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  1. post_install() {
  2. echo '--------------------------------------------------------------------------'
  3. echo'                                INTRODUCTION'
  4. echo
  5. echo 'e4rat reduces disk access times through physical file reallocation. It is based'
  6. echo 'on the online defragmentation ioctl EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT from the ext4 filesystem,'
  7. echo 'which was introduced in Linux Kernel 2.6.31. Therefore, other filesystem types'
  8. echo 'or earlier versions of extended filesystems are not supported.'
  9. echo
  10. echo 'e4rat consists of three binaries. The first is e4rat-collect. Its purpose is to'
  11. echo 'gather relevant files by monitoring file accesses during an application startup.'
  12. echo 'The generated file list is the fundament of the second step. With the second'
  13. echo 'step, e4rat-realloc, files are placed physically in a row on disk.'
  14. echo 'The reallocation of the files' content yields a higher disk transfer rate which'
  15. echo 'accelerates program start processes.'
  16. echo
  17. echo 'Third, you can also read-ahead files to gain a higher cache hit rate.'
  18. echo 'e4rat-preload transfers files into memory in parallel to program startup.'
  19. echo
  20. echo 'Because a file consists of file content and its I-Node information the'
  21. echo 'preloading process is divided into two steps. First, it reads the I-Nodes'
  22. echo 'information which are still spread over the entire filesystem. In the second'
  23. echo 'step, the files' content is read without causing any disk seeks.'
  24. echo
  25. echo 'For more information see: e4rat-collect(8), e4rat-realloc(8), e4rat-preload(8)'
  26. echo '                          and e4rat.conf(5).'
  27. echo
  28. echo
  29. echo 'SAMPLE USAGE: Accelerate the boot process'
  30. echo '-------------'
  31. echo
  32. echo 'Run e4rat-collect as init process through adding following line to Kernel'
  33. echo 'parameters:'
  34. echo '    init=/usr/sbin/e4rat-collect'
  35. echo
  36. echo 'After e4rat-collect has terminated the generated file list is stored at:'
  37. echo '    /var/lib/e4rat/startup.log'
  38. echo
  39. echo 'Before reallocating boot files it is recommaned to switch to runlevel 1 to'
  40. echo 'stop most of all running proceses to gain write access to the process binary'
  41. echo 'file:'
  42. echo '    init 1'
  43. echo    
  44. echo 'Reallocating boot files:'
  45. echo '    e4rat-realloc  /var/lib/e4rat/startup.log'
  46. echo
  47. echo 'To start e4rat-preload as initial process append following to kernel your'
  48. echo 'parameters:'
  49. echo '    init=/usr/sbin/e4rat-preload'
  50. echo
  51. echo 'DEPENDENIES'
  52. echo '-----------'
  53. echo 'The e4rat toolset has the following external dependencies:'
  54. echo ' - Linux Kernel (>= 2.6.31)'
  55. echo ' - CMake (>= 2.6)'
  56. echo ' - pod2man'
  57. echo ' - Boost Library (>=1.41): You need the following components installed:'
  58. echo '       system, filesytem, regex, signals2'
  59. echo ' - Linux Audit Library (libaudit >=0.1.7)'
  60. echo ' - Block Device Identification Library (libblkid)'
  61. echo ' - Ext2 File System Utilities (e2fsprogs)'
  62. echo
  63. echo 'BUILDING'
  64. echo '--------'
  65. echo
  66. echo 'The build system is based on CMake, which will generate a Makefile.'
  67. echo 'To build the release version of e4rat run the following command:'
  68. echo '    cmake . -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=release'
  69. echo '    make'
  70. echo
  71. echo 'The default behaviour of cmake is to install binaries and libraries to'
  72. echo '/usr/local. To use a different install prefix add the command line parameter to'
  73. echo 'cmake as follow:'
  74. echo '    cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=release'
  75. echo
  76. echo 'Once you have successfully built the source code install e4rat as root:'
  77. echo '    make install'
  78. echo
  79. echo 'If you are running a Debian based Linux you can also install e4rat by'
  80. echo 'generating a Debian package:'
  81. echo '    make package'
  82. echo '    dpkg -i e4rat-<version>-<arch>-release.deb'
  83. echo
  84. echo
  85. echo 'AUTHORS'
  86. echo '-------'
  87. echo
  88. echo 'e4rat has been developed by Andreas Rid <conso@hs-augsburg.de> under the'
  89. echo 'guidance of Gundolf Kiefer <gundolf.kiefer@hs-augsburg.de> at'
  90. echo 'the University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg.'
  91. echo '--------------------------------------------------------------------------'
  92. }
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