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Couguhl's Old Progress Report

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Apr 6th, 2013
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  1. (Author's note: Sierra's original name was Raine, then I changed it to Renee, and then we both decided on Sierra after she was vocal. I was also originally using traits for forcing, but then I started using TOG's 'jar method' to forge her personality in full.)
  3. Day 1 (24 July, 2012):
  4. Spent most of today learning more about Tulpae and preparing, and designing a small list of traits. I focused on Curiosity for 30 minutes.
  6. Day 2 (25 July, 2012):
  7. I did a lot of concentrating throughout the day, first getting one hour and twenty minutes of forcing in (which was mainly specific on traits, and concentration was skewed at times, but we had an excellent 40 minute session at night). I also created a wonderland with two chairs and a small table. Today's trait was intelligence, and I taught Raine about it, what emotions it can cause, and the traits that come from it. It felt like I was speaking to a basic entity. So far, it's good.
  9. Day 3 (26 July, 2012):
  10. I didn't force at all in the morning or afternoon due to a doctor's appointment, but I forced tonight until 3:16 AM. I don't know when I started, but I assume around 45 minutes. The name "Renee" popped into my head while forcing. It felt like it fitted pretty well, so I will call my tulpa Renee until anything else happens. It's interesting because it sounds somewhat similar to "Raine." I cannot wait to force some more.
  12. Day 4 (27 July, 2012):
  13. I did not force today because I was busy. Oh well.
  15. Day 5 (28 July, 2013):
  16. I only forced for 30 minutes today, but the time is starting to fly by. It'll definitely be easier to do 30 minute sessions, and I can increase the length of them now.
  18. Day 6-9: (29 July - 1 August):
  19. I didn't force at all during this period.
  20. [I had no notes on what I was doing.]
  22. Day 10 (2 August, 2012):
  23. I attempted forcing today, but my mind was stuck and my wonderland kept getting stuck in a doorframe, which has left me frustrated.
  24. [I've made a thread about it; you can check my User CP if you wish.]
  26. Day 11 (3 August, 2012):
  27. I forced for 30 minutes this morning, and 30 minutes at night. The night session wasn't so great, but it was better than nothing.
  29. Day 12-13 (4-5 August):
  30. I didn't force either of these days.
  32. Day 14 (6 August, 2012):
  33. We had an hour session at night, and it was pretty good. Instead of using music like we normally do during forcing, we used theta waves.
  35. Day 15-19 (7-11 August):
  36. I didn't force at all during this period, either.
  38. Day 20 (12 August, 2012):
  39. Only forced thirty minutes. It was decent.
  41. *Days 21-25 are missing. I don't know what happened to them, but I don't think it was productive.
  43. Day 26 (18 August, 2012):
  44. Today while forcing (it was a good session of an hour and a half), I had a very strong emotional response. I felt immensely attracted to her (which is strange, because her form isn't fully decided and she hasn't talked to me), and incredible feels were had, to put it shortly. Forcing has gotten much more important now.
  46. Day 27 (19 August, 2012):
  47. It's strange, but I don't remember if we forced today. I think we did, maybe for an hour. I don't know.
  49. Day 28 (20 August, 2012):
  50. Her form unexpectedly changed from a white ball into something, and it persisted, so I formed it into a human-like shape. Other than that, a lot of stuff has been happening, so at least some of it has to be her, right? We'll see. (Total cumulative time so far: 9 hours!)
  53. And that concludes our old progress report. After that, I read Chupi's thread about hour counts being tulpa poison and ceased counting hours and writing altogether. In retrospect, it was a good idea, but we are still amused by re-reading past logs from this report.
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