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  1. :sparkles: **CUSTOM ENCHANTMENT UPDATE** :sparkles: -[@everyone]-
  3. After a long wait and countless teasers, we're introducing the newest batch of custom enchantments focused on pickaxes.
  5. ***The roster:***
  6. :small_blue_diamond: **Token Grinder**
  7. :small_blue_diamond: **Key Finder**
  8. :small_blue_diamond: **Lucky**
  10. **Token Grinder**
  11. Description: Token Grinder is a pickaxe enchantment that gives you a chance to extract tokens from the blocks you mine!
  12. Number Of Levels: 2
  13. Cost Per Level: 1,000 Tokens
  15. **Key Finder**
  16. Description: Key Finder is a pickaxe enchantment that searches the blocks you mine for loose keys!
  17. Number Of Levels: 2
  18. Cost Per Level: 5,000 Tokens
  20. **Lucky**
  21. Description: Lucky is a pickaxe enchantment that grants you luck beyond your imagination! You will randomly find tokens and keys from the blocks you mine!
  22. Number Of Levels: 1
  23. Cost Per Level: 30,000 Tokens
  25. :moneybag: Grind some tokens and find some keys today! All enchantments now available! :moneybag:
  27. For more specific information regarding each enchantment, view the chances and drop tables here:
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