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  1. Good day folks, Shattered Armer here with a quick announcement. Brave Collective is going to war! See below for what you need to know in order to participate in this campaign.
  3. In case you haven't been watching recent activity, we just deployed several structures in the area around HED-GP/SV5-8N, in order to enable us to operate in Northern Catch more easily.
  5. The intent of this campaign will be to deny Simple Farmers [SF], and by extension their allies in Tactical Supremacy [TIKLE] and beyond the ability to operate in Catch and its surrounding regions, nor the ability to maintain a logistical foothold in the region for providing ship docking, clones, capital tethering, mid points, etc.
  7. This will be accomplished through the involvement of several SIGs as well as coalition partners. In particular, the Blops and Capital SIGs will play key roles going forward, so if you've been holding off on joining either of those two groups, now might be the time.
  9. The bulk of the heavy fighting will occur in AUTZ over armor timers during weekdays, and kill timers on weekends. Obviously I highly encourage all members of Brave to attend these ops if you are able to alarm clock, but obviously RL commitments come first, and the last thing anyone wants is burnout among our AUTZ players. That said, this will be the first opportunity in a while many of you will have had to kick over some sandcastles from this particularly annoying entity, so I hope that anyone willing to make a regular showing do so.
  11. In off-peak hours, we will be focused on ADM grinding, supporting our allies as well as our own defensive timers, and monitoring our space for enemy activity, including hunting/whaling, capital and subcap movement, PvE, and structure drops.
  13. In order to facilitate the upcoming campaign, we will be making several changes to our doctrines and practices in order to facilitate quick reaction times and interoperability with our close neighbors in The Watchmen [TW], who also live in Catch and have been under duress from SF and TIKLE for some time now.
  14. Effective Immediately, we will be elevating to BEACON 3 status. This means that there will be a potential for PvE activities to be limited during peak campaign hours, and of course during regular stratops and the occasional CTA. Flashforms will be a very prominent part of this campaign as well, so keep an eye on your pings and being ready to undock in a hurry.
  15. Also effective immediately, we will be merging Brave and The Watchmen's Catch standing fleets into a single "Legacy Catch Standing Fleet". Anyone who regularly assumes the fleet boss position will need to ensure the fleet advert is named and configured accordingly, and under no circumstances can the fleet boss go AFK without first transferring the position to someone else.
  16. AUTZ is going to have 2 new doctrines made available to them to be called for any time from 0200 to 1700 at Stratop SRP levels by tagged Fleet Commanders in Brave or The Watchmen, on top of our standard alliance/coalition stratop doctrines. These will be Nightmares and Drekavaks. We will have ship handouts and a subsidized lend/lease program available for purchasing from the cache directly, but obviously financially capable pilots are encouraged to purchase their own in order to leave the cache available for the rest of the alliance. Follow up details will be linked below.
  17. We've also made changes to the SRP system, by which Stratop FCs will now be allowed to ping for capitals as they see fit, in support of alliance and coalition objectives. So don't freak out of you see stratop FCs pinging for a dreadbomb, don't worry, you're covered.
  20. I'm going to reiterate one important point. Flashforms will be a very prominent part of the campaign as well, so keeping an eye on your pings and being ready to undock in hurry. This means having your death clones/jump clones sorted out, as well as ensuring your hangarlist has all necessary ships ready to go in GE-8JV. If you are a trusted member of the alliance, you may also be approached by FCs or leadership for additional taskings as required. In these situations, OPSEC and discretion are your best friends, and these opportunities should not be discussed with anyone else, in comms, Slack, Discord, Snapchat or otherwise.
  22. One last point, a combined standing fleet will require that Free Move remains on at all times. Ensure that if you are flying something big you are flag exempt from fleet warps, so that you do not get warped off of tether or anywhere else you don’t want to be, and if you’d rather not allow take a squad command position to see what you’re flying, take that position on one of your own characters instead.
  24. Hangarlist
  25. Nightmare Fleet
  26. Drekavak Fleet
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