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  1. 02/21/2019 21:05:45 : Call Routing: Incoming request sip:+18015086294@;from-handler=gwb2bua from <tel:+14809616974>
  2. 02/21/2019 21:05:45 : Trunk groups: Breakin, forwarded request from interconnect:
  3. 02/21/2019 21:05:45 : Call routing: Matched OUTBOUND group rule: When a call is placed and dialed number is International Blocked Destinations or dialed number is Country only numbers and dialed number is not Service Blocked Destinations or dialed number is not Emergency services numbers and role is S&C Provo then call will be placed from S&C Claims Provo (+18662213110)
  4. 02/21/2019 21:05:45 : Call routing: Matched INBOUND group rule: When a call is received and activity is Available then call will be directed to desktop phone and softphone with no delay and then hunt to voicemail after 25 seconds
  5. 02/21/2019 21:05:45 : Call Routing: Routing to sips:premier.user09@;transport=tcp TYPE:DESKTOP
  6. 02/21/2019 21:05:45 : Call Routing: Adding fallback target(s) sip:;busyreason=available;bypass-group-prio=6;bypass-group-type=0;bypass-rule-prio=11;bypass-rule-type=0;called-number=+18015086294;caller=+14809616974;handler=voice_rec;locale=en_US;orgid=533;transport=tcp;usernm=premier.user09 Service:VOICEMAIL RECORD
  7. sip:;busyreason=available;bypass-group-prio=20;bypass-group-type=0;bypass-rule-prio=1;bypass-rule-type=3;called-number=+18015086294;caller=+14809616974;handler=voice_rec;locale=en_US;orgid=533;transport=tcp;usernm=premier.user09 Service:VOICEMAIL RECORD Fallback:on call rejected
  8. sip:;busyreason=available;bypass-group-prio=20;bypass-group-type=0;bypass-rule-prio=2;bypass-rule-type=3;called-number=+18015086294;caller=+14809616974;handler=voice_rec;locale=en_US;orgid=533;transport=tcp;usernm=premier.user09 Service:VOICEMAIL RECORD Fallback:on no answer
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