Nasseau - Appleseed (WIP)

Jun 22nd, 2015
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  4. Little Apple Bloom came home from school after a bright, sunny day of May. She waved farewell to Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle and trotted merrily on the dusty road back home, away from her school chores into her actual chores.
  6. The door to the Apple Family home had been left unlocked and a fresh pie was set on the dining table, it's delicious aroma reaching Apple Bloom's nostrils as soon as the filly opened the door. She rushed over to wolf down on the delicious baked treat, when she noticed a note left-over.
  8. "''Apple Bloom, me, Big Mac and Granny Smith went to Ponyville to buy some tools, bullets and varmint repellent, have yourself a slice of the pie and do your chores before we come back home''
  9. ''-Your sister Applejack''"
  11. Free pie! Wonderful free pie! She grabbed herself a slace and quickly swallowed it, only to realise she was getting gradually tired... her eyelids were so heavy... she was so sleepy... she should get some rest on the couch... if only she could make it.
  13. She collapsed to the floor, the last thing she saw being Big Macintosh and Applejack coming out from outside and smirking at her.
  15. She came to her senses in a dark room. She tried to wipe her eyes with her forehooves, but soon realized all her limbs were restrained in the shape of a star, and she was laying on her belly on a wooden plank. Her tail was lifted and held in place by a rope. She was trapped and she panicked.
  17. "So... somepony! Hello!? Help me!"
  19. Applejack and Big Mac slowly trotted out of the darkness, eyes on Apple Bloom, with a small smirk on their faces.
  21. "Oh thank Celestia ya'll are here! Ah'm stuck and ah need help!"
  23. Applejack spoke first "Oh Apple Bloom, ya silly critter, don't you realise we're the one that put you here?"
  25. The two older siblings walked around Apple Bloom in circles while the filly tried to understand.
  27. "Applejack, ah promise... let me out, I promise I'll do mah homework and mah chores! Ah won't disappoint you again!"
  29. The apple mare chuckled "Oh don't worry Apple Bloom, yer chores and homework are fine. This is an Apple family tradition."
  31. "We're gonna stick a baby in you, little sister."
  33. Apple Bloom's irises shrunk in fear "No... no... you can't do this AJ! I'll do anything you want, just... please don't!"
  35. Applejack's expression turned from mirth to anger. "This is an Apple tradition young filly. There's ain't no such thing as getting out of it. We did it for generations. Granny Smith did it when she was young, and ah did it when ah was young. Where do you think ya came from?"
  37. The sheer realization made Apple Bloom's speechless with horror. "Yup, you got it Apple Bloom, I'm yer mom, ya came out of mah belly, but ah still love you like mah little sister."
  39. Applejack planted a kiss on her big brother's lips. "Big Mac, do me first, would ya? Ah want yer babies, ah want them now" She lifted her tail in front of Apple Bloom, leaving nothing to the imagination for the poor filly.
  41. Big Macintosh place his forelegs on Applejack's shoulders, his enormous erection teasing his sister's clit. Each of his throbbings would tease the mare's labia and the head of his cock would collect moisture.
  43. "Come on Big Mac, rut me, fuck me hard. Ah haven't had your cock since we made Apple Bloom!"
  45. The large pony had finally enough of teasing and needed something more concrete. He thrusted his hips forward, roughly penetrating the applebucking mare. She moaned loudly at how good the sudden filling felt. The in and out movement of the stallion's hips was even greater. This was beyond her wildest dreams. She found herself subcounsciously bucking her hips backward, hoping to get more of Big Mac's cock inside her pussy. All the while, Apple Bloom had first class ticket to the sexy spectacle, fully aware that it was her turn next.
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