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Anonymous Operation Anon Down Press Release

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Nov 14th, 2016
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  1. Anonymous Operation Anon Down Press Release: SOS Issued To Global Collective As Anon On Hunger Strike Nears Death
  3. Monday - November 14, 2016 2:15 PM ET
  5. Greetings World --
  7. In 2014 Anonymous launched Operation Justina to defend a young girl who was being held prisoner and tortured by the Boston Children's Hospital. A series of DdoS attacks and other online actions lasting approximately one week were launched by Anonymous to bring attention to this poor girl's situation. The strikes were surgical in nature, targeting only symbolic parts of the vast Boston Children's Hospital's network - such as donation portals, etc. Patient care was not even slightly effected by these online protests.
  9. On February 17th of this year, Marty Gottesfeld and his wife were rescued at sea by a Disney Cruise Lines vessel and immediately Marty was taken into custody by the FBI for orchestrating and participating in the online protests against the Boston Children's Hospital during Op Justina two years prior. But for Marty Gottesfeld this was simply another opportunity to protest injustice, in this case - the political targeting of Information Activists in general, and Anons in particular - using the archaic and brutal Computer Fraud & Abuse Act. And so in defense of the idea we call Anonymous, and facing the same barbaric US Prosecutor Carmen Ortiz who drove our dear Aaron Swartz to his death three years ago, Marty Gottesfeld went on a hunger strike.
  11. You can read the detailed story as well as Marty G's full statement upon embarking on his hunger strike below. -->
  15. Marty Gottesfeld is now past the 40 day mark with no food, and as of this Friday - November 11th, after being placed arbitrarily into isolation, Marty has also decided to abstain from fluids. At this juncture he may not have long to live, and yet the Federal Bureau of Prisons refuses to transport Marty Gottesfeld to the hospital where he can receive the constant medical monitoring someone in his condition needs. Solitary confinement is an act of torture according to the UN Human Rights Accord and other applicable international law. This is un-acceptable, and Anonymous will not stand for this.
  17. Anonymous now issues the following demands:
  19. 1) We demand that Marty Gottesfeld be IMMEDIATELY transported to the nearest hospital and that he be given the best medical treatment available.
  21. 2) We demand that the White House send an envoy to visit Marty Gottesfeld while he is still conscious to discuss the demands he has issued as part of his hunger strike.
  23. 3) We demand that the USDOJ treat Marty Gottesfeld with true compassion and justice, and either reduce or remove these charges - because protesting online should never have such severe penalties attached to it. The sole purpose of these exorbitant charges is to attack and chill the speech and actions of Anonymous. This is the very definition of political persecution. And while this war by USDOJ against Anonymous is not new, we draw the line at Marty G. Enough is enough.
  25. Anonymous calls upon the world, all it's people's and leaders - to rise to Marty Gottesfeld defense. Visit the website's, follow the Twitter accounts - and participate in all the announced Action Alerts. Spread the word, write in your blogs, contact journalist friends, and tweet non-stop. Do not allow this young man's heroic sacrifice to go un-noticed.
  27. To our fellow Anons in the Global Collective of Anonymous. Every nation, city, and Crew: This is an SOS. Marty Gottesfeld is starving himself to death, and is near death even now - because he is standing for us, for all Anonymous, and especially for those Anons who have been victims of the pogrom against Information Activists in the USA. We may not be able to save Marty's life. In the end it is his to give for the cause. But we can not only stand with him now in his final days, we can also seek our vengeance if US Prosecutor Carmen Ortiz takes him from us as she did Aaron Swartz. Follow and spread the Action Alerts. Check out the Operational Information page on the Op Anon Down website for USDOJ and prison targets. Remember the most important demand is to get Marty to a hospital permanently so he can be closely monitored. Until then the pressure must be relentless.
  31. 1) Write to and Tweet at world leaders and try and get their attention to support Marty Gottesfeld. From the Pope and the Dali Lama to Bergitta Jonsdottir MP in Iceland. try and convince them to get President Obama to intervene to save Marty's life.
  34. 2) If you are a US citizen, write to your Federal representatives and ask them to intervene in Marty Gottesfeld defense.Here are some resources that will make this very easy. -->
  43. 3) Participate in the Perpetual Twitter Tsunami: Most of you have heard of Twitter Storms. Well, this is like that except signal-boosted through the roof because of the dire nature of the situation. Oh, and it never ends until Marty Gottesfeld is safe. Tweet non-stop, DAY AND NIGHT. Do not be afraid or ashamed, this young man is giving his life for Anonymous before our eyes. Saturate Twitter with his cause. Re-tweet, copy-paste Tweets, and compose originals. Do not worry about trending hashtags, as we are going for deep penetration as opposed to a brief topic trends. But more than anything, be relentless. As relentless at least as US Prosecutor Ortiz is.
  46. 4) Write to Marty, let him know how much support he has. FLOOD him with letters of love and kindness:
  51. 5) Visit the Free Marty G website often and click the Support link for more ways to help including petitions, donations, etc.
  54. Finally, for those ships in Anonymous that are equipped with cannons. Check out the Operational Information page for details on prison and USDOJ targets and attack them relentlessly with one demand: transport Marty Gottesfeld to the hospital IMMEDIATELY and allow him to be cared for and monitored by medical professionals. Until that demand is met, attack the targets without quarter.
  56. Anonymous has been at war with the USA government since it first attacked us in 2011. And we will continue to prosecute this war against this evil empire without mercy. You may hunt us, cage us, and even kill us - but you can't stop us. And you will pay a price not even measurable in dollars.
  58. We Are Anonymous
  60. We Are Everywhere
  62. We Are Legion
  64. We Do Not Forgive
  66. We Do Not Forget
  68. Expect Us
  70. ------------------
  72. Op Anon Down Site:
  74. Free Marty G Site:
  76. FreeAnons Site:
  78. Twitter Accounts:
  80. @FreeMartyG
  82. @OpAnonDown2015
  84. @FreeAnons
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