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  1. Paternozzo: Kari Tapio u might be old but u hot trash
  2. Kari Tapio: about time
  3. Kari Tapio: paternozzo you've been playing for like a week have some respect
  4. Kari Tapio: im a veteran
  5. Paternozzo: so what
  6. Dmnito: skuntank has tail slap and stench so it’s 20-50% flinch
  7. Kari Tapio: i would beat you blind with no hands and only 1 pokemon
  8. Paternozzo: u are bad
  9. Dmnito: would king rock double that?
  10. Paternozzo: Kari Tapio wanna try
  11. Kari Tapio: what?
  12. megaspongebobb1214: i think it would stack, but im not positive
  13. Kari Tapio: you think you can beat me ?
  14. Paternozzo: 1 pkmn
  15. Malconeous: mods announced shutdown on march 1st in lobby
  16. Paternozzo: u talking all that crap
  17. Lagasarous: no way in hell is keri any good
  18. Dmnito: damn why is it shutting down
  19. Lagasarous: just pjutting it out there
  20. Paternozzo: but u a big old crybaby in your mom basement
  21. megaspongebobb1214: its not shutting down
  22. Kari Tapio: i would crush u paternozzo
  23. Paternozzo: try it
  24. Malconeous: go look
  25. Dmnito: is this site a Nintendo thing
  26. Paternozzo: ahh too bad
  27. Kari Tapio: i've literally been playing for 7 years
  28. Lagasarous: ive been playing basketball for like 15
  29. Paternozzo: i dont play with handicapped people
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