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  1. local test = "*Scene Opens: Rachel, Gary, and Jack all sit in Drew's living room as Drew prepares the B O B* 'So... are you guys ready to pledge your souls and lives to the great god Bob?' Jack says, shaking slightly out of anxiety and fear of what his life might become after he's pledged his life to Bob. 'I sure am' Rachel says, pulling out her strap-on  'I can't wait to finally break this thing in, I've been saving myself for the ceremony of the gods' Gary sits in silence, as he had since the lobotomy. Rachel smacks him around with the strap-on and laughs 'Ha, not so *chad*-y now hey Chad Gary?' she asks him as his head falls to the side and he starts to choke on his own spit-up. *Enter Drew and Bob, Drew wheeling in a dolly with a barrel of KFC Gravy and a barrel of his own special lubricant (blood, semen, and vomit)* Jack and Rachel rise as Gary straight up dies from drowning in his own spit.  'So, who's ready to get this party started' Bob says as he equips his infinity gauntlet and transforms into a rolling grotesque b"                                                                  
  2. mon = peripheral.wrap("top")
  3. mon.clear()
  4. mon.setCursorPos(1,1)
  5. mon.setTextScale(.5)
  6. lineNum = 1
  8. function breakUp(cunt)
  9. maxChar = 36
  10. pieceOfString = string.sub(cunt,0,maxChar)
  11. secondPiece = string.sub(cunt,(maxChar+1))
  12. write(pieceOfString)
  13. print(pieceOfString)
  14. if (string.len(cunt)> 36) then  breakUp(secondPiece)
  15. end end
  17. function write(test)
  18. mon.setCursorPos(1,lineNum)
  19. mon.write(test)
  20. print(lineNum)
  21. lineNum = lineNum + 1
  22. end
  24. breakUp(test)
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