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Tale of Anonfilly 2

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  1. >With the failure to remove the cutie mark. Starlight Glimmer took you back into town. And surprisingly, at least to you. She wasted in time in calling in every single townsperson to gather around for a special announcement.
  2. >It was pretty insane and a little creepy. Starlight knew everypony in town. She saw no one missing as they gathered around in front of the both of you. They looked confused, but they didn't whisper among themselves, they just greeted her and wondered what was going on.
  3. >"Anon, stand next to me please" Starlight calls to you
  4. >You do as she says. A little mesmerized how well organized she had the town. How much control she had over them.
  5. >She then looked to them and began to speak. "Fellow townsponies. Today is a very important day for us all. As all of you must know by now. We have a new resident. Please, greet her as we would greet any new pony who has been troubled by their cutie mark."
  6. >They all looked to you, and called out "Welcome" all at once.
  7. >you just grinned sheepishly as you waved back. Woo, this was gonna REALLY take some getting used to.
  8. >Starlight then continued "Our new resident, Anon. Who is but a filly. Will be staying with me as my personal protege...."
  9. >What the fuck?! Personal protege?! That was goddamn quick!
  10. >You couldn't do magic like her. Was it the whole "Momma" thing?
  11. >"Now, I understand that many of you probably have a few concerns about a filly coming to our town without her parents. Perhaps, there is even a reason to fret. But we shouldn't. For this filly here has already gone through so much pain..."
  12. >She then goes on to explain what you explained to her about your "past"
  13. >The reaction from the townsponies were mixed with gasps and shocked looks.
  15. >"....Yes, our new friend has gone through so much. More than any of us to be sure. Her life is so tragic that even the power of the staff is unable to remove that which is the source of her suffering. Her cutie mark. Yes, this cutie mark is the cause of all her sorrow and pain. Gaining the scorn of even her parents, who have recently passed with hatred in their hearts. This accursed cutie mark is a reminder that Equestria's sense of fairness and fate can ruin one as innocent as a foal. Ruin their life before they can even live it!"
  16. >many of the townsponies started to cry, and weep.
  17. >"That is why we, as ones who have learned the bliss of what equality has brought us, must nurture this little one. To treat her as our equal despite not being able to live with the mark that binds us all. Perhaps, with our love and our care, we may one day...very soon...be able to remove it and show her what true bliss is like. Perhaps, everypony across Equestria will understand. And then we can make everypony, everywhere, as happy as us! But for now.." Starlight sighed and looked to the sky "we must resume our day, same as every other day. And remember everypony, Sameness brings goodness."
  18. >And with that, they all went about their day. But of course, they all couldn't seem to leave without letting out one more "Welcome" to you.
  19. >Creepy...but, you had to admit. After living a life of pissing people off after you conned them or mocked them for being shit. It felt kind of nice.
  20. >Then again, they probably only gave you sympathy due to your new found age and cuteness.
  21. >Starlight gave you a gentle pat and gave you a motherly smile. "Well Anon, what do you think? Do you already feel at home here?"
  22. >errr
  23. "Yes Momma, or erm. Can I just call you Mom? Momma makes it seem..."
  24. >Gay
  25. "Erm, like I'm a baby"
  27. >Starlight giggled "Well, that will work too. "Little Glimmer" "
  28. >She then pointed back to her house, and began to walk towards it. "Now come along, We need to start with your grooming as soon as possible"
  29. >....w-wut?
  30. "G-grooming?"
  31. >"Mhmm, we need to fix that mane style of yours. I wanted to give you one like mine. But all that black would make it seem off. So we'll just give you the usual. You'll also need a bath."
  32. >...ok, so it's not rape. But she was gonna give you those braided twin tail hair style or whatever it was?
  33. >Hrn, maybe it wouldn't look bad on you.
  34. "Ok, so about that bath. Um, I..."
  35. >How the fuck were you going to bathe with hooves?
  36. "Can you just put some soap in the water and I'll just roll around in it?"
  37. >"Oh no no, I'm going to personally give you a bath. You've been through enough. And besides, It'll give me plenty of time to explain to you what's expected of you"
  38. >Expe...WAIT
  40. >You couldn't help but turn a little red at that
  42. >....a sorta good looking horse.
  43. >Fuck, she was as cute as you were. You probably maybe wouldn't mind feeling your first femorgasm from her and-
  44. >"Alright Anon, into the bath"
  45. >What?
  46. >You were so lost in that thought that you hadn't even realized that you had already walked the whole way there.
  47. "Oh....Ahrn. Right..."
  48. >You hopped ontop of the side of the and looked down at the water.
  49. >Huh, you kinda was hoping for a bubble bath.
  50. >Why? Why not? Bubbles were cool.
  51. "No bubbles?"
  52. >"No, nopony takes special baths here Anon. We all just take normal...equal...baths."
  53. >This whole equal thing. While having its perks. You could also tell was going to make things boring.
  54. >You staved off the lewd thoughts as you hopped into the bath
  55. >For a horse so set in equality. The water was actually nice and warm. and went up to the bottom of your neck. You could probably wade around in it if you tried.
  57. >As you enjoyed the warmth. You could suddenly feel a sponge gently yet firmly going along your back.
  58. >oohhhh...that felt nice.
  59. >Even as you turned to look up at Starlight. Who was outside of the bath. She was using her magic to control the sponge. And when she started to clean along your ears. It was pure heaven. This could be even better than sex.
  60. >"You look like you're enjoying yourself. I can't imagine what horrible conditions you had to deal with in that terrible place." She said as she gently had the sponge move to under your chin, and gently rub down your chest.
  61. >Why did this feel so good?! Is this why dogs liked being pet so much?! You could live your life like this. Forever.
  62. "I-I...It was so terrible. Th-they never really l-let me take a bath. S-so I'm always dirty"
  63. >Oh yeah, you were dirty alright.
  64. >"Then I'm going to have to make sure to get you as clean as everypony else."
  65. >Yesssss....
  66. >It began, it wasn't sex. But as Starlight ramped up the scrubbing on your body, mixed with the shampooing and massaging of your head, you could feel the gates of heaven opening for you. Yeah, you wouldn't mind this as an eternity.
  67. >Unfortunately, it also wouldn't be long until the gentle caress if magically enhanced tools and gentle hooves would stop.
  69. >"All done!" Starlight announced.
  70. >WHAT?!
  71. >You immediately hop to the side of the bathtub rim as you look at her with an angry pout. your body dripping with soapy water.
  72. "I can't be all done yet! I'm really really dirty!"
  73. >"Actually, you're as clean as you need to be"
  74. >NOOO..you wanted rubs and massages!
  75. >Holy fuck thats gay.....but you liked it.
  76. "Prove it!"
  77. >Starlight said nothing as she gave you an arrogant smirk. Bringing a small mirror in front of your face with her magic.
  78. >You looked pretty clean.
  79. >"You looked surprised. Don't worry Anon. There's nothing to worry about, you only think you're dirty because of how you lived. But here? You're going to see and to learn why equality is something to be embraced. And in your case, what it's like to know what love and compassion is. A love and compassion no pony who feels they are superior over others is capable of giving....now" Starlight held her head up high as she plucked you out of the bath and gently put you down on the ground with her magic. "Let's get you dried up while you recite the song I had you learn. It's very important to know the town's anthem"
  80. >What?!
  81. "Anthem?..song?"
  82. >"Mhmm....you did hear everything I told you, right?" She said as she brought a towel over to you and started to have it dry you from every part of your body.
  83. >fuck, did you black out again? How could anyone fucking notice anything when their body is essentially being pampered beyond the beyonds.
  84. "....erm. yes?"
  86. >Starlight just gave you a hard stare "Anon, you need to pay ABSOLUTE attention to me. And only to me, other ponies? They might try to lead you astray. And the townsponies? Well, sometimes they can give some advice you just shouldn't follow. But me? I know everything you'll need to know to survive this world. This world that seeks to bring you down just for the cutie mark you were STUCK with." She was pretty abrasive with her words. How much did you miss?! She seemed pretty happy with you until you zoned out.
  87. >Just suck it up for now.
  88. "Sorry, Mom..."
  89. >Starlight stayed silent for a moment, looked up and sighed. "It'll be fine. But next time, just pay attention. This is all very important. I'll run the song by you again, verse by verse, as a lullaby tonight. I bet after a few nights of that. You'll have it memorized. But right now?"
  90. >Suddenly, you feel your mane being tugged and spun.
  91. >"Let's get you're mane ready."
  92. >It didn't take her too long to get you looking like a cute, younger looking version of the mares around town.
  93. >But it gave you time to think.
  94. >You realized you had to be more careful from now on. Listen and pay attention. Learn. All of that. Because it's very possible now, that this is all for real.
  95. >Once you learn everything. It'll be easier to plan your next move.
  96. >For now though. Starlight wanted you to pay close attention as she gave you the history of the town and told you how important equality truly is.
  97. >You already understood the latter. But it seemed important to her to really drill that part in.
  98. >Which you found a tad off. Since, as you thought about it, she had control over the staff and her house was not symmetrical with the rest of the town. But maybe, as leader, that was the point. Though there was holes with that line of reasoning to. So yeah, just stick with it for now.
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