Jun 25th, 2019
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  1. → Kalvin
  2. the color scheme was grays, somber blues and black. Various posters of musicians and cult classic movies hung on the walls in frames to preserve them -- indicating their value was either monetary or sentimental. There was a heavy black curtain over the window that looked out at the courtyard, with thin silver strand woven into it. A few strategically placed candles were burning, each of the same rich pomegranate color with a subtle scent of cranberries and blueberries. "I left the door open, didn't I?" immediately swiping her water bottle for a swig. "Close it behind you, huh? Letting all the cold air out," which she loved her arctic temperatures.
  3. ← Kalvin
  4. Wouldn't know about the many different kinds of knockers she's had in her life, but Kalvin was less than surprised in her choice of clothing. "Classy." A bland comment. "But may I come in?" Of course he was going to ask first, and in his hands was a giant box full of wrenches, and other metal parts. A few wires here and there were sticking out. "It's a... a nice place you have." Propped up a small smile, despite the fact that it smells --somewhat-- of cigarettes.
  5. → Kalvin
  6. and oddly enough, less than twenty minutes later there was a knock on the dorm room door. It lacked the desperation of Shane or Kian, or the thundering quality of others. Door was all but thrown open to reveal Elliot. Even as it revealed Keller. An over sized long sleeve black shirt, hung low on shoulders and barely concealed the blue plaid boy shorts she wore underneath. "Oh," a note of evident surprise, and she turned to head over to couch and flop. Leaving Kal to enter, close the door and join her.
  7. ← Kalvin
  8. Oh he does not have selective memory. Knocked on the door though, because she mentioned her address. Once. He's very intelligent, okay?
  9. → Kalvin
  10. he most certainly did invite himself over. No point in having selective memory now.
  11. ← Kalvin
  12. No, he wasn't inviting himself over. He doesn't even want to be there, but they needed to find a compromise. Eventually, she'd put the phone down, leaving him wondering how much better he could have pulled that off.
  13. → Kalvin
  14. wait a minute, was Elliot inviting himself over? To her dorm? Didn't his tighty-whiteys get into a bunch before about the idea of smoking a joint with her while fully clothed? "..No promises," not bothering to inquire if he knew the address, just ended the call.
  15. ← Kalvin
  16. He was not smiling, nor was he hip popping at the idea of being productive. Although his heels did occasionally leave the ground. Not like she'd know that. "Wear something decent, okay? We can't have you sleeping."
  17. → Kalvin
  18. smirked as she could almost see the self-satisfied smile on his lips, and his little hip pop at the idea of being productive. "..Dude, I'm in pajamas. I'm not leaving my dorm."
  19. ← Kalvin
  20. Ugh. Thank god, she was being cooperative. Puts a hand on his waist. "I was thinking, like--" Wobbled head. "--tonight? You're not busy are you? Because if you are. We're screwed."
  21. → Kalvin
  22. could practically hear the whine in his voice, and the need for a block of cheese or the world's smallest violin was fierce. "Alright fine. When do you want to work on it?"
  23. ← Kalvin
  24. lowered the phone. Shit. She's right. Puts it back on his ear. "Hey, I'm just trying to do my best here. I don't need to run the show, but I do need to pass this class." Is trying his best not to pout and cry, by the way. "If you don't want to do this, that's okay, but just-- please consider it."
  25. → Kalvin
  26. snorted at that one, utter bullshit if she ever heard it. "No one put you in charge of me. You're just scared of branching out, and other partners not letting you run the show."
  27. ← Kalvin
  28. *they
  29. ← Kalvin
  30. Doesn't actually know why. He should reconsider the way he looks at the world. "Because the put me in charge of you."
  31. → Kalvin
  32. makes a raspberry noise with lips, indicating she didn't care. "..Why do you agree every damn time to be my partner on assignments? You don't even try to trade."
  33. ← Kalvin
  34. "It means failure." Rolled his eyes, even if she couldn't see it. "We can bump it up to an A plus, I just need you to know how it's done. They'll be asking questions, you know."
  35. → Kalvin
  36. smirked, because she knew what he meant. "So that sounds like what.. a high C? Low b? Eeeeh?"
  37. ← Kalvin
  38. Pulled the phone away from him. "The project. It's due next week, and the best we can do is show S.T.A.R. but that's cheating."
  39. → Kalvin
  40. Yawned into the phone to demonstrate her boredom and dominance. "Avoiding what shitbrick?"
  41. → Kalvin
  42. [message deleted]
  43. ← Kalvin
  44. didn't respond to that. For a long while. "That's offensive, first of all. And second, are we seriously avoiding the conversation?"
  45. → Kalvin
  47. → Kalvin
  48. Maybe if you stepped into the sex dungeon, your balls would drop. Pinocchio.
  49. ← Kalvin
  50. Maybe if you step out of the sex dungeon you'd get better reception, Cinderella.
  51. → Kalvin
  52. can't hear you. kssssh.
  53. → Kalvin
  54. ksssssh, bad reception.
  55. ← Kalvin
  56. Cal. Project. Asap
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