love potion form

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  3. + ┆ red velvet & blackpink!
  5. password :: blackvelvet
  7. username :: .royalyeri
  9. — ☁️ —
  11. + ┆ bae joohyun & kim jisoo!
  13. slot :: the mastermind
  15. back-up slot :: the lovey dovey
  17. faceclaim :: solbin (laboum)
  19. back-up faceclaim :: yehana (pristin)
  21. bb face-claim :: doyeon (i.o.i)
  23. — ☁️ —
  25. + ┆ kang seulgi & kim jennie!
  27. birth name :: yoo saebyul
  29. nickname/s :: her friends call her "sae" or "byul" because it's quicker than saying her full name.
  31. age :: 17
  33. date of birth :: may 12, 2000
  35. place of birth :: nanyang, henan, china
  37. hometown :: mapo-gu, seoul, south korea
  39. nationality :: chinese
  41. ethnicity :: chinese-korean
  43. height :: 169cm
  45. weight :: 52kg
  47. blood type :: b+
  49. languages :: she's fluent in mandarinan and about 80% fluent in korean.
  51. — ☁️ —
  53. + ┆ son seungwan & park chaeyoung!
  55. background :: saebyul was born in nanyang to a korean father and a chinese mother. when she a few months old, her family moved to shanghai where she was raised. her family were always considered normal. just the family that lives in the other apartment. saebyul went through most of her life just blending into the background, never causing a fuss. when she was 11, her father was offered a job in seoul and saebyul had to start learning korean. despite having a korean name, she only knew basic korean.
  56. she moved to seoul with her family and, due to her lack of korean, was quiet in school. as time went on, her korean improved and so did her social life. she met some other foreign students at her school and they introduced her to their friends.
  58. family :: her father; yoon junhyung; 45
  59.           saebyul didn't see much of her father growing up, due to his work schedule so she feels slightly awkward around him. however, her father thinks the world of saebyul. she's his only child and he'll do anything for her.
  60.           her mother; ma meihua; 43
  61.           saebyul and her mother have a very close relationship. her mother quit her job so she could raise saebyul. ever since she was young, saebyul has always thought her mother was some kind of superhero.
  63. personality :: to most, saebyul seems quite introverted. kind of an ordinary presence who is just there. she blends into the background and often finds that people don't know who she is when her name is mentioned. she's perfectly fine with that though. she lives with a mindset of "a few close friends is better than lots of fake friends". when people are getting to know her, saebyul is reserved and polite. then, slowly, she opens up and shows her true personality.
  65. she's that friend that's like a mom but alternates between roasting you and wrapping you in blankets. she is very caring, something she learnt from her mother. she makes sure all her friends are eating and buys then food if they aren't. but saebyul is also very quick with her comebacks and likes to mess around. she's also extremely loyal to her friends. if they're having problems with anyone, she won't hesitate to go and sort things out (with words because she will definitely get knocked out if she fights).  her loyalty is a fault to an extent. she's wary of anyone who may want to mess with her friends, which causes her to be untrusting of some people.
  67. likes ::  。cats
  68.           。strawberries
  69.           。gudetama
  70.           。scented candles
  71.           。hyukoh
  72.           。fairy lights
  74. dislikes ::  。spiders
  75.              。cucumbers
  76.              。hot weather
  77.              。open water
  79. facts ::  。saebyul really loves the korean indie band hyukoh. she loves their style of music and thinks their lyrics are beautiful.
  80.           。saebyul is terrified of open water, like the ocean or lakes. everytime she swims in it all she can think about is what's in the water with her.
  81.           。saebyul can balance 4 spoons on her face at a time. one on her nose, two on her cheeks, and one on her chin.
  82.           。saebyul loves having a calm atmosphere surrounding her. her room is filled with fairy lights and scented candles as they help her to relax.
  83.           。saebyul has always wanted a small dog because she thinks they're more playful than cats. however, her father is allergic so she cannot have one.
  85. hobbies ::  。playing volleyball
  86.             。looking at pictures of cats
  87.             。baking cupcakes
  89. habits :: 。picking at her nails when she's nervous
  90.           。running her hands through her hair
  92. closest friend from the slots :: the shy one (lyn bae); i think saebyul would be closest with lyn because they're both introverted and they can help each other out of their shells.
  94. least closest friend from the slots :: the mean girl (kwon chaeyeong); i feel like, why they'd get along, these two would have the biggest personality clash.
  96. — ☁️ —
  98. + ┆ park sooyoung & lalisa manoban!
  100. love interest :: shownu (monsta x)
  102. back-up love interest :: jaehyun (nct)
  104. love interest's personality :: he's similar to saebyul in the way that he's caring and looks out for people. he has a sort of "oppa next door" feel. he's the kind of guy to stop and help an old woman across the street. he's academically smart and has good grades, but he can be oblivious to things. he takes a lot of things literally and gets confused when people use metaphors.
  106. love interest's first impression of your character :: "she's cute, look at her nagging her friends." at first, he doesn't really notice her, like everyone else. but then by chance, he looks over in the cafeteria one day and sees her nagging one of her friends because they forgot to buy lunch. he smiles to himself and thinks it's sweet. then he goes back to his friends and doesn't think about her much after that.
  108. your character's first impression of her love interest :: "shit, he's beautiful." saebyul notices him on her first day of school. he walks past her and she swears she's never seen someone so gorgeous. she can't speak to him though, because her korean is at a 5 year old's level so she just admires him from afar. she never picked up the courage to speak to him so she picks up little facts about him here and there via eavesdropping.
  110. how does your character act around her love interest? :: before the love potion intake, this girl turns into a tomato if someone even mentions his name. she's so nervous around him, yet so soft for him at the same time.
  111. after the potion intake, at first she's cautious because "is this real life?". after a few days, she's just so smitten with him because he's perfect in her eyes and everything he does just melts her heart.
  113. how does the love interest act around your character? :: before the love potion intake, he doesn't really interact with saebyul. he knows she exists and smiles at her in the hallways, but he's never had an excuse to talk to her so he doesn't. after the love potion intake, he's confused because "why is she suddenly the only thing i think about?" but he just goes with it. he's really sweet with her but he doesn't want to rush things. he takes her on cute dates, eats lunch with her and gives her kisses, but he doesn't want to officially call her his girlfriend until he's known her a while. he may be under a spell, but he still has a brain.
  115. — ☁️ —
  117. + ┆ kim yerim!
  119. notable quotes of character :: "look at this book. 'ordinary life', it's the story of my life."
  120.                                "sweetheart, eat your food before i force feed you."
  122. theme song of character :: artificial grass - akdong musician
  124. requested scenes with the other characters :: saebyul confronting her mother about witchcraft.
  125.                                               saebyul force feeding her friends in the cafeteria.
  126.                                               her friends teasing her so she curses at them in mandarin.
  128. requested scenes with love interest :: shownu approaching her in the library. she's bopping her head to her music and he asks what she's listening to.
  129.                                        date at a dog cafe omg.
  130.                                        shownu leaves strawberry milk on her desk with a cute note.
  132. — ☁️ —
  134. + ┆ happiness & boombayah!
  136. extra :: i think you covered pretty much everything!
  138. message to authors :: hi ainsley and amaya! nice to meet you too! tysm for including my babies laboum in the fc list i'm sobbing. and shit, you two got me with the questions about who she's close with. that's gonna be awkward if they don't pick her yikes. anyway, i put a lot of effort into the form and i hope it's all okay! and if it gives me extra credit, i wrote it all while listening to red velvet :) i hope you have a great day and remind yourselves that you look great <3
  140. ▅ END OF FORM! ▅
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