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  1. NAME: Aether Bright
  2. GENDER: Female
  3. RACE: Unicorn
  4. CLASS: Thaumaturge (Cleric/Mage)
  5. TALENT: +1 to spellcasting
  6. HITS/WOUNDS: 5/5
  8. SKILLS:
  9.     UNICORN CATALYST (Racial Skill): passive; a unicorn's horn counts as a catalyst for spellcasting.
  10.     UNICORN TELEKINESIS (Racial Skill): : spell; manipulate objects through sheer force of will. Complex tasks and heavier objects may require more focus.
  11.     POSH (Expanded Racial Skill): start the game with a magical item that gives a +1 to Telekinesis. If held by someone without that skill, the item's residual magic allows that spell to be cast at DC 8.
  12.     HEAL (Cleric Skill): recharge 1, spell, ranged; restores target's hits to full and restores one wound, or removes all status effects. Crit restores 2 wounds, crit fail deals a wound of damage to the target.
  13.     INURE (Expanded Cleric Skill): spell, ranged; target is immune to a specific damage type (fire, ice, poison, possessed etc) for a short time
  14.     SPELL RESONANCE (Expanded Mage Skill): Automatic Spell, Recharge 4; You may cast a spell you know Automatically, provided you have successfully cast it earlier in this combat. Normal spell recharge still applies.
  15.     MASTER CASTER (Multiclass Skill): passive; +1 to all spellcasting
  16.     PATRICIAN MAGICIAN (Talent): passive; additional +1 to all spellcasting
  19.     CLOAK (Posh Item): A dark teal cloak with a mint green border, mint green stars, and a round mint green clasp with white embellishments. Doesn't it look familiar? I dunno.
  20.     SADDLEBAGS: Her personal saddlebags. It holds things. It’s a little bloated right now, too.
  21.     NOTEPADS: For keeping notes.
  22.     PENS: For taking notes.
  23.     BOOKS: Three books, including a copy of Sunburst's Mystic Manual, one of Aether’s favorite books.
  24.     CALCULATOR: “NEVER know when you'll need that…”
  25.     MISC SUPPLIES: “…enough research material for the hardiest of your teacher's outings into field research as you've ever taken.”
  28.     Her coat is light turquoise (bluer than mint green, similar to the color of the highlight in Starlight's mane) and her mane is lavender (lighter than the color of Twilight's mane, closer to the color of her coat). Her eyes are the color gold (between orange and yellow, similar to the color of Sunburst's coat). Her cutie mark looks something like this (, but it's covered up by the cloak she wears and it's 2:30 AM right now I might change it I'm tired
  31.     She’s special. She’s intelligent, scholarly, and very bookish, and understanding concepts is a breeze to her and she absorb information like the proverbial sponge. However, she isn’t so capable when it comes to interacting with other people. She can be awkward and aloof, but she’s not reticent, not at all; she talks a lot, saying pretty much whatever’s on her mind, and may go on and on about something that interests her (usually magic). She can’t “read” other people easily, so she can be brutally honest at times, and there are no such things as secrets with her. She also can seem rude or selfish at times when she just isn't aware of those around her. Despite this, she has a good nature, and she sees the importance of making friends (she hears they’re nice to have).
  35. intelligent, logical
  36. bookish, scholarly
  37. can be either easily distracted by interesting things or intently focused on something she finds interesting
  38. kindhearted/good-natured, but may appear selfish at times when she just isn't aware of how others are doing
  39. naive, sometimes seems to lack common sense
  40. doesn't intuitively "read" people, but can if she consciously remembers to
  41. says whatever is on her mind with #nofilter, might get lost talking about something only she's interested in
  42. brutally honest at times, compulsive truthteller
  43. often has trouble articulating her thoughts out loud
  44. not shy, but has trouble making friends, has somewhat underdeveloped social skills (like s1/pre-s1 twilight), but sees importance of making friends and is learning how to
  45. is not irritating or irritable, just awkward and aloof
  46. does not have a learning disability, can understand concepts and absorb information easily
  51. goes to the twilight sparkle school for magic and friendship
  52. is the pupil/protege of twilight sparkle herself after her talent/potential (and need to learn how to make friends) was recognized, studies subjects on magic and conducts research with her while learning about friendship
  53. as a child has shown herself to be quite capable in magic and inclined to study it/how it works
  54. father works as a registrar at a museum of magic, recognized her talent and encouraged her to persue it while showing her all he can about magic (a nostalgic time for her would be them walking through the museum on his off-hours, him telling her about the exhibits), leading her to study at the very prestigious school, gave her the cloak of sunburst (the wise? the magician? the wizard?) as a going-to-school gift
  55. mother died during childbirth
  56. only child
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