A Dazzling Pack V

Oct 23rd, 2016
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  1. "--The working man -- The working man and the slum child know they can expect my best efforts in their interests. The decent, ordinary citizens know that I'll do everything in my power to protect the underprivileged, the underpaid, and the the underfed--"
  2. >This world had a knock-off version of the oldie movies channel
  3. >They also-- it seemed-- had a knock-off version of Citizen Kane
  4. >Kitizen Cane it was called
  5. >Which was BULLSHIT
  6. >...But that didn't stop you from watching it
  7. >There you were, in the Dazzling household
  8. >Alone
  9. >You were sitting on the couch, which was piled high with pillows and blankets
  10. >Under all of it, you had some snacks hidden about
  11. >Popcorn, pop, a bunch of candy and shit covered in chocolate
  12. >You had made a very nice little cocoon for yourself on that couch
  13. >You were wearing nothing but thick, knee-high socks and pajama bottoms
  14. >On your right arm, there was a brace on your wrist
  15. >On the table in front of you a bottle of pain pills, with instructions on when to take them and how many to take
  16. >It had been a rough couple days for your green ass
  17. >After your wrist had been dislocated, and promptly shoved back into place, poof and her sisters had dragged your sorry butt to the nurse's office
  18. >Nurse Redheart, after stashing the bottle of Bourbon that she had been chugging under the table, had come over and examined you
  19. >Apparently, your wrist HAD been dislocated like Adagio said
  20. >BUT, it hadn't been a very good idea to rip it back in place like the mighty poof had
  21. >You hadn't torn anything, thank god, but even so the nurse had recommended that you take the next few days off of school
  22. >She had also given you the pain medication that you were now taking
  23. >Which, for the record, was so illegal that you could barely wrap your head around it, but that was fine
  24. >You applauded it even
  26. >She could hawk all of the illegal pain medication she wanted as long as they made your pain at least somewhat bearable
  27. >And, for the most part, it did
  28. >BUT, like most "over-the-counter" medicine, this one had some side-effects
  29. >You didn't feel very good
  30. >Your head hurt, your nose was stuffy
  31. >You were up pissing every ten minutes and you felt bloated as all hell
  32. >No matter how many blankets you wrapped around yourself you were always a little on the cold side
  33. >All-in-all, you felt like ten pounds of shit stuffed into a five pound sack
  34. >But, at least you had your snacks and your old, black-and-white movies
  35. >...
  36. >Yay...
  37. "...Yeah, you fuck up that room, Mr, Cane," you muttered, dragging your arm across your runny nose. "You fuck up that room super hard..."
  38. >Snuggling yourself deeper into your covers, you pawed through the blankets
  39. >In the big screen TV in front of you, you watched a fat, aging man ripping a room to pieces
  40. >Not saying a word, not screaming, just wrecking shit
  41. >Yep...
  42. >They don't make'em like this anymore...
  43. >After a minute or two, you find the bag of chocolate pretzels you were looking for
  44. >Pulling them from underneath a bunch of pillows, you slipped an arm in the bag and searched around
  45. >Hmmm...
  46. >It looked like you were about out...
  47. >You'd have to ask one of the girls to get another bag next time that--
  48. SLAM!
  49. >The from door was wrenched open, revealing the mighty poof
  50. >There was an exhausted look on her face and a blue backpack slung over her shoulder
  51. >"Those IDIOTS... I can't believe..."
  52. >Slamming the door behind her, Adagio kicked off her shoes and made her way toward your bedroom
  54. >You opened your mouth to greet her, but before you could the sound of your bedroom door being slammed rang out
  55. >...
  56. >Huh...
  57. >It looked like someone had a bad day...
  58. >You wiggle deeper into your fortress of comfy, pulling out a handful of chocolate pretzels and stuffing them into your mouth
  59. >You groaned nasally
  60. >Ah yeah...
  61. >That's what daddy likes...
  62. >As you continued to watch your old movies and eat your shitty junk food, you could hear the shower being turned on
  63. >The poof, no matter what, always took her shower after school
  64. >Something about her wanting to scrub the stench of humans off her body
  65. >Which was weird since YOU were human and she didn't have a problem with rubbing herself up against you, but whatever...
  66. >...
  67. >And now that you're thinking about school...
  68. >Where the hell are Sonata and grump?
  69. >Usually, they're right behind poof when they get home...
  70. >...
  71. >Did something happen in school?
  72. >Did the other girls get detention again?
  73. >...
  74. >You poked your head out from the blankets and looked toward your bedroom door
  75. >...You'd ask when she came out...
  76. >...
  77. >Hopefully she brought you your schoolwork home this time
  78. >You didn't want Mr. Cranky riding your ass about getting your math work done
  79. >The old asshat...
  80. >Since Adagio had the most to wash out of any of the Dazzlings, it usually took her a good half-hour to clean herself
  81. >But, today, you heard the water being turned off in under ten minutes
  82. >Odd...
  83. >Another five minutes later poof erupts from your bedroom, a stack of books under her arm
  85. >She was wearing a tight grey undershirt--no bra, of course--and a pair of black sweat pants
  86. >Her hair was wrapped in about five or six towels and her feet were bare
  87. >"You have work for Cranky and Harshwhinny," she said, setting the books down on the table in front of you . "I managed to talk the rest of your teachers into not giving you anything."
  88. >You smiled as she walked over to you
  89. "And how did you do that?" you asked as she grabbed your head and pulled it out from your cocoon
  90. >"I can be very persuasive when I want to be," she said
  91. >Frowning, she placed her hands under your jaw, with her palms touching the sides of your throat
  92. "Swallow," she commanded
  93. >While she was setting herself up for one hell of a joke, you managed to hold back, doing as she asked
  94. >"Again."
  95. >You did it again, swallowing thickly
  96. >Adagio grimaced
  97. >"Your face is red and your nose is running. Have you been drinking water like I told you to?"
  98. >You nodded
  99. "Yep, and going to the bathroom every ten seconds because it's running through me like shit through a goose."
  100. >Poof, still frowning, placed the back of her hand on your forehead
  101. >"...You're not warm," she mumbled, pulling the hand away and standing up. "Get those blankets off. I'm going to put some warm compresses on you to help clear you up."
  102. >You darted back into your safe place
  103. "But it's FREEZING in here," you whined
  104. >"I don't care. When I get back here I want those blankets off and I want you sitting up straight so I can get a good look at you," poof replied, making her way into the kitchen
  105. >Though you grumbled, you nevertheless did as she asked, pulling off the blankets
  107. >In the kitchen, you could hear Adagio fiddling around, turning on the sink, opening and closing drawers, looking through the fridge
  108. "Hey! Where are the other girls?" you called, feeling yourself grow colder with each blanket that you pulled off and tossed away. "Did they get in trouble or something?"
  109. >"They were wrangled to go to come idiotic band meeting," poof yelled from the kitchen. "From what they told me, the girl that always wears those headphones managed to talk them into going."
  110. "...The one with the glasses? I thought that she never talked."
  111. >"Apparently she does. And apparently she can be as persuasive as I am."
  112. >The sink was turned off, and not to seconds later Adagio reappeared in the room holding a couple of steaming wet rags
  113. >"They would have made me stay as well if you weren't here all by yourself."
  114. >Walking back over to you, she helped pull the rest of the blankets off of you and tossed both them, your bags of snacks and pop, and the blankets on the ground
  115. >"Now sit up," she commanded. "Rest your arms on your knees and lean forward a bit."
  116. >Once again, you did as poof asked, trying, and very much failing, to breath through her nose
  117. >...
  118. >Holy hell were you stuffed up...
  119. >First, she placed one of the rags around the back of your neck
  120. >The other went on your forehead
  121. >The next she somehow put on your chest without it falling off
  122. >Lastly, she carefully wrapped one around your neck, right under the jaw, and held it there with a hand
  123. >"There. Now hold still for a minute or two. This should fix you right up."
  124. >While the rags weren't hot enough to burn your skin, they were still pretty warm
  125. >And you didn't particularly like the feeling of warm water running down your back, arms, and chest while you were sitting on your couch
  126. >If you would have been healthy, you would have been able to deal with it
  127. >But, since you always turned into a bit of a bitch when you were on medication/felt shitty you began to squirm
  129. >Adagio saw this and, giving you a firm look, placed her free hand on your shoulder
  130. >"Anonymous, if these rags fall off your body I'm going to be VERY upset."
  131. "But it feels wwwwweeeeeeiiiiirrrrddddd!"
  132. >"I don't care what it feels like, it's going to help you. Now shut up, hold still, and take long, deep breaths."
  133. >Cold, wet, and shivering, you did as the mighty poof commanded
  134. >She must have put something in those rags besides water, because with each breath you took you could feel your sinuses clearing up
  135. >Your body started to get less achy
  136. >Your throat didn't hurt as much
  137. >Even your shoulders didn't feel as tense or tight
  138. >The puffiness in your face and hands went down
  139. >Minutes passed by as you took long, deep breaths again and again and again, until the rags were cold and you felt like half a human again
  140. >Pulling the rag that she had pressed against your throat away, Adagio looked you over carefully
  141. >"Do you feel any better?" she gently asked
  142. >Closing your eyes, you nodded
  143. "Yep. it's still freezing in here though."
  144. >Adagio grunted, balling up the wet rag in her hands
  145. >"Sonata and Aria are going to bring back pizza when they get home so we won't have to worry about food tonight," she said, pulling the rest of the rags off of you
  146. >You nodded, your toes curling
  147. >It was FREEZING in this room
  148. >You were going to have to grab yourself a blanket...
  149. >Adagio, seeing where your gaze was going, grabbed a blanket and tossed it to you
  150. >"I'll be right back with a glass of water. You keep sitting up like that and breathing through your nose."
  151. >You wrapped the blanket around your shivering body as she made her way into another part of the apartment
  152. >"And DON'T touch any of those blankets. I'll clean them up in a second."
  153. "But it's COLD," you complained
  154. >"You'll have to suffer through it."
  155. >You snorted, hugging your arms close to your chest
  156. >Suffer through it your ass...
  158. >You'll suffer your dick in her cereal tomorrow if she wasn't careful...
  159. >After a minute or two, Adagio came back with that glass of water
  160. >"I want you to at least drink half of this," she said. "After I'm done cleaning your mess up I want to look at that wrist of yours."
  161. >The poof doesn't wait for an answer, she just turns around and gets to work
  162. >Your bags of snacks were put in the kitchen, and your pillow and blankets were folded and placed somewhere in your bedroom
  163. >Adagio didn't mess around
  164. >There was no talking, no distractions
  165. >Nothing
  166. >When she bent over, she didn't wiggle her rear in your face like she usually did
  167. >She also didn't remark upon you eating all of this candy
  168. >No teasing, no smiles, nothing
  169. >To be honest, it almost looked like her pace was hurried
  170. >Like she was nervous about something
  171. >But you don't comment on it
  172. >You drink your water like a good boy and set the empty glass on the table in front of you when you're done
  173. >Poof had been like this for a few days
  174. >You and the other girls had noticed it
  175. >How wouldn't you be able to notice it?
  176. >Carrying the last of the pillows to your bedroom, poof hurries over to the couch and sits down next to you
  177. >"Let me see your arm," she said
  178. >You slowly extended your injured arm, presenting it to her
  179. >Without ceremony, she began to undo the brace, her small, slender fingers untangling the straps and bindings with ease
  180. >In no time at all, she was able to slide it off your wrist
  181. >The skin was a little pale where the brace was, you noticed
  182. >You could also see some bruising around the length of your wrist
  183. >You grimaced, opening and closing your hand
  184. >It looked like shit, but it was getting better
  185. >You might not even need those pain pills in a day or two
  186. >Adagio bit her lip as she moved your arm around
  187. >Her touch was slow, careful, as if she expected you to fall apart at any moment
  188. >"Is anything hurting?" she asked, looking up ap you. "Is there any shooting pain? Does anything feel wrong?"
  190. "Everything's fine," you assured. "It's just a little tender. I'll be fine by Monday."
  191. >Adagio's eyes swapped from your wrist back to your face
  192. >"Are you sure? If I need to, I can have the principal let you stay at home for another week or two?.
  193. >...
  194. >What the hell's gotten into her?
  195. "It's just a sore wrist, Dagy," you said, flexing said wrist. "I probably didn't even that brace or those pills."
  196. >Adagio frowned
  197. >"You're going to wear that brace until you're a hundred percent healed," she said, in a tone that broached no argument. "I'm not going to have you hurting yourself even more by accident."
  198. >Before you could argue, she was already putting the brace back on
  199. >For some reason or another, Daggy had a bit more difficult of a time putting the thing back on than she did getting it off
  200. >She was still being as gentle as she could be, which wasn't going to work since you needed to put a little "oomph" into it when you put this thing on
  201. "Adagio," you said. "You can put a little more muscle into it of you want. I'm not going to fall apart."
  202. >Poof stopped messing with your brace with a frustrated huff
  203. >She then looked up at you, her expression unreadable
  204. >"I don't want to hurt you again ," she quickly grunted, before turning her attention back to your brace. "The alpha is supposed to keep her pack safe, not hurt them."
  205. >An eyebrow rose from your face as Dagy muttered something in a language that you couldn't understand
  206. >You shook your head
  207. >She was worse today than she was yesterday
  208. >And yesterday she had been BAD
  209. >So bad that she wouldn't let the other girls NEAR you
  210. "Dagy, you don't have to beat yourself up about that. It was an accide--"
  211. >"Fucking strap," Adagio growled, her eyes narrowing
  212. >You tried to pull your arm away, but she grabbed it, her eyes widening
  213. >"Anon, no! Don't strain yourself, I--"
  215. >Leaning over, you wrapped your free hand around poof's shoulders and pulled her against you
  216. >She stiffened, her grip on your injured arm tightening
  217. >...
  218. >Ow
  219. "Adagio. It was an accident. I'm fine. There's nothing to worry about," you insisted, pressing your forehead against hers
  220. >Poof--refusing to meet your gaze-- tried to pull away, but you followed her
  221. >She would have felt a hell of a lot better if she would have just apologized
  222. >You knew this
  223. >Aria and Sonata knew this
  224. >Hell, even SHE knew this
  225. >But it wasn't going to happen
  226. >Adagio Dazzle hadn't apologized for anything in her long, long life
  227. >It just wasn't in her nature
  228. >So she did this; worried over you and protect you and make sure that you were completely and totally fine while trying to act like the big, tough, commanding girl that the world knew her as
  229. >But no more
  230. >You were nipping this in the bud today
  231. >After a few half-hearted attempts of trying to pull away from you, she looked up into your eyes
  232. >You could see the worry in them, the regret, the self-hatred and anger and the doubt
  233. >Managing to pull your injured arm from her hands, you wiggled it out of the brace--which dropped to the floor below-- and wrapped both arms around her neck
  234. >It hurt a bit, but you ignored the pain
  235. >...Mostly
  236. >...
  237. >Fucking wrist...
  238. >Fucking Bulk Biceps...
  239. >You then leaned back a bit before burying your face into the nape of poof's neck and began to gently bit
  240. >Adagio gasped at the first little nibble, her knees knocking together in surprise
  241. >As the bites continued however-- up her neck and around her jaw-- she slowly began to relax
  242. >The muscles in her arms and legs went limp, her shoulders sagged, her eyes even became half-lidded
  243. >"Hmm~"
  244. >Her hands found their way onto your shoulders
  245. >A few seconds later, they were wrapped around your neck and she was nuzzling the side of your head
  246. >"Anon..."
  248. >She was unnaturally warm--like the other girls were-- and smelled like the soap that she had just used not twenty minutes ago
  249. >You could also smell something else
  250. >Something unidentifiable and wild and potent
  251. >A smell that had been with her since you've known her
  252. >A smell that couldn't be washed off with soap or water
  253. >It was her scent, her smell, and you loved it
  254. >You nuzzled under her jaw, rubbing your nose against her soft, smooth skin
  255. >Adagio sighed, pressing herself against you
  256. >One of her hands reached up and began to toy with your hair
  257. >"Hmm~"
  258. >Her lips parted, revealing her unusually long, sharp canines
  259. >She placed a hand underneath your chin to pick your head up and move it to the side
  260. >She then--her eyes shining-- began to bite your neck as you bit hers
  261. >You knew that if she wanted, poof could have taken a chunk out of your face or neck
  262. >You had seen her and the other girls eat meat
  263. >You had seen them tear into thick steaks like they were made of paper
  264. >But, like always, she was gentle
  265. >Her nips never broke the skin, never hurt
  266. >In fact they did the opposite
  267. >Each kiss sent a delightful jolt down your body
  268. >Her lips were full and soft
  269. >There was love and care in each nip
  270. >You grinned at a particularly hard nip
  271. "There's my girl..."
  272. >Adagio pressed herself toward you until she was practically sitting in your lap
  273. >She tore the blanket off of you and forced you to lay flat against the couch
  274. >You could feel her soft breast through her thin shirt
  275. >Her legs were entangled with yours
  276. >When you could get a glimpse of them, you could see Adagio's eyes were filled to the brim with love
  277. >And still she was kissing and kissing
  278. >Poof made her way up your jaw and around your chin
  279. >You were trapped underneath her comforting weight now
  280. >Her hair was all around you
  281. >Both of her hands were playing with your hair
  282. >You no longer felt cold
  283. >Your body was warming up
  284. >Parts were stirring
  285. >Hardening
  286. >Rubbing against your alpha's beautiful thighs
  288. >Adagio grinned when she felt this, leaning up to plant a kiss on your lips
  289. >"After dinner, I'll have to make sure that you're seen to~" she cooed, tossing the blanket over the two of you. "...But first, you need to take your medicine."
  290. >You kissed the top of her chest, wrapping your arms around her middle
  291. "In a couple of minutes," you said. "I want to lay here with you for a little bit."
  292. >Though she didn't look particularly happy, poof honored your wishes
  293. >With some adjusting, the two of you found yourselves lying on your sides watching TV
  294. >Your back was pressed up against Adagio's chest, the top of your head resting about tit-height
  295. >Poof had her arms wrapped around you and under your shirt, teasing and scratching everything within reach
  296. >"Are you comfortable?" she asked as you snuggled closer against her
  297. >You nodded, giving her arm a kiss
  298. >Adagio hummed, kissing the top of your head as she used a foot to adjust the blanket so that it covered your feet
  299. >For about ten minutes, neither of you said a thing
  300. >You just sat there, watching your movie, and listening to each other's breathing
  301. >Finally, you felt poof press her hand against your heart
  302. >"Never again will I hurt you, my gem," she murmured. "I swear upon every sea."
  303. >You smiled, closing your eyes
  304. "I love you too, hon.
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