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  1. In-game Name:
  2. Zac
  4. Age / DoB:
  5. 16 | 11/05/02
  7. Steam ID:
  8. 76561198145931081
  10. Why do you want to join the National Health Service?
  11. I feel within the bracket of time when i get on, there simply isn't any medics online which frustrates me as i would loose all my gear, I'm sure there is people that feel the same way as i do with this as it requires me going back to rebel and wasting more money. I also like the new missions that you can do around the island as i heard that it keeps you busy with something to do all the time which is nice.
  13. Do you have any previous experience as a Medic?
  14. Yes, i was actually medic on here around 2 years ago. It was an enjoyable experience however i was forced to leave due to family issues, but now I'm back on this server and i think its better than ever. I was faced with tricky experiences which i took the best approach to for example, someone died on a rooftop and no one could get to him, so i got out my hummingbird and carefully landed to save the patient. I know all about the medic rules for example, i had to take a medic to an IA case for braking medic neutrality countless times all because he just wanted the money, which annoys me personally.
  16. What can you bring to the National Health Service?
  17. I can bring loyalty to the NHS service, by that i mean that i will try my hardest to get to that patient no matter what. I don't pick who i go to on the basis of if there my friend, allies regardless , those factors don't differentiate who i go to first which i think is a very important role in a medics job. The national health service badge is something to be proud of in game so you should respect the handbook rules that you are given, which reflects to the player and they will carry that opinion of the NHS.
  19. Define 'roleplay' in your own words.
  20. Roleplay in my own words is to have a set character which you act within, making other people want to engage with you to create/join a roleplay scenario.
  22. Have you read and understood the Handbook?:
  23. Yes, as i have past experience. However i read over them again just to be sure.
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