Flashback Reboot Ideas

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  1. Flashback - The Quest for Identity [Reboot]
  3. Moveset:
  4.         As you roll to a ledge, hold down to make Conrad hold the ledge faster.
  5.         Automatic Punch when an enemy is too close.
  7. Story:
  8.         No Sonia or GBI needed.
  9.         The whole story is about his identity.
  10.         Conrad B. Hart, a scientist who discovered aliens. The aliens then erased his memory.
  11.         Ian gives parts of Conrad's memory but doesn't remember everything at once.
  12.         Then he gets the memory of someone else (the professor)
  13.         Aliens tries to confuse Conrad by mixing in some more memories of someone else.
  14.         Master Brain talks about his supposed identity, but who can Conrad trust?
  15.         Philip Howard Clark (Professor) worked on a memory jamming device that helped the aliens.
  17. Level List:
  18.         Titan
  19.         New Washington
  20.         Death Tower
  21.         Spaceport (to Taxi)
  22.         University (maybe not?)
  23.         Jetbike Chase
  24.         Paradise Club
  25.         Prison
  26.         Morph Planet
  27.         Vessel Escape
  29. Level Details:
  30. - Titan:
  31.         Jungle, all about exploration
  32.         Find 10 grenada fruits throughout the level to Jack.
  34. - Death Tower:
  35.         Circular Tower, Boss.
  37. - Spaceport:
  38.         Semi-Linear level, with three ways to get out:
  39.                 - Underground, the easiest way.
  40.                 - Roof, a normal way, a few cops. (with a few vehicles going over)
  41.                 - Front door, full of cops.
  42.         Outside: Evening set, with grey clouds.
  44. - University
  45.         Finds clues about his identity...
  47. - Jetbike Chase:
  48.         Chase against Ian, with a turbo button. In the City.
  50. - Paradise Club:
  51.         It now rains in the night.
  52.         Going in the nightclub thanks to a duct.
  53.         Breaking in the main room by breaking a window, makes people go apeshit.
  55. - Morph Planet:
  56.         Master Brain: Messing with your head.
  58. - Vessel Escape:
  59.         Same gameplay as the Jetbike.
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