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  3. Season 2f
  5. by ProjectS2f
  7. This is the season 2 of Kemono Friends that could have been. It should be Tatsuki writing this. But as long as he can't, I will not let Kadokawa claim whatever soulless mass they have in mind is the only second season that exists.
  8. Give it back.
  10. ------
  12. Episode 1 - Ocean
  14. The episode opens with a far-off shot from behind the sea-worthy Japari Bus. An island can be made into the distance, but it is obscured by typhoon winds. The next shot is closer to the Bus, and from the side. The jumbled cries of several Friends can be heard. There are then several quick close-up cuts.
  15. The rain batters the roof of the Japari Bus.
  16. The large burlap sacks seen at the end of Amusement Park are seen wriggling. A hand covered in a full black and white mitten can be seen sticking out of one of them. A navy blue shoe, out of another.
  17. A square watch with a large transparent glass disc glows a pale green. A robotic voice can be heard.
  19. LUCKY BEAST - Uwa-uwa-wa-wa-wa...
  21. Lastly, there is a close-up of a pale hat from which is sticking two feathers, shaking in the wind. A worried voice rings out.
  23. KABAN - Everyone ! Don't panic !
  25. The Bus' interior cabin is showed, revealing both Kaban and Serval. The former fidgets around, trying to calm the panicking Friends. Serval hangs to the front window's frame.
  27. SERVAL - Uwaah ! What is this, Kaban-chan ?!
  28. KABAN - The professor called it a hurricane...She warned it might happen once we're at sea. It's like that sandstorm in the desert, but worse...
  29. SERVAL - What do we do ? Do we push the bus again ?!
  30. KABAN - I don't think that would work, Serval-chan...The best we can do is...
  32. The winds intensify rapidly. Kaban's hat nearly flies off, but she catches it before it does. Two quick shots reveal the rope tying the two parts of the bus coming undone, and the floaters of the front part take off the water's surface.
  34. SERVAL - Umyaaa ! It's too strong !
  36. The whole bus is picked up. Sacks start flying up the overpowering air currents. Serval can only hang to the bus's frame with her arms. Kaban finds the seatbelt and fastens it in a hurry. Cries fade into the distance as the shot pans upward. The stormy black clouds slowly crossfade into a blue sky and the howls of the storm die down.
  38. In place of an opening, the stylized title of Kemono Friends appears.
  40. The shot pans down again, and the front end of the Japari Bus is floating on the now calm sea. The rear end is nowhere to be found, as are the burlap sacks. Kaban and Serval are seen rising their head back up. Kaban was hanging onto her hat with both hands. Serval's bowtie is crooked. She tries to readjust it, but takes several tries to get the angle right.
  42. SERVAL - That was scary...Where are all the others ?
  43. KABAN (looking around) - I think the hurricane carried them somewhere else.
  44. SERVAL - Oh no ! Are they okay ?
  45. KABAN - It was going towards the island, they must have landed there. Sand cat-san wasn't hurt by the sandstorm, so they should be okay too.
  46. SERVAL - Yes, Friends are pretty strong, aren't they ? I'm sure they're safe !
  48. Kaban unbuckles her seatbelt, and looks around some more. She seems to be looking for something specific, but can't find it. Her expression grows concerned.
  50. KABAN - Oh no...
  51. SERVAL - What is it, Kaban-chan ?
  52. KABAN - We lost the bag of Japari Buns.
  53. SERVAL - Whaat ? No, not the Japari Buns !
  54. KABAN - With such a huge storm, it can't be helped. But even worse is the island...I can't see it anymore.
  55. SERVAL - Uwaah ? But we were so close ! Did the hurricane really sweep us that far away ?
  56. KABAN - It looks like it...But the battery is still dead and we can't pedal since we don't have the rest of the bus anymore. (Raises her arm to address her watch) Lucky-san, where are we ?
  58. There is no response. Kaban taps on her watch, still nothing. Serval takes notice and gets closer.
  60. SERVAL - Oh no ! Is there something wrong with Boss ?
  61. KABAN - Maybe his battery is empty too...What should we do ?
  62. SERVAL - I'll just move the Bus by myself ! Leave it to me !
  64. Serval enthusiastically goes to the large bucket tied to the back of the bus, and starts furiously pawing at the water at one side of said bucket.
  66. SERVAL - Umyamyamyamyamyaaaaa !
  68. But all it does is slowly turns the bus around, as seen through an aerial shot, before going back to the pair.
  70. KABAN - I don't think it'll work, Serval-chan. We're just going in circles that way...
  71. SERVAL - Really ? Is there a better way, Kaban-chan ?
  72. KABAN - Well, we could go into the water and push together, but...
  74. Serval leans over the bucket, a worried expression on her face.
  76. SERVAL - It looks cold...And scary. I can't see the bottom !
  77. KABAN - Yes, it might be dangerous. What to do...
  79. The pair stays silent for a moment, and the camera changes to a shot further some distance away from the Japari Bus. In the foreground, a Friend's head pops from under the water. She has medium length blue hair capped by a light grey, smooth top with three fins, two on the sides, one on top. Her face is shown next. She has blue eyes and a wide, cheery smile.
  81. AQUATIC FRIEND N°1 - Waah ! What is this ?
  83. She quickly swims closer, excited. Kaban and Serval notice her, but she jumps on board before they can react. She is seen to wear a blue sailor dress with a small anchor sewn on the skirt. She also has a tail, one much bigger than Serval. She laughs, looking at the bus and touching it. They are a bit taken aback at first, but quickly come to smile.
  85. AQUATIC FRIEND N°1 - I never saw such a strange boat before !
  86. SERVAL - It's the Japari Bus ! Lots of Friends got together and turned it into a boat so Kaban-chan could visit  the other island !
  87. AQUATIC FRIEND N°1 - Traveling between islands ? Sounds fun !
  88. SERVAL (Turning to Kaban) - This is Kaban. And I'm Serval !
  89. KABAN - Nice to meet you !
  91. The camera centers on the new Friend.
  93. Order : Artiodactyla
  94. Family : Delphinidae
  95. Genus : Tursiops
  96. Common Bottlenose Dolphin
  98. AQUATIC FRIEND N°1 - I'm Bottlenose Dolphin ! I never saw Friends as strange as you in the ocean !
  99. SERVAL - It's my first time here ! I never thought it'd be that big ! I can't even see the bottom !
  100. B. DOLPHIN - The bottom is easy to reach in some places, but most of the time it's way too deep. Like where we are now.
  101. SERVAL - Eeeh ? Are we so high up ? Scary !
  102. KABAN - We can float, so it'll be okay, Serval-chan ! Anyway, maybe you could help us, Dolphin-san ?
  103. B. DOLPHIN - Sure ! What happened ?
  105. Cut to later. Bottlenose Dolphin looks concerned.
  107. B. DOLPHIN - So you're looking for an island but can't move anymore ?
  108. KABAN - Yes...We'd try to push but neither of us can swim very well.
  109. B. DOLPHIN - I'll push, then ! I'm great at swimming !
  111. She dives back in the water.
  113. KABAN - Wait, we don't even know wh...
  115. The bus suddenly starts moving at high speed.
  117. KABAN - Wait ! Waaait !
  118. SERVAL - Waaah ! Dolphin-san swims really fast ! Ha ha ha ha ! Sugooi !
  119. KABAN - We don't even know where the island iiis !
  121. The bus stops. Dolphin reappears to the side of it.
  123. B. DOLPHIN - Don't worry, don't worry ! I'm also good at finding stuff !
  125. She dives back into the water. The camera waits for her there, and we can see her close her eyes, open her mouth, and emit clicking sounds. Moments later, she comes back to the surface and points at a direction.
  127. B. DOLPHIN - There's something big over there !
  128. SERVAL - Heeeh ? How did you know ? I can't see anything !
  129. B. DOLPHIN - When I click, the sound bounces off objects so I know where they are ! You have such big ears, Serval, I thought you could do it too.
  130. SERVAL - Well, I'm really good at hearing, but I didn't know sound could bounce. That sounds interesting !
  131. B. DOLPHIN - Maybe I could teach you later ! For now I'll take you to the big thing I found.
  132. KABAN - Thank you, Dolphin-san !
  134. The cetacean resumes pushing the stranded bus.
  136. SERVAL - I think it's a little strange she lives in water, but she seems like a really cool Friend !
  137. KABAN - There really are all kinds of Friends, aren't there ?
  139. -----
  141. The bus slows down and Dolphin jumps straight into the big bucket.
  143. B. DOLPHIN - Here we are ! She should come up any second now.
  144. SERVAL - She ?
  146. Suddenly, an enormous column of water springs forth some distance away from the bus. Kaban and Serval scream, startled. Dolphin smiles.
  148. AQUATIC FRIEND N°2 - My, my, who is this ?
  150. The water splashes down. As it settles, the head of a new Friend appears. She looks similar to Bottlenose Dolphin but her hair's lateral fins are larger, and her smooth skin darker. She also wears glasses and a much mellower expression.
  152. SERVAL - Whaaah ! What was with that huge splash ?
  153. KABAN - I thought it was something much bigger than a Friend for a moment ! You did say you had found something big...
  154. B. DOLPHIN - Ha ha ha ! She is big. A big help ! She's my friend, Blue Whale !
  156. Blue Whale is shown more closely as she comes on board. The Bus seems to dip a bit when she does, but stabilizes. In contrast of Dolphin's youthful attire, Blue Whale is wearing a thick, white sweater and black leather boots.
  158. Order : Artiodactyla
  159. Family : Balaenopteridae
  160. Genus : Balaenoptera
  161. Blue Whale
  163. BLUE WHALE - You seem to have found some interesting people, Dolphin-chan !
  164. B. DOLPHIN - This is Kaban and Serval ! They made this strange boat to travel between islands, but the last big storm swept them here.
  165. BLUE WHALE - Oh, how terrible ! We're quite far away from the closest land...
  166. KABAN - Do you know where the closest is, Blue Whale-san ?
  167. BLUE WHALE - I'm afraid not. I like the open waters, approaching land has always been a bit scary for me.
  168. SERVAL - Oh, no...How are we going to find our way back ?
  170. Dolphin stares into the air, deep in thought. The eyes of the other Friends turn to her.
  172. B. DOLPHIN - Maybe there is something that could help on the boat with the Japari Buns ?
  173. SERVAL - You get Japari Buns all the way into the ocean ? Sugoi !
  174. KABAN - Looks like we didn't need to worry about going hungry after all ! And there might be a map. How do we get there ?
  175. BLUE WHALE - Normally I wander around until I find it, but with Dolphin here, we should be able to find it in a flash !
  176. B. DOLPHIN - Hey now ! My clicks don't reach that far ! But there's no need to worry. We have Blue Whale's song !
  178. The Friends turn to Blue Whale, who bashfully buries her mouth behind the cuffs of her sweater.
  180. BLUE WHALE - Wh-what about my song ?
  181. B. DOLPHIN - It's amazing and reaches really far ! I'm sure it'll bounce off the boat loud and clear even if it's far !
  182. BLUE WHALE - Oh...I guess I should do it then... (Closes her eyes) Please tell me if I'm too loud !
  184. Blue Whale takes a large inspiration and sings in a booming voice. As for Toki's song, there are ripples coming out of her mouth. Kaban's feathers and Serval's ears are blown back. However there are no discordant sounds. Dolphin is seen focusing, turning her head around in all directions. She then smiles and points somewhere.
  186. B. DOLPHIN - There ! It's definitely in that direction !
  187. KABAN - That...That was an amazing song, Blue Whale-san !
  188. SERVAL - Really ? I feel a little dizzy....
  189. BLUE WHALE - I-I'm sorry ! I like singing when I know I'm alone, but I have such a powerful voice, I'm concerned I might trouble everyone...
  190. B. DOLPHIN - You're no bother at all, Blue Whale ! Cheer up ! And for now, let's push Kaban and Serval to the boat together, okay ?
  191. BLUE WHALE - S-sure...! I'm happy to help !
  193. Both marine Friends dive back into the water, and again the bus is shown to sail at a quick pace. Then comes a close-up on the main duo.
  195. SERVAL - You know, Dolphin has really good ideas ! She's kind of like you, Kaban-chan !
  196. KABAN - Yes, she is pretty smart ! I'm glad we have her help !
  198. -----
  200. The scene cuts to a photograph of an oceanopolis with the Dolphin Friend swimming slowly underwater behind the glass. A zookeeper addresses the audience.
  202. ZOOKEEPER N°1 - Dolphins are very intelligent and playful. Even in the wild, they've been known to enjoy human company, and even sometimes collaborate with fishermen. Some of them have even been found to cover their snouts with sponges so they wouldn't get hurt foraging the sea floor. Like all cetaceans, they can't breathe underwater, instead they breathe through the blowhole at the top of their head and store air for long periods of time. In the zoo, they can be very affectionate with their caretakers.
  204. The next shot is of the Blue Whale Friend swimming in a large expanse of open water.
  206. ZOOKEEPER N°2 - Blue Whales are the biggest animal on Earth. That of course means we don't actually have one of them in our zoo. Nobody does. Many say they are 30 meters long, but the average is closer to 26. They have a unique way of feeding. They do not have teeth, so they swallow water and rely on huge bristles in their mouth to keep all the krill inside. Despite being such a large animal, it never feeds of anything bigger than these very small crustaceans.
  208. -------
  210. The next scene shows the Japari Bus being pushed forward a clearly human-made boat, about 20 meters long, looking like it's made for fishing more than war or leisure. It has a large antenna on top, but like most of the vessel, it's in disrepair. Oddly, floaters have been placed all around the hull. Dolphin and Whale gently push the bus until it reaches a ladder leading to the deck. All four Friends climb aboard. Serval runs around a bit, laughing.
  212. SERVAL - He he he he ! Wa ha ha ha ha ! It feels so good to be able to run again !
  213. BLUE WHALE - My, Serval sure is energetic, isn't she ?
  214. KABAN - She is from the savannah, a tiny boat must have been hard for her. I'm glad, Serval-chan !
  216. Serval continues to have fun for a while, stretching on her back, rolling around, and eventually scratching a  wooden pillar at the edge of the cabin.
  218. KABAN - So, is this where you get your Japari Buns ?
  219. B. DOLPHIN - Yes ! They're inside that cabin, in a pile that always grows back by itself !
  221. Kaban walks into the cabin, followed by the cetaceans and then Serval, all smiles. The interior is somewhat dark but there are enough windows to see. Its furnishings are pretty scarce, as there is just a bare table in the center and a desk in the back. Right to the side of the entrance is the aforementioned pile of Japari Buns. The four take one each, then follow Kaban as she goes to check the desk. They stand just a few steps back, watching her with interest as Kaban opens the drawers and takes some rolls of paper out. The next shot shows Kaban, from the front, unfurling one of them, and the others watching over her shoulder. The next one shows the map itself. It shows a small archipelago, the two biggest islands standing not too far apart.
  223. KABAN - That must be Japari Park and what Lucky-san called the Gokoku area. I could see the island not too long after leaving the harbor.
  224. SERVAL - But now we can't see it anywhere ! Japari Park is gone, too !
  225. KABAN - Yes, that means the storm must have landed us...
  227. She points at a small ship-shaped icon quite a ways down South, far from any shore.
  229. KABAN - Here. This picture should be the ship we're in. There are other ships but they're just too far away. It's strange for a ship to be on a map, though..Shouldn't it float away ?
  230. BLUE WHALE - Oh, I don't think you'd have to worry about that, there's a big chain going all the way to the bottom ! It's hard to find it in the open sea, but it's not going anywhere !
  231. B. DOLPHIN - Good thing, too ! I'd miss the Japari Buns if it went too far !
  232. SERVAL - So, if we want to reach the island, we just have to go up !
  234. Serval puts her hands on her hips and smiles, eyes closed.
  236. SERVAL - Umya ! Human maps aren't so hard, after all !
  237. KABAN - Ha ha ha...Serval-chan, there isn't really any "up". We have to go North, but we have no way of knowing where it is...
  238. SERVAL - Heeeh ? Really ? But up is just...(Extends both arms forward) Straight up, right ? And if you turn around it's...(Turns around, repeats the motion, but seems stunned for a second. She takes her head between her hands.) Heeeeh ?
  240. Serval lets out confused "mya"s as her head spins around. Kaban laughs softly, then turns back to the desk.
  242. KABAN - Don't worry ! I'm sure there's some other thing that will tell us where North is...
  244. She then checks each roll of paper, anxious to find anything of interest. Dolphin is seen taking the first map and turning it around, trying to make sense of it. Blue Whale looks at her, puzzled. Eventually, Kaban holds up another map.
  246. KABAN - Hmmh...This might be nothing, but...Serval-chan, Dolphin-san, Whale-san. Do you remember looking at the stars much ?
  247. SERVAL (Her ears perking up, turning around with a smile) - Of course ! The night sky in the Savannah was always so pretty ! It's so relaxing looking at the stars. Some of them go really fast sometimes !
  248. B. DOLPHIN - Right ? Right ? There were even some funny shapes !
  249. KABAN - Do you remember the stars looking like this drawing ?
  251. She shows them a star map. All three Friends bundle together to look at it.
  253. B. DOLPHIN - Definitely ! I recognize that funny bundle of stars ! And that one !
  254. SERVAL - I think I know that big star in the middle ! It appears at the beginning of the night, before all the others !
  255. BLUE WHALE - Oh, yes, Serval-chan, that one is one of the brighter ones, isn't it ?
  257. Kaban smiles as she rolls the map back up.
  259. KABAN - I'm glad ! The text calls this one the North Star !
  260. SERVAL - North Star ? I had no idea it had a name !
  261. BLUE WHALE - Does it help you ?
  262. KABAN - Yes ! If it's so easy to spot, all we have to do is wait for the night, and follow it until we reach the island !
  263. SERVAL - Waaah ! I had no idea stars were so useful ! Sugooi !
  264. B. DOLPHIN (jumping from joy) - Yay ! You found a way back ! I'll do my best to push you to the star !
  265. BLUE WHALE - I'm glad, I'm glad~
  267. The Friends smile and laugh together.
  269. SERVAL - Let's play until sundown !
  270. B. DOLPHIN - Yay ! What should we play ?
  271. SERVAL - How about Hunter and Prey ? It's my favorite !
  272. B. DOLPHIN - Sounds fun ! Just don't eat me, alright ?
  273. SERVAL - Ha ha ha ! I won't eat you !
  275. Serval and the cetaceans go ro the deck. Kaban stays behind, looking around.
  277. KABAN - Since Japari Buns are made here, this must mean...
  279. She looks under the desk, and searches or any doors. When that proves unfructuous, she just calls out...
  281. KABAN - Lucky Beast-san ? I'm a human, can you come out, please ?
  283. For a few moments, there seems to be no response. But then, a hidden panel opens up in one of the wall, revealing the familiar figure of a Lucky Beast. It hops towards Kaban, and emits processing sounds.
  285. BOAT'S LUCKY BEAST - You are a human. This is unexpected. This area is not supposed to be accessible to visitors.
  286. KABAN - This is just a place to make Japari Buns for the aquatic Friends, right ?
  287. BOAT'S LUCKY BEAST -- Correct. There is a hydroponics garden in the lower levels. It cannot produce many Japarin Buns a day, but that is enough for the few ocean area Friends. You should make your way back to Japari Park, but I'm afraid I cannot move this vessel from this location.
  288. KABAN - It's alright, I think I already found a way to go back to land. I have another question, actually.
  290. She shows the boat's lucky beast the wrist-mounted remains of the first lucky beast.
  292. KABAN - He got like that after a fight with a big Cerulean. He just stopped talking not long ago. Is he in trouble ?
  293. BOAT'S LUCKY BEAST (emitting more processing sounds) - Scanning. Scanning. I see. This is the central processor. It can function alone for a time, but that is not designed to be permanent. He may have initiated an emergency shutdown to protect himself from an overload of data, but he would have stopped functioning eventually.
  294. KABAN - Oh no...(Hangs her head down) I was worried it might have been something like that.
  295. BOAT'S LUCKY BEAST - Please do not worry ! In the Gokoku area, there is a place called Outpost Seven. It offers a number of useful services, but most importantly for you, there should be empty Lucky Beast casings there. Reassembling this unit should suffice to bring it back to full functionality.
  296. KABAN - Really ? He can go back to normal if I just find him a new body ?
  297. BOAT'S LUCKY BEAST - This is correct. Outpost Seven is near the southern coast of the Gokoku Area. You should get all the assistance you need there.
  298. KABAN - I hope there's still someone there...
  299. BOAT'S LUCKY BEAST - Do you need anything else ?
  300. KABAN - No, thank you. You were a big help !
  301. BOAT'S LUCKY BEAST - Have a nice day !
  303. The scene changes. It is nightfall, and the four are seen sitting on the ship's deck, merrily talking and snacking on Japari Buns. But Serval looks up to the sky, and smiles.
  305. SERVAL - It's the big star ! The North Star appeared !
  306. B. DOLPHIN - Yay ! Now we know where to push !
  307. BLUE WHALE - Get on board ! We'll have you on the island in no time !
  309. Serval and Kaban get back into the Japari Bus' cabin, and the cetaceans dive straight into the water. Right after, the Bus resumes its course.
  311. -----
  313. Later in the night, the Bus is seen approaching the island. Serval and Kaban are all smiles. A large cliff can be made into the distance, overlooking a beach and a shallow lagoon, framed by two jetties. The bus is approaching the left one. Serval and Kaban's smiles fade when they see what's on it.
  315. KABAN - So they're here too...
  317. On the jetty stands a tall, purple Cerulean. Its body structure is a stack of spheres, with only the top one featuring the black-pupiled eye. It gazes into the distance and doesn't turn to the Friends. A bunch of tentacles protrude from its body, lashing out constantly.
  319. B. DOLPHIN - What on Earth is that ?
  320. SERVAL - Heeh ? You have never seen a Cerulean before ?
  321. BLUE WHALE - I cannot say I have...
  322. KABAN - It makes sense, Serval-chan. Their weakness is water, there is no way Friends living in the ocean would have to deal with one...
  323. B. DOLPHIN - So what is it ? It's so colorful, I want to say it looks fun, but somehow I know it's bad news !
  324. SERVAL - It is !  It eats Friends and steals things from us. Don't ever let it eat you ! You have to hit their crystal.
  325. KABAN - Where is it ?
  326. SERVAL - I can see it ! There, at the top !
  328. Serval points at the back of the Cerulean's head. The crystal is clearly exposed, but...
  330. SERVAL - I can't jump there and destroy it, the tentacles are in the way !
  331. BLUE WHALE - Did you say its weakness was water ?
  333. Close up on Blue Whale's face. Her mellow expression has darkened considerably.
  335. BLUE WHALE - Not only does it eat Friends, but it wanders right next to what it should be afraid of ? A bit cocky, aren't we ? Dolphin-chan, please get ready to help Serval-chan get to the crystal.
  336. B. DOLPHIN - Waah, Blue Whale is getting serious !
  337. BLUE WHALE - I don't like the land, but I will not allow the Friends there to be in danger !
  339. She dips into the water and swims some ways away from the Bus. There is a rumble. Soon after, a gigantic splash of water gushes forth, utterly dwarfing the Cerulean. The seawater hardens much of the monster's surface, slowing the swinging tentacles to a crawl. The camera cuts to Serval sitting on Dolphin's shoulders. The latter is swimming at high speeds, then leaps out of the water.
  341. B. DOLPHIN - Now, Serval !
  342. SERVAL - Leave it to me ! Meeeoooow !
  344. The feline jumps off Dolphin, who dives back into the water with a spin. Serval soars all the way to the Cerulean's head, and brings down her claws on the exposed crystal. The Cerulean bursts into purple cubes, a lot of them already halfway turned into volcanic rock. Those who don't fall into the water turn into Sandstar vapors. Dolphin and Serval raise their arms in celebration.
  346. SERVAL - Yaay ! We won !
  347. B. DOLPHIN - Good job everyone !
  348. KABAN - That was amazing ! Marine Friends are really something !
  349. BLUE WHALE - I'm just glad it didn't hurt anyone.
  351. Dolphin throws herself at Whale and hugs her, giggling.
  353. BLUE WHALE - My, my, you're so enthusiastic, Dolphin-chan...
  355. -----
  357. In the next scene, the four are past the jetty and inside the lagoon. The water much more clear and shallow than in the open ocean. The area is also strewn with a lot of tiny, rocky islands. Dolphin and Whale are standing together in the water, Kaban is in the Bus' cabin, and Serval is standing on one of those islands, a length of rope tied to the Bus in her hands.
  359. BLUE WHALE - Are you sure you'll be fine now ?
  360. SERVAL - Yes ! Leave the pulling to me !
  361. BLUE WHALE - I'd accompany you, but the water here is so shallow, it's making me really uneasy...
  362. B. DOLPHIN - I think it's fun ! Maybe we could race between all the little islands !
  363. BLUE WHALE - I really don't think it'd be a good idea, Dolphin-chan...
  364. KABAN - Thanks for your help again ! I hope we can meet again !
  365. B. DOLPHIN & BLUE WHALE - Byyye !
  367. Serval starts jumping between islands and pulling the bus. She doesn't seem to have too much trouble doing it and even seems to enjoy herself.
  369. SERVAL - Mya ! Mya !
  370. KABAN - Still...I wonder what that Cerulean was doing ? It didn't seem to care about us...
  371. SERVAL - He thought those tentacles made it invincible ! He underestimated the Friends !
  372. KABAN - Maybe you're right...
  374. Serval keeps pulling the Bus along, and the camera follows it from several angles. One of them shows it from the side, going from left to right. But as the cabin reaches the middle of the screen, a familiar sight can be seen on one of the small rocky islands. It's Emperor Penguin, standing still, eyes blank. Three seconds after the Japari Bus has left the screen...
  376. KABAN - Serval-chan, waaaiit !
  378. -----
  380. Cut to Serval and Kaban standing close to the stunned Emperor Penguin.
  382. KABAN - Koutei-san, are you alright ?
  383. KOUTEI - Huh ? (Turns her head towards Kaban, her expression not changing much aside from her eyes getting their color back) Kaban ! Serval ! You're alright ! I'm glad...
  384. KABAN - I'm glad you made it through the storm too. Are you alone ?
  385. KOUTEI - Yes...I fell into this lagoon, and I swam to this island. I haven't seen anyone else...Have you ?
  386. SERVAL - No, we just arrived on the island, you're the first we met...
  387. KOUTEI - I...I see.
  388. SERVAL - You kept standing on that tiny island all this time ? Is there anything dangerous in the water ?
  389. KOUTEI - Oh, no, It's just...
  391. Cut to a flashback, showing Emperor Penguin arrive on the tiny rock.
  393. KOUTEI - I immediately thought I had to go find the others. After all, I'm the leader of PPP, leaders should risk it all for their band members, and their fans, too.
  395. Cut to her holding her arms in a pensive pose.
  397. KOUTEI - I tried to think how best to go looking for everyone, whether I should try swimming around the island, or head inland...
  399. Then to her holding her head, distressed.
  401. KOUTEI - But then I realized I wasting time overthinking it, that as a leader I should be decisive, like Princess...
  403. And finally to her stunned, dead-eyed pose.
  405. KOUTEI - I guess I just stiffened up.
  407. Cut back to the present, with Emperor Penguin hanging her head down, and Kaban and Serval smiling.
  409. SERVAL - It's fine ! We'll go look for everyone together !
  410. KOUTEI - Yes, you're right. I'm sure they're all safe in this new island !
  412. The three stare into the distance.
  414. KABAN - We had some trouble, but we are finally here. We'll look for all the others, and for my species !
  415. SERVAL (arms thrown up) - I can't wait !
  417. Cut to the opening.
  419. -----
  421. After the opening, a new scene appears. It's daytime, and in a different environment. It is on dry land, on grassy soil. The very top of a cliff can be seen on the bottom of the screen. In front of it stand Common Raccoon and Fennec, along with a new Friend.
  423. RACCOON - Wow ! We're so high up ! I can see the sea from here !
  424. FENNEC - Be careful not to fall, Arai-san ! (Turns to the new Friend) What did you say your name was ?
  426. She is a feline Friend, though compared to Serval she has brown clothes and hair and smaller, round ears. She also wears a scarf instead of a bowtie. Her eyes seem a bit dull. She answers timidly.
  428. CAT FRIEND - I-I'm Iriomote Cat. Nice you...
  430. Order : Carnivora
  431. Family : Felidae
  432. Genus : Prionailurus
  433. Iriomote Cat
  435. RACCOON - You know this island, right ? You gotta help us find Kaban and the others, nanoda !
  436. IRIOMOTE CAT - No, sorry, I'm not from here, I...I came from the Ryukyu Area.
  437. FENNEC - Ooh...So you're a traveller too, aren't you ?
  438. IRIOMOTE CAT - I'm looking for my friends, the Shiisaas. If I don't find them...If I don't...
  439. RACCOON - Oh no ! The whole park might be in danger, nanoda ?!
  440. IRIOMOTE CAT - Well, I...huh...
  441. RACCOON - I'll find these Shiisaas ! I'll rise to Kaban-chan's example and save all the Friends too, nanoda !
  443. -------
  447. EMPEROR PENGUIN - Next time, we'll learn about seabirds ! (...) ...Eeh ? Oh, right..I'm the only one for now. But aren't penguins seabirds too ? Maybe the others are hanging with their new friends ! Is this cheerful enough for an idol leader ? Maybe I should just sing. Papapipupepepepapapapapepapu ! Next time : "Windy Cliffs" !
  449. ------
  451. Current episode list :
  452. : Episode 1 - Ocean
  453. : Episode 2 - Windy Cliffs
  454. : Episode 3 - Outpost Seven
  455. : Episode 4 - Savannah Trouble !
  456. : Episode 5 - Jungle Treetops
  457. : Episode 6 - Dry Lakes
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