Scheduling attempts with Mimo

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  1. MimoshitakumotokuLast Monday at 3:53 PM
  2. wen fite?
  3. BurnLast Monday at 3:53 PM
  4. I have evenings and weekends pretty free, also Wednesday completely free
  5. MimoshitakumotokuLast Monday at 3:55 PM
  6. wednesday seems pretty cool or friday evening
  7. BurnLast Monday at 3:55 PM
  8. Either would be fine with me
  9. BurnLast Wednesday at 7:06 PM
  10. Hey, would you rather battle tonight or Friday? I'm good with either
  11. MimoshitakumotokuLast Wednesday at 7:06 PM
  12. friday
  13. BurnLast Wednesday at 7:06 PM
  14. Sounds like a plan
  15. BurnLast Friday at 8:48 PM
  16. We still battling tonight? Or would you like to push it to tomorrow or Sunday?
  17. MimoshitakumotokuLast Friday at 9:49 PM
  18. I'm sorry can we push it to Sunday
  19. BurnLast Friday at 9:49 PM
  20. Yeah that's fine
  21. BurnYesterday at 8:18 PM
  22. So hey, just want to let you know my availability for tomorrow. I should be free from about 12:30-5 pm CST and then from 8:30 pm CST till I go to bed.
  23. MimoshitakumotokuYesterday at 9:54 PM
  24. Ok thank you
  25. BurnToday at 3:58 PM
  26. If you're ready to go, I have a window in which I can battle now
  27. MimoshitakumotokuToday at 4:51 PM
  28. im most likely going to go for the 8:30 lol
  29. BurnToday at 5:00 PM
  30. Alrighty, I might be a little later than that depending on how the thing I'm going to tonight lasts
  31. MimoshitakumotokuToday at 5:20 PM
  32. just hmu lol
  33. BurnToday at 8:30 PM
  34. If it's all the same, I have another battle to do real quick, but I'll let you know as soon as I'm done
  35. BurnToday at 9:07 PM
  36. Well done with that one, so whenever you're ready, let me know
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