"False Memory."

Jul 20th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. [immediately after 'the Wyrd and the Storms' log.]
  3. The Stables of the Wyrden Thorn.
  4. The shadows violently writhe and twist along the ground here, indicating a war shrine of Nocht nearby. The shadowy outline of a twisted forest casts a dark gloom here. There is a very light rain shower. Wyrden trees hunch over each other here, forming a canopy overhead. The twisted branches from each tree clash together, writhing about each other and blurring together in an unending battle of foliage. Beneath the twisted canopy, a sturdy stables has been erected, crafted from the wood from several ravenwood trees. Viciously thorny vines spread out across the ground, wrapping around the stables and spreading outwards. Midnight black roses grow in patches amongst the abundant plant life, their heavy blooms threatening to snap the stems they grow upon. Tucked away in the corner of the stables is a carefully wrapped bundle, the corner of a pitch-black tunic and the shimmer of silver and gems visible within. A solstice stocking has been hung here. Filib Shee-Slaugh hovers in the air here with a pair of daggers in his hands, wings beating rapidly. A sign suggests you can use STABLE commands here.
  5. You see exits leading north and northeast.
  6. Filib Shee-Slaugh turns in the air to glance at you before going back to his chores.
  8. You give Filib Shee-Slaugh a respectful bow, one hand clasped over your heart.
  10. Spilling ever more of its bounty, the light rain develops into a cascading downpour.
  12. You tilt your head back and look up at the sky.
  14. Filib Shee-Slaugh looks up at you as he whispers, "Oh. Hello, cousin."
  16. A sudden crack of lightning startles a nearby murder of crows from their perches, their raucous caws nearly drowned by the boom of thunder that follows.
  18. Softly, you say, "Hello, cousin. Apologies if I interrupt your work."
  20. Filib Shee-Slaugh shakes his head.
  22. In his whispering voice, Filib Shee-Slaugh says, "No no. I was taking some time to enjoy the weather even if things are still damp."
  24. As the sun passes below the horizon's edge, Mother Night unveils her terrible, shadowy beauty, spreading darkness across the land.
  26. A wry smile spreads across your face.
  28. Filib Shee-Slaugh looks at his hand, noticing a raw wound from earlier still there and covered in drying blood. He looks up at you as he whispers, "Actually, cousin... Do you have a bandage? If it's not a bother..."
  30. You have emoted: Esei gently grasps Filib Shee-Slaugh's hand in theirs. "I could try healing it directly if you'd prefer?" they offer quietly, eyes flicking to look Filib Shee-Slaugh in the face.
  32. Filib Shee-Slaugh runs his good hand through his hair as he whispers, "Oh... If it wouldn't take too much from you. I know everyone used a lot of energy in the ritual so I don't want to tire you even more."
  34. Dark clouds shift overhead, their inky expanse blotting out the stars as darkness and storms rule the heavens.
  36. A sudden crack of lightning startles a nearby murder of crows from their perches, their raucous caws nearly drowned by the boom of thunder that follows.
  38. You have emoted: "Not at all," Esei says, fingers trailing carefully around the edge of the wound, silver sparking from their fingertips as bits of their energy eeks out, seeking to heal Filib Shee-Slaugh's hand.
  40. Filib Shee-Slaugh watches intently, unblinking, as the magic works effortlessly across his palm - dried blood evaporating to mist as flesh knits itself back together.
  42. You have emoted: Esei's thumb rubs gently into Filib Shee-Slaugh's palm as they finish, before letting go.
  44. Filib Shee-Slaugh smiles softly at you.
  46. Shadows swirl around your arm as the Fingerblade of dha'Wyrden-cree digs itself more painfully into your finger.
  48. Admiring his newly healed hand, Filib Shee-Slaugh says, "Thank you, Esei."
  50. You whisper, "Of course, Filib."
  52. Midnight shadows coalesce around a new day, and Mother Night embraces the land in utter darkness.
  53. It is now the 13th of Roarkian, 594 years after the Coming of Estarra.
  54. There are 9 days until the New Moon
  56. Filib Shee-Slaugh smiles, sliding several papers into a pack he has near the stables.
  58. You whisper, "I hope Akuuko hasn't found himself in yet more trouble."
  60. A sudden crack of lightning startles a nearby murder of crows from their perches, their raucous caws nearly drowned by the boom of thunder that follows.
  62. Filib Shee-Slaugh whispers softly, almost to himself, "If I can ever get a hold of him, he will be. Gods help us if Lady Viravain or Lord Nocht saw so much blasphemy in between instructions for a wyrden ritual..." he glances above warily, quickly making the sign of darkness.
  64. Swollen droplets of storm-grey rain fall like silver nails from the angry sky, the thrumming roar of their descent drowning out all other sounds.
  66. You whisper, "...I am curious but at the same time I am unsure if I want to know."
  68. Filib Shee-Slaugh blushes furiously.
  70. In his whispering voice, Filib Shee-Slaugh says, "I w-would not want to offend you with his nonsense, cousin."
  72. With a voice dry as dust, you say, "You would be surprised how much it can take to offend me."
  74. In his whispering voice, Filib Shee-Slaugh says, "I think Akuuko would manage to surprise..."
  76. You have emoted: Esei hums thoughtfully, tilting their head curiously at Filib Shee-Slaugh.
  78. Filib Shee-Slaugh glances askance.
  80. You whisper, "Of course, if you'd rather I bow to your judgement on this matter...?"
  82. Refusing to look over, Filib Shee-Slaugh says, "I think that's best, cousin."
  84. A wry smile spreads across your face.
  86. The sky lightens as Father Sun approaches the horizon, revealing a maelstrom of dark grey clouds wreathing the firmament in a funereal shroud.
  88. You whisper, " was it for you? Feeling the Wyrd in that way?"
  90. You whisper, "If you have time to speak about it, that is."
  92. Filib Shee-Slaugh ponders the situation.
  94. Bursting open, the clouds in the sky release a light pitter-patter of rain.
  96. Filib Shee-Slaugh says, "Sorry, cousin. It was a lot to take in. One moment."
  98. You have emoted: "Of course," Esei says, clasping their hands behind their back. "I've patience."
  100. Shafts of pale morning light pierce through the gloom from Father Sun's crown as it peeks over the world's edge, announcing a new day.
  102. In his whispering voice, Filib Shee-Slaugh says, "It was..."
  104. Filib Shee-Slaugh ponders the situation.
  106. Filib Shee-Slaugh seems to consider his words for several more moments before whispering, "I know this forest, cousin. I am not new to the Glomdoring or the wyrd, but... I had never heard- - felt the forest in that way. It was more than the creaking of the ravenwood, the buzzing of wasps, or the smell of blackthorn..."
  108. You nod your head slowly in understanding.
  110. Filib Shee-Slaugh glancing down at his feet. "I am ashamed it took me so long to know the wyrd in this way when you are all already so familiar with it."
  112. You reach out and embrace your hidden heritage of a changeling, and slowly transform into a faeling.
  114. Gently, you say, "But now you have."
  116. Filib Shee-Slaugh runs a finger along his newly healed palm as he whispers, "You are right, cousin...." And then more firmly, "I shouldn't mope about the past."
  118. You have emoted: Esei's hand rests gently on Filib Shee-Slaugh's shoulder, black eyes glittering with something before they return to that blank state again. "I am glad," they say, voice soft. Then, after a moment, they speak again, "False Memory."
  120. Filib Shee-Slaugh nods his head at you.
  122. Bursting open, the clouds in the sky release a light pitter-patter of rain.
  124. You have emoted: Esei lets go of Filib Shee-Slaugh, face tilting up as the rain grows harder.
  126. Filib Shee-Slaugh hovers in the air, a mist forming around his wings as they blur with the effort of his flight.
  128. After a moment, you say to Filib Shee-Slaugh, "...if you ever have questions, you are always welcome to ask me if you wanted to."
  130. His voice a whisper, Filib Shee-Slaugh says, "Thank you, cousin. Truly."
  132. You have emoted: Esei gives a short, solemn nod, before pausing. " for a hug, before I leave you to your duties?"
  134. With a little more confidence than is usual, Filib Shee-Slaugh wraps his arms about you in a quick hug.
  136. You have emoted: Esei's arms wrap firmly around Filib Shee-Slaugh for as long as the hug lasts before pulling away. "I bid you well, dearest cousin," they say softly.
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