (Makara: Weird magic only does it's thing if you botch, and even then you'd have to get really lucky to get a particular effect)
  534. * Bashir presents a sheathe and dagger
  535. <Makara> (k)
  536. <Wits> What do you want to do with the sheath, again?
  537. <Dirk> "Fishy your sure its a different direction then the other path toward wtaher we saw?"
  538. <Bashir> (was for the light-that-could-be-covered idea)
  539. <Fishy> "I don't know, fishy, can't see anything, fishy."
  540. <Wits> Fishy: you can roll pe+survival to try to orient the passages
  541. <Dirk> "lets go along this path first bevore we explor the water"
  542. <Bashir> (cast light on the blade maybe, and use it as a torch)
  543. <Dirk> (Do the grog have a shield?)
  544. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+3 (+1 if sea spec count)
  545. <HyperBot> Fishy, (+1 if sea spec count): 6 :3+3
  546. * Bashir agrees with Dirk
  547. <Wits> Dirk: Yeah, he has a sheidl
  548. <Dirk> (How difficult is it to dispel the spell?)
  549. <Wits> Fishy: Nah, you're not sure how the passages are oriented against each other, so you don't know which direction the other pond it in
  550. <Bashir> "Y-yes. We c-c-could go b-back aaaand ch-check the other tu-tu-tunnel
  551. <Momo> "Good idea."
  552. <Wits> (Dirk: perdo vim at 160+161, count from that)
  553. <Wits> (pages I mean)
  554. <Wits> Okj, so you check out the other tunnels?
  555. <Momo> yes
  556. <Dirk> yes
  557. <Wits> There's nothing there. The other water you smelled was a similar room with water flowing down the walls, but there it flows into cracks and pools on the floor, and there's no way forward. The other passage is a dead end. It's either Kerberos or the pond, it seems.
  558. <Bashir> (Bashir gets +5 faction standing with Cowards of Jade)
  559. <Fishy> (Is there a baulder there?)
  560. <Brother_Gui> (I'll wait here, just in case... - and because Becky is off now so I have to load the car!)
  561. <Bashir> "d-d-damn.."
  562. <Fishy> (boulder)
  563. <Wits> Fishy: There's no tunnel to begin with, there.
  564. <Bashir> (okeedokee)
  565. <Dirk> "Ok give me a vew minutes so I can do the torch light"
  566. <Fishy> "Doesn't seems like the room I was in, fishy~"
  567. <Makara> (Just wondering if it's possible to like... drain the water back at the other room...)
  568. <Bashir> "sssso ju-just the wa-water then..?"
  569. <Makara> (if the volume is not too much)
  570. <Bashir> (would mean a climb rather than a swim though..)
  571. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+13 (Dispel my torch light from the Grog)
  572. <HyperBot> Dirk, (Dispel my torch light from the Grog): 14 :1+13
  573. <Makara> (we have rope right?)
  574. <Bashir> (not that Bashir would complain :p )
  575. <Dirk> (the 14 are enough already)
  576. <Bashir> (the grog might..)
  577. <Makara> (YOU CAN FLY RIGHT?)
  578. <Bashir> (hehe)
  579. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+11
  580. <Wits> (Dirk, ok, you dispel the light)
  581. <HyperBot> Dirk: 20 :9+11
  582. <Wits> So, what's it going to be.
  583. <Dirk> (Ok light is at the shield but dirk take a some rest betwean each casting)
  584. <Makara> (drain water?)
  585. <Makara> (doubt most of us have swim skill)
  586. <Wits> So you rest between each casting? That means a while sitting in the other room.
  587. <Dirk> "Fishy could we walk the ground?"
  588. <Wits> Ok. That would be perdo aquam
  589. <Makara> I will rest if that's fine with everyone
  590. <Fishy> "Walk?"
  591. <Wits> Fishy: It's not terribly steep, you think, so maybe climbable
  592. <Makara> (what's the target amount to beat with perdo aquam?)
  593. <Bashir> (does water destroyed with Perdo need a duration?)
  594. <Wits> Ok, so you rest for a few min in the room.
  595. <Makara> (Well instead of destroy, I could like pull it out and flood the room maybe)
  596. <Wits> No, perdo doesn't need a duration
  597. <Makara> (or perdo)
  598. <Wits> (hm, perdo with water to destroy it completely is base 10, so probablytoo hard)
  599. <Makara> (So I need to roll 20... I can do it)
  600. =-= Mode #Wizardbase +v Brother_Gui by Dirk
  601. <Dirk> (No base 10 that means +1 touch = 15)
  602. <Bashir> (+1 from touch is 15 though?)
  603. <Wits> (Makara: and remember spont is half roll, so level 15 is roll 30)
  604. <Makara> (k, plan B, I have Mighty Torrent of Water spell)
  605. <Dirk> (Also you need probably room size)
  606. <Wits> (what does it do again?)
  607. <Dirk> (It generate a lot of water ^^)
  608. <Makara> ((but that's CrAq... so it actually just create water torrent and shoot at thing...)
  609. <Makara> ((guess I can't affect the water))
  610. <Wits> (Haha, right, you could use that to push someone through with force, though ? :D)
  611. <Makara> ((unless I am generating it from the pool?)
  612. <Bashir> (you could flood the room, forcing us to swim if we want a chance to survive...)
  613. <Makara> ((That's a good idea)
  614. <Dirk> (Its no lasting water)
  615. <Makara> ((Haha, frown the cerebus room))
  616. <Dirk> (Just enough to douse fire or do damage)
  617. <Makara> drown*
  618. <Bashir> (you make your own ^^)
  619. <Wits> If you want, I'll let you use that to propel someone through the tunnel - it's forceful enough to create a current through it.
  620. <Wits> It might hurt, though, if they hit the walls to hard.
  621. <Makara> (like a waterslide...)
  622. <Makara> (Those without swimming skill... line up)
  623. <Dirk> (it lvl 5 change water to gas)
  624. <Bashir> (oh god..)
  625. <Dirk> (Muta Aquam)
  626. <Makara> (got those)
  627. <Makara> (So one cast on water and jump in :D))
  628. * Makara tell the plan to everyone
  629. <Momo> "No."
  630. <Dirk> "So you whant to flush us trough this with a Attack spell that do damage?!"
  631. <Fishy> "yes!"
  632. <Bashir> (lol)
  633. <Makara> "For those that doesn't know how to swim, yes."
  634. <Wits> (Yeah, the muto aquam to gas is just level 5, since its base 4 and touch and individual no size bonus needed, but you need duration, so level, 10 and it's auram requisite)
  635. <Dirk> "No way!"
  636. <Makara> "Unless everyone here know how to swim..."
  637. <Bashir> "I-i-i..."
  638. <Makara> "Well, I guess we will have to leave and go learn some swiming skill."
  639. <Brother_Gui> (back :) )
  640. <Makara> "Or WATERSLIDE!"
  641. <Bashir> [looks slightly afraid of Makara] "ma-maybe a-a-another w-way?"
  642. <Makara> "The cerebus way?"
  643. <Brother_Gui> "I'll swim through and check it iut with a cglowing thing if need be. We can't turn back now!"
  644. <Makara> "Yes, that's a way."
  645. * Bashir breathes a sigh of relief
  646. <Makara> ((any concentrade spell that turn the water to air or something?))
  647. <Wits> Does anyone have intuition or some such
  648. <Wits> (Makara: That's the one I said above; muto aquam level 10 with auram requisite)
  649. <Dirk> (As mentioned Base difficult 4 or 5)
  650. <Wits> (Dirk: It's base 4 because 5 is for mixture, and you don't need that)
  651. <Makara> "Geez, fine, or I could just turn the water into air."
  652. <Bashir> (would still be... 15 or so right? in total.)
  653. <Bashir> (Touch and concentration)
  654. <Makara> "But that would be too hard for me."
  655. <Makara> "If only Baruch is here"
  656. <Wits> (Bashir: No, base 4, individual, +1 touch, +1 concentration)
  657. <Dirk> "You mean his Auram controll would be enough?"
  658. <Makara> "He can do anything."
  659. <Wits> No intuition or such, anyone?
  660. <Bashir> (ah right, base 4)
  661. <Makara> (Not sure what skill is intuition)
  662. <Bashir> (its a virtue I think :) )
  663. <Makara> "Actually, I probably can do it."
  664. <Brother_Gui> OK, I have Enduring Constitution. I'll gho through, check out of worth doing f Dirk makes me glow?
  665. <Dirk> (Sadly 10 is to difficult for dirk to spontan as he only have (11+1d10) /2)
  666. <Bashir> (we got a shield that glows now)
  667. <Makara> "But I won't hold back Gui brave attempt."
  668. <Brother_Gui> "Fishy will this shiled fit through?"
  669. <Fishy> "yes fishy"
  670. <Fishy> "I pushed a large boulder out of the way, fishyyy~"
  671. * Fishy wiggle its tail.
  672. <Wits> Ok, which is it: Gui swims through or Makara tries with magic?
  673. <Makara> "Good fishy" Makara pet Fishy
  674. <Brother_Gui> OK< I'll take the shiled and go thropugh. Fishy, you want to follow in case I get in ot trouble?
  675. <Fishy> "Okay, fishy, is safe in there."
  676. <Bashir> "G-g-good l-luck!"
  677. * Fishy swim in after GUi
  678. <Wits> Roll staminga + swimming then
  679. <Brother_Gui> Brother gui once again strips naked, and jumps in
  680. <Dirk> (Sadly its just torchlight so you wont see this much)
  681. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10+1
  682. <HyperBot> Brother_Gui: 10 :9+1
  683. <Brother_Gui> ten. :)
  684. <Brother_Gui> (I dont have a speciality in Swimming yet...)
  685. <Wits> It's not too long, but with the sparse light it's tricky to find your way. You do great, though, and make it to the other side
  686. <Brother_Gui> (how about "diving"?)
  687. <Fishy> (missionary position)
  688. <Brother_Gui> OK, emerge, and hold shiled up so Fishy can also see what's in the new room!
  689. <Wits> It's a room like the one where you came from - bones everywhere, and a tunnel leading out of it.
  690. <Fishy> "What now, fishy?"
  691. <Brother_Gui> OK, put shiled on bottom of underwater passage to light up the way.
  692. <Brother_Gui> "Fishy, you go get the others? I can help pull them through if they get stuck. We will need th shiled to see once we got them in here)
  693. <Wits> Ok, everyone in the other room can see the water glow slightly now.
  694. <Fishy> "OKay fishy!" Fishy swim back and tell everyone
  695. * Bashir looks at the ominous lit-up passageway
  696. <Bashir> "di-di-did he drown?"
  697. * Bashir tries to spot Gui at the bottom
  698. <Brother_Gui> Gui keep sin pool, ready to pull people through with is strength and swim abilities :)
  699. <Bashir> (is gonna be needed!)
  700. <Bashir> (I can already see my two botches comming up..)
  701. <Dirk> "That means we have to leave anything here that dont survive the watter"
  702. <Wits> Ok, everyone who attempts should roll stamina + swim
  703. <Wits> If no swim, more botch dice but just stamina roll
  704. <Wits> The walls are near, so you can just pull yourself along
  705. <Dirk> (Even for someone who dont need to breath?)
  706. * Bashir strips down and jumps in
  707. <Wits> (Dirk: If you don't need to breath, then there's no problem)
  708. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+1 (no swimming)
  709. <Wits> (Since you can take as long as you want, and you have light now)
  710. <HyperBot> Bashir, (no swimming): 3 :2+1
  711. <Wits> Ok, Bashir gets stuck in the middle. Gui, roll swmi+str
  712. <Bashir> (knew it)
  713. <Brother_Gui> !Roll 1d10+2
  714. <HyperBot> Brother_Gui: 12 :10+2
  715. <Bashir> (I should thank my stars Bashir hasn't ended up as dog food or fallen off a rooftop somewhere...)
  716. <Wits> Uh oh :) roll again
  717. <Brother_Gui> ouch, how many botch dice?
  718. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10
  719. <HyperBot> Brother_Gui: 8
  720. <Wits> Hm, say 2 - it's not that tough
  721. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10
  722. <HyperBot> Brother_Gui: 6
  723. <Brother_Gui> no botch. 2, 3 if i can use spoeciality diving
  724. * Dirk put a strick around his cloths so they are close to the body and put everything except casting tools and robe away
  725. <Wits> Ok, gui has a hard time pulling Bashir out, and has to go catch his breath in between
  726. <Wits> Roll stamina again bashir
  727. <Bashir> !roll 1d10+1
  728. <HyperBot> Bashir: 7 :6+1
  729. * Dirk help bashir from behind
  730. <Wits> Ok, dirk and gui roll str + swim
  731. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10+3
  732. <HyperBot> Brother_Gui: 4 :1+3
  733. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10
  734. <HyperBot> Brother_Gui: 7
  735. <Wits> Bashir: you take 2 short term fatigue levels
  736. <Brother_Gui> OK, That is 17 from Gui
  737. <Dirk> !roll 1d10-1 (no swimm but I can walk and not need breath)
  738. <HyperBot> Dirk, (no swimm but I can walk and not need breath): 9 :10-1
  739. <Wits> Ok, you manage to pull and push him out, and he emerges splashing and gushing
  740. <Dirk> !roll 1d10 (if stress die)
  741. <HyperBot> Dirk, (if stress die): 6
  742. <Wits> Dirk comes out after, he has it easy it seems
  743. * Bashir thanks Gui while on his knees coughing up water
  744. <Wits> No wait, dirk gets stuck too :D
  745. <Dirk> (I sayed I hep from behind not that I go trough ^^)
  746. <Wits> but he just struggles for a whlie and then comes out, it's strange, like he doesn't mind too much
  747. <Dirk> err help
  748. <Brother_Gui> Back down to get Dirk
  749. <Brother_Gui> OK< back out!
  750. <Wits> Oh, Dirk's not coming throuhgh, then.
  751. <Fishy> (welp, here come Makara...)
  752. <Wits> He has trouble down there, but then plops back at the other side
  753. <Wits> Ok, Makara roll
  754. <Makara> !roll 1d10+2 (no swiming)
  755. <HyperBot> Makara, (no swiming): 6 :4+2
  756. <Wits> Aaaand he has trouble coming through as well, roll again gui
  757. * Dirk plan to help the other to get trough if needed
  758. <Wits> Dirk can roll as well
  759. <Dirk> and looking for a good stand to do this
  760. <Bashir> (Thank God for Gui.. :p )
  761. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10+3
  762. <HyperBot> Brother_Gui: 11 :8+3
  763. <Brother_Gui> not bad
  764. <Dirk> !roll 1d10-1 (just STR)
  765. <HyperBot> Dirk, (just STR): 4 :5-1
  766. <Wits> Yeah, that's enough - Makara makes it as well
  767. <Wits> What about Momo?
  768. <Dirk> (And the Grog)
  769. <Wits> Oh yes, poor guy. Lessee
  770. * Momo have a plan. He told fishy to have it drag him through the turnnel like a poppeler!
  771. <Bashir> (You can command the grog... Momo is a different story)
  772. <Fishy> "Okay, I will drag you through, fishy~~"
  773. <Wits> !roll 1d10+1 (no swim)
  774. <HyperBot> Wits, (no swim): 5 :4+1
  775. <Fishy> ((or pull)
  776. <Wits> Aaaand he has trouble :D everyomne sucks at this, roll again dirk and Gui
  777. <Dirk> !roll 1d10-1(STR to help)
  778. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10+3
  779. <HyperBot> Brother_Gui, 1d10+3: 8 :5+3
  780. <Dirk> !roll 1d10-1 (STR to help)
  781. <HyperBot> Dirk, (STR to help): 1 :2-1
  782. <Bashir> (oh lord..)
  783. <Bashir> (this is great, we should have more swimming..)
  784. <Wits> Not enough, you have trouble and Gui has to go out to catch his breath
  785. <Momo> (And the cat is never seen again)
  786. <Wits> !roll 1d10+1
  787. <HyperBot> Wits: 3 :2+1
  788. * Fishy pull harder on the cat
  789. <Dirk> (Should I roll again?))
  790. <Wits> Agenor struggles, and looks like he is about to drown
  791. <Wits> Yes, roll again gui and dirk
  792. <Fishy> (Oh not me?)
  793. <Bashir> (is still the grog, no worries Momo)
  794. <Dirk> !roll 1d10-1
  795. <HyperBot> Dirk: 2 :3-1
  796. <Wits> Fishy, if you help you can roll as well
  797. <Wits> You're small so you can fit
  798. <Fishy> (fishy is at the other side)
  799. <Fishy> (I guess it can push)
  800. <Wits> Yes, you can push with str+swim
  801. <Dirk> (Yep that is what I do ;) )
  802. <Bashir> (can't be worse than Dirks flailing :p )
  803. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+7
  804. <HyperBot> Fishy: 11 :4+7
  805. <Bashir> (holy...)
  806. <Fishy> (5 str owns)
  807. <Fishy> (best power ever)
  808. <Bashir> (if only we all had a fishy pushing us :p )
  809. <Wits> Ok, Fishy does the trick, and the grog emerges. But he's half drowned, has taken long-term fatigue, and just lies coughing for a while
  810. <Wits> Momo is the only troubled on left?
  811. <Wits> Does he come or not?
  812. * Momo have a plan. He told fishy to have it drag him through the turnnel like a poppeler!
  813. <Brother_Gui> :D
  814. <Momo> (or whatever ancient equivelant of poppeller)
  815. <Wits> Haha, ok roll for that, and roll for fear of water as well, do you have a personality trait for that? Probably -3
  816. <Momo> Not really, I will go with -3
  817. <Momo> !roll 1d10-3 (fear water)
  818. <HyperBot> Momo, (fear water): 2 :5-3
  819. <Fishy> !roll 1d10+7 (pull momo)
  820. <HyperBot> Fishy, (pull momo): 9 :2+7
  821. <Wits> Momo panics underwater and starts struggling back, and gets stuck, he's a ball of claws and fear
  822. <Momo> "AHHHhhhhg ... *drown noise* .."
  823. <Bashir> ( :D )
  824. <Wits> Does someone try to help? Fishy probably doesn't have to touch him to use his power, right?
  825. <Dirk> !roll 1d10-1 (helping the cat get Trough with STR)
  826. <HyperBot> Dirk, (helping the cat get Trough with STR): 1 :2-1
  827. <Momo> (right)
  828. <Wits> Momo: roll stamina
  829. <Brother_Gui> I'll wrap my hands in my robe and try and pull him out?
  830. <Bashir> (you have the worst luck...)
  831. <Dirk> (no)
  832. <Momo> !roll 1d10+1 stamina
  833. <HyperBot> Momo, stamina: 9 :8+1
  834. <Momo> yes
  835. <Wits> Momo: How much damage does your claw attack do?
  836. <Wits> (Haha, this is much harder than I thought it would be :D)
  837. <Bashir> (a great twist though :p )
  838. <Dirk> (Wrong mages for this ^^)
  839. <Momo> (welp, didn't write that down)
  840. <Momo> (lemme do a quick check
  841. <Bashir> (it's what we get for living on a floating paradise with hardly any lakes or similar)
  842. <Bashir> (Attack is dex + brawl if I recall)
  843. <Momo> (dex + brawl would be 4)
  844. <Brother_Gui> "Let's not go back that way!"
  845. <Momo> (half it in water? :p )
  846. <Bashir> (must be a roll too)
  847. <Wits> Ok, roll str+2 for damage
  848. <Momo> (Let's assume momo declawed so no weapon addon)
  849. <Wits> (I think we'll assume he has standard claws if there's nothing marked, so roll that)
  850. <Momo> !roll 1d10+3
  851. <HyperBot> Momo: 7 :4+3
  852. <Wits> (He has str like that? Even with size reductions?)
  853. <Momo> +1 str
  854. <Bashir> (maybe just 3 damage vs. whatever soak the helpers have?)
  855. <Momo> (size -1)
  856. <Momo> (I blame CJ)
  857. <Bashir> (hehe)
  858. <Bashir> (who is it that is getting mauled btw?)
  859. <Bashir> (Gui or Dirk?)
  860. <Momo> (Oh I FOUND THE CLAW)
  861. <Wits> Ok, Gui takes a light wound when trying to help Momo out of the pit
  862. <Momo> (is in my sheet)
  863. <Wits> (Ok, what does it say?)
  864. <Momo> (atk+4)
  865. <Momo> (dmg +1)
  866. <Wits> (So that's right, then)
  867. <Momo> (k)
  868. <Dirk> (Yes the +4)
  869. <Brother_Gui> I did wrap my rob eround him first :)
  870. <Brother_Gui> but yep souhnd sbout right
  871. <Wits> Yeah, I'll give some maluses for being in water though, and some soak for the robe, but he's surprisingly strong
  872. <Wits> So a light wound
  873. <Dirk> Also cat should be less difficult then a human to get trough ^^
  874. <Bashir> no messing with cats
  875. <Momo> (especially power pull by a fish)
  876. <Brother_Gui> !roll 1d10+1 (bandaging hands)
  877. <HyperBot> Brother_Gui, (bandaging hands): 3 :2+1
  878. <Wits> Now Gui and Momo emerge from the water, and the water is soaked red
  879. <Bashir> (maybe, but a panicked one with claws...)
  880. <Brother_Gui> Well not getting abny worse :)
  881. * Momo shake the water hard
  882. <Wits> Gui attempts to bandage his hands, but it goes terribly, and he bleeds on the floow
  883. * Dirk slowly get rough this then
  884. <Wits> Momo: roll the personality roll again
  885. <Bashir> (Be glad that it wasn't Gustbran "helping" you out there :p )
  886. <Wits> Yeah, Dirk come trhough and brings the shield with him from the bottom
  887. <Brother_Gui> OK< I'll grab the shiled and bring ot to surface so we can all see?
  888. <Brother_Gui> OH Dirk just did that :)
  889. <Momo> (Can I roll other personality to regain composure instead?)
  890. <Momo> (oh CAt+4 would had been good for the water fear roll)
  891. <Bashir> (naa :p )
  892. <Bashir> (You almost drowned! - you are wet!)
  893. <Momo> !roll 1d10-3 fear water
  894. <HyperBot> Momo, fear water: 1 :4-3
  895. <Wits> As soon as momo gets out of the water, he bolts into the passage.
  896. <Bashir> (and you are apparently out of your mind terrified!)
  897. <Momo> "Ahhhhhhhh...."
  898. <Wits> Roll perception+ awareness at -4
  899. <Momo> me?
  900. <Wits> Yeah
  901. <Momo> !roll 1d10+0
  902. <HyperBot> Momo: 7 :7+0
  903. <Momo> (I have night version)
  904. * Dirk spontan COMFORT OF THEDRENCHED TRAVELER (lvl 5)
  905. <Wits> (Or scratch the malus, it's just higher ease factor, so that, 11)
  906. <Wits> Do you want to use confidence, Momo?
  907. <Wits> Ok, dirk, roll for that
  908. <Momo> Nah, this is more funny.
  909. <Wits> Ok, you don't smell anything.
  910. <Wits> !roll 1d10
  911. <HyperBot> Wits: 8
  912. <Wits> Luckily enough, you bolt away from the dog smell rather than at it
  913. <Wits> The smell which you don't smell, that is
  914. <Bashir> (dum dum duuuummmm!!!)
  915. <Wits> Roll personality again
  916. <Dirk> !roll 1d10+11 (vs 4 on self)
  917. <HyperBot> Dirk, (vs 4 on self): 15 :4+11
  918. <Momo> (Shame, it would had been a good distraction for the team)
  919. <Momo> !roll 1d10-3 fear water
  920. <HyperBot> Momo, fear water: 2 :5-3
  921. <Momo> NOPE
  922. <Wits> Haha, you don't control yourself
  923. <Wits> You bolt further down the passage,
  924. <Dirk> (Sorry momo is out of reach for this so I get dryed up my self)
  925. <Momo> Cat don't settle down for a long time
  926. <Bashir> (I almost feel bad for the cat..)
  927. <Wits> Do you have something to see invisible?
  928. <Bashir> (are we just going to stand here and wait?)
  929. <Momo> "My servant! My servant! get my my towel!"
  930. * Dirk have
  931. <Bashir> (Dirk had second sight?)
  932. <Wits> Yes, but Momo
  933. <Momo> "I am wet! I tell ye, I am weeeetttt!"
  934. <Wits> I mean
  935. <Wits> If not, just roll pe+awareness again
  936. * Dirk didnt realise so fare that momo is gone as he left the water after momo
  937. <Wits> What are the others doing?
  938. <Bashir> "M-m-make him [coughs a few times] ke-keep qui-qui-et"
  939. * Fishy hovering staring at the run away momo
  940. <Bashir> "!"
  941. <Makara> "... Welp, that happened."
  942. <Wits> Momo, roll pe+awareness for smelling
  943. <Bashir> (Bashir is not running into utter darkness to find someone else's talking pet)
  944. <Bashir> (sticks with the light)
  945. <Momo> !roll 1d10+4
  946. <HyperBot> Momo: 9 :5+4
  947. <Dirk> "Ohh you wounded?" At Brother Gui "I hope its nothing serious!"
  948. <Bashir> (where it goes, he goes)
  949. <Momo> (Wish I had enough point to fit an escape power for momo)
  950. <Brother_Gui> "I am bandaged, and well enough". I seem completely unbothered by the pain
  951. <Wits> Ok, Momo, you don't notice anything. You bolt past a corner, and stumble into a room with 4 people in it. They make alarmed sounds, and pick up spears
  952. <Wits> We'll have to stop here, unfortunately
  953. <Dirk> "Oh and where did Momo disapear?"
  954. <Bashir> "The- [cough] c-cat is ma-making no-noise"
  955. <Wits> We'll pick up from here next time.
  956. <Wits> Thanks for tonight, everyone!
  957. <Bashir> (hehe, a cliffhanger)
  958. <Momo> "... Meow?"
  959. <Dirk> (Thanks for todays RPG)
  960. <Brother_Gui> OK chaps, sorry I was so late, but thanks for the game!
  961. <Bashir> (haha yeah, and not the noise cats make, but rather the human interpretation of a cat's meow)
  962. <Dirk> (CJ can you answear my query maybe?)
  963. <Brother_Gui> I enjoyed that. Gui is not quite as useless as he appears!
  964. <Bashir> (glad you came CJ :) )
  965. <Brother_Gui> Yes will do. Where did you send it? My email?
  966. <Dirk> (No here in IRC but also per Atlas Forum PM yesterday)
  967. <Dirk> (I have asked you via the ATlas Game forum if a Companion level Magistrate for the Hyperborean Quarter would be OK as NPC, would be nice if you can answear to this at some point ^^)
  968. <Brother_Gui> OK I'll sort it out on forum then. :)
  969. <Bashir> Thanks for the run guys. Wits, it was a lot of fun :) who knew a bit of water could drown half a group? :)
  970. <Brother_Gui> Ye sthat would be a good choice of Companion :)
  971. <Brother_Gui> I was amazed Momo even entered the water!
  972. <Makara> enter with -3 fear
  973. <Makara> and it was his stupid idea
  974. <Dirk> (I send a first draw of him already some time ago per mail but didnt get info from you if it is ok ^^ also my LAb would be great if you haved a look at if it is so ok ^^)
  975. <Makara> we should had makara cast that spell after all
  976. <Bashir> Wellp Bashir just had a minus one to his bravery after the dog today, so we are back at zero :p
  977. <Makara> we will have to deal with the dog if Momo fail to fake it
  978. <Dirk> (its the mail I send at the 16.4.13)
  979. <Bashir> Still suspicious, a cat suddenly appearing out of the dark ^^
  980. <Brother_Gui> Well will catch you all soon. Sorry been so distracted, been working hard trying to update Project Redcap in my spare moments, and owrking on a couple more ars books :)
  981. <Brother_Gui> See you all soon :)
  982. <Brother_Gui> CJ x
  983. <Bashir> either way, I best run. Take care
  984. <Dirk> (Thanks for joining today anyway :) )
  985. <Bashir> Have fun people, see you next week
  986. <Dirk> (OK I'm off also see you all in forum and next week)
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