Dadonequus Discord Part 258

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  1. >It was over. The machine was defeated. To the point that you could barely believe it. You didn't think you could actually win the day or actually figure out a way to actually beat it up. In truth, that was just guesswork
  2. >But wait!
  3. >You turn to where Chrysalis had fallen. You had to make sure she was ok. A hit like that...
  4. >But when you looked to where she had fallen. She was gone. The only thing she had left was her wing. Fuck, why did she leave? Maybe she went to recover for a bit? Still, it worried you. But at the same time, you had vibes that she was still about...watching
  5. >Then your ears perked up when you heard the cheers of the foals. Cheering for the fact that their overlords had fallen.
  6. >The ones that were nearby at ground level started to run towards you with happy faces.
  7. >Well, they were probably excited because you just saved their asses.
  8. >You smile, it warmed your heart. You thought you'd give them some heroic and brave words.
  9. >But as you prepared yourself, they all ran past you, and ran up straight to Gertrude.
  10. >"Wow Momma Gertrude, that was amazing!"
  11. >"Yeah! You beat up that monster so good that the green thing managed to finish it off!"
  12. >"It was sooo awesome! That green thing would have never been able to do a thing unless you kicked all the weak spots!"
  13. >"Momma Gertrude!" Pop Fly hopped about "I lead out everypony else to cheer you all on and it worked! Does that mean I'll do super good as a leader when I'm older?"
  14. >Gertrude found the whole thing adorable and charming. She couldn't help but smile and give a pat to Pop Fly's head "I think super good is an understatement. I think "Perfect" is more of a word suited for you. The perfect little team captain"
  15. >This made Pop Fly immensely happy. He just hugged onto her leg and never let go from those words.
  16. >As for Flim and Flam, Celestia had already decided to approach the fallen head of the machine.
  18. >You thought you'd feel peeved about it. But, it really was heartwarming to see such a loving changeling mommy. Besides, you didn't need to be the hero colt of both worlds. Even if it would have been legit this time.
  19. >You walk over to Celestia and look into the giant knight helmet's visor.
  20. >Flim and Flam looked defeated, oh so butt kicked. They were silently talking amongst themselves. Odd, considering what just happened.
  21. "What are they doing in there?"
  22. >"They are discussing a new deal it would seem." Celestia looked pretty damn serious this time. Like she wasn't going to take their shit.
  23. "Geez, you'd think they'd just give up by now. What could they even offer at this point?"
  24. >"It doesn't matter, I've made up my mind on what to do with them" Celestia sounded uncharacteristically cold in those words.
  25. "....Are we actually going to throw them into a port-a-potty and toss them down the mountain?"
  26. >Celestia didn't answer, instead she waited. That was irksome, even more irksome was the fact Sunset was standing back. Respecting Celestia's space as she was about to place down judgement.
  27. >"Ok Celestia, me and my brother had been talking amongst ourselves and we have worked out a new new deal that you'll just love!" Flim told Celestia with a slimy little smile
  28. >Celestia did not respond.
  29. >Flam was already feeling nervous, Flim moreso from her silence. "Yes a dandy little plan that'd work for all of us. Since windigos could be upon us in a few months now. We'd need to build a new generator for the portal. If we all work together, we can build it in record time and start collecting the magic we lost. open a portal. And we could ALL leave. No reason any of us have to become ponycicles now. Am I right?"
  30. >No reply, instead, Celestia put her hoof on the visor and flipped it open. Woah, that was easy. That just made Flim and Flam scared as fuck. You'd think it was Celestia summoning some awesome strength. But really, the latch of the visor had become loose.
  32. >Flim and Flam jumped back against the wall of the helmet, scared for their lives as Celestia gave them a death glare.
  33. >"W-w-w-w-wait!" Flim stammered "We can work something out can't we?!"
  34. >"Name your terms! Please! You must understand! There's no hope now! We need to repair the generator! You know that, r-r-r-right?! RIGHT?!" Flam couldn't handle it now. He could feel cold encroaching doom.
  35. >"Listen well Flim and Flam. And listen good. You have committed acts so vile and heinous that even the likes of Nightmare Moon nor Sombra could compare. Foals put to work as slaves, destruction of the environment, obliteration of the very heart of harmony, and of course, the end of the world. Crimes of these nature would warrant a punishment even worse than being sealed for eternity"
  36. >Flim and Flam turned ghost white.
  37. >"Y-you don't mean..." Flim couldn't handle hearing what she meant, but asked anyway
  38. >"I do, ponies such as you don't deserve to exist in this world any longer" Celestia's words were full of cold and near malevolence. It was enough to even make you worried. But she had to have known what she was doing. You stepped back, staying clear of any magic she might actually cast. one you feared..of the explody kind.
  39. >Both Flim and Flam started bowing to her immediatly, begging for forgiveness. Speaking the same words together "We're sorry! We're sorry! Please! We were only trying to improve Equestria and things got out of hoof! Please..Please don't!"
  40. >Sunset however, couldn't stand it. She stepped forth with raw anger at their begging "SHUT UP! You two make me sick!"
  41. >Flim and Flam stopped, and cowered and shivered at Sunset's outburst.
  43. >"Whatever Celestia has in mind is too good for you!" Sunset herself was shaking, She even feared Celestia's words. If it meant what she thought it meant...then, it could mean that Celestia might actually go down a path that scared her. Even if, in a way, she felt the brothers deserved it. Especially for essentially breaking Celestia in the first place.
  44. >But Celestia put a gentle hoof onto Sunset's head. And looked upon her with a sweet smile. "Don't worry Sunset, I only said it warrants a punishment of that nature. But..." Celestia turned back to them. Her soft expression becoming stoic once again. "Something must be done..."
  45. >"What? What are you going to do?" Sunset asked, curious
  46. >"I'm going to do....nothing" Celestia said. Surprising everyone. Even yourself.
  47. >There were a few protests. Gertrude was baffled and ask how she could say that. The children wanted justice. Rainbow Dash offered a jail cell. And yet...Celestia decided still..nothing.
  48. >"You two are free to go." Celestia tells them, still, in a cold fashion.
  49. >"Yes! Thank you Celestia! We always knew you had a kind heart!" Flim said, utterly relieved
  50. >"Indeed! Even after all this. Your benevolence is truly as radiant as the sun!" Flam throws in a compliment for good measure. Hoping to try to discuss with her about the portal again.
  52. >"My benevolence only exists because I know what happens when one has gone too far, against one you love and treasure. But know this, just because you are free to go does not absolve you of your crimes. The ponies of Equestria will know everything you have done, and you will have to walk among them, live with them, and accept the way they will see you. As for all this. It will be dismantled and reconverted back to what it used to be. So your fate will be the same as ours. But I also want you to know this before I let you leave. You two will now have to face hardships that most ponies would never have to face, it will be equivalent to your old life of rulership and leisure. You can choose to crumble under it, or perhaps...try to learn from all your past mistakes and become better ponies for it. Ones that could regain the respect of the ponies of Equestria without resorting to underhoofed means."
  53. >Flim gulped "Y-you talk as if we have a future..."
  54. >"Perhaps we do, perhaps we don't..." Celestia looks upon all of you for a moment, a smile forming across her face as she sees hope on the horizon just from looking at the faces of those who had helped her. She then looked back to the brothers, this time, in a more gentle expression "The story of Hearthwarming tells us the windigos were defeated due to the love and friendship between an earth pony, a unicorn, and a pegasus pony. A bond that soon spread between the three tribes. The first bond is what actually first repelled the windigos. So, if I cannot lead Equestria into a state of harmony within a few months then.." Celestia giggles "I'd guess that'd make me a very terrible princess, wouldn't it?"
  55. >Everyone filled with dread on that comment, absolutely everyone. Even Pinkie. Was that a joke?! WAS THAT A JOKE?!
  56. >Oh was a joke. Looked like Celestia returned to normal...BUT FUCKING STILL, SHE'S JOKING ABOUT THE END OF DAYS HERE!
  58. >"Er, pardon me interruptin' Celestia. But that seems pretty hokey to me. Not the whole hearthwarming. But about lettin those two tar lickers go. Ah think we should tan the coats off both of em. They ain't never gonna change." Applejack wanted to see an actual punishment "They threatened to take mah sister away, they ruined the apple family heritage, and then there's the whole foal slavery thing. We gotta do somethin' to em. It ain't right to let em go, they'll just try somethin' else"
  59. >Celestia could feel the rage in Applejack's heart. That was the kind of thing she had to prevent, the vengeance. Violence only begets more violence. "I understand Applejack, but as I said. The world will bring upon them a proper punishment through difficult trials. And they will have to make large changes for themselves to be able to overcome them. Our trials is learning to forgive, and move on with our lives so we can make the lives of others who have suffered under them better, so they may move on, and do the same. That is the path we must take. Now then..." Celestia steps aside "You two may leave now, I hope you have learned from this. And will continue to learn."
  60. >Flim and Flam were stunned. They didn't expect this. They knew they couldn't convince her. But to be let go? Even with what she said. It confused them more than it unsettled them. They looked upon the faces of the others in the room. All of them filled with discontent and anger towards them. They couldn't think of anything to say. They were afraid to even apologize. They got up slowly from the helmet of the robot. And very slowly got out, and walked towards the exit back to the castle. Not a single goddamned word. Fuck though, you really wanted to do....something to them.
  62. >After they had walked off. Sunset had to ask "Princess Celestia, do you really think it's a good idea to let them go...I mean...after all that?"
  63. >Celestia nodded "I do, they can't do anything to us anymore. And we have much more important things to worry about. We all have something important we must do, and we don't have a lot of time to do it. friends." Celestia looked to all of you, a strong sense of duty about her "We must all do our best to do what we can to make Equestria a land of friendship and harmony once again. For those that must go, I hope to see you again some day soon. For those who will stay by my side, we have much work to do....Anon"
  64. >Celestia then looks to you "I will need your help as well. If you don't wish to, I understand. I know you are from another world and asking any more of you after what you have done for us thus far would be too much. But please, if you can lend us your help just one more time. After witnessing the power you possess, I wish to use it to help things along"
  65. >Well, considering things weren't fixed yet. It didn't really look like you were going anywhere. Besides, these were your friends now. You couldn't leave them hanging.
  66. "Yeah, of course! I mean, if there's anything I can do I want to be able to do it. Course, it's gonna take a day. My horn only works once per day."
  67. >"I understand, it will take me a day as well to plan out what I am going to say tomorrow. Sunset wishes to have me crowned by the afternoon" Celestia giggled as she looked to her "Despite the fact she won't get any sleep due to it, are you sure you want to rush things Sunset?"
  69. >Sunset nodded "It's all part of the plan Princess Celestia. And I'm going to see it through. a quick morning collection of votes in Canterlot is all we need to see you crowned again. And considering a majority of Equestria's citizens can be found in Canterlot these days. It will be enough to give you back your status granted the votes are unanimous. I just need to spend the night getting everything set up."
  70. >"All night setting up?" Twilight interjected "Is that really necessary? It shouldn't take that long to get a bunch of ballots ready"
  71. >"It's for a lot of ponies Twilight. It's gonna be an all nighter" Sunset explains, then sighs "I'm not going to get any sleep at all. Trust me, it's going to be tens of thousands of papers I'm going to have to write."
  72. >"Uh huh...and?" Twilight questioned her, it seemed very insufficient to her "If you need to make a bunch of copies for a single version of a ballot. All you have to do is use a copy spell. I did it all the time back at the hotel for copying receipts and bills."
  73. >"Yeah but, this is for A LOT of copies Twilight. Copy spells may not use too much magic, but when you use it over a thousand times. It kinda tends to wear you down" Sunset explains.
  74. >Twilight smiles and shakes her head "You don't get it, Why copy it individually when you can make all the copies you need all in one go?"
  75. >"Also impossible, there's not a single spell that could make that many copies at once without a few screw ups in a few of them" This, Sunset was sure of.
  77. >"And you're right, that's actually true. But I actually have a knack for solving issues involving magic" Twilight started to get a little arrogant "And while I admit even I couldn't do something like that. I could show you a quick method of making about half of what we need with only a quarter of the magic. And then we can get everything we need if we both cast the spell together. Considering I'm going to be YOUR assistant, I think it might be good to catch you up on a few magical methods. Of course, that being said and all..." Twilight started to get a little fangirly "We're gonna have a lot of time to spare after all that. So I was thinking you, Princess Celestia, and I could maybe probably spent that time discussing the application and development of advanced magic, we can do that right?"
  78. >Sunset giggled at all that. She could tell that she herself had gotten rusty with her time out of Equestria. She didn't have time to redevelop her magical skills back to tip top condition due to taking care of Celestia. "Sure, as long as Princess Celestia doesn't mind"
  80. >With everything solved and done with. Everyone went their own way.
  81. >Rainbow Dash quit her job as police chief. She wanted to dedicate her time to setting up a New Wonderbolts team and getting her friend, Fluttershy, back. It would go without saying that she of course would succeed at both of these tasks. Even managing to disband the eco-terrorist group that Fluttershy ignorantly surrounded herself with. Of course, Rainbow Dash was only able to do this due to some help from a letter she was given by Celestia herself.
  82. >Pinkie returned home, with the promise of many visits, her business would become successful. Spreading love,friendship,cheer, and good times to all who hired her. Celestia, after she became princess, would give her family back the rock farm, setting things back to normal.
  83. >Speaking of farms.The Apple Family would all be given their farms and orchards back.Which was good for Applejack, as applebucking and farmlife was her bread and butter.
  84. >For Gertrude, Celestia knew that for the time being. Moving her and the foals into a new home would be impossible until things started to go back to normal. And Although Gertrude was hesitant as is to take in any of Celestia's suggestions, still having a bit of her old self in her. The love of her "children" eventually made her see reason. Celestia gave her a portion of the castle to herself. So the foals would have plenty of room to run and play. And she could keep a watchful eye on all of them.
  85. >The Diamond Guard? Well, they were just sent from where they came from. They didn't really put up much of a fight when they learned the old guard were following Celestia at that point. Regardless of having princessship or not.
  87. >As for you. You were offered a room in the castle to stay as long as you wished, Flam's room to be exact Celestia would talk to you when the time came. So, until that time came. You spent your time looking for Chrysalis around the vicinity.
  88. >You couldn't find her. And it was already night. You were tired, and scared that maybe something happened to her after all. It kept you up longer than you should. By the time you went to bed. You were exhausted. The worst part was nobody saw her around.
  89. >But she had to be ok. She was too clever and stubborn to just find a quiet place to die. Either she was hiding for other reasons, or she was out getting something done before heading back home. You even asked Celestia if she had seen her. All she could tell you was she was sure she was around.
  90. >If she was right. Then you'd probably be seeing her again in the morning.
  91. >you drifted off to sleep in Flam's large bed. and internally hoped to see Chrysalis soon.
  93. >You sleep soundly on Flam's bed.
  94. >"Anon..."
  95. >you dream of Chrysalis, in the hopes she's ok
  96. >"Anon"
  97. >Also snacks. Namely your much beloved Doritos and Mountain Dew...which was oddly being served to you by the bug queen.
  98. >"Anon! By Tartarus, my other self was right. You sleep way too much!"
  99. >You feel the blanket being pulled so hard off of you that you end up sliding off the bed and hitting your head. Though, you barely feel that this time. It was nothing at this point.
  100. "Hu-uh? W-what?! Whats going on?"
  101. >You were on your back, part of you covered in the blanket as Gertrude looks down at you. She rolls her eyes and points to the windows. There was sunlight coming from them "Anon, you're lazy. You know that? Even my foals don't sleep around as much as you do"
  102. "Gertrude?...oh"
  103. >Yeah, you hadn't left yet. You almost thought that you'd wake up in your world. But things weren't done yet. Unfortunately, you knew your horn had no charge, it was still the same day you beat Flim and Flam.
  104. "W-what time is it?"
  105. >"It's the afternoon." Gertrude says in an annoyed way. Looking down at you with..she found it unbelievable you slept like this due to the fact how important today was.
  106. >...the afternoon?
  108. >You threw off the blanket and looked around in a panic
  109. "What's happened?! was there a vote?! are they still voting?! Is Celestia a princess?!...wait no.."
  110. >Thats impossible
  111. "That can't be right, it would take a couple of days. Wouldn't it?"
  112. >"...Not if a few guards spilled the story last night on the former kings. Everypony panicked about what could happen and immediately called for Celestia to be the princess again."
  113. >..wait
  114. "Hey, that's actually pretty good"
  116. >"..No, that's bad. Because now everypony is scared for themselves and looking to Celestia for an answer. We didn't even have time to make a speech yet. Sunset,Twilight, and Princess Celestia are locked up in the throne room right now planning. They want to ask you for the use of the horn but. Given what my other self has told me. You don't have the ability to right now. Right?"
  117. >No...
  118. "Well uh, no. But, can't we postpone things til tomorrow?"
  119. >Gertrude shook her head. "No, unfortunately it'll have to be today. But. We'll leave the princess to handle that for now. We need to go see my other self, she has a surprise for us somewhere outside the city"
  120. "Woah, hold on. You actually saw her recently?"
  121. >You got worried. A surprise? was she ok?
  122. "Is she ok? Is she hurt?! I need to know. She took a pretty bad hit last night from that drill and-"
  123. >Gertrude puts her hoof onto your mouth and puts it in just a little to make you shut up. Egh, tasted like bug. "She's fine. But she's being secretive about something.And I'd rather not waste time waiting. So hop on my back,and we'll get going."
  124. >Hop on her back? Could she even fly?
  125. "Erm..Why? Aren't we just going to walk there? I can walk just fine, you know that right? And shouldn't we tell the others that we'll be gone?"
  126. >"I already told my children that I'll be out. The rest don't need to know a thing. Now..." She points to her back "Why don't you be a good little foal. And hop on my back." Her tone was rather sharp, just like your Chrysalis
  127. "ugh, fine. I'm not gonna argue with you, because I already know how stubborn either of you can be. But do you have to be so crass?"
  128. >Gertrude sighs as she lowers herself so you can climb on her back. "Something about you irks me, perhaps if you didn't argue when I tell you something I'd be nicer. When I said get on my back, I expect you to do it. I wouldn't give you a ride unless I had a reason."
  130. >You climb onto her back, and hold on. Gertrude looks around. Checks back at the door, and starts walking towards the window.
  131. "I hope you don't act like this on your "children" when nopony is looking"
  132. >Gertrude scoffs as she opens a window "I'd NEVER do that. Unlike you, they are pure, innocent, and they pay attention to me. They don't even mind the fact that I look less that I once did..." Gertrude stops to touch at the place her horn once was. "Look, I don't hate you. I'm just upset.."
  133. >Upset?.hrn, it felt weird hearing it like that from her. Then again, this wasn't your Chrysalis.
  134. "Upset? About what?"
  135. >Gertrude looks around, it looked like she was measuring things with her eyes. "This collar. after the former kings left, I went into Flim's room to take the generator box that powered the collar. Unfortunatly, as it turns out. It was a fake...A FAKE!" Gertrude loses her cool and rips the window off it's hinges and throws it "HOW COULD I BE FOOLED BY A FAKE. ALL THE TIMES I WENT AFTER IT BEFORE. IT WAS ALL A RUSE TO MAKE ME THINK I COULD TURN THINGS AROUND ON THEM! THEY HAD THE ACTUAL GENERATOR ON THEM THE WHOLE TIME AND I DIDN'T NOTICE! NOW I'M STUCK WITH THIS COLLAR FOREVER! THEY USED FALSE HOPE TO TRY TO BREAK MY SPIRIT...OHHH, I DON'T CARE WHAT CELESTIA SAYS. IF I SEE THEM AGAIN. I'LL BREAK THEM PHYSICALLY!"
  136. >Gertrude was breathing hard. ohhh, damn. Now you understood why she was upset. It must of took a lot of patience to hold that in until now.
  137. >You also almost lose your balance. You almost fly out the window
  138. "Woah woah! C-calm down...look. Don't worry about it ok? I don't know when I have to go back. So maybe tomorrow, I can just try using the horn to break the collar or something."
  139. >Gertrude stops, almost immediately.....that didn't make sense to her. "You'd do that for me? Even after saying you irk me?"
  141. "Yeah, I mean. If I could be cool with your "Evil" self. Then the nice version that is you has got to be pretty ok. And that makes us friends. So of course I'll help you out. Anyway I can"
  142. >Gertrude stopped, her voice became more gentle after you said those words. "...mnnn, then all I can ask you is..please, don't leave until you do. Can you do that for me? As a friend?"
  143. >You nod
  144. "Yeah, I'll find a way to postpone leaving if I can help it. Look, we may never see eachother again. I don't want to leave now that I said I'd help you too. We're all friends here. And I'd like to think that even after we leave. That we'll always remember eachother."
  145. >"Ok.....I'm fine with that. Just never say it like that again. Much too sappy for my taste. Anyway, we've wasted enough time here. Are you ready for this?" Gertrude leans over the window. And prepares to jump.
  146. >wait..WAIT!
  148. >Gertrude gives you a stoic yet sarcastic look "Why yes Anon, I'm going to fly using the power of thoughts and friendship."
  149. >Oh, you recognized that tone. But...thankfully, that meant she wasn't going to try. So why was she leaning outwards like that.
  150. "Hey, sorry. Just thought you were going to do something crazy. Can't blame me for thinking that after nearly jumping out the window like that"
  151. >"That's crazy? Funny, I do it all the time" Gertrude says as she prepares for a jump
  152. >wut?
  154. >Gertrude hops out the window and starts hopping from spire to spire with great finesse, clinging to walls and running down them until she starts jumping from building to building until you both reached the outskirts of the city. Somewhere on the other side of the mountain. There was a now abandoned construction site building...something. Well, they were. You never got a chance to speak the entire time. Too busy screaming from her quick movements.
  156. >"Ahhhh, it always feels good to skulk and jump about like that, How are you doing Anon?" Gertrude looks back to see your condition.
  157. >You were as still as a statue, your face full of shock, so still that you just slid to the right and fell off You didn't even make a sound.
  158. >Gertrude just shook her head as she looked upwards in embarrassment "What an overreaction. My children would have loved to ride around like that. egh..." Gertrude looks down at you and gives you a light slap on the face "Snap out of it, we're here."
  159. "O-ow!..ogh..."
  160. >You went as limp as a ragdoll after that slap. And then rolled onto your back and looked up into the bright sky.
  161. "W-where's here?"
  162. >"A construction site for the Kings' mountainside museum. It was abandoned a few months ago. No reason to waste resources when you were going to jump dimensions" Gertrude starts looking around. "She's close..."
  163. >"Closer than you think" Chrysalis, still with one wing, steps out from behind a set of metal beams "Good afternoon you two, how have you both been?" Chrysalis said with a sinister grin
  165. >You slowly got up. Christ, she had one of those evil grins on her face. what could she possibly be up to this time? Was she planning to conquer this Equestria?....nah, can't be. If she did. the windigos would get her.
  166. "Chrysalis? huh, what's going on?"
  167. >"Oh, not much. I decided to try being like the pink one for once.." Chrysalis turns into Pinkie Pie, and then throws confetti into the air "AND THROW A PARTY! YAYYY!"
  168. >...uh wut?
  169. >"A party?" Gertrude looks around, she couldn't get a feel for anything else. She couldn't even tell what her other self was planning. "If I remember the old days, and as I understand it, you ARE the old days. You hate parties, so what's going on?"
  170. "Yeah, I agree. really weird. You even changed into Pinkie Pie. You HATE Pinkie Pie. did that drill hit you too hard on the head? Are you ok?"
  171. >Pinkie's excited face turned into one of being purely agitated from that response. She just narrows her eyes at you and changes back to Chrysalis. "...Yes I'm ok. I can't throw a party once in awhile? I can't be festive? Do you think that I'm just a dull bug who plots and schemes all the time?"
  172. >....errrr
  173. "Yeah...Kinda"
  174. >"......" Chrysalis rolled her eyes ".....tch, to know that both of you think that hurts me. Right here, in my little black heart. It may be a little rushed, but I thought throwing a party for the three of us would be just what we need to bring smiles to all of our faces."
  175. >Uhhhhhh......
  176. >Both you and Gertrude look at eachother, then at her.
  177. >"I..have to agree with Anon. Are you sure you didn't take a hit to the head? You're sounding insane"
  178. "Yeah cripes, that's pretty damn creepy. How can any of this be a party? There's no anything that would make it one. Look, Chrysalis, have you been out all night? Maybe you need some sleep."
  180. >Chrysalis shook her head "How disappointing. I suppose that I'm not as good as the pink one to setting up the proper party with cake, streamers, fireworks, and the like. But I'll tell you one thing I'm good at..."
  181. >Chrysalis's horn glows as a large bag is dragged out from behind the metal beams. She puts it between herself and the two of you. There was something inside...something struggling. "And that's providing the main piece of the party."
  182. >What in the world?
  183. "W-what's that?"
  184. >The tied end of the bag began to magically undo itself from Chrysalis's magic as she chuckled in delight "What? How about who instead?...allow me to present..."
  185. >The bag untied itself to reveal....Flim and Flam. Tied and gagged. Struggling and terrified. "The former kings of this Equestria....isn't it delicious?"
  186. >Gertrude froze, her eye began to twitch from rage just from the sight of them.
  187. >You, you were just surprised.
  188. "Holy shit Chrysalis, What the....This is going against Celestia's word."
  189. >Chrysalis sighed "Really Anon? After everything they've done. You'd rather follow this Celestia's word? Are you telling me you don't want any form of revenge, or fucking hell, just some fun? You remember what fun is, don't you?"
  190. >You did know what fun was. Hell, you hated these two. Or these versions of these two anyway.
  191. "...I do, that's why I'm totally ok with this. Fuck these guys. I'm with you on this one, I think Celestia went too light on them."
  192. >Yeah, she really did. between the foal slavery and ruining everyone's lives. You remembered what happened to Filthy Rich too. in fact, you had to ask Celestia about that after all this was done.
  193. >"Hrnnn?" Chrysalis was deeply intrigued by your decision "No objections whatsoever?"
  194. "Not a one"
  195. >Chrysalis cackled "Finally, something diabolically sensational out of you for on-"
  196. >But Chrysalis is interrupted as Flim and Flam struggle enough to get their gags off.
  198. >"What are you doing?! You can't do this! Celestia let us go! It's against her word!" Flim yells in terror
  199. >You shrug
  200. "Sorry bro, she ain't my Celestia. Y'know, other world ponies and all that. Besides, You made my aunt of this world into a fucking mega hippy and ruined my marefriend's dad. So basically..."
  201. >You grin at them
  202. "We gonna fuck yo shit up"
  203. >"WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!" Flim screams
  204. >"Gertrude!..Gertrude..." Flam tries to sound more tender and caring "Think of us not as your masters, but as your friends. If we hadn't done what we did. You'd have eventually been brought down by Celestia. Either by banishment or by pure destruction! In a way, we saved you. Surely that counts for something...right? We're all tied together. Me, my brother..and you" He tries to appeal to Gertrude's kinder nature.
  205. >Gertrude and her anger suddenly vanished as she sighed heavily, and put her hoof to her chest "You're right Flam, we are tied together. The three of us. As I gaze upon you two now." She steps up closer to them "There's nothing I can do to harm you two. I am still yours to do with as you please..."
  206. >Flam sighed in relief as you look upon her with surprise and worry.
  207. >You look to Chrysalis for a response, but she was just observing. The fuck?!
  208. ">Gertrude, I am extremely glad to hear you understand." Flam sighs in relief
  209. >"Indeed, as am I. Now please tell these ruthless barbarians to let us go. Will you? They have to realize the bond we formed was beyond this whole slavery nonsense."
  211. >Gertrude nods to the both of them "I do understand. And we have formed quite the bond." Gertrude reaches her hoof out into Flim's shirt. And takes out some sort of device. Whatever it was, it made the brothers flinch in horror. Gertrude threw the gizmo down to the ground and smashed it with her hoof. the moment she did. The collar let out an electrical discharge, and fell off. Gertrude then let out an evil little snicker "But now the bond is over. So now we can....hmmm." Gertrude looks to the both of you "What would you both say in this situation?"
  212. >Fuck yeah! Haha! That was actually pretty damn sweet. Well, looked like she wouldn't need your magic after all. That was one hell of a little play. To think, those two bastards were lugging it around. Looks like they still thought they could control at least her. Nah fuck it, they done.
  213. "I'd use a simple "Fuck you two up" "
  214. >"Hrn?" Gertrude was confused "That doesn't sound right. Is that even an actual phrase? or a word even?"
  215. >Chrysalis nods "Oh it is, and Anon is right. It fits the situation perfectly. It just means we're going to ruin their life in some way."
  216. >Gertrude snickers "Well then...." Gertrude looks to the two brothers, her eyes giving a shimmer of vicious green as she slowly feels her power returning. Even though it was a tiny bit, it was something "You're both fucked. Now...what's the plan?"
  217. "I say we beat the living shit out of them."
  218. >"Good thinking Anon, I like the effort. But we are higher beings. Yes, even you. No, I have a better idea. There was a reason I chose this venue after all" Chrysalis slowly turned her head to a couple of port-a-potties
  219. >"Oh? a better idea? I don't know. I actually like Anon's idea right now. There's sooooooo much I want to get off my hooves right now...and into their faces" Gertrude looked upon the cowering pair with a dark look, a glint in her eye.
  220. >But you could see what Chrysalis was looking at. And it made you have such a perverse grin.
  222. "Oh Chrysalis...that's just awesome."
  223. >Chrysalis grins back at you. She was so glad you understood what she meant. "Anon, I rarely get to see this side of you , especially this serious about it. It's almost attractive...almost" She was being half sarcastic
  224. " think that's good? Give me a few minutes..."
  225. >You start walking towards the port-a-potty. Open the door. And step inside.
  226. >Gertrude was confused "What's he doing? What's going on now?"
  227. >But Flim and Flam seemed to know what's going on
  228. >"You couldn't..." Flim said in a low voice
  229. >"YOU WOULDN'T!" Flam yelled out, he could take anymore shit...literally.
  230. >Chrysalis groaned and regagged them with her magic "Will you two be quiet, your annoying me. Anyway.." Chrysalis looks to Gertrude with a grin. "It should be obvious by now. But I'll explain. We're going to put those two in there....bring them to the edge of the mountain there....and oopsy! we tip it over. Now won't that be fun?"
  231. >Gertrude cackled "I must admit, I do feel a little like my old self. I'm just wondering about him, he seemed so caring and loving before. What with gathering those other ponies and such. And now, if I am assuming correctly, he's defecating in there."
  232. >"Anon can be quite surprising sometimes. I'd say it would be a mystery. But I've seen first hand evidence that his kind is capable of many things. And many emotions. They can be kind,caring, and sweet...but cross them....and you'll have a nuke in your face"
  233. >Gertrude was confused "Hrn? Is it that human thing you spoke about?"
  234. >Chrysalis nodded "Exactly...."
  235. >You soon came out of the port-a-potty. Relieved, and rarin' to go.
  236. "Alrighty. All set to go. And I gotta say, it's some of my best work."
  237. >You stand next to the port-a-potty. and wait, as you notice one of the brothers begin to glow green from Chrysalis's horn as they scream and struggle. their cries muffled by the gags.
  239. >And just like that. Gertrude grabbed Flim and tossed him into the Port-a-potty as Flam goes flying in after. Their screams of smelly agony could be heard by the three of you. Delicious.
  240. >You started to hum a little tune as you stood in front of the port-a-potty and faced away from it.
  241. "hmm..hmm..AND...LIFTOFF!"
  242. >You buck it as hard as you can. It actually moves forward, and tips downwards. Falling over the safety beam and hitting the side of the mountain as it begins to slide down at a horrendously quick pace.
  243. "hehe, Well ain't that shit."
  244. >"It is, I'm satisfied now" Chrysalis trotted over to see the port-a-potty tumble downwards.
  245. >"As am I, the sweet taste of revenge is so delicious. In fact, I think I'll bake a few cherry pies for the little ones when I get back"
  246. >All three of you share in the moment. listening to the brothers screams of agony before they tumbled too far down to be heard anymore.
  247. >Revenge really was sweet.
  248. >After that. You all returned to the castle. There really wasn't much to do now but wait for Celestia. The scary thing was that the castle had been surrounded by ponies awaiting Celestia's speech. You had to be carried back up to your room by Gertrude pretty much the same way you left. And that..was fucking frightening.
  249. >You were alone with Chrysalis now. Gertrude had thanked you both for the delicious vengeance. But left, wanting to tend to her foals.
  250. >"...So what do we do now? How do we get home?" Chrysalis wondered
  251. "I don't know yet, I'd assume it'd have to do with Celestia's speech. I don't think I could help write it or anything. But if it has to go worldwide, I could use the horn to like..project everything she's saying across Equestria, maybe throw in some visuals. But without another charge.."
  253. >"Another charge you say? Perhaps I can help with that." You hear a familiar chuckle interrupt you "Perhaps? What am I thinking, I definitely could help with that. Because, really? This little story has run it's course long enough and there's only so much couch sitting I can do watching you two. Not to say you both didn't do a good job, it was a fun ride except for the dreadful middle section where you were befriending ponies and all. Really, all of this probably could have been solved if you made better use of the horn. Although that whole "Stand" business was rather cute. If only because it itself had good taste in pony."
  254. >"Discord?" Both you and Chrysalis say, looking around.
  255. >And in a flash. Discord appeared. or rather, a fuzzy and transparent Discord appeared. going blurrier or coming up as visual white noise like a tv every so often. "Close, but it's actually just a magically induced hologram. I unfortunately can't leave my spot. Somepony has to keep the dimensional path clear. In anycase, I assume you both are ready to go home? There's only so long I can keep the dimensional path between alternate times like this open"
  256. >"Of course I am, I won't lie. I had some fun. But I've gotten everything I wanted out of this place and want to go home." Chrysalis answers.
  257. "So do I. But I need a little more time. I just want to be able to say goodbye to the friends I made here in the castle. And pass on a message to the ones outside of it. Like Ponk and Rainbow Dash....heh...sorry Ponk, I'm gonna have to skip dinner"
  258. >"Ahh, that "Friendly" side of you finally poking out after that brilliant show at that construction site, Eh? I can't really do that. You don't have too much time left. So what I suggest is do that now. and then do that speech thing with Celestia. Because Anon, once you use this extra charge I've sent you. You'll be sent back home. The both of you will. Chryssi. You don't have any bothersome goodbyes to handle as well. Do you?"
  260. >Chrysalis shook her head "Of course not. I'm done here. My other self already knows I want to leave and I've already discussed with her everything I needed. I have no obligation to say goodbye to anypony else"
  261. >"Well Anon, I suppose that just leaves you. I'd suggest you get a move on. Those ponies out there seem restless and I'm sure that suggestion of yours would help speed things along." Discord says as he boredly puts on the same butterfly gloves his "Stand" self put on. "Hmm, I rather like these..they speak to me..they say...."Make some punch for a party, and then watch as a fist comes out of the punch and hits Applejack in the face" Discord chuckled.
  262. >You laugh at that, it was a little mean, sure. But you found it funny all the same.
  263. "Heh, You'll never change buddy. Anyway, I gotta say. It was a crazy ride. But thanks for making this happen."
  264. >"Oh spare me Anon, I don't need to hear that dribble. You already have the satisfaction of saving an entire world. You don't need to be sentimental about it. Anyhoo, see you both at home. Good luck Anon, don't screw things up now" Discord then compressed, and turned into a small ball that flew into your horn. giving it a soft glow. It wasn't truly him of course. But that was his magic. It looks like you had one final thing to do.
  265. >Time to say goodbye.
  267. >With that, you felt the need to go see Celestia on the status of the speech.
  268. >But as you neared the door. Chrysalis stopped you one last time. "Anon, you haven't realized it yet, have you?"
  269. >You stop. Wha? What was she talking about?
  270. "Realize what? Uh, Chrysalis. I really should go see Celestia."
  271. >"You can wait a moment. I want you to hear this. Because now that I've come to realize it. It actually amazes me."
  272. >You turn around to face her. What was she getting at?
  273. "Amaze you? You mean amaze you in a "Anon fucked up again." Type of way? Because if it's that, then I don't really want to hear it. I could only take so much criticism"
  274. >Your response was just in a tired sense.
  275. >Chrysalis frowned "Awww, anon. We have a small party together and you think thats what I meant? No, I'm actually amazed because you actually pulled it off. You infiltrated the castle, dethroned a couple of idiots, and had this been our universe. It would have been ours for the taking. Two out of three isn't bad. And considering how close I feel this makes us. I want to tell you a truth about a lie I had told you long ago."
  276. >The truth of a lie?
  277. "I'm afraid of what you mean by that. Well almost. I mean uhhh..."
  278. >You start to blush
  279. "If it's about teasing me sexually and stuff...and actually wanting me..."
  280. >Chrysalis's expression becomes that of stoic disgust "...Just because we're in a bedroom doesn't mean thats the truth I want to tell. It's not even a truth. No, this is for..other reasons. For you see Anon, changelings are not actually nomads. We actually have a kingdom of our own."
  281. "Woah, what? actual kingdom. And not just a hive? Didn't you say you wanted a castle or something for yourself? I don't remember,"
  283. >Chrysalis rolls her eyes "Anon, if that was the case I could have taken the castle of another kingdom. You really don't think, do you? Anyway, the reason I lied before was because of the way you and Discord just came into our base of operations in that old abandoned fortress. I had primed the whole hive for an immediate attack that nopony would be able to be prepared for in time. Of course, it turned out our intel was a huge farce." Chrysalis sighs "I suppose it was arrogance that had me move the whole hive into a temporary base, but you should know that in the art of war. The closer your main force is. The less time your opponents can prepare for a counter attack. Our actual kingdom, my castle. Is actually a well protected fortress, impenetrable by any means other than our own magic. If you thought this "Anti-magic material" was impressive, my throne, a magical artifact in itself, can negate any magical force in Equestria...even chaos magic. I never told you this before because I didn't need you or Discord making a trip to my castle and defacing it."
  284. >...that was sudden. Why would she tell you all this? This was confusing.
  285. "Why are you telling me this? Why now?"
  286. >"Because..." Chrysalis steps up to you with a wry smile, she was a little irritated that you'd question her instead of figuring it out for yourself. She puts her hoof on your head, a little more firmly than softly, and relaxes herself "You have the makings of a changeling, I've said it before. But now I'm absolutely sure. You are capable of a unique kind of cruelty most ponies would never expect. And I know you've had trouble with Twilight Sparkle herself. I trust you Anon, and I trust that you will soon realize that these ponies deserve to be under my rule."
  287. >You back off, goddammit. you didn't want to be mad at her. But you were tired of hearing that.
  288. "You always say that, but I keep telling you no, it's never going to happen."
  290. >Chrysalis's smile twists into a more cruel form. "Just remember Anon, you owe me your life, four of them to be exact. And now, after all this. I can see you are competent enough to defeat a powerful opponent. I'm telling you this because you'll be mine eventually and you'll need to know about your new future home. If I can't convert you to my side one way, then I'll have you serve me to make up for the fact that without me. You wouldn't be standing here at all."
  291. >...goddammit. Here we go, she just had to ruin a good thing.
  292. "Chrysalis, just because you saved me doesn't mean I'm going to serve you. I'm not interested in ruling Equestria."
  293. >"Not right now you aren't. Do you think I'm just going to call in a life debt when you're still so disagreeable? No, I'm just going to wait until you can't stand being around those ponies any longer. if your relationship with Twilight Sparkle is any indication. It'll be inevitable. And besides, I'm not worried of you getting sick of me. Because deep down inside, you like me. And don't worry, I haven't forgotten about your little marefriend. She's just as invited as you are, but of course she'll have to abide my rules. And...that's it really. That's all I have to say, you can argue if you want. But both know it'll just end with us saying we'll reform the other. So, go finish your business so I can go home. I'll even say please...with sugar on top" She gives you a boop on the nose
  294. >You just stand there, unable to say a word. She was right. there was no point arguing, and there was no point in having the last word against her. She won't listen. But, a throne that could cutoff all forms of magic? She must have thought she'd have a quick win if she brought the whole hive away from such a safety'll ponder on it later.
  295. >You leave the room, and head towards the throne room. With the hallways untrapped, it'd be easy to get there.
  296. >"Well isn't that interesting..."
  298. >You hear Chrysalis's voice...but she wouldn't follow you out of the room.
  299. "Gertrude?"
  300. >You look around. But she wasn't anywhere to be found.
  301. >"Up here Anon"
  302. >Hm? You look up, and see Gertrude clinged to the wall right above the door. You expected her to have a smug look on her face. But she didn't, she just looked curious about something.
  303. "Gertrude...uh...oh"
  304. >Yeah, she had to of. She eavesdropped, and that was worrying.
  305. " heard everything in there, didn't you?"
  306. >She nods and hops down from the wall. and looks towards the door as she speaks. She seemed curious, yet dazzled. "I did, and I must say. It was very interesting.."
  307. >Great, even if she was the nicer of the two. you were probably just going to get another variant of Chrysalis's want to control you.
  308. "Yeah, look. I'm busy. But I do want to say goodbye though. We'll be leaving soon, so I'd appreciate it if you don't mock me."
  309. >"Mock you?" She giggles "Why would I mock you? If anything, I should be mocking my other self. Although, her love did taste very pure. So odd."
  310. >Uhh, wut? What the fuck was she talking about? Mock herself? Well, yeah. They've been doing that at times. But what the fuck was that about love?
  311. "You gotta be joking, she doesn't love. That doesn't happen."
  312. >Gertrude raises her eyebrow at you. "Are you serious?"
  313. >You nod
  314. "Yeah, have you not realized that by now?"
  315. >Gertrude doesn't speak. She just points to herself, then the door, then back to herself, then the door again.
  316. "uhhh, what are you doing?"
  317. >Gertrude smacks her face with her hoof, but she keeps her voice down. She didn't want to yell and let herself be heard. She could sense her other self wasn't eavesdropping. And She knew, her other self hadn't realized that she was eavesdropping on that very conversation. She then looks at you, annoyed, and yet, not surprised. "Anon...You do realize who you're talking to right now, right?"
  318. >........oh right...
  319. >You chuckle nervously
  321. "'re her.....yeah. But, that still doesn't make any sense. You lost your hive and learned to love the foals you've been taking care of. But this Chrysalis, she's still evil. And her sense of friendship is totally different from everypony else's. Hell, I don't think it's an actual friendship sometimes."
  322. >Gertrude gives you a warm yet sly smile and starts leading you down the hallway towards the Throne Room "Anon, she was probably telling the truth about that before. But that's not the truth now, she considers you her actual friend. And considering you'd be the first, she would have no idea how to actually act towards you."
  323. >An actual friend? Was she being serious? Because you couldn't tell. She had to be wrong.
  324. "How can you be so sure about that?"
  325. >"As I said, I felt and tasted her love for you. It's there, it exists. You're a pony that she wouldn't want anything to happen to you. Trust me on this Anon, she risked her life to save you. Considering what i've learned now, I know she would have never done that unless she cared."
  326. "Yeah, I guess that's weird. The fact she could see my stand meant she cared and believed in me. But, I just don't know. That could have been just because she wants to go home."
  327. >Gertrude shakes her head. She was sure that was wrong. "Oh no Anon, it's definitely more than that. She has now made it a mission to make you her own. Before, she would have given you a choice. Now, should the day come that she does take over. She won't let you have one. Even if she has to keep you in a cocoon."
  328. >You cringe at first, that sounded creepy and bad.
  329. "..You're exaggerating that a little, right? I mean...right? Because that sounds scarier than the friendship we had before."
  330. >"I'm not, I would do it if I was still evil. So, that must be the way she'd do it."
  331. >You gulp. Ok, that...was damned scarier..but wait...maybe there was a silver lining.
  333. "W-wait, but if what you say is true. Then maybe she wouldn't have to put me in a creepy....slimy...ehhh..Look, what I'm saying is. If what you say is true, then I'm close to reforming her. Because if she's my friend, that means she cares, it means she has a heart, and that means eventually she'll see my way of thinking because she wouldn't want to hurt me. Ha! I got it!"
  334. >You cackle, shit, this felt good. You almost had it then!
  335. >But Gertrude frowns and shakes her head "Sorry to say Anon, but that's not right. She's still evil and cruel, she has no reason to be friendly and kind when her thirst for vengeance and domination has yet to be quenched. All it means is that she won't let anything happen to you that she doesn't like, or try anyway. Though, if you did want to reform her....there is one way"
  336. >One way?...well whatever it was, if it was coming from Gertrude. It had to be THE way. Fuck it, you'll take it.
  337. "Whatever it is, I'll do it. Just tell me."
  338. >Gertrude seemed to have gotten a sick satisfaction out of that as she grins evilly. "Well, just wait until an evil entity comes to Equestria and then try to fight it, lose, and then get destroyed. My other self would be so overwhelmed with grief from the news that she would seek to destroy that entity herself, and then reform for your sake. Shouldn't be too hard now, right?"
  339. >.....Noooooope
  340. "Er....nevermind. I'll try to find another way."
  341. >Gertrude shrugs "It worked for me. But Different strokes for different folks I suppose..." Gertrude sighs as she nears the throne door. "I do have to say though...I don't know what'd I do if I lost my children. Not again anyway. I don't want to think about it, and I don't want this plan to fail. I have hope both in Princess Celestia, and you Anon. You will be missed."
  342. >Gertrude leans over, and gives you a gentle hug.
  344. >During that hug, you felt that warmth the foals must have been able to feel, it didn't matter how cold her exoskeleton was. Because it was her heart that gave you that warmth..or something like that.
  345. "I'll miss you Gertrude, I'll always remember you as the Chrysalis I want to have happen."
  346. >"And I'll miss you Anon, and thank you for saving me and my children. And for not being a goody four shoes when it turned out we'd be tormenting those terrible brothers."
  347. >You grin happily at her, to show her that yes, you liked her.
  348. "No problem....well.."
  349. >You looked towards the throne doors
  350. "I better get cracking, or there won't be an Equestria in a couple of months."
  351. >"Good luck to you...all of you. I'm going to go bake those pies. Take care Anon...I mean that" And with that, Gertrude left to the royal kitchen as you open the doors to the throne room and step inside.
  352. >And when you do. You notice Celestia just sitting at her throne. Using her magic to remove the ghastly decorations of Flim and Flam. No Sunset or Twilight. Da fuck was she doing? Where were they?
  353. >"Oh Anon." Celestia stops what she is doing to greet you with a smile as she sits on her throne "I've been awaiting you. For about an hour actually" Celestia giggled, she looked pretty beautiful with her mane down like that and looking clean and cheery "It seems you really enjoy sleeping"
  354. >Uhhhh. wut?
  355. "Princess Celestia, erm..Where's Sunset and Twilight? Why aren't you preparing for that big speech thing?"
  356. >"Sunset and Twilight are outside managing the crowd. Unfortunately they know about what could happen, and that we all can be doomed. As for the speech, I feel my words wouldn't have much impact without some visualization. That's where you come in"
  357. >Aha! hey, she had the same idea you did.
  358. "That's cool actually, I was thinking the same thing. You know, using my horn to broadcast the whole thing across all of Equestria. I guess great minds think alike, right?"
  360. >Celestia smiled, but shook her head "Indeed, but I was thinking of going about this on a grander scale. Anon, I can speak and say exactly what I mean. But unfortunately with the way the world is. Most ponies will only fend for themselves while only acting kind and friendly to avoid the fate coming to us. I want to, with my words, show them what Equestria can and should be. I want them to be reminded of the love and friendship we as Equestrians used to know. I want them to see an Equestria that we can recreate. And, well. There would be no better way than showing them an Equestria that knows such things already. One where the elements of harmony themselves have come to exist."
  361. >...oh hey, that is a pretty good idea.
  362. "That would work. I mean, I've been around ponies for awhile. They tend to swing easily to that kind of thing. Sure, I can make that happen. There's A LOT of nice stuff I can show them during the speech."
  363. >Celestia looked so relieved just to hear that. That's exactly what she was hoping for, but she still couldn't shake off some of the feeling she had to endure. "Then let us make haste."
  364. >Wait..WAIT
  365. "H-hold on! Now?..Like, right now?"
  366. >Celestia nodded "Yes, I have prepared my speech, and to waste time would only send everypony further into despair."
  367. >Looks like you were going to not get to say goodbye to everybody. But then, you had to get what you had to say out.
  368. "Princess Celestia, Can you wait a just a moment. I have a few things I want to say to at least you."
  369. >Celestia nods and instantly agrees. She didn't want to rush you, but she didn't want to keep everyone waiting either. "Yes Anon, what is it?"
  371. ", there's a pony who really really needs your help. His name is Filthy Rich, he's been looking for his family for a pretty long time but Flim and Flam's rule has pretty much kept him confined to his job. Now that everything is kinda turned around. I was wondering if you could lend him some personal royal help in finding them. I'd really appreciate it if you could."
  372. >Celestia could feel a pinch at her own heart, losing family like that....
  373. >"Of course, I will lend all my resources in helping your friend. I promise."
  374. >...There you go Filthy Rich, there ya go...You hoped they really were out there and in good piece of mind. You could only imagine Filthy Rich's smile having Diamond Tiara and Spoiled Rich back....oh God, Diamond still had to deal with her and that sleepover thing.
  375. "...Thank you, and..."
  376. >Here we go...
  377. "And, after we're done. I'm gonna get sent back to my Equestria. It's sort of how Discord set things. So, I just...well...I just want to say goodbye Princess Celestia"
  378. >You bow
  379. "And I hope that everypony understands why I have to go so suddenly. I didn't even get to say goodbye to Sunset, considering that without her we would have been doomed. I kind of wanted that chance. But that's'll tell her I said bye, right?"
  380. >"Or you could tell me yourself." You hear Sunset's voice from behind
  381. >Fuck yes...thank god, you atleast wanted to tell her goodbye. For once, a voice you hear from behind you is one you wanted to hear.
  382. >You turn around.
  383. >There was Sunset, and her mane was ruined, her coat was dirty, and she had gum on her tail. But there she was, just the same.
  384. >Christ..
  385. "Geez, What happened to you?!"
  387. >"Long story short, everypony is panicking and demanding the Princess. Twilight is running crowd control while I came to check on Princess Celestia. Looks like you're all ready to go though if you're saying goodbye." Sunset raises her tail to look at it "Better prepared than me anyway, even with magic, bubblegum is always a hassle to get out. Took everything I had not to punch that pony out. He did it on purpose! Geez, the sooner we do this, the better."
  388. >If you could, you wouldn't mind wasting a charge to help her out but...
  389. >"Well, I guess I can't be too mad though. Considering everything is going back to the way things used to be...sorta. Princess Celestia, are you sure you really want me as an adviser? Even after abandoning you long ago?"
  390. >Celestia nodded "Of course, that was long ago. The decisions made as a young pupil has nothing to do with the friend I see before me now. I trust you with my life Sunset, so it's hard for me to imagine anypony else as my adviser considering I trust you the most."
  391. >"Eheh.." Sunset felt humbled by that "I guess, if you put it that way...still. I just hope I'm able to make you proud."
  392. >"You already have Sunset, And I know you will continue to do so" Celestia reassures her.
  393. >Sunset couldn't help but smile as she then turns to you "heh, and then theres you, huh? You're gonna be missed. And I can't thank you enough for what you've done for us Anon."
  394. >Boy, you were feeling mary kind of wished it was like this back in your Equestria. dealing with DT or the CMC was tougher than this shit.
  395. "I'll miss you all too. All of you. I had fun though, so, you're not gonna forget about me right?"
  396. >"Nope, you think I'd forget about a crazy human pony whatever thing coming out of nowhere with a changeling queen who just happens to be the same one we have but a lot more jerky? And then you both help save the world? Pfft, I don't even think I'll forget when I become a senile old mare."
  398. >That made you laugh. That, was actually funny. It warmed your heart.
  399. >You go up and hug Sunset, Princess Celestia joining in on it. This would be the last goodbye.
  400. >You could feel yourself tear up a little. It was nice, and yet worrying. Very worrying that'd you'd be leaving without knowing if they could pull off saving Equestria in the long run.
  401. >"We will be alright Anon, you needn't worry.I know my ponies, I know that deep down they are good at heart. They only need to be reminded. Like you reminded the ponies who came along with you on this journey. reminded me." Celestia spoke in such a soft and motherly tone. The Celestia you expected her to be.
  402. >In fact, as you looked up. You could see her mane start to flow again. You could tell....she was ready.
  403. >Sunset left it to you two now. Both you and Celestia walked to the balcony of the castle that faced the scared crowd.
  404. >And the speech began.
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