Horrible Mutant Lust Chimera Ch. 2 -Heresy is a Bad Host

Dec 28th, 2013
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  1. "Doctor Albrecht, there has been a major push in recent weeks to outlaw the Realignment Program, using the recent rash of break-ins at treatment centers across the nation as justification. The most infamous being the very first case where a man soaked himself in mutational contaminants, and of course, the most recent and extremely bizarre incident of Samantha Schaeffer-"
  2. "Morgan, if it's all the same to you, I'd prefer not to bring the Schaeffer case into tonight's discussion for the sake of good taste. I ate fifteen minutes ago, I don't think the viewers want to see my chicken Parmesan. Although I will state that the results of her actions have added a not, oh, insignificant case for the parties who wish to outlaw the program. No, I think simply discussing the case of the first aggressive self-mutation will be enough."
  3. "Very well, Doctor Albrecht, the first case of break-in, and one of the most dramatic mutations so far, has raised numerous concerns over the potential and realities of misapplication of Equestrian technologies. Speakers against the movement, such as Virginia lawyer Terrence Mitchells, have stated "The molding of flesh from one natural state to another is barely tolerable, but the blatant twisting of our bodies into an unsanctioned and unnatural beast is an act that needs to be stamped out utterly."
  4. "Well Mr. Mitchells should be pleased to know that the Equestrians and the government have been taking extreme measures to tighten up security, and are in talks about more rigid regulations about species realignment. However, it is vitally important to remember that a central key behind this treatment is that of desire and will. And obviously, one young man desired to be a multi-headed angel made out of reproductive organs, and he -willed- that to happen alright. He's become quite a sensation. A lot of folks -humans AND ponies alike desire to reach second base with a monster of near-mythic quality that can suck its own dick.
  5. -
  6. >Oh man, you love sucking your own dick.
  7. >Your jaw is slacked to the point of dislocating and you've been biting on your satin pillow for the past twenty minutes.
  8. >"Ace, I love you."
  9. >"Hm doonnn rrrd tht fffggagg shhht," She couldn't talk that well with the penis shared between the three of you in her mouth.
  10. >Words can't easily describe how fucking awesome this was. It was masturbation, sex, and shameless incest on one grand slip and slide. AND YOU WERE THE SLIDE!
  11. >You could feel her tongue tasting your tower, and your tower can feel the her relentless assault at the same time. "This is practically fucking Zen."
  12. >You've been waiting seven years, seven months, and eleven days to try this out. It has been totally worth the wait.
  13. >Melanie is rubbing against your neck, humming happily to herself while Ace nibbles on the ridge. You don't know why, but Ace just really loves sucking cock. Sucking, biting, licking, nuzzling, dripping with candle wax.
  14. >Four of your legs kick because they're about to get a treat.
  15. >"Aw man, here we go!" Not that you had to say that. Your two newest and closest friends can feel the oncoming surge. Or. More like oncumming surge of cum. Heheh. Your vaginas quiver like excited puppy dogs. Also because her pointed green hair tickles your many thighs.
  16. >She does something with her tongue you've taken to calling "The Monopoly Man" because it always ends with the money shot. Your long body tightens up and you release a load that has more genetic material than a bowl of captain crunchberries has colors.
  17. >"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNND you pass go. Please collect two hundred dollars."
  18. >Ace comes out between your divine nether regions for a breath of air. "Two hundred dollars? Hell, I'd pay a million bucks to feel that good."
  19. >"So why do you only charge five-thousand a pop per suck?" You lick the sweet white-gold off her face.
  20. >"Cus I don't take care of them like I take care of us." She chases your tongue around as you try to clean her off. It ends in making out. Melanie is off in la-la-limbo. Self-sucking tends to overwhelm her, but she bubbles up soon enough.
  21. >It fucking rocks having three heads and enough oral openings to supply a small town.
  22. >"Yeah it fucking rocks. It rocks hard. Completely and utterly thrash metal," says Ace. She lays her head down and readies herself for a nap. "Don't wake me up for six days." Four wings cover her face.
  23. >Melanie pipes up, her singing voice clashing with Ace's scratchy tones and your flat-out male vocal chords. "Oop. No-can-doodily."
  24. >"Did she really just say that?"
  25. >"Yeah, she did."
  26. >"I did!"
  27. >The two heads that weren't Melanie groan. She ignores you and continues.
  28. >"Remember? We have a meeting today!"
  29. >"But today's our day off! No sucking, fucking, or lactal feedings." You've been very busy, and -very- popular since word got out that there was a sex-hungry uber-pony strutting about. People and ponies came pouring in with requests and full, generous pockets just to LOOK at you. It was tiring, satisfying, and mildly chaffing to be so graphically social.
  30. >You now have a small army of assistants, cooks, volunteers, and advisers. You love them all -they make the endless sex parade operate like a machine oiled up with strawberry-flavored anal lube.
  31. >Hell, you have an economy sized tube of the stuff sitting in the corner.
  32. >You kick a pillow away in your aggravation. "Why do we have a meeting? Can't we just tell them that our, I dunno, holy vaginal juices need to recharge or something?" Melanie shakes her head.
  33. >"Nope. Remember? It's that official-representitive-government guy?" You blink blankly.
  34. >"Um. Which government?"
  35. >"All of them."
  36. >"Oh."
  37. >"He wants to talk with us and make sure we're happy! I can't wait to tell him that we're soooo happy, and that we make other people soooooo really, really, very happy!"
  38. >You rub your eye with a hoof. Crap in a hand basket, you remember now. Your little body-warping adventure inspired a string of copy-cats,
  39. >"None of whom are nearly as rocking as we are," says Ace off-handedly.
  40. >and a bunch of kill-joys were now crying for tighter control on the process. Someone or other wanted a chat with you -the multi-gendered man who started this trend. "Let's, let's hold off on what we say. Just let me do the talkin alright?"
  41. >Melanie frowned. "Oi. Listen, these types, they're tricky." You knit your brows together. "Buncha liars and oppressors -trying to tell people they can't have cunts if they really want them. WELL I'LL GIVE HIM A PIECE OF MY MIND!" You lifted the front half of your body off the ground. "THEY TOLD ME NO ONCE AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!"
  42. >Ace starts swearing at all the loud noises and sudden movement.
  43. >"I am far beyond ANYTHING they can EVER HOPE TO BECOME!" Your horn crackles from your sudden surge of righteous fury.
  44. >"Guy, you are beyond my accepted volume level. I'm sleepy. Chill out or I won't suck our dick for another twelve hours."
  45. >"Dammit." You settle down. Although a part of you knows she can't go forty minutes without licking SOMETHING.
  46. >"Alright," you mutter. "Alright, alright. We'll meet with this douche-lord, give him a good impression and send him off packing so they'll leave us the fuck alone. Melanie, remind me to hire enough lawyers to start a riot with after this.
  47. >"Kay."
  48. >You look down at your long, furry, obscene body. Vaginal fluids have left your fur damp and shiny. Milk was dripping from half your teats. Your only penis was drooping off to the side like a happy drunk. Your wings and feathers were scruffy and rumpled from all the rampant grabbing and pulling from intense moments of passion with multiple partners.
  49. >Such is the cost of being a wonder-slut.
  50. >"We should clean ourselves up."
  51. --
  53. >A goodly number of hours later you were primed, pressed, and horny as hell. BUT, you have to hold off your urges, you have a guest.
  54. >One of your assistants escorted a tall man with copper skin, a well-trimmed mustache, and a suit that cost a years rent in your old apartment into one of the few rooms in your sanctuary that had a PG rating.
  55. >Ace and Melanie nodded graciously like you asked them too. Except Ace just sort of nodded with her chin and waggled with her eyebrows and Melanie yelled out "Hello!"
  56. >"Dammit girls, I mean -GREETINGS!" You flip your swooping and well-conditioned mane seductively. You will wile him with your magically honed charms and luscious body. "I will wile you senseless -fuck, no, uh, I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Mister....uh..." You lean over to Melanie. "What's his name again?"
  57. >"I dunno." He placed down a briefcase on a nearby table.
  58. "My name is Raul Blanco. My representatives tried to contact your estate this morning, but had trouble getting past the phone menu -they were stuck on the option that played 'Candy Shop' over and over."
  59. >You really thought that was a good joke to play on your days off.
  60. >"I told you we needed to fix that." Melanie whispered.
  61. "Never the less" he continued in his subdued latin accent. "It is good that you remembered our appointment today. Even if I had to argue with security for forty minutes." He looked at you flatly. "Now, the people I represent will not be pleased at the lost time, so let's try to be productive this afternoon, yes?"
  62. >"Well, Mr. Blanco, you obviously came in through the wrong door. We were totally expecting you at the front door. Baked cookie and brewed up the coffee for you. Melanie was beside herself with excitement. Which door did you come through?"
  63. "The door that had two pillars in the shape of zebra penises."
  64. >"And what fantastic penises those are. They were a gift from a South African warlord, you know?"
  65. "I'd rather not know. Please, may we get to business?"
  66. >You eased back on your long couch and shifted some of your legs into a more enticing position.
  67. >"And what business is that?" You ran three hooves down your hips. "If wish to be my new Mexican lover, just say so."
  68. "I'm Chilean, actually."
  69. >"I like chilli. Chilli goes well with everything...."
  70. "If you are trying to distract me with promises of intercourse, I would advise you to use the heads that don't sound like a man."
  71. >"Shit."
  72. >Melanie and Ace giggle. "Alright, Mr. Blanco. What do you want? Yes, I broke into the treatment center, yeah, I dumped myself with a vat of magic goop, and...well, frankly, I'm not sorry for any of it." He sits down in one of the few chairs that doesn't have a twelve inch dildo attached to the seat. "I've been poked and prodded by non-sexual needles enough, I'm happy as red-headed whore in paris. Just tell me what you want to hear, so you can go on with your day and I can go on with mine."
  73. >Ace looked down at your primary crotch with hunger. She looks at Raul's.
  74. "There are a good many things I wish to hear. The most important thing is your mental well-being. Of course we cannot hold you against your will, as the Equestrian authorities have granted you the good grace and have chosen not to punish you. What they do want, however, is an evaluation of your mind since your..." his mustache bristled "modifications."
  75. >Your wings spread and rose like the horniest peacock in the world "Mental well-being? The reason I'm like this is because Equestria said I was too well adjusted. They called me sane, they said I didn't -need- to be a pony!" You sneer. "They kicked me out of their damn-precious center and told me to keep just one pair of legs. Mr. Blanco -Raul, can I call you Raul?"
  76. "If you feel compelled."
  77. >"Raul, you people want regulation, yeah?"
  78. "The parties I represent want to know an appropriate amount of control to ensure safety."
  79. >"HAH! Well let me fucking tell YOU, that tight control is what brought me to this state! If you just let me slip on by like all the other ugly schmucks they were serving like we were all standing in line at a school cafeteria, then we wouldn't be having this chat. Nope. I'd just have one normal horse cunt and maybe a horn, and we'd all go on with our lives blissful at that."
  80. >You circle your hoof on the rail of the couch. "But noooooo. I got kicked out, so I went back in and got what I want WITH A WHOLE HELLUVA LOT OF INTEREST!" You flapped your wings and stood on your hind legs, a rather impressive height. You were nearly glowing.
  81. >"Tell those who sent you that I thank them from the bottom of my three hearts. If it wasn't for their control I wouldn't have gifted myself with this new glorious form! I am a testament to depravity and lust, and pleasure, and I am wiling to share." You smile. "Do you wish to witness my legendary beauty?" You place a hoof over a string that would loosen all of your clothes.
  82. >He raised his hand.
  83. "I will firmly ask you to refrain yourself."
  84. >You look disappointed. "Well...anytime you want a little, you k'know. Peek-a-boo. Or something else." You -really- like showing off to strangers.
  85. >"Five thousand if you want your cock sock, dude. But, ah, I think I might give you a discount." Ace waggled her thick eyebrows again.
  86. >"Ace, work with me here, c'mon." Melanie spoke up.
  87. >"He's right though. If you didn't say no to him, then he wouldn't have gotten worked up and did his silly thing, and then me or Ace wouldn't have even been born!" She looks at the two of you. "Kinda funny." Ace chewed her lip.
  88. >"Huh. She's right. Sure, thanks guy."
  89. >Raul turned his attention to Melanie.
  90. "Tell me, ma'am, how do you feel about your situation? Being attatched to your...companions?"
  91. >"Oh, I love it! We have so much to talk about, and we laugh and play games, and make sure we're never bored, and we can cuddle each other to sleep, and that feels oh-so-so lovely. Sometimes we can even lift our legs up and the three of us at once get our tongues and-"
  92. >You cover her mouth.
  93. >"We are emotionally and physically satisfied. And stable. We're extremely well off financially, socially -check out the pile of condoms in the dumpster if you want proof (not that we use them all that much.) We are successful and adjusted in every measurable way that matters. Our lives our -fucking amazing- Raul. If other people want to do what I did, well, hah, they can try, but they won't match up to all" You ran your hooves up and down your body "total hotness." You clear your throat and settle down.
  94. >"But trying to control peoples wants to be a hot sexy pony will just lead to more people wanting to be cute little sluts, and thus, more problems." You point to yourself "Proof is in the pudding, yeah?"
  95. >He gathers his things together.
  96. "I believe this discourse have been as productive as I could've hoped for one afternoon. I thank-you for your time. I am afraid I have other cases I need to profile."
  97. >"Oh, you mean the copy-cats?"
  98. "The Schaeffer case, primarily. You are the two most important incidents in this entire development. You have been watching the news?"
  99. >You yawn. "I've got too many sexy rituals to perform to pay much attention, but I've been hearing things. Just reminded what I said, Raul -you try to lock down on people like me, well, you'll only get a lot more people like me." He sighed, and was very visibly a tired man who has been putting up with too many weird things.
  100. "Believe it or not, I will stress this point with my clients. But a lot of factors need to be considered."
  101. >"Happy to hear it. You sure you don't a little unf-unf?" He picked up his briefcase and looked at the ceiling.
  102. "They say you have one..."
  103. >"Oh yeah." He rubbed his brow together. "You wanna see it?" After ten seconds he still never said no. You pulled back your dress and showed off your red rider. /His expression did not change by one iota.
  104. >This put you off some. Men normally collapse from the sudden violent erections. Women slip on their flash-flood of pussy juice. Or they just fall to their knees and cry from witnessing such a horrifically beautiful things that have sprung up on your loins.
  105. >He merely nodded once and you tucked it all away safely.
  106. "Very impressive." He nodded to Melanie. "Ma'am." He nodded to Ace. "Ma'am. Pleased to make your acquaintance." He nodded to you.
  107. "Thank you for your time. I sincerely hope we never have to meet again, but I've never put much stock in hope."
  108. >"Adios, bro."
  109. >"Bye-bye, cool guy!"
  110. >He walked out the room and closed the door behind him. An ellipses hung in the air. Ace popped her lip.
  111. >"Can I suck our cock now?"
  112. >"Oh god, please. I need to think." She burrowed beneath the folds of your robe.
  113. >"We should've pounced him and fucked him senseless the second he walked into the room. That would've solved all our problems." You feel stressed right now and you don't like it.
  114. >Melanie senses this and starts licking your cheek. "He did say we'd probably see him again. Maybe we can do it next time he comes to visit?"
  115. >"Hmm. That's a good idea, alright, fine, next time we see him, just WHAM BLAMMOOOOAUUUGHHG GOOD BUDDHA ACE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"
  116. >She pulls herself off your scepter. "I thought of this while we were playing Dance Dance Revolution."
  118. >Melanie giggles in ecstasy. "I'll....oooohh....I'll remember later...."
  119. >You love your days off.
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