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Mayannaise Mar 30th, 2020 86 Never
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  1. Key: Chronobreaker
  2. Character:Reina
  3. Skill(Transformation/Perk/Etc.): Imagination Mod Boost
  4. Reasoning:Ever since her transitioning out of DHARMA to Tokka Inc, Reina has been appointed to the Head Mage. She wishes to ascend past her limits, and blossom into the leadership role she has been given.
  6. She has great ambitions to do so as well, with Espsa and Evon rallying underneath of her to undertake future projects, and together they aim to cover each other’s bases. Reina is sadly hitting a wall, fearful that she isn’t up to par with those who have been placed as her subordinate. She has been extensively studying underneath of Kamryn and Quinten, who have mostly been providing her with Magicite Stones to fuel her pursuit of the Arcane. Eventually, after saving up these mysterious crystals, Isabelle takes an interest in the insane amount of Magicite Stones she has in her own possession. She gains the Kai Aspirant’s favor by promising to supply her with these invaluable resources in exchange for knowledge.
  8. Reina’s inception as Isabelle’s student takes off quickly. With the experience of both Tome Creation and Summoning Magic, the lioness cub has the understanding of mysticism down, as she has even forged a contract with a lesser demon named Orion, but she needs an extra push. Isabelle continues to unlock her potential, and yet something isn’t clicking. Will Reina be able to grasp the knowledge that the rising Dark Kai wishes to pass onto her, or is she doomed for failure and limited by her biology?
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