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  1. How to hack any minecraft account.
  2. Kwickshot if you think this is bad take it up with Avaster. Im tired of taking 10 minutes to type out everything.
  5. If by chance you hack someones minecraft acocunt on simplex and don't return it punishment will happen and you will not like it. I suggest you post a picture of the users you grab from any link you pick so we know who you are hacking and that its not our account.
  7. Hack to download I will explain what it does later.
  9. Password list. You can add anymore passwords later, save this to your desktop in a text document!
  11. Here is one site you can use. It grabs users from the website, you can use any site with minecraft users on it!
  14. How to use the epic hack!
  16. Step 1. Download the hack(herp)
  17. Step 2. Run it and read the
  18. Step 3. Click username leecher and in the forum thread link copy and paste and grab users. That will take all the user names from that link.
  19. Step 4. Export it and save as a text document to desktop.
  20. Step 5. Go to cracker and first open your user document and your password document
  21. Step 6. (How it works) It works by going to one username and testing all the passwords on it, if it doesn't work it moves to the next user and re-trys it.
  22. Step 7. Press start. To see if you hacked an account it will say "Total cracked accoutns: "how many you have"
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