Breakfast - Shared slice of the life

Jun 25th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >... Today is the day.
  3. >You and Hexferry are on your way to Meisa's and... you aren't sure what to expect.
  4. >That's no fault on Hexferry's part, you just aren't sure it'll go as well as Hexferry hopes.
  5. >"Don't worry, everything will be fine!"
  6. >She's chipper about it.
  7. >... Do you really look worried?
  8. >No, you're calm.
  9. >Well, maybe you just look... pensive.
  10. >It was difficult enough to start speaking with Hexferry, can you really add anyone else?
  11. >... It's almost too late to turn back, she's pointing at a house.
  12. >"That one's Meisa's."
  13. >Wonderful.
  14. >The sooner this is over...
  15. >Well, here you are, a meter from giving up on the world.
  16. >A meter from not talking to anyone, ever.
  17. >A meter from... Hexferry losing hope in you.
  18. >She knocks on the door.
  19. >... The wait is painful.
  20. >Luckily, the door opens after only a few seconds.
  21. >In the doorway stands... the regal one.
  22. >Meisa, you assume.
  23. >She looks calm, as usual.
  24. >Her eyes go to Hexferry, then to you.
  25. >Her smile never falters.
  26. >It's so... relaxing.
  27. >She has a comforting look to her.
  28. >She's high-class but she doesn't look stuck-up.
  29. >"Welcome; you must be Shimmer. I am Meisa."
  30. >She extends a hoof to you.
  31. >You just... look at it for a second.
  32. >Your legs slowly raises to shake her hoof.
  33. >It's... weird.
  34. >She invites you both in.
  35. >... Last chance.
  36. >If you don't leave now, you won't be able to until everything goes wrong.
  37. >... You walk inside.
  38. >Hexferry has faith in you.
  39. >Too bad you aren't Hexferry.
  40. >"Make yourselves at home."
  41. >The inside of her house is beautiful.
  42. >She has a chandelier in her front room.
  43. >Those things are expensive.
  44. >Hexferry seats herself on a large couch and pats the space next to her.
  45. >It's become her go-to signal for "sit here".
  46. >... You comply.
  47. >Meisa sits in the chair adjacent to the couch.
  48. >... You're sitting closer to Meisa than Hexferry is.
  49. >"Hexferry tells me she really enjoys your company, even though you don't speak often."
  52. >Uh... What do you say to that?
  53. >Hexferry leans a little closer.
  54. >"Well, yeah, there's nothing wrong with not speaking often."
  55. >Meisa raises her hoof to her mouth, but her calm expression doesn't leave her.
  56. >She does gain mock-surprise, though.
  57. >"Oh my, Hexferry, you sound so defensive."
  58. >Hexferry hesitates, then squeaks.
  59. >"I'd expect that from Caramel or Goldie, not you."
  60. >Meisa just laughs.
  61. >Even her laugh is regal yet friendly.
  62. >"Would either of you like some tea?"
  63. >She points her hoof at the table in front of you.
  64. >... There's a kettle of tea and a tea set on it.
  65. >Well, you can't really be rude...
  66. >"That'd be nice."
  67. "... Sure."
  68. >She pours tea for all three of you.
  69. >It's warm.
  70. >... And after a sip, you realize tea isn't for you.
  71. >You... aren't a fan.
  72. >But you'll continue to drink it.
  73. >You can't be rude now, Hexferry trusts you.
  74. >... Or something...
  75. >You continue sipping it.
  76. >"Miss Shimmer Light, what do you enjoy doing?"
  77. >W-what... enjoy?
  78. >Well... you like... cleaning...?
  79. >You don't really enjoy anything else.
  80. >... Beside being with Hexferry...
  81. >And drawing but you won't bring that up.
  82. "I... like cleaning."
  83. >"A love for tidiness?"
  84. >You nod.
  85. >"A beautiful house is a beautiful heart."
  86. >... There's probably a deep psychological meaning behind that.
  87. >You just sip more of the tea.
  88. >This stuff tastes horrid.
  89. >"What do you like most about your life?"
  90. >... Life....
  91. >You stare into the tea.
  92. >You... don't know what you like about life, let alone what you like the most.
  93. >You just-
  94. >"For example: the way the birds chirp."
  95. >... What?
  96. >You look up at her.
  97. >"Nature seems to make songs, without any care of what we think. It makes its own kind of beauty."
  98. >... She is profound...
  99. >"Maybe just having a clean home."
  100. >She looks to her own tea.
  101. >"A home you can call your own. Somewhere you can feel safe, no matter what tragedies come your way."
  102. >She... almost seems sad.
  103. >"But... that home is not always a physical thing."
  104. >... You...
  106. >You can't come up with a response.
  107. >She has some personal feelings on this subject.
  108. >She almost seemed to go too in-depth with her point.
  109. >Farther than she meant to.
  110. >But you won't press it.
  111. >You have to distract her back to her question.
  112. >What do you like the most?
  113. "... Tranquility."
  114. >It's true.
  115. >You love quietness and peace.
  116. >Meisa smiles warmly.
  117. >"Tranquility..."
  118. >She takes a sip of her tea.
  119. >... Then sighs.
  120. >Her eyes are closed.
  121. >"It truly is a great thing. Peace of mind, calm of heart..."
  122. >...
  123. >You actually seem to have a good time with Meisa.
  124. >She seems very considerate of you; you were so focused, you forgot Hexferry was there for a while.
  125. >One thing you noticed about Meisa was how she always asked you about things you like.
  126. >Seems she wants you to focus on things that make you happy.
  127. >She's a smart one, psychologically.
  128. >She's probably smart in general.
  129. >... But it's getting somewhat late, you have to get going.
  130. >Hexferry brought this to your attention, and you've been readying your leave since.
  131. >Hexferry is at the door, you've been hanging back with Meisa.
  132. >You put the cup on the table.
  133. >"It was lovely to speak with you; Hexferry was right when she said you are wonderful to be around."
  134. >... Did she say that about you?
  135. >You...
  136. >That...
  137. >... You have a light feeling in your chest.
  138. >It's... nice.
  139. >"Feel free to come back whenever you wish to."
  140. >You nod.
  141. >This went much better than you were expecting.
  142. >Hexferry calls over from the door.
  143. >"Thank you for everything, Meisa!"
  144. >"It was no problem, Hexferry, it was my pleasure."
  145. >You slowly walk over to Hexferry.
  146. >Meisa is at your side.
  147. >"And Miss Shimmer Light..."
  148. >You turn slightly toward her at the sound of her whisper.
  149. >"Thank you for drinking the tea even though you didn't like it. That was very polite of you."
  150. >... What?
  151. >How...
  152. >She's as perceptive as you are, if not more-so.
  153. "Just... Shimmer... is fine."
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