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ALBW 100% route v1

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  1. ALBW 100% route version 1
  3. start
  4. sword
  5. lamp
  6. 20r chest
  7. cutscene
  8. castle
  9. 50r chest on upper right ledge
  10. kak
  11. weater vane
  12. sahasrlha
  13. deathwarp
  14. eastern area
  15. deathwarp + 20r
  16. bow
  17. eastern
  18. 200r + bracelet
  19. castle
  20. hit witches hut weather vane
  21. zoras domain, dashing guy
  22. kakariko
  23. 100r in house
  24. pegasus boots
  25. smooth gem and bottle (maybe bottle later?)
  26. north of kak
  27. rosso, power glove
  28. up death mountain to first weather vane
  29. fly to house
  30. rent bombs
  31. lake hylia
  32. enter miamais cave
  33. activate miamai quest
  34. miamai outside of cave [M1]
  35. fly to witches hut
  36. miamai in hut [M2]
  37. go right of hut, maiamai on wall [M3]
  38. up to domain, flippers
  39. M outside the cave [M4]
  40. down the river to waterfall, hp in cave [HP1]
  41. fly to kak
  42. bottle if not gotten earlier
  43. have ~100r here
  44. bug catching net
  45. south of kak
  46. M in tree near cucco pen [M5]
  47. cucco game for hp [HP2] [250r]
  48. rupee rush HP and M [M6] [HP3] [300r]
  49. pouch in woods and miamai [M7]
  50. warp to house
  51. rent hookshot tornado hammer (-140r) [160r]
  52. lake hylia
  53. M underwater south of house of gales [M8]
  54. M under tile behind HoG [M9]
  55. enter hog
  56. get 50r in here and finish [210]
  57. warp to dm
  58. miamai to the right under the rock [M10]
  59. enter first cave
  60. exit all the way to the left, get chest and miamai outside of cave [230r] [M11]
  61. keep going up
  62. hp through the tunnel below exit of next cave [HP4]
  63. continue through that cave to hera and enter
  64. get 170r in hera [400r]
  65. finish hera
  66. warp to kak
  67. cucco to hole and get hp [HP5]
  68. lost woods
  69. 1 mai in woods (the other stuff is later) [M12]
  70. master sword
  71. fly to house
  72. left of house, mai in tree [M13]
  73. mai under tiles lower left of castle [M14]
  74. miamai from upper left of castle and hp upper right [M15] [HP 6]
  75. enter castle
  76. go to lorule
  78. miamai left side of blacksmith [M16]
  79. m at theives town entrance [M17]
  80. 50r in area in lower left town
  81. m at bottom left of theives [M18]
  82. weather vane
  83. thieves hideout
  84. finish with 900-1000 rupees + ore
  85. painting
  87. chest game, hp [HP7] [idk how many rupees lol good luck](probably need at least 900)
  88. portal to hyrule through ladys house, hp [HP8]
  89. miamai in bush near upper right [M19]
  90. portal to lorule
  91. miamai on house with portal and hp behind it [M20][HP9]
  92. left entrance to skull woods
  93. miamai under grass and under rock [M22]
  94. buy golden bee from guy in cave
  95. exit to the right
  96. miamai from tree below broken house [M23]
  97. hp from house with chicken thing [HP10]
  98. miamai in bushes south of ruined house [M24]
  99. miamai on wall in dried pond south more [M25]
  100. enter right entrance of skull woods
  102. skull woods + ore + no boss skip
  103. painting
  105. miamai near entrance of town [M26]
  106. enter town, portal to hyrule
  107. miamai under rock on house with cucco [M27]
  108. bee badge
  109. blacksmith, sword upgrade
  110. miamai under tiles near blacksmith [M28]
  111. hp and m north of blacksmith [M29] [HP11]
  112. up a screen, miamai under water [M30]
  113. left to fortune teller, miamai on hut [M31]
  114. get hint glasses from fortune teller
  115. north to woods, miamai in tree [M32]
  116. other mai [M33]
  117. hp with wall merge [HP12]
  119. warp to house
  121. rent sand, fire, ice rod (if not enough rupees, delay fire and ice until after gold sword)
  122. mai on wall behind house [M34]
  123. to swamp area
  124. miamai on statue [M35]
  125. miamai underwater [M36]
  126. cave at bottom right with bomb
  127. maiamai underwater in cave and hp [M37][HP13]
  128. left, portal to lorule
  129. weather vane
  130. mia below vane [M38]
  131. mia underwater on left side [M39]
  132. portal to hyrule
  133. mai under sand near top of desert[M40]
  134. bomb portal near it, enter
  135. hp [HP14]
  136. take portal back
  137. go the way of entering desert palace (have to use normal portal entry)
  138. mai near palace entrance [M41]
  140. titans mitt + painting
  141. mai near first mire portal [M42]
  142. portal to hyrule
  143. mai under big rock [M43]
  144. warp to house
  146. rocky area of hf
  147. miamai on rock [M44]
  148. portal to lorule
  149. miamai on rock close to portal [M45]
  150. mai in tree below rocky area [M46]
  151. right, miamai in tree [M47]
  152. maybe catch fairy in bottle here
  153. enter pre dark palace area
  154. miamai at entrance [M48]
  155. HP halfway through [HP15]
  156. miamai next to that [M49]
  157. dark palace
  158. ore + painting
  160. maybe do guard skip and get that stuff after palace idk
  162. exit lower right part of dark area
  163. merge with wall and get miamai on other side of wall[M50]
  164. blow up wall to portal
  165. take portal
  166. hp between stakes [HP16]
  167. miamai under big rock [M51]
  168. eastern palace area
  170. mai in yellow tree [M52]
  171. go up stairs to the right, blow up wall, get hp [HP 17]
  172. mai on the wall near 2 armos statues [M53]
  173. exit through front entrance, mai in right tree [M54]
  174. down a screen then up the river
  175. mai before the bridge [M55]
  176. bottle under the bridge
  177. fly to sanc
  179. mai on left wall [M56]
  180. enter grave from beginning of game, get hp [HP18]
  181. continue back into sanc
  182. portal to lorule
  183. exit cave
  184. mai under rock to the left [M57]
  185. right a screen, mai on wall [M58]
  186. up stairs, bomb wall
  187. go through portal, hp [HP19]
  188. mai on left wall [M59]
  189. back to lorule through sanc portal
  190. pick up big rock in graveyard, go in hole
  191. go through sewers, get ore
  192. go to right of graveyard, mai in tree [M60]
  193. fly to blacksmith
  194. upgrade sword
  195. activate blacksmiths text by going away a screen and back????
  196. north of blacksmith
  197. mai under big rock [M61]
  198. to left of blacksmith
  199. mai on castle wall [M62]
  200. mai in tree near bottom right of screen [M63]
  201. vacant house, mai on wall [M64]
  202. bottle from house
  203. weather vane
  204. hyrule
  205. if you havent rented fire/ice yet, do it now
  207. warp to house of gales
  208. go to the right, mai underwater [M65]
  209. letter in bottle 1 screen north
  210. mai under big rock near running guy [M66]
  211. marathon runner round 1
  212. round 2 for hp [HP20]
  213. get mai on wall near rossos [M67]
  214. down to dm entrance
  215. go through path with titans mitt rock, mai on wall [M68]
  216. fly to kak
  217. milk bar, premium milk
  218. fly to tower of hera
  219. right, get mai near the treasure hunter place [M69]
  220. enter ore mine
  221. south left exit, milk to hiker
  222. jump down, mai under rock [M70]
  223. reenter, get hp from hammer puzzle thing near top [HP21]
  224. go to the bottom
  225. mai under rock left fo bridge near portal [M71]
  226. enter portal, lorule
  228. weather vane
  229. to the left, mai under rock [M72]
  230. mai under rock on upper left part of mountain [M73]
  232. add renting fire/ice rod before here lol
  233. buy boomerang if enough rupees
  234. round 2 hp [HP22]
  235. round 3 +5k rupees
  236. go down to fairy fountain at the bottom and refill hearts, get mai on ledge on the way [M74]
  237. fly to vacant house, hyrule, buy boomerang + 1 other item
  238. back to tower
  239. round 4
  240. maxed out rupees, super lamp + net
  241. fly to vacant house
  242. hyrule
  243. buy all items [~3999r]
  244. lake hylia
  245. upgrade bow, bombs, fire, ice, hookshot, hammer, something else idk
  246. south lh portal to lorule
  248. mai under big rock near portal [M75]
  249. flip turtle
  250. mai on wall on south shore wall [M76]
  251. 3rd turtle on wall
  252. mai underwater right of turtle rock [M77]
  253. weather vane
  254. fly to death muntain
  256. mai on lower right wall [M78]
  257. enter ice mine
  258. at the center, take lower platforms to go outside
  259. mai under rock on ledge below [M79]
  260. back to center, left to heartpiece [HP23]
  261. up to the top
  262. mai on back of ice ruins[M80]
  263. enter ice ruins
  264. stamina scroll + hc + painting
  265. fly to turtle rock
  266. hylian shield + hp + hc + painting [HP24]
  268. mai on southeast wall of lh [M81]
  269. mai near the north portal by merging with wall, under rock [M82]
  270. portal to hyrule
  271. witches house
  273. left, go down river and get mai underwater [M83]
  274. up river, mai on wall next to portal[M84]
  275. portal to lorule
  276. mai underwater near there [M85]
  277. merge with wall and go over big gap
  278. mai underwater on that side [M86]
  279. back over gap, back in portal
  280. swim up river
  281. right of witches, portal in lower area
  282. merge with wall, mai in grass above portal [M87]
  283. continue to big waterfall, mai there [M88]
  284. vacant house
  286. left, mai under big rock [M89]
  287. mai under rock under octoball derby [M90]
  288. octoball, hp [HP25]
  289. down, portal
  290. mai under rock [M91]
  291. lower portal
  292. mai on wall to the right [M92]
  293. rupee rush, mai and hp [M93][HP26]
  294. big bomb (early or normal idk)
  295. mai in grass [M94]
  296. bomb big rock to left
  297. throw in 3000 rupees for bottle
  298. take big bomb to swamp
  299. swamp palace
  300. hc + painting
  302. go north of palace, mai in water [M95]
  303. back to big bomb place, bring it to lower right swamp
  304. mai on upper right wall [M96]
  305. mai on stone statue [M97]
  306. blow up big rock, hp inside [HP27]
  307. fly to theives town
  308. portal in fat ladys house
  310. mai under sand [M98]
  311. blacksmith, hp in titans mitt cave [HP28]
  312. woods entrance above kak with titans mitt, mai [M99]
  313. portal behind big house, titans mitt rock mai there too [M100]
  314. fly to house
  315. lake hylia
  316. upgrade everything
  317. portal to lorule below house
  318. lorule castle
  319. red mail
  320. yuganon
  321. triforce
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