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  1. Introduction:
  3. This guide will take you step by step to rescue all the survivors in the Phenotrans Facility, AND as a nice little bonus, unlock all the Achievements for Dead Rising 2: Case West in a single playthrough… with one little asterisk next to it.
  5. You’ll need to destroy all 47 security cameras, take pictures of all 10 PP stickers, kill 1000 zombies, 20 security guards, 10 zombie handlers, and 5 hazard units. You’ll also need to rescue all the survivors, and hit the level cap of 50, which equates to gaining 300,000 PP, before finally completing the game.
  7. This may seem like a lot to do, but you have ample opportunity to do everything, time shouldn’t be an issue for the most part.
  9. Survivors in Case West don’t need to be escorted back to the safe house, instead they’ll just flee the facility on their own. They do usually require an item before they do, and this guide will route in picking up what we need along the way.
  11. It is possible to get all the Achievements in Case West in a single playthrough, but does require playing both single player, and co-op. If you want to complete it all in one go, you’ll have to play the majority of the game single player, and then get a buddy to drop in for the final boss to get every achievement in one fell swoop. If you don’t have an active Xbox Live subscription, you’ll have to forgo the final achievement of completing the game cooperatively, which is an unfortunate reality of forced-online multiplayer achievements.
  13. Guide Start:
  14. Start the game and watch the cutscenes if you wish.
  15. Once you gain control of Chuck, you’ll be in a container filled with zombies with OBJECTIVE: SURVIVE.
  17. In here, Jump, and Hold the right Trigger and Press X to perform the Elbow Drop. This is an easy way to kill zombies unarmed, and will reward 25PP for a kill. Use this to clear out the zombies here, until the next cutscene.
  19. Now you can exit the container. Use the Elbow Drop to clear a path, then open the door.
  21. Once outside, grab the brick on your left, and kill the security guard (1/20)
  23. Now, pick up his Security AR, and head up the stairs. Shoot the Camera above the shipping office door. You’ll need to destroy all 47 of these cameras, so it’s recommended to maintain 1 or 2 Security AR’s in your inventory at all times, until you’ve destroyed them all.
  25. Use the brick to kill the two security guards in here. (3/20)
  27. Pick up their Security AR’s as well.
  29. Route 1:
  30. Follow the marker, and exit the Shipping Office.
  32. Head down the stairs and grab the crowbar. Head down into the loading bay and use the crowbar to kill the two zombie handlers down here. (2/10). Make sure to pick up their Electric Prods, as they are reasonably effective weapons.
  34. Head towards the marker, but stop in at the maintenance room. Inside, combine the football and grenade to make a hail mary. Immediately throw this into a crowd of zombies for a lot of free PP. You’ll want to do this every time you come by this Maintenance Room as it’s a quick and easy way to get some kills and PP.
  36. Then, follow the right wall up the ramp. Turn right, following this wall until you find a sign. Take a picture of this sign by using Left Trigger and Right Shoulder and then pressing X. You’ll get the PP sticker, a 1000 PP bonus, and your first achievement: Amateur Photography.
  38. Now continue following the marker and enter the holding pens.
  40. Head up the stairs here and take out the security camera above the door, and then turn the corner and take out the second camera here (3/47). Now enter the Security Outpost.
  42. Inside, kill the two security guards (5/20). Before heading out of the back room.
  44. Shoot the camera above the door in front of you, then turn around and shoot the camera above the door to the security outpost (5/47).
  46. Now head back into the security outpost. You can restock on weapons on the room on your left if you need to. Make sure you have at least 1 Security AR and 1 Electric Prod moving forward.
  48. Now cross the room and head to the computer to enter the codes.
  50. Follow your marker, but once you enter the lounge area, turn left to find a large blue map of the facility. Take a picture of the center for another PP sticker (2/10)
  52. Now we’re done in here for now, exit the security outpost and head down the stairs.
  54. On your left, head towards the white door. Open it, and look up to your right to find a security camera. Shoot it (6/47)
  56. There are 3 more on this side of the holding pens, so repeat the process of opening the door, shooting the camera and moving on. Destroy all 4 down on this side (9/47)
  58. You’ll likely need to kill a security guard along the way. (6/20) You’ll also likely encounter a zombie handler, so take it out as well (3/10)
  60. Once you’re done with the cameras, grab a football from outside the maintenance room and combine it with a grenade at the workbench. You can repeat this a second time as there are 2 grenades and 2 footballs outside the maintenance room./
  62. Once you’re done, pick up the Floor Buffer and bring it to the work bench. Combine it with an electric prod to make a Zap and Shine (1/7 combo weapons). Push the zap and shine into the main area of the holding pens. Make a large circle killing as much as you can, but make sure to end up in the bottom left portion of your map. There’s another security camera here you have to take out (10/47). Once you do, follow your waypoint to the Harvesting Room.
  64. Once you’re inside, immediately turn around and shoot the security camera behind you (11/47)
  66. Then jump the fence and head up the stairs. Pick up the blast frequency gun before moving forward.
  68. Take out the security guard here (7/20). Pick up his Security AR and take out the security camera above the caution directly in front of you (12/47) and then turn to shoot the security camera above the exit of the harvesting room (13/47)
  70. Now head to that same exit, by following the walkway. Feel free to take a detour to take out another Zombie Handler. (4/10), make sure to pick up the electric prod. When you’re done, exit into Gas Control.
  72. There are super zombies in here but you should be fine. Follow your waypoint towards the Cafeteria. Shoot the security camera on your way in (14/47)
  74. Cut through the cafeteria. Obviously if you need a heal there’s plenty of food in here to pillage. Otherwise follow your waypoint into the living quarters.
  76. Head towards the waypoint to the server room. You can take a quick detour to save at the restrooms if you want.
  78. Hug the left side and enter Living Quarters A1, which I will now refer to as the Triple X room from now on. Inside, head to your right and pick up the flashlight from the desk, and the gems from the shelf. Now exit and cross the hallway to Living Quarters RR, it’s marked by a blue staircase sign.
  80. Take a picture of the PP sticker on the Zombrex poster (3/10), then exit.
  82. Hang a right, and head up the stairs, and take a right at the top.
  84. Enter Living Quarters A8, and take a picture of the Texas Poster next to the door for another PP Sticker (4/10) before exiting.
  86. Turn right, and take out the security camera to your right above the exit to the security outpost (15/47), then look down and left and take out the other security camera above the Server Room Door (16/47)
  88. Jump over the railing and defeat 2 more security guards down here. (9/20)
  90. Now follow your marker into the Server Room. There’s another security camera on the right side at the back, so shoot it. (17/47). You’ll need a blast frequency gun shortly, so if you don’t have one, jump on top of the server racks and grab one in here before moving on.
  92. Then head to the back, and enter the codes. Now exit the server room, shooting the security camera on your way out (18/47)
  94. Your objective is to head back to the shipping office now but we have some things to do before hand. Head right, and enter the maintenance room. Do the following combines:
  95. Flash Light and Gems to make a Laser Sword.
  96. Blast Frequency Gun, and Electric prod to make a Lightning Gun (2/7)
  97. Laser Sword and Lightning Gun to make a Laser Gun (3/7)
  98. Grab the Sickle, and Sword in this maintenance room and combine them to make a Reaper (4/7)
  100. Now exit the maintenance room and head up the stairs on your right. Feel free to use the reaper liberally, but save the Laser Gun’s 20 shots for large groups of zombies to maximize it.
  102. Follow the stairs to the top, and take a picture of the face of the Tiki Statue for another PP sticker (5/10).
  104. Now head back down to the cafeteria. You can save your game if you want along the way. In the cafeteria is another opportunity to restock on healing items if you need to, otherwise make your way back to the Harvesting Room.
  106. Inside, hop the fence and pull out your laser gun. Shoot the large group of zombies below you. One shot should kill all of them and net you about 20-30 kills and a bunch of PP.
  108. Now make your way back to the holding pens shooting groups of zombies along the way.
  110. Once you zone, immediately head to your right, and enter another set of 4 cells. Turn around, and shoot the security camera in the top right corner (19/47). If you’re running low on ammo, there’s a brick in this first room you can use to throw at the camera for an easy break.
  112. Exit this area, and head to the next white door. Shoot the camera in the top right corner before moving on (20/47).
  114. If there’s a zombie handler in front of you, take him out (5/10) and make sure to take his electric prod.
  116. Enter the next door on your left and shoot the security camera (21/47) before moving onto the last white door and shooting the final security camera on this side (22/47).
  118. On the way into the maintenance room, pick up the blast frequency gun. Place it on the bench, and pick up the impact hammer. Combine them to make an Impact Blaster (5/7). This is easily one of the best weapons for taking out Security guards, Handlers and later Hazard Units as it locks them done, and can one shot them after an attack upgrade or two. Once that’s done, pocket it, and pick up the Floor Buffer outside, and combine it with the electric prod to make another Zap N Shine.
  120. Use the zap N shine to do a lap of this central area until it breaks or you crash it. Once you’re done with that, head towards the receiving pens. There are 6 cells in here with security cameras in here. If you don’t have a Security AR, there’s a security guard and another handler to your right by the maintenance room. ZH (6/10), Security (10/20). Pick up his Security AR, and the electric prod if you can spare the space.
  122. Ignore this maintenance room, there’s nothing really of value here.
  124. Otherwise, weave in between the rooms in this hallway shooting all the security cameras. Do it methodically, left room, right room, move forward, left room, right room, move forward, left room, right room. That way you shouldn’t miss one. (28/47)
  126. Once you’ve shot all six, head through the shipping container towards the shipping office.
  128. Exit the container and turn right towards the Blue Container. Tkae a picture of the PP sticker near the phenotrans logo (6/10). You’ll also want to take out the two zombie handlers down here. (8/10)
  130. Kill any zombies in here, and if you want, make a hail mary in the maintenance room and chuck it before heading up the stairs to enter the shipping office and complete the case.
  132. Feel free to save, and restock on healing items in here if you wish.
  134. Route 2:
  135. Now we have to wait until 4PM before the next set of cases becomes available. There will be survivors to rescue in the meantime. Head downstairs, and make another hail mary at the maintenance room. Chuck it, then head forward and to your right to find Hernando. Kill the zombies around him, and talk to him to rescue him and start a case “The Search for Lisa”.
  137. If you need a Security AR, there’s one on the container above him.
  138. Feel free to kill the zombie handlers here.
  140. The Search for Lisa requires you to return to the Cafeteria. Follow your marker. Ignore the staircase to the security outpost, and head to the maintenance room. Take out the two zombie handlers here. You should get the Achievement Phenotrans Bubble Burster for killing 10 Handlers at this point. Make another hail mary or two in this maintenance room before grabbing the handler’s electric prods and the floor buffer to make another zap n shine.
  142. Do a lap of the central area with the Zap n shine for more kills and PP. Once it breaks or you crash into something. Also feel free to use the rest of your laser gun ammo here, as we will be making another shortly.
  144. Once you’re done, enter the harvesting room. Jump to the right side, and pick up the blast frequency gun. Continue forward and take out the security guard (11/20) before continuing down the stairs, and into the gas control room.
  146. Just cut through gas control, and enter the cafeteria on your right. Enter the kitchen, and read the hastily scrawled note. Feel free to heal in here with orange juice. Exit into the living quarters. You can save if you want. Otherwise do a standard lap:
  148. Grab the Flashlight and Gems from the XXX room on your left.
  149. Then head to the maintence room and combine an electric prod and the blast frequency gun for a Lightning Gun. The flashlight and gems for a laser sword, then combine the lightning gun and laser sword for a Laser Gun. Also make another reaper since you’re here.
  151. Now head back and up the stairs on your left. Follow these and hang a right at the top. Then continue along the path and zone into the security outpost.
  153. Enter the security outpost here and kill the two guards (13/20). Make sure to pick up one of their Security AR’s. Now exit the outpost and head right, following your marker to the security tower.
  155. There should be 4 security guards here. Take them out with the Impact Blaster if you still have it, otherwise, you can use the Reaper or Laser Gun.
  157. Once they’re dead, you can pick up another Security AR if you need it. Re-orient yourself so your back is to the security outpost, and you’re facing the security tower. Shoot the first security camera here, and then do a lap around the tower to your right. Shoot the second camera as you pass it, then the third as you pass that one, and then take out the fourth one. Once you shoot the fourth one, make sure to turn, and take out a fifth camera above the door to the storage bay across the room. (29, 30, 31, 32, 33/47)
  159. After that fifth camera, enter the security tower and find another note on your right. Pick it up to find out that Lisa’s gone to the living quarters.
  161. Head back across the catwalk, and re-enter the Security Outpost. Make sure to pick up an electric prod on the room to your right. If you can spare the inventory, picking up another Security AR or two is also worthwhile here. Then exit, and zone into the Living Quarters. Jump over the railing here and head towards the marker. Enter Living Quarters A4 to find Lisa being swarmed with zombies. Kill them, being careful not to damage lisa too much.
  163. Afterwards, talk to her and she’ll give you the emergency key which lets you quickly zone out from the Living Quarters to the Holding Pens on ground level. Then she’ll be rescued.
  165. Exit this room, and take a save at the rest room on your right to save if you wish.
  167. Then cut through the Cafeteria, and then into the Gas Control Room. Pass the harvesting room and continue into the research labs.
  169. We haven’t been into this area before and there’s a bunch of security cameras to handle. Clear any zombies around here as the super zombies can be annoying to deal with.
  171. Once that’s done, equip your security AR, and shoot the camera immediately in front of you. 34/47.
  173. Then turn to your right, and shoot the camera above the power room 35/47
  175. Now turn around and shoot the security camera on your left, before heading up the stairs 36/47 - I actually missed this camera which is a mixed blessing, which I’ll explain later.
  177. Head up the stairs and take out the Handler here, make sure to pick up his electric prod if you don’t have one. At the top, turn to your right, and shoot the camera above the dissection lab before jumping back down to ground level.
  179. Continue following the right side, and shoot the security camera over Zombrex Production Lab B.
  181. Continue following the wall and take out the security camera above the door on your right.
  183. Then turn to your left and shoot the camera over the Zombrex research lab before entering it.
  185. Head to your left to find Alicia. She wants an electric prod give her the one you took from the security outpost or from the handler on the way here. Once she has it she’s rescued.
  187. Now double back and take a picture of the PP sticker on the machine marked G274 (7/10)
  189. Now pick up the Syringe Gun on the left, and chemicals on your right before heading out of the Zombrex Research Lab.
  191. Shoot the security camera on the door to your right marked refrigerated containment (36/47) and then enter it.
  193. Inside, immediately turn around and shoot the security camera above the exit sign (37/47).
  195. Then head around the large piece of equipment in the center and take a picture of the PP sticker (8/10) before exiting.
  197. Turn left, and head towards the livestock dissection lab, shoot the camera if you missed it (like I did). Enter.
  199. Inside, on your left pick up the defibrillator. Then on the opposite side of the desk, pick up the medical tray. Now, exit the livestock dissection lab.
  201. Head to your right, and go up the staircase. Take out the two security guards here. Then enter the maintenance room.
  203. Perform the following combines:
  204. Defibrillator and Medical Tray to make a Shocker.
  205. Syringe Gun and Chemicals to make a Sterilizer.
  207. I found these weapons useless, just discard them. You’ll finish the achievement Handy Man here though. Pick up the Electric Prod and Blast Frequency Gun in here to make another Lightning Gun, and pillage the Security AR’s from the fallen security guards before moving across this catwalk.
  209. Turn to your left, and head down this path to eventually reach some tanks. Take a picture of the PP sticker (9/10) before doubling back and zoning into the Holding Pens.
  211. Immediately turn around and shoot the security camera behind you (38/47)
  213. Jump over the railing to land near the maintenance room. Kill the handlers here and make another Impact Blaster by combining the Impact Hammer and Blast Frequency Gun around the maintenance room. Then make another Zap N shine.
  215. Push it into the center of the holding pens and do laps killing zombies until it breaks. Once it does, head back towards the Shipping Office. Kill zombies liberally here, and make sure to stop by the Maintenance Room and make a Hail Mary and chuck it before heading into the shipping office.
  217. Save if you want. We have some time to kill here before Case 2-1 starts.
  219. There’s not much else to do right now besides kill Zombies with combo weapons for the 1000 we need and 300,000 PP, finish off the 20 security guards for the achievement, and the 10 handlers if you haven’t finished it yet. It’s also a good opportunity to restock on the good weapons like Laser Guns.
  221. Head down, make a hail mary at the maintenance room, and kill zombies all the way to the security outpost. Climb the stairs and head to the Security Tower. Kill the 4 guards up here and you should finish the achievement Phenotrans Nuisance for killing 20 guards. You should do this now, as after Case 2-1 security guards are in lower density.
  223. Once you’re done, jump down, and head to the maintenance room. Kill the handlers, and make another set of hail marys if you want, then a zap and shine.
  225. Do another lap around the center of the holding pens for kills and PP until your zap and shine breaks, or until you get fed up with Frank constantly getting in your way with it. Whenever you’re done, head back up to the Security Outpost. Kill the guards inside, and grab another Electric Prod if you need it. Zone into the Living Quarters.
  227. Jump down, enter the server room and grab a blast frequency gun from the racks in the back. Combine this with the electric prod at the work bench to make another lightning gun. Also go ahead and make another reaper, since you’re here.
  229. Use the lightning gun liberally here as you head to the triple X room since we’re just going to turn this into a laser gun and get an ammo refresh. Inside, pick up the flashlight and gems, before heading back to the maintenance room.
  231. Combine the Flashlight and Gems, and then the Laser Sword and Lightning Gun to make another Laser Gun. You should be pretty close to having to head back to the Shipping Office now, but you will also should have a decent amount of time until 4PM.
  233. Zone back into the Security Outpost. Take out the guards, restock on a Security AR then exit. Head down the stairs. You can make another Zap and Shine here if you want, or just run around with the Laser Gun killing zombies.
  235. Otherwise, once it’s close to 4PM, head back to the shipping office. Stop by the maintenance room and make a Hail Mary before heading inside. I leveled to 47 here which got me the combo card for the Impact Blaster, which is actually insanely useful for gaining PP.
  237. I saved and had 10 in game minutes to spare, which I just waited out.
  239. Afterwards, you’ll get a cutscene and start the next case.
  241. Route 3:
  242. You’ll immediately start Case 2-2 Infiltration.
  243. Go ahead and exit the Shipping Office, and head down to the maintenance Room, make another hail mary, and throw it at the nearest cluster of zombies.
  245. Now exit to your right, and head to the Security Outpost. Climb the stairs and enter the outpost. Kill the 2 guards in here, and loot at least 1 Security AR, you’ll need it shortly. You can also pick up an Electric Prod if you need one. Now head downstairs, and towards the maintenance room.
  247. On your way on your right you’ll find Robert. Give him the Security AR and he’ll be rescued. Head to the maintenance room, killing the two handlers here. Now pick up the floor buffer and make another zap and shine.
  249. You know what to do. Push this around the center of the holding pens until it breaks, killing any zombies in your way. Once it’s done, head to towards the Harvesting Room.
  251. Once you have the Impact Blaster Combo Card you unlock the secondary attack. If you hold X, you’ll do a ground slam which awards 200PP for any zombies killed in a massive area of effect around Chuck. This is a super easy way to rack up kills and valuable PP, you should use it whenever you’re in a large group and have an impact blaster
  253. Zone into the Harvest Room.
  255. In here, pick up the Blast Frequency Gun on your way up. I finished the 1000 zombie kill achievement here but don’t worry if you don’t, there’s still tons of time to rack up kills.
  257. Follow the path to exit to the Gas Control room. Now turn to your left and follow your marker to refrigerated containment. Pick up the Card Key from the Console on the right side.
  259. Now make your way to the Cafeteria. Restock on healing items if you need to. Otherwise, it’s standard procedure through the Living Quarters. Pick up the flashlight and gems from the Triple X room, then make a lightning gun, and a laser sword, then combine them into a laser gun. This will be very useful shortly, so try not to use all it’s ammo.
  261. Also feel free to make another reaper, since you’re here anyways.
  263. Now just head to your left, up the stairs, and exit out to the Security Outpost.
  265. Inside the security outpost kill the two guards and make sure to get at least one Security AR. We have the final set of Security Cameras coming up.
  267. Once you’re done, just make your way back to the Shipping Office, killing anything you see along the way with your reaper for PP, or if you still need Zombie Kills.
  269. Obviously, stop at the maintenance room to make a Hail Mary and chuck it into a group before heading up to the shipping office.
  271. Inside, you can save if you want, otherwise head out the back door to head towards the waypoint and the secure labs.
  273. Once you exit, turn around and shoot the camera behind you, then continue forward.
  275. Shoot the camera above the storage bay, then enter the door, and turn around to shoot the camera behind you. Then turn to your left, and shoot the final camera above the secure labs. Getting you the achievement, “Petty Vandal”
  277. At least, it should be the final camera if you didn’t miss one. If you did, don’t worry, I’ll cover how to hunt down anything you might have missed.
  279. Follow this linear hallway to a door, and cutscene.
  281. Afterwards you’ll encounter 2 Hazard Units. These guys look intimidating but are really easy. Either use the Impact Blaster, or preferably, the Laser Gun. Shooting them with the Laser Gun will easily stunlock them, so just alternate unloadin on them and you should be fine. The Impact Blaster will also stunlock them easily, and kill them in about three or four hits. Those are the preferred methods for taking these guys out from now on.
  283. Once that’s done, just head back to the Shipping Office to complete the case.
  285. Route 4:
  286. You’ll to kill time until 1AM when the final set of cases start. Go ahead and leave the shipping office, and make another hail mary to hurl into a crowd for more PP and kills.
  288. Head towards the security outpost, but turn right and you’ll find Regina in a little barricade. She asks you for a human heart and liver. You’ll start Organ Donor. Go ahead and continue towards the maintenance room under the security outpost as is the custom.
  290. Now Hazard Units will replace most of the security and zombie handlers. You’ll need to kill 5 total for the achievement.
  292. Go ahead and take it out ⅗
  294. At the maintenance room, go ahead and make another Zap and Shine and sweep up any zombies in your way. Once it breaks, check your time, if it’s after 6, go ahead and zone into the Harvesting Room.
  296. Head up the right side, grab a blast frequency gun, and then climb up the machinery here. Jump up again to find allie fending off zombies. Shoot the window out, and jump across. Clear out the zombies and talk to her. She’ll be rescued. One more down. Now on the top level, head down the catwalk, and take a picture of the PP sticker on the large machine. This should be the last PP sticker, and you should get the achievement, Professional Photography. Now, continue along this catwalk and enter the Zombrex Production Lab A . Head to your left, and grab the Human Heart in the blue cooler on the desk.
  298. Now exit, and jump down to the first level. Head to the back of the Livestock Dissection Lab and pick up the Human Liver in the Blue Cooler before leaving. Head out and to your right and you’ll find another Hazard Unit. Go ahead and take it out. Now it’s time to head back to Regina.
  300. Go ahead and kill zombies for kills and PP here if you need it, as you work your way to the cafeteria, and living quarters.
  302. I hit level 50 here, and opted to save. Otherwise, grab the gems and flashlight from the triple X room, and head to the maintenance room in the back to make a Laser sword, and then a lightning gun if you have an electric prod, otherwise an Impact Blaster, and finally a laser gun if you made the lightning gun. Also, again, we’re here, go ahead and make another reaper.
  304. Once you’re clear, head to the stairs, and exit out to the security outpost.
  306. Take out the Hazard Unit in here and you should finish the Achievement Phenotrans Sabotage.
  308. Then just cut through the outpost, and get to Regina. Kill the Zombies around her, and give her the two coolers, and she’ll give you the Tunnel Key. She’ll also be saved.
  310. We need to go into the Tunnel now, which is in the harvest room. If you didn’t get the achievement for getting all the PP stickers or Security Cameras, you need to do a lap around the holding pens to see if you missed any. Just methodically go through and make sure you hit the 4 on the left side, the one in the bottom left, the six at the top, and the four on the right. If you cleared them all, then zone into the Harvest Room.
  312. Now just make a straight shot through here down to the Tunnel. There’s a hazard unit on your right you can kill if you still haven’t gotten the achievement. Once you have the achievements for killing security, handlers, and hazard units, you can basically ignore them most of the time.
  314. Enter the tunnel. Unequip your weapon and run forward. You’ll find a crazed Mizuki, so go ahead and lay the smack down on him (Jojo Part 3 reference). Eventually he’ll come to his senses and be saved.
  316. In this maintenance room, and surrounding area there’s a blast frequency gun, an electric prod, a flash light, and gems. This means you can make a laser gun in here. You can do it if you choose, but keeping them seperate as a laser gun, and laser sword will come in handy in a little while.
  318. Exit the tunnel, and you’ll find yourself near the shipping office. Go ahead and head up there now, and save.
  320. Route 5:
  322. Realistically, you should be done the vast majority of things you need to do until 1AM, so this is largely considered free time.
  324. Your primary goals now are to finish anything up you’re missing. Any missing PP stickers, Security Cameras, finishing off zombie handlers, security, and hazard units, the 1000 zombie kills, and hitting level 50. You should be long done most of the stuff, and if you are, feel free to just afk in the Shipping Office until 1AM, or do whatever you see fit to kill the time.
  326. If you need zombie kills or PP, the easiest way is to run around murdering zombies in the central area of the holding pens with an Impact Blaster special attack. Your other option is to make a Zap and Shine and just run the route, then zone into the Harvesting Room when it breaks to respawn it.
  328. If you missed a security camera or PP sticker the way to find it is just to work through the area linearly since you have no idea which one you missed. Pay attention to the map and just follow a route, checking every location along the way. There’s a lot to check, but if you’re ignoring zombies and just running around it’s pretty fast.
  330. I found the last one I missed, which was above the Zombie Dissection Lab.
  332. Since I was in the area, I took the opportunity to restock on healing items in the Cafeteria. Then I made a Lightning Gun and a Laser Sword in the Living Quarters, since we’ll need it at 1AM to rescue a survivor.
  334. Once I did that, check your achievements before heading back to wait it out in shipping office.
  336. I had about 15 minutes of real time to kill here, which was just over 2 and a half in game hours. Make sure you save before waiting it out, just in case.
  338. At 1AM, you’ll get a cutscene.
  340. Route 6:
  342. This is the final stretch. Exit the Shipping Office and head towards the Security Outpost. Pick up the detonator by jumping on the crate and getting onto the racks. Then jump down, and head up the stairs to the security outpost. Cross the walkway to the Security Tower. Take out any resistance along the way, and enter the tower to get the C4. Also pick up a Whiskey, there’s one right beside the C4. Now, cross back to the Security Outpost, making sure to pick up an Electric Prod along the way. Then zone into the Living Quarters.
  344. Inside, jump down, then turn right, and enter the Server Room. Grab the Blast Frequency Gun, and then head to the maintenance room. Combine the Blast Frequency Gun, and the Electric Prod to make a Lightning Gun. Then head to the triple X room, and pick up the Flashlight and Gems. You can also grab another whiskey off the end table if you have the inventory space.
  346. Head back to the maintenance room, and make a laser sword. Do NOT combine the laser sword, and lightning gun here. We just want them as raw components.
  348. Head up the stairs on your right. Enter the unit on your right, and hang a right to find Jerry.
  350. Talk to him, and then give him a Lightning Gun, and a Laser Sword. He’ll combine these into a Laser Gun, you’ll get the combo card. Then talk to him again to rescue him.
  352. You can make another Reaper in the maintenance room, but then head into the Cafeteria, and to the blender in the kitchen
  354. You want to make an Energizer Juice here. Mix the Whiskey with an apple and you’ll get one.
  356. Now check your watch. If it’s not 2AM, just kill some time. If it is 2AM, zone out into the holding pens, and then zone immediately back into the Living Quarters.
  358. With your Energizer in hand, head to the Server Room.
  360. You’ll encounter Dean, talk to him, and give him the Energizer. He’ll be rescued, and you’ll get the Savior achievement.
  362. Now it’s time for final preparations.
  364. Head to the maintenance room and make another Reaper if you’re short on weapons. My final loadout was 3 reapers, 2 laser guns, and 2 impact blasters, which is massive overkill. 2 Reapers and maybe a laser gun or two will definitely be sufficient. Go ahead and save in the restrooms here. Do a final achievement check to make sure you’ve done everything, and then head towards the waypoint.
  366. Stop by the Triple X room and grab some more whiskey, and then head to the cafeteria and into the kitchen. Zoning in here while Dean is in the server room will always make a whiskey spawn by the blender. Go ahead and make another Energizer for yourself, and a second one if you stopped by the triple X room. Otherwise, just combine 2 apples for a nectar, and fill up the rest of your inventory with Orange Juice otherwise.
  368. Now follow the waypoint to the power room, ignoring anything in your way, and put down the C4.
  370. You’ll start the final case. Go ahead and head to the restroom on your left to save, definitely make a seperate save file here if you want all achievements.
  372. Now, head towards your marker, and through the security door.
  374. In here, you’ll have to fight Harjit Singh, aka “Commander”.
  376. This fight is not difficult at all. You’ll be level 50, with likely 4 mixed drinks and reapers and laser guns galore.
  378. Reapers are my preferred option here. Wait for him to focus Frank, then run up, and hit him two or three times with the reaper and then dive roll away by clicking in the analog sticks.
  380. If he charges you, go ahead and dive roll away. Likewise, don’t stand between him and anything like racks, as he’ll blast them towards you.
  382. Repeat this process, and eventually he’’ll jump up onto the machinery and summon more guards. You should use this an opportunity to blast him with the laser gun, a few times before taking out the guards. Then go ahead and repeat the process of shooting him whenever he’s out of reach, and using the reaper otherwise.
  384. He should summon 3 sets of additional guards. First is a Handler and Security Guard. Second is a Hazard Unit and Security Guard, and the third is all three. It’s not a big deal, and they’re easy to take out with a laser gun, or impact blaster if you have one.
  386. This fight is long as Harjit has 3 health bars, but you have Frank to distract him, and there’s ample cover and breathing room to heal, and you have tons of health from being level 50. You should just be able to wear him down with your reaper, and laser guns.
  388. You may even get a cool photo finish.
  390. You’ll unlock the achievement FANTASTIC to commemorate your victory. Now watch the ending and save if you want, ON A DIFFERENT SAVE FILE.
  392. Final Achievement
  393. To get the last achievement you need to beat the Campaign while playing co-operatively on Xbox Live. It says nothing about beating all the cases in co-op. All you have to do is beat Harjit Singh with a co-op partner active.
  395. I don’t currently have an active Xbox Live subscription, so heres what it would look like.
  397. Grab a Buddy, or collude with someone from a forum, or other gaming community.
  398. Load up your save.
  399. Get this person to join.
  400. Give them some weapons from your stash.
  401. Once they do, start the Harjit Singh fight.
  402. Beat him
  403. Both of you will get the achievement.
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