100% Route v1

Aug 15th, 2017
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  1. 0. Undead Asylum:
  3. - Thief, black firebombs
  5. 1. Lower Undead Burg & Valley:
  7. - Pick up Firebombs
  8. - Get the soul after the foggate, get the wooden shield
  9. - Go to Undead Merchant, buy bow + some arrows + 1 lloyd's talisman + rest bombs, kill him, pick up uchigatana
  10. - Go up the ladder, hotbar: estus blackf f, pickup throwing knives + crossbow, remove knives from hotbar on jump
  11. - Do jump through broken railing, and go oob on the aqueduct, jump down to capra fight and kill him with bombs (4 BF, 6 F), use estus + quitout strats
  12. - Jump back in bounds and open up the shortcut in the aqueduct, buy an alluring skull + homeward bone on the way
  13. - Pick up everything before where the first foggate was
  14. - LUB skip, get the soul in the barrel and the thief set
  15. - Get Mail Breaker, free Griggs, pickup the sorcerer stuff inside his room
  16. - Get the twin humanities in the back (use the alluring skull here), bone back
  17. - Buy FC from Griggs, go down the elevator, drop stuff
  18. - Run through the valley, pick up everything except ASS and DCS, reorder stuff on the RTSR ladder (Estus, Soul, Soul, Bone, Bombs)
  19. - Pop souls up to the BK knight, get gcs and don't kill the knight yet
  20. - Get the longbow, kill the lizard with punch + black firebomb, up to undead parish
  21. - Don't talk to Andre, rest at parish, level 10 str, 15 int
  23. 2. Sen's Fortress:
  25. - Send down the elevator in the church
  26. - SGS, pickup the 5k soul
  27. - Pick up the 2 large shards in the chest
  28. - Free Logan and get the 10k soul
  29. - Equip lloyds on the foggate, get rtsr from the arrow trap right afterwards
  30. - Drop down to the mimic (take minimal fall damage), get the spear from the mimic and kill it with it
  31. - Drop the longbow before the elevator comes down, up the elevator, pop the 5k and 10k soul
  32. - Unequip all armor on the last foggate
  33. - Pick up the 8k soul, rest at the bonfire, attune FC, go to Crestfallen Merchant, pick up the 2 large shards on the way
  34. - Equip Catalyst on the jump over the gap, buy 2 large shards, 9 small shards, buy 4 blossoms, get cage key, bone back
  35. - Get the 2 large shards and SDR, bone back, setup RTSR via the arrow trap right in front of the bonfire
  36. - Activate the cage elevator, kill Iron Golem, equip lightning spear on the second righthand slot and remove soul from hotbar
  38. 3. Anor Londo:
  40. - Rest at AL bonfire, get 27 STR
  41. - Activate the AL elevator, FC drop down to the demon titanite, pick it up, spear over catalyst
  42. - Go to the rafters, equip bow and shield in lefthand slots, knock down GMW
  43. - Get the divine blessing (do left side namu rafters), remove it from the hotbar on the foggate
  44. - Move the lightning spear down in the inventory to the shields on the staircase lever
  45. - Go past archers, get the hero soul, remove soul from hotbar on foggate, kill the mimic, get the DT and havel set
  46. - Kill O&S with moveswap DT + blossom, drop havel shield + spear on elevator
  47. - Kill Gwynevere, take the CoP bonfire, level 18 end
  48. - Warp to Firelink, equip SDR
  50. 4. New Londo Ruins & Quelaag:
  52. - Go down the elevator, pop humanity and iron golem soul, equip catalyst
  53. - Get the Firekeeper soul, quitout
  54. - Get the parrying dagger and the 2 transient curses on the way to ghosthouse, quitout on the foggate before ghosthouse to get rid of the ghost lady at the transient curses
  55. - Kick down the ladder and pickup the soul
  56. - Do looparound strat in the ghosthouse and pick up the soul, go up to Ingward to get the key, clean hotbar on climbing the ladder if you want
  57. - Drop down, get the green shard, the soul and the composite bow, and open the seal, unequip armor on the seal
  58. - Run up the stairs to the humanity, pick it up, do FC drop down oob and do Blighttown Skip
  59. - Run out of Quelaag's Domain, get the Great Club + the large shard, kill quelaag with moveswap DT
  60. - Ring the bell
  61. - Do the resting while talking glitch with the Fair Lady and turning human to receive the chaos fireball pyromancy and to upgrade your GC to +5
  62. - Warp to Firelink, drop parrying dagger and DT
  64. 5. Depths:
  66. - Pickup the humanity on the well, get the soul at the top of the aqueduct, get the humanity next to the rat
  67. - Run through the aqueduct, buy 3 alluring skulls, unequip shield on a jump, get the soul next to the depths door, go into the depths
  68. - Get the soul right at the start, jump through the window, kill the first butcher, free laurentius
  69. - Get Large Ember, kill the dog and the second butcher, drop down the shaft, GET THE SPIDERSHIELD
  70. - Kill the Giant Rat, get the sewer key, and the soul in the corner, and the other soul in the tunnel
  71. - Drop down to the basilisks, do a rolling attack to kill basilisks, get the soul right behind you, then the humanity, quitout and the ring of the evil eye
  72. - Make your way out, get the soul in the small corridor
  73. - Trigger Kirk, drop the composite bow and the spider shield while waiting for him, kill him, run up the shortcut at the bonfire, open it up
  74. - Rest at the Depths bonfire, warp to Firelink, equip GCS over GC, SC over MB and unequip the soul on the hotbar
  76. 06. Catacombs & Tomb of the Giants
  78. - Get the Pyromancy Flame from Laurentius, get the soul close to him, then up the stairs for the other soul
  79. - Go to catacombs, get the soul at the start of the graveyard to the left, the caduceus round shield and the soul right at the pathway next to it
  80. - Enter the catacombs, pull the lever, ignore the necromancer and the bonfire
  81. - FC drop down to the ledge with leeroy summon sign, pickup the soul and the cleric set
  82. - Go kill Pinwheel, equip Smough soul on second slot over alluring skulls and put alluring skulls on the last hotbar slot
  83. - Jump to the right on the first coffin, get the 3 eyes of death, the soul and the soul at the ledge down the ladder
  84. - Rest at Tomb bonfire, warp to Firelink, drop mace + caduceus round shield
  86. 07. Gargoyles & Blighttown 1
  88. - Rest at Firelink, buy ghsa + bdr from griggs, talk to Logan
  89. - Go up the elevator, dupe Smough soul 5 times, kill the Berenike Knight
  90. - Go up the stairs, throw alluring skull to distract hollows, kill the channeler, throw another skull and get the soul in the back
  91. - Run to the humanity all the way in the back, quitout, pick it up
  92. - Go to Gargoyles, throw a 3rd skull to get through the room
  93. - Kill Gargoyles, equip firekeeper soul on last hotbar slot, equip mb, catalyst, gcs and pyroflame
  94. - Ring the bell, bone back
  95. - Tell Laurentius about the pyromancy, place the lordvessel, bone back
  96. - Pickup the black eye orb + dingy set, down elevator, dupe smough soul once and firekeeper soul twice
  97. - Get Key to New Londo Ruins, use drops to get rtsr until the parasite
  98. - Get Remedy + crimson set, blighttown parcour, quitout
  99. - Climb up the ladders, mail breaker and catalyst righthand slots, shortbow and pyroflame lefthand slots
  100. - Through foggate, up ladder, moveswap, pickup soul, kill parasite and get PW
  101. - Jump to the right over the wooden wall, drop down to the whip, then FC drop down to the dragon scale
  102. - Rest at the bonfire, kindle it, pickup the soul to the right, go behind Laurentius, quitout and kill him
  103. - Pick up poison mist + pyro set, then the other two souls near you, bone back
  104. - Warp to Parish, drop mace and whip
  106. 08. Darkroot (+ detour to Rhea)
  108. - Equip GCS over GC on standup (2 up)
  109. - Get +10 from Andre + the crest, don't kill the titanite demon yet, run past him and drop down with FC on the left side in Darkroot
  110. - Equip bow over gcs during jump, moveswap, kill the possessed tree, get the soul in the back with the frogs
  111. - Turn around and get wolf ring, roll over to the walkway, get the soul behind the rock, open crest door
  112. - Rest at the darkroot bonfire, level 14 ATT 21 INT, attune GHSA and PW, kindle the bonfire
  113. - Warp to tomb of the giants, drop down to rhea, get the 2 souls + lantern, kill nico and vince by quitting out behind them and then killing them from behind
  114. - Talk to rhea, get the chunk at the top of the pathway, bone back
  115. - Run behind Pharis and her knight, quitout, then kill the knight and pharis from behind
  116. - Pick up pharis' loot, equip havel's chest piece and drop down to the soul to get RTSR, pickup the soul, do FC drop down to Hydra
  117. - Kill Hydra with MD setup, free Dusk, use bone
  118. - Kill the knight on the way to Sif, join the forest covenant to make Shiva appear, get stone armor, equip bow over gc
  119. - Go to enchanted ember, quitout to get rid of the mushrooms, pick it up
  120. - Go to the soul next to the Felines, pick it up, do slope jump up the hill, cast PW, moveswap, kill the two sleeping Felines
  121. - Kill the third one with a plunge attack, equip DCR, keep it on until the Sif gate lets you through, equip BDR over DCR
  122. - Pick up hornet ring, kill Sif, use bone
  123. - Go to butterfly, get the item to the right before the foggate, equip sif soul on foggate, kill the possessed tree
  124. - Get the partizan, quitout, equip GCS over GC on standup, get the elite knight set, up to Butterfly
  125. - Dupe Sif soul once, then cast PW, 4 GHSAs to kill Butterfly, get the watchtowerkey + divine ember + homeward bone, bone back
  126. - Get Eastern Set, FC drop down, get the soul to the right, quitout at Dusk
  127. - Summon dusk, get knight set, drop partizan and pharis bow while waiting for Dusk
  128. - Buy hidden body, bone back
  129. - Level 16 ATT, attune Hidden Body, warp to Anor Londo, Bow over GCS and SDR over BDR
  131. 09. Duke's Archives 1 & Undead Parish
  133. - Get the Twinkling Titanite + kill the mimic before Duke's
  134. - Kill the 2 boars, kindle the bonfire to the max
  135. - On the frst elevator dupe sif soul twice, get broken pendant
  136. - Get the Soul of a Brave Warrior behind the stairs, quitout
  137. - Up the second elevator, dupe firekeeper soul three times, duke skip
  138. - Turn the first bridge after Duke Skip, go up to GMS, cast FC and use GC to knock the channeler out of the way
  139. - Get GMS, turn the bridge again and do FC quitout down the ladder
  140. - Open the big shelf with the lever, rest at the balcony bonfire, warp to Undead Parish
  141. - Cast HB just before the church, talk to Rhea, buy all her miracles and her divine blessing to make her disappear
  142. - Pick up the halberd in front of the church, cast HB again, go to the sidepath
  143. - Knock the balder knight out of the way, get the knight shield
  144. - Turn around, through the foggate, bow over gcs on foggate, cast HB, drop down, get the soul on the beam and the mystery key
  145. - Go outside, moveswap, kill the boar and the hollow that wants to close the gate
  146. - Get the 4 alluring skulls, basement key and the halberd, turn around
  147. - Kill the Black Knight, drop back down, through the rats path to Hellkite
  148. - Dupe FKS once, drop halberd and knight shield while waiting for hellkite, bow over gcs, shoot hellkite, moveswap, kill him
  149. - Pick up claymore and soul on the bridge, rest at Sunlight Altar, kindle it to the max, open the gate with the lever, drop claymore
  150. - Go to the Burg bonfire, kick down the shortcut ladder, kindle the bonfire to the max
  151. - Go to the hollow that kicks the door open, kill him, get the 3 gold pine resins, go to Taurus
  152. - Kill the Crystal Lizard, kill taurus, switch out GC for bow and cast FC, get the item after Taurus
  153. - Talk to solaire, get the white sign soapstone from him and listen to the rest of the dialogue to make him move to AL
  154. - Open the Basement Key door, FC drop down to LUB, cast HB
  155. - Open the shortcut to upper undead burg, get the black firebombs, go to the wooden structure, moveswap, get the soul
  156. - Jump to BTSR, pick it up, kill the Black Knight
  157. - Go down the Havel tower, kill Havel with a jumpattack, equip gcs over GC, go to DLC, pick up dusk's set
  159. 10. Sanctuary Guardian & Artorias
  161. - Rest at Sanctuary Garden bonfire, kindle it to the max
  162. - Kill Guardian with PW and moveswap, kindle the sanctuary bonfire to the max
  163. - Get the humanity behind the pillar in the sanctuary, go towards royal wood
  164. - Cast HB, get the Blue Titanite Slab, cast HB again, get the guardian leggings in the corner
  165. - Over the bridge where Kalameet appears, kill the lizard with moveswapped GC, get the looparound item at the top of the hill, roll down
  166. - Get the Elizabeth Mushroom to the right, quitout, get the item on the hill to the right with the hole in the way
  167. - Turn around get the guardian chest piece + gough's great arrows all the way across the plane
  168. - Do a quitout jump to the other item, kill the lizard, get the gold coin, quitout
  169. - Go to the elevator, get the soul behind it, do FC drop down
  170. - Go up the shortcut elevator near chester, get the guardian chests up the stairs, go down again, dupe a firekeeper soul once each elevator trip
  171. - Jump down to the item next to the dogs, equip bow over GC on the jump, pick up the item, run towards Kalameet
  172. - Quitout roughly at the stairs leading to Artorias, equip DCR on standup, cast PW, moveswap, kill the dogs, trigger Kalameet
  173. - Run to Artorias, pick up the soul right on the way, kill Artorias, equip gcs over GC
  174. - Quitout, give the soul to Ciaran, rest at Township, level 32 INT, kindle the bonfire
  176. 11. Township & Chasm
  178. - Cast HB just as you enter township, pickup the soul, run towards the next soul near dark orb, pick it up
  179. - Drop down and get the humanity, then go to the I'm sorry carving sorceress and knock her off
  180. - Cast HB again, go inside and pick up Dark Orb, run back out again, jump to the illusory wall and equip the lantern over gcs
  181. - Remove illusory wall, equip bow over lantern, get Silver Pendant, quitout
  182. - Moveswap, kill the lizard with a plunge attack, kill the mimic, equip bow over GC and lantern over pyro flame, pick up the carving, bone back
  183. - FC drop down the elevator, send the elevator back up again, cast HB, shoot down Dark Fog, pick it up
  184. - Get the Soul of a Hero, turn around and run up the stairs and pick up rubbish, cast HB again and go down the stairs
  185. - Go up to the mimic, but before the mimic go straight and reveal the illusory wall with the lantern and pickup the red chunk in the chest
  186. - Equip pyroflame over lantern again, go to the mimic, moveswap, kill it and pick up the crest key, equip gcs while waiting for it to die
  187. - Drop down outside onto the balcony and get the twin humanities, bone back
  188. - Go to Gough, get the soul of a hero on the way, equip alluring skulls over Soul of Sif on the ladder
  189. - Shoot down kalameet, bone back, go down the elevator, dupe firekeeper soul once
  190. - Cast HB, get the soul on the right at hellbridge, run towards the chasm, quitout strats for the elevator
  191. - Dupe firekeeper soul once on elevator, equip bow over GCS
  192. - Kindle the bonfire to the max, cast HB, moveswap, kill the lizard, get Dark Bead, cast HB again, equip bow over GC on jump
  193. - Get the Help Me! carving and black flame using an alluring skull, moveswap, get the humanity, kill the sorceress, go to manus
  194. - Get the Twin Humanities behind the bridge, get the white slab + the soul of a hero, kill Manus
  195. - Take his bonfire, kindle it to the max, warp to the dungeon bonfire, drop both tracers
  196. - Trigger all 3 Alvina encounters, free Sif, dupe FKS 4 times while waiting for him to disappear, pickup the Cleansing Greatshield, quitout
  197. - Go up the elevator, dupe firekeeper soul twice, go to Kalameet, kill the Lizard, get the souls in the middle and the Titanite Slab, quitout
  198. - Now kill Kalameet, pickup the remaining arrows in his area, bone back
  199. - Attune Dark Bead, warp to Firelink, GCS over GC
  201. 12. Undead Asylum Revisited & Gwyndolin
  203. - Buy all the spells + the lingering ring from Griggs, go to Asylum, equip Dusk Crown and BDR over SDR on elevator
  204. - Pickup the Asylum F2 West Key, drop all unnecessary weapons and rings on the nest
  205. - Reorder silver pendant to the top of your inventory and reorder the rings to be from the top: RTSR -> DCR -> BDR -> SDR (or to your liking)
  206. - Cast HB in the Asylum, pickup the soul at the start on the right
  207. - Go right to the first bonfire, kindle it to the max, cast HB again, kill the first BK
  208. - Go to Oscar, kill him, quitout, pick up the crest shield, go to Rusted Iron Ring, pick it up
  209. - Go to the courtyard bonfire, kindle it to the max, drop down to Stray and switch out DCR for RTSR
  210. - Kill Stray, kill the last BK and get peculiar doll, bone back
  211. - Warp to Chamber of Princess, equip Black Eye Orb over Alluring Skulls
  212. - Jump down, equip SDR over BDR, run over to the big shortcut gate, use the Black Eye Orb on the way so that the invasion starts as the door opens
  213. - Cast HB and go behind Lautrec, kill him with Dark Bead, dupe Firekeeper Soul 4 times while waiting for the invasion to end
  214. - Cast HB after invasion and kill the 2 NPC knights with one dark bead each from behind
  215. - Get the Dragonslayer Greatbow, turn the tin banishment catalyst into manus catalyst, get the hawk ring and the titanite chunk
  216. - Cast HB, kill the Darkling Lady, dupe FKS once while waiting for her to die, pickup her Firekeeper Soul
  217. - Pull the lever, equip BDR over SDR, and DCR over RTSR
  218. - Kindle the bonfire to the max, level 34 int, pickup the ring
  219. - Put Manus catalyst over SC on foggate, kill Gwyndolin
  220. - Get Brass Set + Sunlight Blade, put SDR over BDR, and SC over MC again, bone back
  221. - Get GMW and Black Iron Set, go into the Painted World
  223. 13. Painted World
  225. - Kindle bonfire to the max, cast HB
  226. - Shoot down the humanity right at the start, pick it up, up the stairs, then left up to the soul
  227. - Drop down to dried finger, pick it up, get the soul next to the rats, quitout, go up, cast HB
  228. - Go over the bridge, do jump to Velka's Rapier, pick it up, drop down, get gold coin, get painting guardian set
  229. - Cast HB, go up the ladder, equip Bow over PyroFlame, get the soul, the vermifuge, drop down
  230. - Get the soul to the left of the exit, get the soul of a brave warrior to the right
  231. - Turn around, do railing jump to get to firesurge, do the whole underground section, bone out
  232. - Cast HB, go upstairs and get the soul in the middle of the stairs in the beginning
  233. - Jump to the ring of sacrifice, pick it up, also get the dangling corpse item, then the item in the corner
  234. - Go the Annex, cast HB, get Velka's Rapier if you didn't already, then Dark Ember, quitout, cast HB
  235. - Go to Vow of Silence, kill the hollow on the stairs with 1 Dark Bead, switch SC to MC while waiting for the toxic to subside
  236. - Then get Velka's Set, turn around, do jumps over railing down to Annex door, cast HB and go to the item on the far left
  237. - Equip RTSR over DCR, get all the items, kill Jeremiah, bone back from Acid Surge
  238. - Equip SC over MC on standup, do the jump right next to the underground entrance at the start
  239. - Get the soul, open the shortcut gate, drop ring of sacrifice, ringswap for half health
  240. - Go through foggate in the middle, equip BDR over SDR
  241. - Go up the stairs to Red Sign Soapstone, then drop down to the soul, and further down onto the stairs to get RTSR
  242. - Get the 2 items in front of the Undead Dragon and kill him, cast FC
  243. - Go to Priscilla, equip MC over SC and remove red sign soapstone from hotbar, oneshot her
  244. - Pickup Jeremiah's Set, leave, bone back
  247. 14. Sen's Fortress & AL Cathedral
  249. - Go towards Sen's Fortress, pickup the Demon Titanite on the way, put SDR over RTSR
  250. - Fall control to the right onto the pile of boulders, drop down to Sniper Crossbow, pick it up
  251. - Cast HB, kill the balder knight, get Flame Stoneplate Ring, run to the bonfire
  252. - Level 19 ATT 36 INT, attune Soul Spear, kindle the bonfire to the max
  253. - Drop through the hole where the boulder giant drops the boulders
  254. - Cast HB, drop down to the Serpent Mage, pickup the soul, kill the serpent mage, kill Griggs, get Hush, open the shortcut door
  255. - Pick up Griggs' stuff, run back to the covetous ring, pick it up, go up the elevator near the where the mimic was, dupe FKS once
  256. - Push the lever away from Siegmeyer, cast HB again, get Ring of Steel Protection, get Shotel, talk to Siegmeyer, bone back
  257. - Drop down to the cage elevator with FC, dupe FKS 3 times
  258. - Go to Firebomb Giant, kill him, jump to Ricard, get the Ring and the Divine Blessing, kill Ricard
  259. - Go up the ladder, switch SDR to DCR, do OoB Jump, kill Gate Giant, drop down the ladder, remove illusory wall, pickup soul, bone back
  260. - Ringswap on standup, drop down the invisible ledge, cast FC, drop down to the Titanite Demon
  261. - Kill it, get the Scythe and Brave Warrior Soul, cast HB, kill the Titanite Demon at the opposite site, switch SC to MC
  262. - Kill the remaining 2 Titanite Demons, bone back
  263. - Warp to CoP Bonfire, equip SC over MB, rest there, kindle it to the max
  264. - Get Lautrec Set, drop down, cast HB at the bottom of the stairs
  265. - Use MC to twoshot the Titanite Demon, cast HB again, then kill the Silver Knight guarding the Silver Knight Set, pick it up
  266. - Open the shortcut door, rest at the bonfire, kindle it to the max, talk to Solaire
  267. - Get the Sunlight Medals, equip DCR at the chest for more casts
  268. - Go up the stairs, jump over railing and go to Siegmeyer, kill the Silver Knights, talk to Siegmeyer, get the 2 Demon Titanite
  269. - Kill the Mimics, get the Soul of a Hero, bone back, unequip DCR
  270. - Warp to Firelink, equip SDR over empty slot on warp
  273. 15. Catacombs
  275. - Talk to Siegmeyer (talk once), exhaust crestfallen's dialogue (talk twice)
  276. - Go to the stash and get the soul on the way, empty all the chests, then pickup everything in the graveyard
  277. - Kill the Necromancer at the bonfire, kindle the bonfire
  278. - Cast HB, kill the 2nd necromancer, get lucerne + the soul
  279. - Turn the first bridge lever, get the soul behind it, cast HB
  280. - Jump off to the right before the 3rd necromancer, take the bonfire, kindle to the max
  281. - Go into the tunnel to the right then left to drop down to the 4th necromancer, kill him and push the lever
  282. - Drop down to vamos, get the green shard, trigger cutscene, bone back
  283. - Go into the tunnel to the right again and then right again this time, get the 2 items while going up
  284. - Kill the 3rd necromancer, drop down to the left, kill the 2 lizards, bone back
  285. - Go back into the tunnel to the right, then go left and drop down into the cave and pickup great scythe, then drop down the hole
  286. - Run over the bridge to the other side, dissolve the foggate at the top, turn around, through the broken wall
  287. - Get Darkmoon Seance Ring, kill the 5th necromancer and get TWOP, bone back
  288. - Go back into the tunnel to the right again, then go left and drop down into the cave, then drop down the hole again
  289. - Kill the titanite demon, kill him and get the eye of deaths
  290. - Go to the Black Knight, get the Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier before dropping down, and then the Soul of a Proud Knight right next to him
  291. - Kill the Black Knight, drop down, kill the 6th necromancer in the tunnel to the right, bone back
  292. - Warp to Tomb of the Giants, reorder rare ring of sacrifice over RTSR (don't drop! need it for logan deathwarp)
  295. 16. Tomb of the Giants
  297. - Rest there, kindle it to the max
  298. - Remove the illusory wall, take the ladder up, remove cracked red eye orbs from the hotbar and put Soul of Sif over FKS
  299. - Get the 2 looparound items, then turn around and get the 2 items down the coffin slides
  300. - Get the large divine ember and the soul near it, bone back
  301. - Talk to Patches, say yes, remove the foggate, go down to the Black Knight, kill him, get Effigy Shield, turn around
  302. - Jump down to the bonfire, kindle it to the max, run up all the way to the soul next to the archer
  303. - Pick up the soul, drop down, get the silver covetous ring, drop down to the ring, get the white titanite chunk
  304. - Run in a straight line away from the chunk off the ledge, pick up the soul, jump over to the ladder, drop down
  305. - Kill Leeroy with 1 Dark Bead, quitout for the lizard, kill the Lizard with two MC R2s, cast HB again just before the Pinwheels
  306. - Get the Soul of a Hero, the slab, the chunk and then the soul of a hero before Nito fog, kill Nito
  307. - Pick up Leeroy's set, kindle the bonfire to the max, warp to the Depths, equip SDR over BDR
  309. 17. Depths & Blighttown 2
  311. - Kindle the bonfire to the max, get the Soul of a Nameless Soldier past the hallway, bone back
  312. - Cast HB, kill some rats with Dark Bead at Greataxe, pick it up, go to the Channeler, get the soul right before the foggate
  313. - Kill the channeler, get the shard in the back, do GFS, do ringswap during the jump to get RTSR
  314. - Oneshot Gaping with MC, get the Knight Set, run out of the room, get the Heavy Crossbow right outside the bossroom
  315. - Run to Blighttown Door, FC Drop down, cast HB, jump to the right to the soul
  316. - Climb up the ladder, unequip MC and equip Thief gloves and pants to not get toxic, kill the Blowdart Sniper
  317. - Jump to Iaito, pick it up, go to the bonfire, kindle it to the max
  318. - Drop down to the Humanity, cast HB, run over the moving bridge, get the 3 blooming moss, bone back
  319. - Climb up the ladder, equip RIR over RTSR, get the soul, turn around and jump to the other side with the ladder
  320. - Climb up, get the shadow set and the soul right below it, cast HB, get the humanity right at the ledge
  321. - Run past the flame dogs, drop down to the soul, then roll into the hole right next to it to get to the long ladder
  322. - Go up the ladder, equip MC again, pyroflame over bow and unequip the thief stuff
  323. - Kill the blowdart sniper with a MC R2, cast FC and do reverse blighttown parcour
  324. - Cast HB when you pass the spider, go to the blowdart sniper hole, climb up the ladder in the back, unequip MC and equip thief gloves and pants again
  325. - Kill the blowdart sniper right next to you, go left, kill the two on the other side, cast HB
  326. - Kill the remaining ones, get the soul, drop down to FKS, kill the dogs with 1 Dark Bead, pickup FKS, bone back
  327. - Cast HB, go to Eagle Shield, kill the hollow right before it, pick it up, quitout to get rid of HB
  328. - Cast FC, drop down to the spiky platform, then one more FC drop fully down
  329. - Kill the blowdart sniper, pickup wanderer set + falchion, jump off the ledge, heal, cast HB
  330. - Go for the green titanite shard, turn around and go to Siegmeyer, get the pierce shield, cast HB again, get the server, bone back
  331. - Do FC drop down to the swamp, go into great hollow
  333. 18. Great Hollow & Ash Lake
  335. - Pick up plank shield, get the twin humanities
  336. - Kindle the bonfire to the max, level 19 ATT and 36 INT, attune Soul Spear
  337. - Go to the big Crystal Lizard cave first, kill all 5 of them, bone back
  338. - Then go to the small tunnel with the two lizards, kill them, turn around, jump into the big trunk with Cloranty Ring, pick it up, drop down
  339. - Leave and kill the lizard to the left, drop down to the chunk behind you, then drop down to the left, run up the branch to the chunk
  340. - Roll off for the soul, turn around, drop off the ledge and roll forward to get to the final 2 lizards, kill them both
  341. - Turn around, get the chunk, turn around again and get the remaining chunks and the soul, drop down to Ash Lake
  342. - Equip MC over SC on foggate and BDR over SDR, kindle the bonfire to the max
  343. - Go to the Dragon Scale in the back, cast PW and twoshot Hydra, get the other 2 scales + great magic barrier
  344. - Kindle the Stone Dragon bonfire to the max, warp to Duke's Archives, RTSR over RIR
  346. 19. Duke's Archives
  348. - DCR over RTSR on standup, go to the chests and the mimic, open all of them and kill the mimic, equip MB and Bow during the animations, unequip Dusk Crown
  349. - Get the prism stones and remove them from the hotbar on the foggate, get the chunk in the back of the garden
  350. - Moveswap, kill Sieglinde golem, finish 2 of her dialogues (confirm the messagebox), get the crystal set
  351. - Go into Crystal Cave, get the humanity, equip RTSR over DCR, drop down and get RTSR
  352. - Kill the 3 Lizards and hope for Golden Golem suicide, get the blue slab, turn around, drop down and get the chunk
  353. - Kill the Golden Golem, run to Seath, get the Soul of a Hero on the way
  354. - Kill Seath with moveswap, equip GCS and SC in second slot, kindle his bonfire to the max, level 39 INT, warp to Balcony bonfire
  355. - Go to Logan, buy all his stuff and talk to him one more time afterwards, then quitout, pickup the chunk and quitout a second time
  356. - Pick up his stuff in the chest, equip SDR over BDR, run out and cast HB, go all the way to the second level
  357. - Turn the bridge in the other hall and kill the archer with a Dark Bead, turn the bridge and kill the archer on the higher level with an SS
  358. - Pick up the Twinkling Titanite, DCR over RTSR
  359. - Do railing jump, cast HB and drop down to Avelyn, pick it up, get the Twinkling Titanite, quitout, cast HB, run to the other side
  360. - Get the other Twinkling Titanite and kill the mimic, run to the elevator
  361. - On the elevator equip Logan's Catalyst over SC and equip Dusk Crown
  362. - Cast HB just before the Crystal General, kill him with 2 SS, kill the Lizard with 1 SS, equip BDR over DCR
  363. - Kill Logan with the final SS, then immediately cast PW, get the LMW and equip a Ring of Sacrifice over BDR
  364. - Pick up Logan's stuff and the Soul of a Great Hero and wait for PW to kill you
  365. - Kill the key serpent and rest at the bonfire and kindle it to the max
  366. - Climb up the ladder, equip RTSR over the empty slot and drop down to get the Maiden Set + White Seance Ring
  367. - Do an FC drop down to the big platform, get the Giant Door Key, quitout
  368. - Cast HB, pull the gramophon lever, drop down to the Pisacas, get the FKS, kill the 2 non-respawning pisacas
  369. - Run out and up the stairs
  370. - Open all the doors, get the prison extra key, kill Rhea, pick up the soul right next to her and her stuff
  371. - At the last door bone back to the bonfire, and get the final soul, then bone back
  372. - Climb out of the prison, equip MC over MB
  373. - Do a railing jump to get down to the bonfire, rest at it, kindle it to the max
  374. - Warp to DoC, equip DCR over RTSR
  376. 20. Demon Ruins & Izalith
  378. - Kindle the Demon Ruins bonfire to the max, RTSR setup, kill Ceaseless, pickup the Gold Hemmed Set, bone back
  379. - Go towards Firesage, pick up the soul on the way and kill the Capra Demon
  380. - Oneshot Kirk, drop down, get the soul, kill the worm and kindle the bonfire
  381. - Get the green shards behind the stairs, cast HB and get Large Flame Ember, bone back
  382. - Get the soul right next to Centipede, cast HB, get the soul to the right before the Taurus Demon
  383. - Get the soul just before the Chaos Covenant shortcut, then kill Firesage
  384. - Rest at the bonfire after Firesage, kindle it, get the soul behind the branch, prevent fall damage before Centipede
  385. - Go towards the green shards in the fight, pick them up, quitout
  386. - Kill Centipede with Dark Bead and MC, kindle the bonfire to the max, level 44 INT and attune CSS over SS
  387. - Go into Izalith to the left and get the soul, cast PW and start clearing out the Dragonbutts (29 total)
  388. - Go from the left to the soul in the middle and to the Divine Blessings (10 dragonbutts), then go up the branch to the Twin Humanities and drop down to the bonfire
  389. - Kindle it to the max, then clear the right side of the bonfire (10 dragonbutts), bone back, clear the left side (9 dragonbutts)
  390. - Get the soul of a great hero in the chest, bone back
  391. - Run towards BoC, get the soul in the back at the stairs before the first Chaos Eater
  392. - After the Chaos Eater turn right, get the soul and the rare ring of sacrifice, drop down
  393. - Run to the Chaos Servant Shortcut, cast HB before the Titanite Demon
  394. - Kill the Lizard with 1 CSS, cast HB again, kill Solaire with 1 CSS, and the sunlight maggot chaos bug with 1 DB, open the shortcut, quitout
  395. - Run back to Siegmeyer, equip DCR, kill 3 of his chaos eaters with CSS, talk to him 3 times to make him attack
  396. - Kill the remaining chaos eater with dark bead, pick up the 3 items and talk to him, get the slab in the back and chunk at the top, equip RIR
  397. - Run out towards BoC, cast HB before the Daughter of Chaos, kill her with 1 DB, kill Kirk, get Chaos Fire Whip
  398. - Go to BoC, equip bow over pyroflame, equip OCR over RIR, kill boc, kindle her bonfire to the max, warp to DoC
  399. - Get Kirk Set, kill Fair Lady and Eingyi, drop down the firesage elevator, get the soul of a brave warrior, bone back
  400. - Pick up the FKS and egg vermifuges, go to the demon ruins bonfire, rest there, level 10 VIT and 46+ INT
  401. - Get Chaos Flame Ember + the Soul and kill all the Taurus Demons, bone back, warp to Firelink, DCR over OCR
  403. 21. Four Kings & Ending
  405. - Talk to Sieglinde, choose whatever option, revive Anastacia, go down the elevator
  406. - Equip PyroFlame over bow, and move CoA below DCR/above BDR
  407. - Get the soul, cast HB and get the estoc, kill Crestfallen Warrior with 1 CSS
  408. - Get both Transient Curses in the urns, drop down to the first building, cast HB
  409. - Go through the foggate on the other side, kill the Darkwraith with 1 CSS, pick up the soul, turn around
  410. - Kill the Mass of Souls with 1 CSS and 1 DB, get the humanity behind it, get VLE, quitout
  411. - Drop down, cast HB, get the two souls on the stairs and the cracked eye orbs, kill the mass of souls with 1 CSS and 1 DB again
  412. - Get the Titanite Chunk in the corner, quitout, cast HB a final time, get the soul just outside the building to the left
  413. - Get the titanite chunk behind the illusory wall, equip CoA over SDR, drop down to the side oob
  414. - Jump down into the abyss, equip RTSR over DCR, kill 1 King by using PW + MC R2 + 2 Dark Beads
  415. - Kindle the Abyss bonfire to the max, warp to Undead Parish, kill the Titanite Demon
  416. - Drop down to the Basin Bonfire, kill the BK, kindle the bonfire, go to New Londo, put Elizabeth Mushroom on the hotbar
  417. - Pick up Bandit set, go up the elevator past the drakes, get the rare ring of sacrifice and cursebite ring, use the mushroom, go up to Ingward
  418. - Talk to him once, bone back
  419. - Warp to Firelink, rest there, kindle it, talk to Sieglinde, go get the last two items in Firelink at the aqueduct
  420. - Do Valley FC Drop, get the Witch Set + Catalyst, kill the Undead Dragon, pick up DCS and ASS, bone back
  421. - Go to Gwyn, pick up the BK Set, kill Gwyn, the end
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