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  1. Nepgear: (M) Getting called "onii-chan", lots of (lewd)kissing, sexy/lewd clothing(a lot of different kinds, overly lewd too), stockings and gloves, shiny/glossy clothing and/or skin, oily, butt stuff(smelling, kissing, tongue, anal, buttjob etc), facesitting, high heels, feet stuff(footjobs, massaging, kissing etc), femdom(also things like whips and such), futa, pegging, leglocks, cumming inside, condom play, taking lewd pictures together(such as after having sex or right before), cumming all over, succubi/demon, soft/slightly thick, almost/fully naked apron(stockings, gloves, lewd bottom/underwear or just apron itself), lewd/smug expressions, inviting(such as beckoning with hand/saying come over, nervous or not), servant-dominant/"master" play(works either way, cowgirl/reverse, straddling, missionary, mating press, lipstick, and the most degenerate- gentle love making with lots of cuddling, kissing and handholding, with some sweet lovey dovey talking
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