118 (SQ) Pain Train [M. Donkey Godhand] MLPFEMTORPG

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  1. Name: Pain Train
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Race: Donkey
  4. Class: Godhand (Monk/Paladin)
  5. Talent: Outside Assistance (Manager: passive/Once per combat; Pain Train's manager, Mr. Market Margin [or Triple M for short], accompanies Pain Train to most fights he gets into, and usually does the talking for him. Once per combat, Pain Train can use one of Triple M's four manager abilities. Triple M cannot enter combat or fight.)
  6. Hit/Wounds: 5/5
  7. Alignment: Lawful Evil
  9. Soul Quest
  11. Path (The Mighty): often called Nobles or Warriors, are aligned with the direction North, the concept of Matter and sturdy Foundations, the time of Night, and the Winter.
  12. Once an encounter; the Mighty can transform a success into a critical success. This is declared after the success is made.
  14. Souls Equipped
  15. -Offense: Gecko Berserker
  16.     Offense: Rage; passive: You gain +2 Normal Attacks [Cleave, Dual Attack, etc]. You cannot use Weapon skills.
  17.         Drawback: -1 to all rolls with Weapon-tag skills [Blast, Marksman Shot, etc]
  18. -Defense:  Thief
  19.     Narrow Escape; recharge 4: This skill can only be used while Helpless. On success, recover and become Stealthed.
  20. -Utility: Gambler
  21.     Lucky Number; passive: If you crit a roll while in combat, you can 'pocket' the crit. Your roll instead counts as a minimum success, and you store the crit for later use. At any time, even during a later combat, you may choose to invoke the stored crit instead of rolling. You must declare you are doing this BEFORE rolling an action. You can only pocket one crit at a time
  24. All Souls Currently Equipped: Fire Elemental, Speed Elemental, Lesser Feline, Lesser Canine, Bear, Rhino, +1 Fish, +1 Fruit, Gecko Knight, Ogre, Troll, Gecko Berserker, Gambler, Swordsage, Fae, Warblade, Thief, Pugilist, Paladin
  26. Skills:
  27.   (Free Racial) Unbreakable Will: passive; famously stubborn, donkeys are immune to mind control, domination, intimidation and suggestion.
  28.   (Racial) Disgruntled: Instant Automatic, Once per combat; While not as hostile or confrontive as some of the other more violent races, Donkeys seem to be more prone to irritation, distrust and isolationism. Some people are beyond redemption however and deserve a good kick between the eyes. Anytime during combat you can declare a loathing on a single enemy. All offensive attack rolls gain +1 against that target. Other targets however slip your mind giving you a -1 to attacking them (with the exception of AoE skills that include your object of irritation). You can end your loathing once the target is helpless, dead or decides to submit themselves to your mercy.
  29.   (Free Multiclass) Fists of Fury: Instant Automatic, Recharge 1; You cannot use any weapons, but your hands can count as any single weapon type. Changing this type is an instant automatic action, and the type lasts until changed. However, you need to change types before you roll an attack, not after.
  30.   (Class) Shatter: weapon, recharge 2; Breaks the target's defenses, opening them up for attack. Any attacks against a Shattered target crit on a 8+ for one round. Can be used against inanimate objects to break and damage them efficiently.
  31.   (Class) Tumble: Recharge 1; Roll past an enemy, striking them. You may use this ability from helplessness. A successful Tumble from helplessness brings you to your feet.
  33. Manager Abilities:
  34. (Manager) Squared Circle: Market makes sure the opponent knows where the fight is, and when it's going down. Enemies can't flee from a set area and only one opponent maximum can attack Pain Train per round.
  35. (Manager) No DQs: Triple M sneaks a foreign object into the battle for Pain Train to use in battle. Till the end of the combat, Pain Train gains a masterwork weapon with one free point he can assign from the Masterwork weapon skill. Fists of Fury does not affect the use of this weapon, but it disappears at the end of combat.
  36. (Manager) Draw Heat: Market Margin channels the negative energy of a thousand booing crowds to stress an enemy and give him the heel. Target makes all dice rolls at DC+1, and is likely to be seen as the villain of the fight.
  37. (Manager) Hype: Whether through a motivational speech or through clever advertising, Mr. Market makes the party look like badasses. All attack rolls in melee combat done by allies get +1, as well as looking a lot more painful then they may have been.
  39. Inventory:
  40. Hoof Wraps
  41. Black Shorts
  42. Championship Belt
  43. Dufflebag: Towel, Deodorant, Change of Clothes, Protein Bars, 2x Water Bottles, Multivitamins, Whey Protein Powder
  45. Traits:
  46. Pain Train is a male Donkey. He has short bistre fur that seems to constantly glisten with sweat, and has russet eyes. Pain Train doesn't talk much. When he does, it's with his fists. Pain Train's the currently holder of the Saddlemania Series ETF (Equestria Tusslin' Foundation) Championship Belt. However, during the offseason, Pain trains via adventuring. To keep his PR in a positive light while going on these adventures, his manager Market Margin accompanies him. A unicorn with khaki fur, a balding black mane, and two blue eyes; it's Market's duty to act as a mouth for the muscle that is Pain Train. Due to company policy, you must be informed that the branding of "Pain Train", his signature moves "Railroad Spike" and "Tumbleweed", and finisher "The Watertrough" are all trademarks of ETF Incorporated LCD; All rights reserved.
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