Umineko2 Notes

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  1. - George and Shannon are at an aquarium
  2. - George and Shannon awkwardly flirt
  3. - George used to feel jealous of other couples
  4. - Shannon says that even if it isn't the real sea that if the fish inside believe it is the then to them it is the sea
  5. - Shannon only has tea and a salad
  6. - George had toast, salad and coffee
  7. - They are in Okinawa
  8. - George teases Shannon
  9. - He says that he understands why people tease people now, he can play with their emotions but he says that he has to treat her lightly
  10. - Shannon feeds George cake
  11. - George said that being fed cake this way had been a dream of his for years
  12. - George says that he never dreamed that they would be in a relationship and asks if she feels the same. She umms and ers (could be embarassment, could be that she doesn't feel the same)
  13. - George "Our relationship happened thanks to your believing heart. Magic dwells in the power of feeling. So I'm sure that magic has brought us together."
  14. - Shannon says that a miracle really did happen
  15. - George doesn't want to attribute their relationship to a miracle but doesn't tell Shannon that
  16. - George says that if this were repeated a hundred times, they may only be able to get into a relationship 1 time
  17. - Shannon disagrees and says that it really is magic
  18. - She says that Kanon didn't believe her either
  19. - George says that he doesn't want Shannon to call him "George-sama"
  20. - Shannon gives George her real name "Sayo"
  21. - Cut to a scene of someone in the ocean (?)
  22. - "Old fate was broken"
  23. - "In the past, tomorrows were literally like a mirror to me"
  24. - The old fate was to be the same person every day, every day would be exactly the same
  25. - "The witch whispers. She tempts me to take a bite out of the fruit of knowledge"
  26. - "She torments me, saying that as long as I stay in the paradise of god, I'll remain furniture."
  27. - Talking about the shrine and Torii
  28. - Mirror in the shrine
  29. - Old mirror which is dim and dirty
  30. - Made you feel some kind of divinity
  31. - Not merely a mirror (has an important meaning)
  32. - The narrator says that it is their life up until that day and "seize a life from beyond the mirror
  33. - The narrator has talked with the witch and the witch has compelled her to do this
  34. - Narrator talks about the "key that opens the path to a new future"
  35. - Says that they will no longer be furniture but human
  36. - The narrator is Shannon
  37. - Says that she kept her promise and now the witch must keep hers
  38. - Says that she is banished from paradise
  39. - Saying that strugling by yourself is the sole element of the world
  40. - Opening song happens (yay!)
  41. - Girl saying she couldn't imagine the happiness that she has today
  42. - Remembers back to middle school
  43. - This narrator is still Shannon
  44. - Says that receiving an education was more than enough to make her happy
  45. - Eva and family visit Rokkenjima
  46. - Kinzo told about the visit but he hasn't come down yet
  47. - Hideyoshi says that people who don't spend their whole life studying are fools
  48. - Talking about studying. George is good at his studies and Jessica is bad at them
  49. - Jessica spent a lot of time and effort putting on her makeup
  50. - Jessica really does not seem to get along well with her parents
  51. - Natsuhi is enthusiastic about Jessica's education
  52. - Shannon comes in
  53. - Jessica leaves to wander the garden
  54. - Natsuhi lashes out at Shannon and Shannon serves tea
  55. - Shannon cowers and Natsuhi gets madder
  56. - George begins speaking about the tea to dispense the atmosphere
  57. - Tea trivia because why not
  58. - The grownups like knowing about luxury items (Hideyoshi mentions cigarettes and alcohol; Eva mentions medicine to tease Natsuhi)
  59. - Ushiromiya's not nice to their servants, it's not often that someone would help them when the atmosphere got tense
  60. - Shannon starts making mistakes when she is nervous
  61. - Jessica and Shannon talk about how George saved her, in the rose garden
  62. - Jessica says that she heard that family-oriented girls are his type
  63. - She then discribes Shannon in this way (does Shannon want to have a family?)
  64. - Jessica is trying to hook them up
  65. - Jessica loves these kind of love stories
  66. - They see George exit the mansion
  67. - He says that Kinzo finally came down so now Kinzo and the grownups are talking
  68. - George says that he thinks that Kinzo thinks of them as the angel of death
  69. - George says that he left when they started asking to borrow money
  70. - This was not the customary Oct. reunion. This was Eva and Hideyoshi coming to ask for a business loan
  71. - George wishes that he could sit in on the meeting so that he can learn
  72. - Eva apparently chased him out
  73. - Shannon says that Kinzo still scolds the siblings like they were children
  74. - The servants don't want to be in the same place when Kinzo does this to his children because then they are punished
  75. - Shannon doesn't know any boys aside from her classmates and George.
  76. - Classmates described as young and didn't have the composure that George had
  77. - Shannon thanks George and George plays dumb. Jessica teases Shannon for it
  78. - Shannon usually only pretending to listen since their work does not matter to her as furniture
  79. - George described as about average in terms of looks and that he didn't stick out
  80. - Jessica and Shannon ask about George's love life.
  81. - George says that he still doesn't have a girlfriend
  82. - George hasn't been praised by a girl?
  83. - Jessica continues teasing George
  84. - Jessica suggests a 'pretend' date for George and Shannon
  85. - Eva comes out into the garden looking for George
  86. - Jessica asks Eva to tell how she and Hideyoshi met. Eva doesn't
  87. - Eva wants to show off George to Kinzo
  88. - They are going to talk about 'that' topic (marriage?)
  89. - Jessica suspects marriage as well
  90. - Jessica says that it's a 'Marriage meeting'
  91. - George confirms it is a marriage meeting
  92. - George wants to find a partner himself
  93. - Goerge still doesn't feel like he's become an adult
  94. - Eva is trying to make a good business marriage
  95. - Eva says that you start to like someone you marry not vice versa
  96. - Eva says that it was that way with Hideyoshi, she started to like him after being married to him
  97. - Eva says that this decision is best left to her and Hideyoshi, who have more life experience
  98. - Eva says that George is the only grandson to carry father's blood (Battler?)
  99. - Eva promises to not select someone based on her and Hideyoshi's profit
  100. - Eva says that she's never failed to think of his sake. George agrees
  101. - Eva "I'm sure you'll find a perfect match for a lowly servant like yourself."
  102. - Eva taunts and puts Shannon in her place
  103. - Eva malicious
  104. - Shannon now depressed, says that she is furniture
  105. - Natsuhi says that Shannon has been too careless recently
  106. - New servant mentioned: Runon (she's female)
  107. - Shannon makes sure that the job is done completely
  108. - Runon skips steps where she can
  109. - Shannon talks back and Natsuhi punishes her by making her clean the reception hall
  110. - Shannon is envisioning George saving her from Natsuhi's scolding
  111. - Kanon appears and calls her clumsy
  112. - Kanon's footsteps were quieter than a cat's, and he left no trace of his presence
  113. - Kanon shows a face of hatred
  114. - Says that Natsuhi and Runon can go to hell
  115. - Runon only cleans the areas that Natsuhi checks
  116. - Kanon offers to help clean the reception hall
  117. - Kanon says that his soul was corrupted long ago
  118. - Shannon calls Natsuhi cruel
  119. - The portrait of the witch is not the picture's true name
  120. - "The name of the woman with elegant blonde hair, drawn as the subject of that protrait was Beatrice."
  121. - It was in Shannon's character not to neglect the rumors about the witch and so she is respectful to her
  122. - Treats the portrait carefully
  123. - Shannon says that she is not a person
  124. - Shannon says that she is furniture who has been given a heart that can know love
  125. - Beatrice appears (?)
  126. - Beato says that humans have always looked for the elements that make up the world
  127. - Beato "A singe man appeared, guided by a star, and finally explained the single element that makes up the world."
  128. - It says that she 'existed'
  129. - 'Not just a daydream'
  130. - Beato says that the single element is love
  131. - The year the man was born was called the start of the modern era
  132. - Beatrice says that since Shannon's love is unfulfilled, the world is unfulfilled
  133. - Beato says that Adam and Eve learned of love when they ate the forbidden fruit
  134. - Beato says that love and suffering is what makes us human and now that Shannon knows love and suffering she is 'human'
  135. - Beato offers to bring Shannon and George together
  136. - Kumasawa may have told Shannon the torii and shrine's history
  137. - "A traveling mountaineering ascetic or someone had built it or wished it or something"
  138. - Beatrice says that the shrine and torii are 'restraining' her
  139. - Beato wants Shannon to break the mirror that is inside of the shrine
  140. - Beato effectively says that she and the mirror are incompatible
  141. - Beato says that she can grant all the gold that she gave Kinzo to Shannon instead
  142. - Dotted "The unbreakable days until today will continue into tomorrow and the next day"
  143. - Shannon feels like breaking the mirror is doing it for her own sake for some reason
  144. - It seemed like some premise had been switched
  145. - Beato offers Shannon a choice of break the mirror and be with George or don't and never be with George
  146. - Beato says that there is a time limit on the magic necessary to grant Shannon's wish (why?)
  147. - Beato says that she knows who George is having the marriage meeting with and that that person is the most suitable for George in the whole world
  148. - Beato is starting to sound exactly like Eva
  149. - Kanon appears and tells Beato to stop it
  150. - Kanon is rude to Beato and it seems like Beato is about to attack him or something
  151. - Shannon apologizes for Kanon and Beato forgives him
  152. - Beato says that she will leave them a souvenir
  153. - Their hands are outstretched as if by some invisible force
  154. - More butterflies
  155. - Butterflies hurt yo'
  156. - Butterfly bruise/burn
  157. - Shannon assumes that Kanon has the same kind of bruise
  158. - Beato says that the bruise will heal in a few days
  159. - Cut to Shannon telling Jessica that she and George slept in seperate rooms during their vacation
  160. - Shannon likes fish (idk it might be important, don't judge me)
  161. - Jessica has an asthma attack
  162. - Jessica is actually upset about not having a boyfriend
  163. - Jessica says that Saku and Hina found boyfriends (friends of hers maybe?)
  164. - Shannon seems to have some kind of complex where she isn't allowed to be happy
  165. - Jessica "I also, ... want to fall, in love..."
  166. - Scene change to daytime
  167. - Beatrice comes to visit Shannon as she is watering the flower beds
  168. - Beato was sitting on the rose arch
  169. - Beato says that talking rudely is just her personality
  170. - Beato has been appearing now and then to Shannon
  171. - Shannon had apparently received a butterfly brooch from Beato and tries to return it. Beato refuses
  172. - Beato says that she has given magical things to people before and not been thanked or people had thought badly of her
  173. - Wavelength theory again
  174. - Shannon sees Beato hitting Natsuhi on her head with her pipe
  175. - It seems like Beato feels sorry for Kinzo
  176. - She says that Kinzo has no talent but only has studied and accomplished to rank of magician that way
  177. - Beato says that Kinzo's talent in business was his own. As was his talent at gambling
  178. - Beato says that Kinzo has been looking for the truth of the world (love?)
  179. - Beato says that she has been 'sewn in place' and cannot leave the island
  180. - Kinzo has restricted her somehow?
  181. - Beato says that the shrine and torii were there for the repose of lost souls and that the souls were sealed there
  182. - She says that the foundation of that magic was different and caused interference
  183. - Beato says that she's going soft
  184. - "Knowing love was the same as gaining a soul."
  185. - She feels 'reborn'
  186. - Kanon has been watching
  187. - Beato dissapears
  188. - Kanon keeps insisting that they can't trust Beato since she isn't human
  189. - Kanon saying something about their birth as furniture
  190. - "After being baptized as furniture in his days of suffering, his heart was firmly sealed"
  191. - Shannon gives Kanon her brooch
  192. - Something is cut out of Shannon's speech about the sea being blue, probably the word 'love'
  193. - Kanon and Kinzo meet outside of the mansion in the garden
  194. - Kinzo is always thinking about his 'research'
  195. - Kanon says that it will rain soon
  196. - Kinzo says that if his children ask where he is, to tell them that he (Kanon) does not know
  197. - Kinzo is wondering what is lacking in Beatrice's revival
  198. - Kanon sees Beato behind Kinzo as he sits there crying for her
  199. - Beato has a sorrowful or pitying expression
  200. - Beato says that, without love he will not be able to see 'it' (does that mean her? something else? is it different for different people?)
  201. - Kanon looks at his brooch and looks back. Beato is gone
  202. - Jessica's cultural festival
  203. - Jessica is waiting for someone
  204. - Jessica's friends talking about their boyfriends
  205. - To Jessica's friends consider the cultural festival a boyfriend exhibition
  206. - Jessica has no boyfriend, though she has lots of guy friends
  207. - Jessica is pretending that she has a boyfriend (she's definitely going to have Kanon pretend to be her bf)
  208. - Shannon was the one to suggest a fake bf
  209. - Shannon teases Jessica
  210. - Jessica gets embarrassed by the idea of having Kanon be her fake boyfriend
  211. - Jessica chews her thumb
  212. - "Shannon had been with Kanon the whole time at the orphanage, so she had known him before they had started working" (Shannon has been working for 10 years, do they go back to the orphanage when they are not working?)
  213. - Jessica curious about Kanon
  214. - Jessica eventually agrees to the plan of having Kanon pretend to be her bf
  215. - Kanon always has a sour look
  216. - Jessica asks him on one of Kanon's 'bad days'
  217. - Kanon says that he is indebted to Shannon
  218. - Kanon does show up and Jessica's friends fall all over him
  219. - Jessica falls all over herself
  220. - Kanon thinks he has made things hard for Jessica by coming
  221. - Jessica beats up all of her friends (she has brass knuckles)
  222. - To Kanon, the greatest virtue was to always be composed and intellectual
  223. - Kanon has the responsiblity to report everything that he sees and hears to Kinzo
  224. - Natsuhi is the president of the PTA
  225. - Natsuhi will not see Jessica perform
  226. - Jessica comes onto the stage
  227. - Jessica has been practicing in secret? (coming home later than usual)
  228. - Jessica sings for the crowd
  229. - Huge Higurashi reference
  230. - Jessica's sense of self is killed on Rokkenjima
  231. - Jessica's time off the island is valuable to her
  232. - Kanon revises his opinion of Jessica
  233. - The servants 'end their lives on Rokkenjima'
  234. - Natsuhi says that she was 'watching'
  235. - Jessica is the student president
  236. - Krauss wants Jessica to have the experience of 'standing above people' and 'bearing responsibility'
  237. - Natsuhi critiques Jessica's speech
  238. - Jessica does not go straight to her room, she goes to the rose garden
  239. - Kanon pops out of nowhere
  240. - Kanon says that they 'really are' furniture
  241. - Was Kanon jealous?
  242. - Jessica tells Kanon not to just give up and accept being furniture
  243. - Kanon seems interested in the idea of making another part of yourself that you can really like
  244. - Jessica had created a 'real' Jessica outside of her family
  245. - Kanon does not say his real name to Jessica
  246. - He pretends that he has forgotten (?)
  247. - Kanon rejects the idea that he is human
  248. - He says that he and Jessica are different beings
  249. - Kanon says that he cannot love Jessica
  250. - Kanon thanks Jessica for thinking of him as human
  251. - Jessica is disheartened
  252. - Kanon gets the feeling that he made a huge mistake
  253. - Beato appears
  254. - Kanon says that she is not a cupid but a demon who is tormenting people who can't be joined
  255. - Beato knows that Shannon and George will not work out, she enjoys watching people suffer
  256. - Beato says that the same thing happened to Kinzo and that is why he is as he is now
  257. - She calls him a 'dead man that can't fully die'
  258. - Beato calls the brooch a catalyst
  259. - The brooch 'evaporates'
  260. - Beato says that it is hard to stay in that form without the brooch but that she will gain power and revive
  261. - Beato "As long as there are those that entertain me, I will surely gain power and revive"
  262. - Beato says that she will 'wake the greedy dead'
  263. - Now from Beato's pov
  264. - Says that the human world is pleasant
  265. - Says to go insane with love and gold and that those who don't aren't human
  266. - Says that she sees why the word furniture is fitting
  267. - She says that she cannot control furniture
  268. - Says that two seeds of love have been sown
  269. - Says that there are three with the one that is already sown
  270. - Kinzo is in his room crying for Beatrice with Genji attending
  271. - Jessica is in the hallway crying for Kanon and Kumasawa hears from her room
  272. - George says that he 'hasn't built up his castle' and only once he does can he be thought of as a man
  273. - He wants to marry Shannon after that
  274. - He says that his heart won't allow him to do that anymore and that he wants to give her an engagement ring now
  275. - George plans to have a ring made and give it to Shannon at the family conference
  276. - George promises to make Shannon happy
  277. - Beatrice's pov again
  278. - She says that she is looking forward to seeing the situation ripen
  279. - Beato "The gold butterflies do not swoop upon the juice of overripe and rotting fruit."
  280. - Finally October 4th
  281. - New pov
  282. - Someone eating breakfast at a coffee shop in a station
  283. - Shop decorated for Halloween
  284. - Rosa pov
  285. - Maria pleased with decoration
  286. - Halloween not as popular in Japan
  287. - Rosa warning Maria to lower her voice. Maria don't care
  288. - Rosa used to give in to Maria. Now doesn't.
  289. - Rosa 'turned the part of her heart that wanted to pamper her beloved daughter into a demon'
  290. - Rosa getting discouraged at her powerlessness
  291. - Maria is being an annoying ****
  292. - Maria gets given a sweet
  293. - Rosa gets angry
  294. - Rosa hits Maria and gives sweet back to old lady
  295. - People on the train judging Rosa
  296. - Rosa pulls Maria off the train and slaps her again
  297. - Rosa again says that the reason that Maria can't make friends in her class is because of her habit
  298. - Rosa blames Maria for the fact that Maria's dad doesn't come back and that she can't remarry
  299. - Rosa then regrets what she did to Maria
  300. - Rosa 'comes back' in Maria's mind
  301. - Maria says that Rosa was only being possessed by and evil witch
  302. - Maria wants a pumpkin marshmallow on a stick to show to George
  303. - Rosa had initially refused to buy it after breakfast but now will buy it
  304. - Rosa had been running a little close since she had to pick out Maria's clothes
  305. - Maria is 'everything Rosa had'
  306. - Maria is chuckling to herself
  307. - Cut to Natsuhi and Krass talking
  308. - Krauss apologizes for pushing all of his problems onto Natsuhi
  309. - Natsuhi says that Krauss' work never goes badly
  310. - Krauss wasn't wrong about his predictions, the profits were just too slow
  311. - Krauss knows that his business will succeed, he just needs a partner.
  312. - He doesn't want to give up his venture or someone else will take his place
  313. - Krauss has given up and failed before
  314. - Krauss is very torn up about the fact that he doesn't believe in himself enough to see his own projects through
  315. - Krauss asks if there will be any problems with Kinzo
  316. - Natsuhi says that there won't be since Genji and Nanjo are on their side
  317. - Natsuhi says that she will never allow the other siblings to see Kinzo
  318. - Gohda is bragging about the upcoming dinner to Genji
  319. - Genji asks if Kumasawa is there
  320. - They were talking on the telephone
  321. - Genji thinks about the lazy workers (Gohda and Kumasawa)
  322. - Genji "I guess Milady wants the four cousins to stay up until late in the night" (possibly refering to Jessica?)
  323. - Genji says not to tell Natsuhi about the preparations
  324. - Kanon says that they will have the night shift and morning shift
  325. - Shannon mentions the coming typhoon
  326. - Genji confirms that there will be a typhoon
  327. - Genji tells Shannon 'not to be in a hurry' and to 'calm herself'
  328. - Genji says that they will be entertaining a 'very important guest'
  329. - Genji "Kanon. In the truest sense, we will receive an (dotted) important guest (end dotted) today"
  330. - George is practicing proposing
  331. - Rudolf comes in to the bathroom
  332. - Kyrie "No matter how old they get, older brothers always treat their younger sisters like children."
  333. - Hideyoshi can't find candy
  334. - Repeat of the beginning of Episode 1
  335. - Rosa "Women are animals that are born again in only one day when they have a change of heart"
  336. - Maria is afraid of Battler like before
  337. - Battler notices the candy in Maria's hand
  338. - Maria is pleased that Battler knows about Halloween
  339. - Maria gives Battler a second candy like hers (where did she get two?)
  340. - Adults amazed at how Battler made friends with Maria
  341. - Maria says that she wants to dress up as a witch, Beatrice for Halloween
  342. - Scene change to Jessica in front of the portrait
  343. - Kumasawa tells Jessica that Natsuhi was looking for her
  344. - Jessica says that she doesn't want to be found
  345. - Jessica says that she feels uneasy about the witch on the day of the family conference
  346. - Jessica says that it's because it is the day when everybody related to Kinzo gathers
  347. - Jessica wonders if some 'relative' who hasn't shown themselves for several decades won't appear
  348. - Kumasawa says that since the siblings will be talking about the inheritance, it would be natural for the witch who gave the gold to show up
  349. - Jessica asks if Kumasawa knows more about Beatrice since she's been there as long as Genji
  350. - Kumasawa says that she has memory problems and so she can't remember more about Beatrice
  351. - Kumasawa says that Rokkenjima used to be feared and called Azukishima
  352. - 'Azuki' could be a mispronounced version of 'Azukiji'
  353. - 'Azuki' is the Azuki Bean, 'Akujiki' is 'Evil Appetite'
  354. - Kumasawa says that evil spirits settled on the island and ate souls
  355. - That is why the shrine and torii were built
  356. - Thunderbolt destroyed the shrine according to Kumasawa (?)
  357. - Kumasawa says that the evil spirits woke up and summoned Beato
  358. - Scene change to Rudolf talking with Kyrie
  359. - The 'other party' doesn't plan on withdrawing from the trial
  360. - Rudolf is being prosecuted by the 'other party'
  361. - Has Rudolf stolen someone's brand name or something?
  362. - It seems like Rudolf can't come up with the money needed in a settlement, however, he may be able to lower the ammount that the 'other party' is asking for (may still be too much)
  363. - Rudolf said something about having 'thick pipelines' in Asia
  364. - Rudolf needs 'ten million'? (yen? dollars?)
  365. - Rudolf has always depended on Kinzo's support
  366. - Scene change to Kinzo and Nanjo talking in Kinzo's room
  367. - Kinzo says that he has no intention on joining the siblings
  368. - Nanjo enjoys children and grandchildren
  369. - Kinzo "If the time I must leave this room comes, I will show myself. ... Just as that one does not show itself"
  370. - Kinzo means the witch?
  371. - Kinzo says that today he will hold a certain ceremony
  372. - Kinzo says that miracles only dwell within magics based on risk
  373. - Apparently a 'longed-for' guest will be present this year
  374. - Kinzo has not heard of this
  375. - Nanjo means Battler
  376. - Kinzo says that a truly longed for guest may appear
  377. - Telephone rings
  378. - Genji is calling saying that everyone has arrived
  379. - Kinzo is angry and tells him to serve them tea or something
  380. - Scene change to Purgatorio?
  381. - Battler says that as long as he remains an unbeliever he can't lose but says that the game is designed so that he can't win
  382. - Beato says that she'll beat him into submission
  383. - She describes it as eternal torture
  384. - He says that he's never lost in an 'endurance competition'
  385. - Beato asks if a 'witch somewhere suggest that to [him]' (Bern?)
  386. - Beato says that she already knows his moves
  387. - Battler says that it is torture for Beato instead
  388. - Freaking awesome scene that
  389. - 10:45am, Rose Garden
  390. - Maria's rose happens again
  391. - Battler talks about Halloween again
  392. - Narrator "Maria probably treasured that marshmallow jack-o-lantern candy that her mother had bought for her more than anything"
  393. - Maria has several of them and goes around giving them to people
  394. - Maria starts talking about Halloween and witches
  395. - Maria "In the interval between October and November, life and death become the closest they ever will."
  396. - Like the Bon festival
  397. - Maria knows a lot of trivia about witches and Halloween
  398. - Maria seems to know a lot about Beato
  399. - Rosa gets everyone away from the garden
  400. - Rosa says that not talking about witches is "our promise together" to Maria
  401. - Rosa lies about what Maria is doing
  402. - Rosa cries into the bed
  403. - Kanon had been hiding behind a thicket and had seen the whole ordeal with Rosa and Maria
  404. - Maria goes creepy again
  405. - Maria says that it would be easy for Beatrice to fix the candy
  406. - Kanon asks if Maria knows Beato
  407. - Maria suggests that that she and Kanon meet Beato and play
  408. - Scene change to inside the mansion
  409. - Kinzo is still not coming out
  410. - Eva is being a ***** as per usual
  411. - They are all discussing the fact that Kinzo is not coming down
  412. - Shannon enters
  413. - Kyrie gives Rosa advice
  414. - Ange does seem to be Kyrie's child
  415. - Kyrie invites Rosa to a tea-shop some time
  416. - Rosa (dotted) "just stay out there doing that forever"
  417. - The siblings begin without Rosa
  418. - Rosa goes out into the rose garden and finds Maria still in the same place
  419. - Maria says that Rosa was just possessed by a bad witch again
  420. - Maria says that Beatrice will come soon and so she doesn't want to leave
  421. - Narrator "At that time, there was a sudden and massive roar of thunder.
  422.   It was probably a sign. ... A sign that this island was closed off by the storm, detached from common sense and reality.
  423.   Therefore, after this moment, all common sense would probably be useless."
  424. - 'Beatrice' appears
  425. - Maria says that she is healthy and that witches don't catch colds (is she saying that she is a witch?)
  426. - Beatrice says that the jack-o-lantern is of a man trapped in purgatory and compares it to the island
  427. - Beatrice throws the sweet into the air and it bursts into butterflys and is restored
  428. - Maria has her eyes closed the whole time and only Rosa and Beatrice see it
  429. - Beatrice gives the candy back to Maria
  430. - The witch gives Maria a letter and tells her not to open it but that the time will come soon to open it
  431. - Beatrice "It will become an invitation calling you to the Golden Land."
  432. - Beatrice tells Maria that she must not show it to anyone
  433. - Rosa is given a second envelope
  434. - Beatrice "And Rosa, let us meet later. Allow me to name myself in that place."
  435. - As Beatrice enters Genji is there and greets her with a bow
  436. - He says that he has been waiting and calls her Beatrice-sama
  437. - Beatrice says that 'that person's' (Kinzo?) wife used to be jealous of Genji
  438. - Beatrice suggests that she greet Kinzo. She says it will be good to hurl curses at each other after 30 years
  439. - It seems like she knows the mansion well
  440. - Genji follows her as if he were serving her
  441. - Kyrie is coming out of the parlor
  442. - Kyrie sees Beatrice and Genji and is surprised although she doesn't show it
  443. - Kyrie recognizes that this guest has a pretty high rank in the Ushiromiya family
  444. - The portrait changes?
  445. - Beatrice challenges Kyrie for not knowing her name
  446. - Beatrice goes up to the second floor
  447. - Natsuhi comes behind Kyrie and taps her on the shoulder
  448. - It seemed to Kyrie that Natsuhi's speech was inducing her not to believe in the witch
  449. - Natsuhi offers to prepare some headache medicine for Kyrie
  450. - Genji and Beatrice reach Kinzo's study
  451. - Beatrice asks how long Kinzo has been in the study. Genji replies that it has been several years
  452. - The doorknob burns Beatrice's hand (?)
  453. - Beatrice says that she and Kinzo are nothing more than pieces laid out on the game board
  454. - She says that all that is left is to decide who wins and loses in the roulette
  455. - Beato "... The magic repellent could be here for that reason. ... Hmph ... I see, that is also honorable. ... Now, everything is on top of Kinzo's game board."
  456. - This happened at noon
  457. - Jump to 1:00pm
  458. - Kanon brings lunch to Beatrice
  459. - There is the witch's VIP room, which is always cleaned but no guests are allowed in so that it can be used for the witch
  460. - Beatrice looking out the window
  461. - Kanon tries to get her to turn around
  462. - Beatrice does look at Kanon
  463. - Beatrice says that Kanon is nervous about what she plans on doing
  464. - Beatrice says that she came to resolve her final promise with Kinzo
  465. - Kanon seems like he guessed something
  466. - Beatrice begins to recite the epitaph
  467. - Beatrice says that the day when everything will be returned to the Golden Land has come
  468. - Beatrice says that Kanon has no soul so his existence will be nothing but suffering
  469. - Beatrice says that regrets are her pleasure
  470. - Beatrice talks about people coming to see her skill at cooking (Bern?)
  471. - Kanon remembers Shannon and Jessica
  472. - Beatrice had 'planted regret' within Shannon
  473. - Beatrice had hoped to do the same thing to Kanon as she did to Shannon but Kanon did not go for Jessica
  474. - She says that because Kanon loved Shannon so much, her regrets became Kanon's regrets
  475. - Beatrice says that if Kanon kills her, then the day of rest for furniture will never come
  476. - Beatrice promises Kanon humanity
  477. - Beatrice says that she will be contented with Shannon
  478. - Starts quoting the epitaph again
  479. - Beatrice says that she is allowed to decide who is killed (?)
  480. - Narrator "Being released along with her love meant that she wouldn't be invited to the Golden Land, but she would become a human sacrifice for an evil ceremony, after receiving the limits of torture and pain...!"
  481. - Kanon kneels and kisses Beatrice's shoes
  482. - Beatrice filled with an evil emotion which she lived for
  483. - Relatives move out into the parlor
  484. - Rosa bought high-class tea from Ginza
  485. - Maria watching TV with Battler
  486. - Battler getting sleepy
  487. - Battler says that it's 'not his turn yet'
  488. - Jessica is annoyed, saying that you are always the main character in your own life and you have to get on the stage
  489. - Purgatorio
  490. - Beatrice says that the greatest reason that Battler denied her existence is because she was not laid out as a piece
  491. - Beatrice brings up the butterflies
  492. - Back to parlor
  493. - Battler is asleep and so the relatives move out of the parlor
  494. - Rudolf, Eva, Hideyoshi and Kyrie are talking about the appearance of Beatrice
  495. - Beatrice spoke as if she knew that Kyrie was Rudolf's second wife
  496. - The siblings are worried that Beatrice is someone who will lay claim to the fortune (mistress' daughter, manager of funds)
  497. - They suspect Krauss or Kinzo of bringing her in as a way to throw a spanner in the works
  498. - They don't quite know what she is after
  499. - The siblings know that their weak point is they all need money NOW
  500. - Kyrie thinks that part of Beatrice's strategy is surprise
  501. - If this is the case then the person probably does not have a rock solid claim to the inheritance at hand
  502. - Eva says that anything shown to them on Rokkenjima can't be accepted as truth
  503. - Being shut away from truth and surrounded by fiction
  504. - Maria says that she meets Beatrice every year
  505. - Maria doesn't know what year she started meeting Beatrice on the island
  506. - Before two years ago
  507. - Maria says that she and Beatrice sang songs and learned magic and how to write magic circles
  508. - Shows the magic circles from the first episode
  509. - Rosa thinks that someone other than Maria must have drawn them in the notebook
  510. - Maria says that Beatrice is always living on the island
  511. - Rosa "never encountered a witch like that, .... never, ... supposedly....."
  512. - Rosa remembers being frightened of the witch when she was a young girl
  513. - Rosa feels guilt for discussing the inheritance
  514. - Rosa is debating whether to open the note before dinner
  515. - Maria says that the letter that she was given hasn't been opened yet and that she is 'taking good care' of it
  516. - 4pm to 6pm
  517. - People know how Rosa scolds Maria
  518. - Children assume that Maria is in the mansion watching something
  519. - Shannon suggests that maria and Battler are playing together
  520. - Sahnnon remembers Battler from 6 years ago, she calls him energetic
  521. - Jessica also knows Shannon's real name
  522. - George and Shannon brag about their relationship
  523. - Jessica reminds George and Shannon of George's parents
  524. - George isn't worried. He's going to marry Shannon whether his parents approve or not
  525. - Jessica is jealous of their relationship
  526. - Phone rings and Jessica answers
  527. - Genji calling asking for Shannon
  528. - Scene change to kitchen
  529. - 19 plates
  530. - Gohda angry at Genji for not allowing him to deliver a plate to Kinzo
  531. - Kinzo said that only servants bearing the one winged eagle can enter his study
  532. - It seems that Kumasawa is the narrator here.
  533. - Gohda has had his pride damaged
  534. - Gohda says that Shannon and Kanon have no foundation which makes them able to interact with Beatrice
  535. - Shannon overhears Gohda's tirade
  536. - She feels ashamed
  537. - Kanon approaches from behind her from a blind spot in the hall along the wall near the entrance to the kitchen
  538. - Kanon is convinced that it is indeed Beatrice
  539. - Kanon tells Shannon that Beatrice and Kinzo will hold a ceremony
  540. - He also tells her that Beatrice told him that the door to the Golden Land will be open and everything will be returned to the Golden Land
  541. - Shannon and Kanon have been told what opening the door to the Golden Land meant
  542. - Kanon says that, because of love they can't obediently accept that their service is over
  543. - Shannon says that she had hoped for the day at one time but not anymore
  544. - Kanon says that Beatrice told him that George will give Shannon an engagement ring
  545. - Kanon says that Beatrice told him that if Shannon does not accept the ring then she would not be chosen as the sacrifice
  546. - Are the people killed decided by the witch or by chance?
  547. - Kanon says that the witch decides
  548. - Kanon says that he'll slip through Beatrice's hands and that he's not powerless
  549. - Kanon says that their lives are temporary and that they have to get real lives in the Golden Land
  550. - It seems that Kanon may be falling for Jessica too
  551. - Genji calls Shannon and Kanon disappears (didn't want people to see him cry?)
  552. - Scene change to Kinzo's room
  553. - Krauss calling for Kinzo, Kinzo wants his dinner in his office
  554. - Kinzo does not think of his family as family (with some good reason)
  555. - Nanjo had been in the study with Kinzo since before evening.
  556. - Kinzo is playing defensively, normally he has a strong offense
  557. - Kinzo thinks of chess as a game of reading thoughts
  558. - Nanjo says that there is another goal instead of just victory
  559. - Nanjo says that spending fun time with your friend is another goal
  560. - Kinzo says that he can no longer leave the room because the ceremony has begun
  561. - Kinzo seems to be feeling somewhat better
  562. - Kinzo seems more sentimental
  563. - Kinzo "Maybe in the Golden Land, or in Purgatory. Or maybe in the next world"
  564. - Kinzo says that he will repel the roulette and survive to the Golden Land
  565. - Scene change to the VIP room
  566. - Beatrice tells Shannon that her intention was to create mishchief and make things more interesting when they fail
  567. - Shannon still thanks Beato for the chance
  568. - Beatrice says that if she were truly human then hearing of her doom would make her mad with grief
  569. - She also says that they are going to die straight up
  570. - Shannon (dotted) "So I won't obey your orders."
  571. - Beatrice takes her refusal to obey as her being interesting
  572. - Beatrice says that she did tell Kanon about sparing her for the second twilight
  573. - She says that it is only for the second twilight
  574. - She also says that Kanon cried and screamed for this
  575. - Shannon sees through it
  576. - Shannon "I don't know you. ...I will carry out the fate that has been given to me. So I won't entertain you."
  577. - Beatrice (dotted) "I don't know youu...?"
  578. - Beatrice says the above with an expression of hatred
  579. - It seems that Shannon believes that the witch decides who dies but also doesn't
  580. - Beatrice says that she 'lives off your fates'
  581. - Beatrice "for all of you, fate is just a Fragment"
  582. - Beatrice says that she can kill people endlessly
  583. - Beatrice (dotted) "Don't forget it, alright" (refering to the cycle of rebirth and death)
  584. - Scene change to dinning hall
  585. - Gohda talks about the dinner
  586. - Wine is a blend of all different types
  587. - All curious about the 19th visitor
  588. - Kyrie asks about the 19th person
  589. - Natsuhi thinks that she is asking about Kinzo
  590. - It seems that Natsuhi knows nothing of the 19th visitor
  591. - Natsuhi asks who it is
  592. - Gohda answers that it is Beatrice
  593. - Maria is angry that people didn't believe about Beatrice (*sigh* shut up Maria)
  594. - Krauss thinks that it is a joke
  595. - Natsuhi tells Gohda to go and get Genji
  596. - Eva "How can you prove that there wan't a boat other than the one we rode on? You can't! You can't prove on (dotted) 'didn't come'!"
  597. - Easy to prove existence, impossible to prove non-existence = Devil's Proof
  598. - George says that it is a fact that she wasn't on the boat with the family
  599. - They conclude that the person does exist because people saw her
  600. - Parents urge the kids out of the dinning hall
  601. - Rosa says that they will have Gohda carry desert over to the guest house
  602. - Nanjo "Anyhow, it appears that my turn will not come tonight."
  603. - Kids all get up too
  604. - Gohda returns
  605. - Genji says he was checking all of the doors and windows
  606. - Natsuhi tells Gohda that the Siblings are not to be disturbed by the other servants
  607. - Rudolf asks Genji who is in the VIP room
  608. - Scene end
  609. - now 10pm
  610. - Now in the guest house
  611. - Kumasawa had brought the desert (Why not Gohda?)
  612. - Maria seems to have told people that she had met the witch before
  613. - Battler thinks that everyone knew of the story as a fairytale formed by the delusioned Kinzo. However, Maria swallows the story whole
  614. - George "So even though Maria-chan was showing off to us that candy which she said the witch gave her, ... I thought that somebody had probably slipped a candy into Maria-chan's handbag."
  615. - People had placed candy around at various times to play along with Maria
  616. - In order not to disappoint the child you don't tell them about Santa, or in this case, the witch
  617. - Nanjo confirms that Kinzo had a mistress named Beatrice
  618. - Nanjo "... He did. ...No, I have never met her. ...However, I have heard from Kinzo-san that he had a relationship with a woman like that. ...He said that she passed away a very long time ago."
  619. - Battler, George and Nanjo say that if Beatrice wanted revenge she wouldn't just come out into the open because it would be more efficient to stay hidden
  620. - Jessica disagrees and says that revenge is based on emotion and not logic
  621. - Battler calls Beatrice a (dotted) 'human woman'
  622. - Maria goes creepy again
  623. - Battler (dotted) "Witches couldn't exist."
  624. - Battler (dotted) "She would only have to show us something that's impossible for humans, right?"
  625. - Maria "Beatrice will definitely show you. (dotted) Something impossible for humans."
  626. - Maria (dotted) "You cannot win in chess against a witch"
  627. - Maria says that, because Battler's opponent is a witch, she can move differently than he expects.
  628. - Scene change to Shannon and George in the garden
  629. - Shannon says that she doesn't know if she met Beatrice before
  630. - George says he heard about a servant who didn't respect Beatrice and had an accident
  631. - Shannon says that she doesn't know anything
  632. - Shannon does not mention her discussion with Beatrice to George
  633. - The door to the Golden Land opening meant the end of everything
  634. - Shannon brings up marriage
  635. - George wants Shannon to wait three years before they get married
  636. - George is giving her the ring
  637. - George says that it's not an engagement ring but a wedding ring
  638. - Shannon puts it on her ring finger on her left hand in a 'very natural' movement
  639. - Scene change to in the mansion
  640. - Kanon sees that she has the ring and calls Shannon an idiot
  641. - Shannon, at one point, had promised Beatrice that she would go to the Golden Land to become human
  642. - Scene change to out in the rose garden
  643. - Beatrice (in old clothes) saying to Kanon (who isn't there), that the promise that he worked for has come to nothing
  644. - Beatrice "the rules for my loss have also been established"
  645. - Natsuhi, Krauss, Hideyoshi, Eva, Rosa and Rudolf all 'acknowledge' 'her' and respect her
  646. - They appear to be in a chapel of some kind
  647. - Krauss calls her 'this family's most honored guest'
  648. - Rudolf (dotted) "You've proven devils"
  649. - The siblings are afraid of displeasing the witch
  650. - Kyrie (dotted, in her head) "Devils had already been proven"
  651. - Kyrie 'resigns'
  652. - Kyrie "You are Beatrice. The Ushiromiya family alchemist. ...And a user of great magic. ...I must acknowledge the fact that you are a witch...!"
  653. - 6am next day
  654. - Kinzo's study and Kinzo is still alive
  655. - Kinzo "My defense is perfect. I will not shame myself like last time." (does he know about the repeating?)
  656. - Gohda in the kitchen preparing breakfast.
  657. - Genji, Shannon and Kanon doing chores in the mansion
  658. - Shannon goes to the dinning hall to see if there are still people in there talking
  659. - The tea equipment had been arranged so that it was easy to clean up
  660. - There is a memo on the table that just says, Chapel
  661. - Scene change to Rosa in bed with Genji knocking on the door
  662. - Genji tells Rosa something had happened in the chapel
  663. - The chapel is not in the mansion but in a gorve behind the mansion
  664. - Built at the same time as the mansion
  665. - Repaired many times so it looked new
  666. - In Kinzo's eyes it seemed like a sacred place
  667. - Rosa (dotted, in her head) "Without seeing it with their own eyes (end dots) they couldn't understand what was going on." (referring to servants being assembled at the chapel
  668. - A magic circle had been drawn on the door of the chapel
  669. - Rosa says that the handwriting isn't her siblings'
  670. - Single line of words in English below the circle
  671. - "Happy HALLOWEEN for MARIA"
  672. - The servants say that they could not find Krauss or Natsuhi
  673. - Shannon says that the bed does not look like it had been slept in that night
  674. - Lock to the chapel is special and a master key will not work on it
  675. - Only one key can open it and that key is missing from the key box
  676. - Rosa thinks that the note which Beatrice handed to Maria must have the key
  677. - She runs back to the guest house
  678. - Rosa always carries makeup with her
  679. - Rosa finds the envelope and has to open it (still sealed?)
  680. - There is some heavy, cylindrical object inside of the envelope
  681. - There is indeed a key of "an old and intricate design"
  682. - Genji recognizes the key as the key to the chapel
  683. - WHere the pastor would normally preach is now a table
  684. - Looks like a birthday party
  685. - Halloween decorations
  686. - Krauss, Eva, Rudolf and spouses
  687. - Seemed like dolls since they had no reaction to anything that happened to call out
  688. - Narrator (dotted) "she accepted that they were those very people"
  689. - Vertically sliced open from chest to stomach and insides stuffed with candy
  690. - Were their insides stuffed with candy and then they were cut open?
  691. - Rosa remembers a stuffed turkey which had been stuffed with omrice opening up like this
  692. - Rosa throws up
  693. - described as 'wrenched open'
  694. - candy stuck to each finger
  695. - Rosa is kind of going crazy at the sight
  696. - Rosa sends Genji and Shannon to ask Kinzo for instructions
  697. - She also sends Kanon and Gohda to call the police and then get Nanjo
  698. - Rosa thinks the scene is tragic but also, in some way, beautiful
  699. - Scene change to parlor
  700. - Cousins are in the parlor together
  701. - Battler is wondering where everyone is
  702. - Maria is crying about the letter from Beato being missing
  703. - They are wandering the mansion looking for people
  704. - Maria had bragged a lot about the letter to 'Battler and the rest'
  705. - Why did the witch give it to Maria
  706. - The cousins hadn't met anyone since they got up
  707. - Jessica calls out and Nanjo calls back from the enterance hall
  708. - Maria starts crying on Nanjo
  709. - They hear people running
  710. - Gohda and Kanon come
  711. - Gohda is trying to call
  712. - Maria (dotted) "It's an invitation to the Golden Land!!"
  713. - There's a weird narrational change. It goes from describing the cousins as 'they' to 'we' and using 'I' and talking about Battler in the third person (Is Maria narrating?)
  714. - The cousins see their parents
  715. - Nanjo tries to get them to leave
  716. - Battler and Beato's battle continues
  717. - Beato (dotted) "Worship me, without a doubt, your father and the rest have been killed"
  718. - Faces not smashed so that identity can be confirmed
  719. - Beato "you thought in a certain way (dotted) 'Their faces were crushed so the identity of the corpses couldn't be checked. Therefore, the possibility that fake corpses had been prepared to create an alibi cannot be eliminated. As long as that possibility can't be denied a human culprit theory could apply'"
  720. - Back to the normal world
  721. - Jessica assumes that it is the Beatrice who arrived and goes after her
  722. - Rosa sends Gohda and Kanon after Jessica
  723. - Maria goes creepy-mode again
  724. - Rosa slaps Maria again
  725. - Battler's viewpoint
  726. - They find one of Kinzo's envelopes on the table
  727. - Beatrice's letter is read
  728. - Gold ingot on the table
  729. - George "I heard Mother talking about it earlier" (?)
  730. - There are 3 gold ingots
  731. - 6:43
  732. - Now back at the mansion with Jessica, Kanon and Gohda
  733. - Jessica tells the servants to open the VIP door
  734. - Gohda does not but Kanon does
  735. - Jessica enters the room
  736. - Beatrice is gone
  737. - The bed seems to have been used
  738. - There seems to be a message on a side table
  739. - Jessica grabs the interior stand and starts to smash things with it
  740. - The letter seems to predict that one of the children would come running here
  741. - Jessica is hiding her sadness with anger
  742. - Jessica has an asthma attack
  743. - Gohda sees self-control in Kanon's eyes
  744. - Jessica goes to her room and Kanon helps her
  745. - Kanon did not bring the inhaler today
  746. - Narrator "... how he could call himself furniture after failing to bring it with him on a day like this."
  747. - Kanon (thought) "If...I can repair the pain in her heart I gave her that day..."
  748. - Kanon goes out into the hall
  749. - Kanon, couldn't grasp human sadness
  750. - Beatrice comes up and starts taunting Kanon
  751. - Beatrice appears behind Kanon
  752. - Beatrice says that there are three ways of hurting a woman: knife, hurting their heart and betraying their hope
  753. - Beatrice is threatening to kill Kanon and Jessica for the second twilight
  754. - Beatrice (dotted) "It'll be fun to kill her and see the pained look on your face, why else?"
  755. - Beatrice says that she can kill more people if she wants to, not just the 13 in the epitaph
  756. - Beatrice (dotted) "Make me laugh as hard as I can"
  757. - Beatrice disappears
  758. - Kanon re-enters Jessica's bedroom
  759. - Kanon sees what he thinks is gold leaf
  760. - Jessica surrounded by the butterflies and trying to swat at them
  761. - Butterflies dancing a rondo around them
  762. - Beatrice re-appears
  763. - Beatrice "Now you are carp on the chopping board. No, since the two of you are together, should I call it duck with green onions?"
  764. - Beatrice is wearing her other clothes again
  765. - Butterflies = goat butler
  766. - The goat is described as furniture as well
  767. - The blade appears on the goat's hand; a 'blade of wicked malice'
  768. - Beatrice "At least when it comes to giving birth to furniture, Kinzo might reach up to my feet."
  769. - Kanon "There's no way I can kill you with my powers. ...You are the moon. There's no way I can smash the moon by throwing a rock."
  770. - Kanon "However, in order to manifest yourself, you had to reflect your image on the surface of the water."
  771. - Beatrice "a beautiful locus" (see tips)
  772. - Kanon gets cut
  773. - Kanon disappears and goes behind the goat thing
  774. - Goat disappears into butterflies with no sound of it hitting the ground
  775. - Beatrice calls him a 'handmade object'
  776. - Narrator "the room was filled with the color of twilight."
  777. - Beatrice summons one of the stakes of Purgatory, Lust
  778. - Asmodeus appears
  779. - Jessica stabbed in the back by the stake while protecting Kanon's back
  780. - Reached Jessica's lungs
  781. - Beatrice summons Wrath
  782. - Satan appears
  783. - Kanon gets pierced in the chest
  784. - Kanon tries to tell Jessica his real name but she dies before he can
  785. - Kanon's body disappears
  786. - 7:15 goes back to 6:49
  787. - Kinzo hears of his childrens' death, not fazed
  788. - Kinzo says that they are free to do as they like to pass the time
  789. - Kinzo "they can wonder about whether (green)6*9=42" (Hitchhiker ref?)
  790. - Kinzo says that he wants to tell Shannon everything and that he writing a will
  791. - Shannon is instructed to write down everything that Kinzo says
  792. - Kinzo wonders if he should leave a record of his past 'games'
  793. - Kinzo says that he is going to write from when he met the witch
  794. - Kinzo says he thinks it happened after the war
  795. - Nanjo and Gohda say that they should all leave the chapel
  796. - Rosa ushers them out
  797. - Seventh magic circle of the sun
  798. - escape from bonds
  799. - Battler (dotted) "Why did the culprit want six people to die here...?"
  800. - What meaning does the place have?
  801. - Kinzo views it as very important and sacred
  802. - Nanjo says that Kinzo said something like being able to one day receive a blessing here too but that, unless a miracle occurred, that day would never come.
  803. - Battler tries to read the door "This door is opened only at probability of..."
  804. - Battler says his English sucks but it looks like the others can read it
  805. - George "Umm, I think it went 'm', 'b', 't', 'q', so, ... umm, umm, ... how many did that mean..."
  806. - It seems George is trying to count something
  807. - George then says that 'it really would be impossible unless a miracle occurred'
  808. - Nanjo then says that he wanted to give a gampbling style example
  809. - Maria says that it MEANS (screw you Maria, just tell us what it says) "This door is opened only when a miracle occurs. You will be blessed only when a miracle occurs."
  810. - Rosa realizes that there is only one key
  811. - Laplace's demon?
  812. - Beatrice says that more information is a disadvantage to me
  813. - Battler saying that there could be a secret way of entering
  814. - Beatrice does not say that the people in the chapel are living or dead when entering but that the definitely entered through that door
  815. - Red Truth intro
  816. - Beatrice (red) "Regardless of whether they were living or dead, the six people definitely entered through the door"
  817. - Beatrice (red) "Only one key to the chapel exists"
  818. - Beatrice (red) "It is impossible to unlock the lock to the chapel without the chapel's key."
  819. - Beatrice (red) "When the door to the chapel is locked, it prevents any and all methods of entry or exit"
  820. - Beatrice (red) "The six people definitely entered through 'this front door'"
  821. - The closer to the end you get the easier it is to anticipate moves
  822. - Beatrice (red) "This morning, Rosa definitely took an envelope out of Maria's handbag, and thereby obtained the genuine key to the chapel."
  823. - Beatrice asks Battler to call her Beato since people 'close to her' call her that
  824. - Beatrice (red) "The key to the chapel truly was the object inside the envelope I gave to Maria"
  825. - Beato says that she can't say that it was 'under Maria's supervision' the whole time
  826. - She also refuses to say in red that 'no one was able to touch Maria's handbag until Rosa took out the envelope'
  827. - Beatrice (red) "The envelope that I handed over to Maria and the one Rosa opened are the same thing"
  828. - 7:15 - 7:30
  829. - Kumasawa comes in to say goodmorning
  830. - Rosa was always treated like a child
  831. - Rosa goes to the study
  832. - She sees a butterfly
  833. - Boats don't come even for a little wind
  834. - Nanjo "There is still the possibility she's a (dotted) victim whose body still hasn't been found"
  835. - Again, why did the culprit want to show that there was a crime?
  836. - They ask where Jessica is and say that it isn't a good idea to be in small groups
  837. - Did people believe in the ingots?
  838. - Kumasawa asks about the ingots
  839. - She overheard something that Krauss said
  840. - According to Kumasawa Krauss only ever talked about one bar
  841. - It seems that nobody brought the gold in their luggage
  842. - Battler (dotted) "why would they pile up that gold?"
  843. - Maria goes creepy
  844. - Rosa returns with Shannon and Genji
  845. - Rosa now has the gun
  846. - They decide to stay together in one room
  847. - They also say that they need to get Jessica and Kanon
  848. - Rosa "It's a 'Wolves and Sheep Puzzle'"
  849. - Rosa (dotted) "If we're all gathered together in equilibrium, that situation is the most safe."
  850. - Battler asks what the 'Wolves and Sheep puzzle' is. Maria says that she has it and will show them. Rosa cuts across her
  851. - Shannon says that Kinzo had her copy down something and Genji tells her not so say anymore
  852. - They get to the hall and Rosa tells them to halt
  853. - Magic circle
  854. - First magic circle of the moon
  855. - Gohda begins knocking on the door
  856. - The door is locked
  857. - Large pool of blood on the floor and a stake in Jessica's back
  858. - The handle to the stake has a devil motif
  859. - Stake probably reached her lungs according to Nanjo
  860. - Kanon is missing
  861. - Rosa instructs people to check the room to see if anyone is hiding in there (thank you Rosa!)
  862. - Nobody hiding in the room and no body for Kanon
  863. - Rosa tells them all to be quiet and starts looking around the room
  864. - Rosa shows everybody a key with a cute mascot attached
  865. - Genji says that it is probably the key to Jessica's room
  866. - Rosa checks. It is
  867. - Jessica was not in the habit of locking the door
  868. - Only when she went to school
  869. - Only Jessica's key and the master keys can open the door.
  870. - There are extra keys but Natsuhi possibly got rid of them (?)
  871. - Genji confirms this
  872. - In this game board Beatrice made a move to make sure there were no more master key extras
  873. - Beatrice (red) "The only master keys are the ones held by the servants, one key each."
  874. - Rosa is trying to narrow down suspects
  875. - Jessica may not have welcomed Gohda or Kumasawa into her room when she was feeling heartbroken
  876. - Rosa is acting scary
  877. - Rosa (dotted) "Kanon-kun killed Jessica-chan"
  878. - It seems like the main problem is that nobody wants to suspect someone of the group of murder but also don't want to admit to magic
  879. - Rosa suspects anyone and everyone
  880. - Rosa says that if Kanon is found alive then you shouldn't trust him
  881. - They all suppose that Kanon is the killer for the moment
  882. - Ghost Jessica and ghost Kanon are mad that they think it's Kanon
  883. - Battler (dotted) "It's all useless"
  884. - Jessica didn't give the master key back to Kanon (?)
  885. - Jessica still has Kanon's master key in her pocked, found by Nanjo (Genji confirms it)
  886. - Beatrice (red) "There are absolutely no types of hidden doors. This door is the only way in or out. The only way to lock this door is with Jessica's single key or the master keys, only one of which is held by each servant."
  887. - Beatrice "It is on the second floor, but it is probably possible to enter or leave through the window."
  888. - Beatrice "The window is locked from the inside"
  889. - Beatrice (red) "Kanon was killed in this room"
  890. - Beatrice (red) "When locked, it does not permit any form of entry"
  891. - Beatrice (red) "No trick could have the effect of locking the door from the outside without using a key"
  892. - Metal Gear Solid reference
  893. - 8:00 to 1:00
  894. - Everyone is in the parlor.
  895. - Battler proposed searching for clues but Rosa refused
  896. - Gohda goes and gets canned food and plates
  897. - Maria starts talking about the Wolves and Sheep puzzle
  898. - Rosa was inadvertantly saying that there was a wolf amongst them
  899. - Gohda is going to clean the utensils, Rosa tells all the servants to go with him
  900. - George asks to go and Rosa tells him that she wants to talk with him about something instead
  901. - Nanjo goes out of the room too
  902. - Rosa is saying that the servants are particularly suspicious and could be in league with Beatrice
  903. - Rosa says that it might have been locked by a method that we haven't thought of (she says it dotted)
  904. - Beatrice (red) "Kanon was killed in this room"
  905. - Beatrice (red) "There are no hidden doors in this room"
  906. - Beatrice (red) "There is no way to get in or out other than the door and the windows"
  907. - Battler (dotted) "Humans can't prove there's no hidden door"
  908. - George says that Shannon is in danger then and that they should go to the kitchen
  909. - Rosa says that the reason that Shannon and Genji weren't harmed was because they are both wolves
  910. - Rosa "I would even become a demon to protect Maria's safety"
  911. - Rosa (dotted) "Always remain where I can see you."
  912. - Rosa says that if she were the culprit then she would not waste the opportunity to kill them both
  913. - Scene change to kitchen
  914. - Shannon and Kumasawa washing dishes
  915. - Gohda making soup for those who wanted to drink it
  916. - Gohda mentions his master
  917. - Kumasawa says that taking a breather when no one is looking is a skill a servant knows
  918. - Shannon knew that Gohda was honest about food and wanting people to enjoy it
  919. - Several of the servants heard something being dragged and then a *thump*
  920. - Sounded like the sound of a servant carrying trash bags
  921. - Who could be at the back door?
  922. - Someone from the parlor really would have a hard time going from there to the back door
  923. - Genji takes a knife that was used to open envelopes
  924. - Genji hides the knife up his sleeve 'with a well-practiced manner'
  925. - Gohda opens the door
  926. - Kanon was outside and he had a hole in his chest
  927. - Nanjo suggests taking him to the servants room
  928. - Kanon says not to tell Rosa
  929. - They carry Kanon to the servant's room and Nanjo tries to treat him
  930. - Kanon "R, ...Rosa-sama, us..."
  931. - Kanon says that Rosa came to Kanon and Jessica
  932. - Shannon runs out into the hall
  933. - Shannon runs to find (dotted) 'that' in the boiler room
  934. - Kanon seems to have gotten over his painful gasping
  935. - Nanjo doesn't seem particularly happy about this and keeps watching Kanon
  936. - Ganji and Gohda seems to be discussing attacking Rosa all at once
  937. - Gohda is pushing to attack
  938. - Kanon says that Rosa promised to massacre all of them
  939. - Kanon seems to have preserved his awareness in spite of the blood loss
  940. - Kanon unties the bandage on the wound
  941. - Kanon sticks his fingers inside of his wound
  942. - Kanon is creepy af
  943. - Shannon (dotted) "If spiders are your natural enemy (end dots), I thought you might hate it."
  944. - Locus drawn across Nanjo, Kumasawa and Shannon's necks
  945. - Shannon ok because Genji pulls her back
  946. - Gohda attacks Kanon pinning him to the wall.
  947. - Kanon going to attack Gohda
  948. - Genji throws knife at Kanon's hand to pin it to the wall too
  949. - Genji puts it against Kanon's face and sound of sizzling comes out
  950. - Gohda (dotted) "I cannot understand what happened"
  951. - 1:17
  952. - Parlor
  953. - They can't explain what happened
  954. - They seem to be half agreeing and half confused about what happened
  955. - Rosa wanted to leave the parlor and check the bodies, which seems out of place for Rosa
  956. - They all go to the servant's room to look at the scene
  957. - George blocks Maria from seeing the scene
  958. - The two bodies are gone
  959. - The room was locked
  960. - Nanjo had found the master key and if someone had taken the master key from his corpse they would now have the master key
  961. - Beatrice (dotted) "would have to know that Nanjo had taken the master key from Jessica's body"
  962. - Rosa searches the room and finds a sheet of paper
  963. - Two master keys are returned in the letter
  964. - Beatrice (red) "[the servant room keys] are kept in the key box in the center of the servant room."
  965. - Beatrice (red) "All of those are inside the key box"
  966. - Beatrice (red) "Entry or exit is impossible except for the single door and single window."
  967. - Beatrice (red) "And those were both locked. The door and the window do not permit any kind of entry or exit when they are locked"
  968. - Beatrice (red) "It is impossible to unlock the door without a key to the servant room or the master key."
  969. - Beatrice "A hidden door refers to an entrance or exit that cannot be recognized by those who do not know of it"
  970. - In other words it has to be an entrance or exit but there could exist secret hiding places
  971. - Beatrice (red) "No one exists in this room except your group. 'Your group' refers to Battler, George, Maria, Rosa, Genji, Gohda and Shannon."
  972. - Same goes for Jessica's room + Kumasawa and Nanjo and Jessica's corpse in red
  973. - Beatrice (red) "Therefore, both in the case of Jessica's room and the case in this servant room, no humans exist that you were not aware of. No one is hiding."
  974. - Beatrice (red) "No method exists by which the door can be locked from the outside without using a key."
  975. - Beatrice (red) "Regarding the window, no method exists by which it coul somehow be locked from the outside"
  976. - Beatrice (red) "You are incompetent"
  977. - Beatrice suggests Jessica as the killer who played possum (Saw anybody?)
  978. - Battler is losing it
  979. - Beatrice (red) "Come on, Ushiromiya Battler, kneel"
  980. - Beatrice (red) "If you accept me, all of the riddles will be resolved. With my power, any kind of closed room can be created or destroyed!!"
  981. - Beatrice (red) "I'll make you my favorite furniture. I'll love you so much and make you my toy until you turn to ashes..."
  982. - Rosa has lost it
  983. - Rosa "I can't believe that you would repay a ten-year long debt of gratitude with betrayal!!"
  984. - Battler is starting to give in
  985. - Genji "Unil we find the corpses (dotted) we cannot prove that Doctor Nanjo and Kumasawa are innocent"
  986. - Genji gives up his master key
  987. - Rosa is going nuts
  988. - Rosa has all the master keys now and the gun
  989. - Maria gets Rosa mad
  990. - Rosa goes to hit her but Battler gets in the way
  991. - Battler hugs Maria's head and starts crying
  992. - Battler seems to have given in to the witch
  993. - Maria keeps saying that she 'exists' again
  994. - She also says that Beatrice will 'come' soon
  995. - The servants decide to go to the kitchen, they say goodbye
  996. - George says that he is going with them, which Rosa allows
  997. - Maria "Even though Maria's small, she's a witch"
  998. - Rosa "... You can't trust them at all. That furniture."
  999. - Battler in Purgatorio is asking Beato to show herself to Rosa to tell her there are only 5 master keys
  1000. - 6pm
  1001. - The servants are telling George what they saw and he's having a hard time believing it
  1002. - Evil spirits feared spider webs according to something Shannon heard Kumasawa say
  1003. - Genji says that he has no opinion in the matter
  1004. - Gohda remembers that Natsuhi had a similar mirror
  1005. - George says that that he has heard Natsuhi's family is descended from Shinto priests
  1006. - George is trying to make Shannon feel better with the whole mirror thing
  1007. - George plans on breaking into the chapel, getting Natsuhi's room's key and going to get the mirror from Natsuhi's room
  1008. - Genji decides not to go so that he can be there if Kinzo or someone else calls
  1009. - Genji (by himself now) pulls something near the chessboard towards himself and hides it under his palm
  1010. - Genji throws a knife at a gold butterfly and skewers it to the wall
  1011. - Long story short, Genji is a badass
  1012. - Door to the parlor is locked and barricaded with sofas
  1013. - Battler feels that finding the gold will be doing just what Beato wants
  1014. - Maria talks about risk being essential to Magic
  1015. - Beatrice's actions don't make sense, why impose these conditions and expose them for her to lose? To create risk? Is there some other explanation?
  1016. - Chess board theory is where you project yourself on your opponent
  1017. - Rosa had a hard childhood because of her siblings
  1018. - Beatrice (red) "I will keep my promise"
  1019. - Beatrice is delving into comparitive morality
  1020. - Beatrice "Maybe a witch's true strength is decided not by their magical power, but by the strength of their determination."
  1021. - Beatrice wants Battler to keep denying her so they can continue the game
  1022. - They have broken the window
  1023. - Gohda has a particular sense of respect for Natsuhi
  1024. - Shannon finds the key
  1025. - Damn butterflies again
  1026. - Butterflies are trying to swallow Shannon up
  1027. - They try and go out the door.
  1028. - Shannon and George struggle with the door while Gohda tries to beat off the butterflies.
  1029. - Gohda sees the figure of the witch on the table
  1030. - Beatrice appears in her second outfit (man it's been a while)
  1031. - Door finally opens
  1032. - Damn this music is good
  1033. - Beatrice "I'll praise your spirit for wanting to stay by your former master's side and serve him even after death."
  1034. - Golden butterflies attack
  1035. - Gold butterflies don't do well with rain
  1036. - The three people run into the mansion
  1037. - They get into Natsuhi's room and start searching for the mirror
  1038. - George feels like the witch is approaching
  1039. - Gohda goes to close the door and sees shadows of people approaching
  1040. - Non-human people?
  1041. - Goat servants again
  1042. - The door will not lock. It is as though the lock is springing back every time he locks it
  1043. - Gohda sees an arm sticking through the door
  1044. - The arm splits open and something jumps around the room at high speed
  1045. - Gohda got staked in the chest
  1046. - Goats come in with Beato
  1047. - 6 goats
  1048. - George about to be attacked by butterflies when he is about to get the thing out of the pouch
  1049. - Shannon does some magic stuff
  1050. - One of the goats turns into Kanon
  1051. - Shannon has some kind of force field?
  1052. - The barrier blocks the attacks and repels Kanon
  1053. - Beato says that Shannon licked her shoes
  1054. - Beato "Love is lust and can't be measured without sleeping together."
  1055. - Beato has something against love ?
  1056. - Beatrice is eroding the barrier?
  1057. - The barrier breaks
  1058. - Shannon asks to hear him say that he loves her
  1059. - George doesn't get a chance to finish
  1060. - 9pm
  1061. - Genji going to do nighttime rounds
  1062. - Genji went to check that the people in the parlor had food and was yelled at
  1063. - Genji in the courtyard
  1064. - Nanjo and Kumasawa's bodies had been found
  1065. - Genji finds the bodies in the courtyard
  1066. - Maria says that these bodies are the seventh and eigth twilight
  1067. - Nanjo's knee and Kumasawa's ankle are staked
  1068. - Nanjo's stake is still in but Kumasawa's had come out (a little too shallow?)
  1069. - About 30 cm made of bronze or iron
  1070. - Some kind of spiral
  1071. - Looks like a lance sort of
  1072. - Battler (thought) "Doctor Nanjo and Kumasawa-san had been (dotted) killed in this way, which meant that three people had already been killed."
  1073. - They all go to Natsuhi's room to check there
  1074. - Hand prints in red paint had been put on the door
  1075. - Genji tries the door, it is locked
  1076. - Rosa gives Battler the master key to open the door
  1077. - George, Shannon and Gohda are the fourth through sixth twilights
  1078. - Gohda lying face down right in front of the door
  1079. - Gohda staked in the chest
  1080. - George staked in the stomach
  1081. - Shannon was face down in front of the dresser in a 'sea of blood'
  1082. - They never actually see Shannon's face. They see the blood and the stake
  1083. - Battler lifts her head to check. There is a gaping hole in Shannon's head
  1084. - Maria seems to be nice now
  1085. - Rosa investigates the deaths and retakes the master key from Battler
  1086. - She also takes the key from George for Natsuhi's room
  1087. - Rosa is still suspicious of Genji
  1088. - Genji accepts the suspicion when Battler tries to defend him
  1089. - Another envelope appears in the parlor
  1090. - Envelope appears in between leaving the parlor and returning
  1091. - The room and windows had been locked, how could the letter get there?
  1092. - When Rosa came into the room she did not see the letter
  1093. - Rosa says that only he could have set the letter there
  1094. - Rosa doubts that Battler is Battler
  1095. - Rosa "How are you saying that someone other than yourself set that letter there?!! (dotted) As long as you can't prove that, (end dots) you are a wolf!!"
  1096. - Beatrice (red) "Natsuhi's room was exactly the same, just like usual"
  1097. - Beatrice (red) "The door and the windows were locked from the inside."
  1098. - Beatrice (red) "There is no fraud or trick, there is no means of a secret passage and no hidden place."
  1099. - Beatrice (red) "Natsuhi's own key was in George's pocket, and the inside of the room was closed off."
  1100. - Beatrice (red) "Only the five master keys were left, and 'Rosa' was holding all of them!
  1101. - Beatrice (red) "The parlor is the same. The original key to the parlor is sealed in the servant room. So unlocking it without the master key is impossible! The definition of a closed room is the same as always!"
  1102. - Maria starts crying and gets in between them
  1103. - Battler wants Beatrice to show herself
  1104. - Back to Kinzo in his sudy
  1105. - It is now 10 pm
  1106. - Kinzo talks about apologizing for his crimes
  1107. - Kinzo wants to apologize for something
  1108. - Beatrice is thinking about Kinzo
  1109. - Beatrice (thought) "Kinzo. Do you remember...? That musical piece of chess you played with me, which is still ongoing...?"
  1110. - Kinzo seems to have an ongoing game of chess with Beatrice?
  1111. - Kinzo says that he loves her
  1112. - There is a knock on the door to the study and Kinzo thinks it might be Beatrice
  1113. - It seems like a female
  1114. - Doesn't sound like a servant
  1115. - "The woman behind the door answered." Ninth twilight
  1116. - 11:30
  1117. - Battler in the dining hall
  1118. - Battler starts drinking
  1119. - Battler just don't care anymore
  1120. - Someone knocks and Battler tells them to come in
  1121. - Genji "After some sad incidents, Master's life, ...was completely reduced to atonement."
  1122. - Genji feels that, because the ceremony is finished at he eighth twilight he can now say everything
  1123. - Genji says that it is better to hear it from 'them'
  1124. - Genji says that Battler probably won't understand or accept what he sees
  1125. - Genji still has the key to the study
  1126. - Genji calls for Kinzo and there is no answer
  1127. - Genji opens the door and Battler walks in
  1128. - Butterflies again
  1129. - Kinzo and Beatrice are playing chess?
  1130. - Credit roll
  1131. - Battler admits the witch 'exists'
  1132. - Just before midnight, Rosa in the chapel
  1133. - Rosa takes an ingot
  1134. - Maria is being creepy again
  1135. - Kinzo "the sun leaps out of the river like a small fish"
  1136. - Battler has become her footrest?
  1137. - Beatrice is using Battler as her furniture/ servant
  1138. - Ballroom full of goat headed people
  1139. - Chains around Battler's neck
  1140. - Some are masks at least
  1141. - Bern!
  1142. - Garden door is opened
  1143. - Kinzo dies by butterfly?
  1144. - Battler dies by butterfly too?
  1145. - Rosa and Maria are running through the rose garden
  1146. - Maria trips and a goat catches her
  1147. - Rosa goes badass all of a sudden and blows his head off
  1148. - Also damn, this music
  1149. - Rosa "I'll show you... This golden dreeeeam!!!"
  1150. - Rosa kills another goat
  1151. - Runs down to the sea
  1152. - Rosa breaks her ankle
  1153. - Gosh dang onion-cutting ninjas
  1154. - Maria goes into a tear jerk speech
  1155. ***************************************************************
  1156. Tea Party
  1157. - Purgatorio
  1158. - Rosa is there
  1159. - Beatrice is talking but Rosa can't understand
  1160. - Beatrice "Anything is fine. If there is anything you want, I'll give you it all. You can think of it as my reward for your good luck, and as a proper trade for my demands."
  1161. - Beato is offering to fix something
  1162. - Krauss hit Rosa and broke her toys
  1163. - Eva lied to her and tricked her and bullied her
  1164. - Rudolf did the same thing that Krauss and Eva did but worse
  1165. - Rudolf was also bullied
  1166. - Healing is the pleasure earned from withstanding pain
  1167. - Beatrice says to eat like a pig as long as she lives
  1168. - Two goats appear
  1169. - Rosa drinks 'Bloody Krauss'
  1170. - Beatrice "Soaked with just a golden drop of your brother's blood that was squeezed out of a compressor"
  1171. - Golden drop refers to the last drop
  1172. - Beatrice revives whomever is in the squeezer
  1173. - Beatrice (dotted) "several dozen people's worth be squeezed"
  1174. - Salad made from Eva's tongue
  1175. - Beatrice is tormenting Rosa by making her eat people who have wronged her
  1176. - Dessert is Maria
  1177. - It seems like Maria and Rosa's relationship was... strained
  1178. - Rosa accepts Beatrice as a witch and Beatrice proclaims a perfect victory
  1179. - Battler's back baby!
  1180. - Battler decides to keep on fighting saying thta he will keep getting up when he gets beat up
  1181. **************************************************************
  1182. ????
  1183. - Beato asks Bern what she thought of the game
  1184. - Bern says something so one-sided is boring
  1185. - Beato (dotted) "you aren't a bystander"
  1186. - Bern just wants to see Beato lose
  1187. - A new challenger has entered the arena: Lambdadelta
  1188. - Team Bern with her and you, Team Beato with her and Lambdadelta
  1189. - Bern is saying that you are now where she was, imprisoned in a witch's world
  1190. - Beato doesn't always make 'the best move'
  1191. - Lamba uses an overwhelming number of pieces to make the best move
  1192. - Bern says that there was a weak point in all of the overpowering moves of the last game
  1193. - ... I'm going to ignore that nipaaa for right now
  1194. - Lambda says that Beato is soft because, while she can win in just a few moves she will intentionally not corner you
  1195. - She makes it look like she's won
  1196. - This takes place before the other tea party
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