Apr 11th, 2018
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  1. [color=#5c1717][size=14pt][font=Levenim MT]Group Promotion Application[/font][/size][/color]
  2. [hr]
  3. [b]Group name:[/b] Scary_Killers
  4. [b]Team:[/b] Criminal & Gangster in LS
  5. [b]Group level:[/b] Level: 6
  6. [b]Link to group board:[/b] [url=]Scary Killers' board[/url]
  7. [b]Group creation date:[/b] 27 July 2012 (27.07.2012)
  8. [b]Last group promotion date:[/b] Friday 10th November 2017
  9. [b]Explain why it should be promoted:[/b] (Provide proofs too)
  10. We are the most active LS group, I'd prefer to explain everything below:
  11. [color=red][b]Activity:[/b][/color]
  12. Most of our members actively attending heists and armed robberies, and rest of our members defend/claim turfs at Los Santos city. Our leaders and founders obligated to host events, rank doesn't matter anything in this part. To protect our integrity, we don't seperate our members and keep them all together. Our leaders and founders or whoever has access to host events, they do their best to keep the group active. Instead of spamming events over and over again, we take in consideration about the quality.
  13. [*]We had 51 events in the last 60 days.
  14. [*]Scary_Killers' name has been mentioned [b]332 times[/b] in Crim Daily section.
  15. [*]We have owned the whole LS turfs along with our alliance group DoM.
  16. [*]We have made a list to count how many times we made 6/6 tops at Heists&Armed Robberies&Criminal Events.
  17. [quote]
  18. Total 6/6 tops in Heists = 8
  19. Total 6/6 tops in Armed Robberies = 43
  20. Total 6/6 tops in Criminal Events = 16
  21. [/quote]
  22. I'll mention a few links below to prove everything written above:
  23. [*][url=]Activity section can be found here.[/url]
  24. [*][url=]Crim Daily section can be found here.[/url]
  25. [*][url=]We have owned the whole LS turfs along with our alliance group DoM.[/url] *DoM members took the ScreenShot and sent it to me.*
  26. [*][url=]We have made a list to count how many times we made 6/6 tops at Heists&Armed Robberies&Criminal Events.[/url]
  27. [hr]
  28. [color=red][b]Leadership Activity:[/b][/color]
  29. Most of our leaders actively playing the game, except a few of them. Since most of our leaders are active, I'll mention inactive and semi-active leaders' names below:
  30. [b]Ryan:[/b]Ryan is busy with real life stuff and University. He's the actual founder/creator of this group, so we kept his name at the top of our roster. Ryan is [color=red][b]inactive.[/b][/color]
  31. [b]SuperSonic:[/b]We marked him as semi-active upon his request. SuperSonic is busy with real life stuff, especially with exams. In fact, he plays continually. [color=grey][b]Semi-Active[/b][/color]
  32. [b]Qwerty21:[/b]Same reasons with SuperSonic. [color=grey][b]Semi-Active[/b][/color]
  33. [hr]
  34. Our leaders and founders always chat through IRC and WhatsApp, also a few of them using Discord to communicate. I've created two IRC channels, one of them for everyone, and the other one is private for our leaders. To avoid private information leak, our leaders move to the private channel and continue their meeting there. We struggle to make meetings every Saturday, but sometimes it becomes hard to handle meetings because of a reason which is leading our members at LS Turfs when there's an on-going fight.
  36. Our Foundership exists for a reason, to maintain the group and leadership. All of our leaders must assign a duty at least, so we (Co-Founders) can take actions based on leaders' activity.
  38. [*]Family roster can be found [url=]here.[/url] Inactive members marked with a red color and semi-active members marked with a grey color.
  39. [*]Leadership duties can be found [url=]here.[/url]
  40. [*]Leadership meetings can be found [url=]here.[/url]
  41. [hr]
  42. [color=red][b]Board Activity:[/b][/color]
  43. We've picked the most active moderators, they're working hard to keep our board up-to-date. If you take a look at our board, you can notice our moderators actively handling requests. A lot of players chatting on our board, as you can see in this [url=]screenshot[/url] our board is mentioned there with 20563 posts. We're trying to do our best to keep our board active.
  44. [hr]
  45. [color=red][b]Promotion System:[/b][/color]
  46. We either promote our members manually, or they make a request [url=]on this topic.[/url] We've added a leadership duty to handle these requests, it's been a while but okay. Our leaders (who are actively playing the game) have assigned as Rank Managers. It looks a bit complicated, but our members understood the system.
  47. [hr]
  49. [b][i][u]Side note:[/u][/i][/b] We're the most active LS group, we often get 20+ online members and spare our times on different activities.
  51. [color=red][b]Hall of Fame:[/b][/color]
  52. [hr]
  53. [b][color=navy]Staff Members:[/color][/b] L2. iFrank and L2. Dream
  54. [b][color=green]CIT Honourables:[/color][/b] Ryan.
  55. [b][color=#00CC00]Country Supporters:[/color][/b] Mec0, Paul, OneHope, OneBlacky, fReex and Erectus.
  56. [b][color=purple]Community Event Managers:[/color][/b] Shade
  57. [b][color=darkred]Criminal Bosses:[/color][/b] Slammer, Brand, Qwerty21 and KassaTa.
  58. [b][color=#00FF00]Community Members:[/color][/b]
  59. SCM: Ryan, NoMaN, Felix, tanke94, Dream and iFrank.
  60. RCM: Slammer and Qwerty21.
  61. JCM: Shade, DroGba, AntispiR, Mec0, OneBlacky, xProSoul, remaked, Marry, Avvis, OneHope and Brand.
  62. [right][img][/img][/right]
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