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  1. It’s a beautiful sunny evening in Doylestown, PA. I’m sitting on the front porch listening to music on my IPhone watching cars pass by and the other neighbors doing yard work.
  2. My parents own a few acres of land mostly which consists of a large forest with a river running through it. We live in a colonial style house with a balcony on the second floor overlooking the patio and swimming pool in our backyard.
  3. We have a lot of cookouts and family gatherings every year. My dad is always grilling something. He loves to hunt deer on our property in the woods in the fall with our bloodhound named Bo, so we eat a lot of venison.
  4. As I sit watching the neighborhood I notice a strange man walking on the other side of the street on the sidewalk. He’s dressed in all black with his hoodie up. I cannot see his face very well but looks completely clean shaven. It struck me as odd as I am always out here listening to music and sitting out here. I know all the neighbors and most of the school kids who use this street as a shortcut to get to High School.
  5. The man in black quickly turns and looks at me as he is walking and smiles. He continues on his way down the street.
  6. “There’s something odd about that man. I’ve never seen him before.”
  7. “Creepy looking…” I think to myself.
  12. I shrug it off and decide to go inside to hop on the computer and see if any of my friends are online playing Black Ops.
  13. It’s starting to get dark out.
  14. My parents will be home soon from the supermarket, they left a few hours ago and should have been back already.
  15. “Oh sweet! Everybody is on.” I quickly ask them to invite me to the party so I can join the game with them. An hour passes and my parents finally arrive home.
  16. “Kylie, We’re home sweetie, where are you? Can you help us bring in the groceries?” my mom says as she opens the front door of the house.
  17. “Just a minute mom! I’ll be right there.” I shout back to her in frustration as I’m about to win a good game with my friends from school.
  18. “Damnit guys I gotta go. My parents are home. I’ll be back later.” I tell my friends and log off and run down the stairs.
  19. “Hey mom, Hi dad. How was the trip?”
  21. “Horrible. Traffic is so backed up on the interstate right now they’re doing roadwork. We could of walked there faster. Honey, did you leave this pamphlet on our door knob? It’s so weird. It wasn’t here when I left.” My mom, Nicole, asked and then shows me the pamphlet. It’s got a white background with a black smiley face on it.
  24. “Huh.. no.. weird. It wasn’t there when I was outside on the porch listening to music. I came in a few hours ago and have been playing my game since then with my friends.” I look at the pamphlet and examine it closely. On the back side of it there is a date written in handwriting with a pen with a date. 06/06/19.
  25. “Mom look at this. There’s a date on it on the back. You see that? That’s tomorrow.” I cross my arms in concern and wonder what is going on.
  26. “You know, I saw someone suspicious looking today while I was outside. It was a man. I never seen him before in our neighborhood. He was dressed in all black and he was heading toward town. He kept his head down as he walked. I was watching him and he stopped walking and picked his head up and looked at me smiled for like three seconds. Then he continued on his way.” I walk past my mom and head outside to help my dad with the groceries, as I’m exiting the front door my mom replies “That is strange… I want you to lock your windows tonight. I’ll talk to your father about this later, don’t say anything to him.”
  27. I go outside and help my dad bring in all the groceries. It’s completely dark out now and our house it lit up with bright floodlights all around the property.
  28. We all get to the kitchen and start storing all the groceries.
  29. “What’s for dinner tonight dad? I’m hungry.”
  30. “We’re going to have steak with broccoli and cheese tonight sweetie. It’s a celebration meal. I just got a promotion at my job. I am now the Lead Programmer for my project.” My dad, John, claps his hands in excitement.
  31. “That’s great dad! I’m glad to hear it.”
  32. My dad works for the government and creates and maintains network security programs for them.
  33. “Alright. Everything’s all set. I’m gonna go back upstairs, let me know when dinners ready please!”
  34. I run up stairs and close my door and hop back online.
  35. A half hour later I start smelling juicy aroma of cooking steak with herbs and spices. I can hear my parents talking to each other but cannot figure out what they’re saying exactly.
  36. “John, I need to talk to you. I found something I want you to see. It was on our doorknob when we got home and Kylie said she doesn’t know where it came from. Look at this.” Nicole picks up the pamphlet from on the counter and shows it to John.
  37. “What the.. This was on the doorknob? It’s so weird looking. It’s nothing but a black smiley face. Where did it come from?” John scratches his head and ponders.
  38. “I don’t know. Look at the back side of it. There’s a date handwritten. It’s tomorrows date.” Nicole says in concern.
  39. “Someone is messing with us. But who.. why?” John replies.
  40. Nicole grabs a cup out of the cabinet and fills it with ice water from the fridge.
  41. “I don’t know, John. I don’t like it. That’s not all that happened. Kylie said she saw some strange man walking around in our neighbor and the guy stopped and stared at her from across the street on the side walk. Something strange is going on.”
  42. Frustrated, John throws the pamphlet in the garbage and asks Nicole “What? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Did he do anything else? What did he look like?”
  43. “I don’t know. She said he was dressed in all black. She was sitting outside on the porch listening to music.” Nicole sips on her ice water.
  44. “I’m sorry John. I didn’t want to ruin the dinner. But It’s been eating at me ever since I got home and I just had to tell you.” She puts her cup down in the sink and lets out a long drawn out sigh.
  46. “We need to lock all the windows tonight. Keep the outside lights on until morning. I’m going to load my gun right now.” John says to Nicole as he runs upstairs to the Master Bedroom.
  47. “But John, what about dinner? Don’t you want to celebrate?” Nicole shouts up the stairs to John who quickly made it to his room
  48. John goes into his closet and gets out a safe which contains a .45 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver. As he loads the bullets into the gun he shouts down to Nicole “You finish up the steak. The broccoli is done. Get the food to the dinner table. I’ll be right down and get Kylie. I just need to do this first. I’m almost finished.”
  51. “There. Good. Okay. Safety is on.” John says to himself as he places the gun on the back of his belt line and tucks it underneath his shirt.
  52. John walks over to Kylie’s room and knocks on the door.
  53. “Honey! Time to eat! Let’s go!”
  54. “I’ll be right there dad. Just a second! Almost done.”
  55. “NOW! Kylie! I’m not messing around. Let’s go!” John shouts at the door.
  56. “Damn. I gotta go guys. My dad is getting mad at me I have to go eat dinner. See ya!” I log off the console and put my slippers on and head downstairs where my mom and dad are already sitting down waiting for me and my plate is prepared.
  57. “Hey dad, sorry about that. I was in a really intense match with my friends and didn’t want to lose.” I say to him as I pull my chair out from the table and sit down.
  58. “It’s okay. I’m sorry for yelling. I’m just a bit stressed out right now. Your mother told me what happened earlier. With that creepy guy and the black smiley face that was left on the doorknob. I think the two are somehow connected.” John says as he puts both of his hands on his forehead. He sits up and looks at both my mom and I
  59. “I don’t know what exactly is going on, but it isn’t a coincidence that you seen that man he smiled at you and then there was a pamphlet left on our doorknob. I think we may be in danger.” He pulls the tucked handgun from his backside and places it on the table.
  60. My mom gasps in shock “Honey.. John.. No.. What are you doing? Why did you bring that out?”
  61. “Because, Nicole. I don’t want to risk not being prepared for someone to come in here and try to hurt us. I need to protect my family. I love both of you. You are both a part of me. I could never live with my self if something happened to either of you.” John pushes his plate away from him.
  62. “I can’t eat it tonight. I think I’m going to go sit on the front porch for a little while and see if I can notice anything unusual.” John stands up and walks toward the front door.
  63. Nicole tries to get John to sit back down and eat dinner as a family. “John! Wait! Tonight was supposed to be special. You just got promoted. Come on! Don’t let some high school kids prank make you go off the deep end.”
  64. “How do you know this is a prank Nicole? You know my work. You know what I do. I make viruses that the government uses in order to sabotage other countries economies. I piss a lot of people off Nicole. There are a lot of people who don’t fucking like me! And now… Now I’m the lead programmer? And this happens?! I don’t think it’s a coincidence, Nicole. Someone is out to get me and my family. I won’t allow it. It will NOT happen.” John shouts loudly as he opens the front door. As he walks out he slams it shout.
  65. I could hear my dad scream “Fuck!” from inside at the dinner table as he goes and sits on a chair on the porch.
  66. I put my fork down and look toward my mom and ask her “Mom.. do you think everything will be okay? Why is he acting like this?”
  67. “I don’t know honey.. Just finish eating and put your plate in the sink please. Go up to your room okay? I’m going to do the dishes.”
  68. I go back up to my room and lock both of my windows like my mom said to do.
  69. “I don’t know why she wants me to lock the windows. I’m on the second floor. Not like anyone can get to me from here.” I think to myself.
  70. 11 PM
  71. I’m lying in bed watching Netflix and starting to get tired. I decide to get up and go downstairs to get a glass of water.
  72. I notice my mom sitting at the dinner table still playing on her phone.
  73. “Mom, what are you doing still awake? Did dad ever come inside?”
  75. “No sweetie, he’s still out there on the bench. I tried to talk to him but he told me to leave him alone for a while.”
  77. “Mom what’s going on? Why is dad acting like this, why are you guys still up?”
  78. My mom puts her phone down on the table and looks directly at me in my eyes. “Kylie, I can’t sleep because your father is acting crazy and he won’t give me a reason why other than the fact it may have something to do with his job. I shouldn’t of told him about the pamphlet. It was probably just a prank from a high school kid.” Nicole sighs and stands up.
  79. I walk over to the table and say to her “Mom, that person dressed in all black wasn’t a kid at all. He looked to be about dads age.”
  81. “Well I don’t know Kylie. I really don’t. I’m scared and nervous. But if anything is going to happen it’s going to happen tomorrow. It’s almost midnight. Let’s stay up until then and if nothing happens we should go to sleep.”
  82. My mom and I both sat down and she pulls out a deck of cards from one of the kitchen drawers. “Come on Ky, let’s play a few games of rummy to pass time. Hopefully your dad will come in soon.”
  83. We stayed up until a half hour after midnight and just finished playing. As my mom is putting the deck of cards back in the box the front door opens.
  84. “Well, I’ve been out here for hours and haven’t seen anything. We should get some rest. Keep the lights on and sleep lightly.” My dad tells us as he comes inside and locks the front door.
  85. Later that night…
  86. 3 AM
  87. I wake up to go use the bathroom and walk past my parents bedroom. They left their door open and are sound asleep.
  88. I get into the bathroom and notice outside the window it’s dark.outside.
  95. “Strange. The spot light above the bathroom window is off. I thought my dad wanted them left on.” Nervous, I completely forget to actually use the bathroom and walk downstairs and look through the front door window.
  96. “Huh? That light is off too.” I look around out all of the in the kitchen, dining and living room and all of the lights are out. It’s pitch black outside.
  97. I go to the front door and notice that all the light switches on the wall that go to the outside are all flipped on.
  98. “What’s going on here…” I cross my arms in worry and shout “MOM! DAD! Somethings wrong! WAKE UP!”
  99. I continue to shout for them to wake up as I run up the stairs to their bedroom.
  100. I go down the hallway to their door and notice that it’s been shut.
  101. “Huh? It was just open a minute go when I went into the bathroom. What the hell?”
  104. They don’t answer. The door is locked. I can’t open it I run into my room and close and lock the door. I keep yelling for my parents but don’t hear a response.
  105. That’s when I hear their bedroom door slowly open.
  107. I hear footsteps, loud ones, As if the person was wearing steel toe boots.
  108. The noise is coming toward my door very slowly.
  109. “Dad? Is that you? What’s happening Dad please answer me! I’m scared!”
  110. I look at the bottom of the door where you can see the hallway light shine down on the red carpet.
  111. I see a shadow figure coming toward the door and then I see black boots standing directly in front of the door facing me.
  112. “…Dad?” I ask very softly hoping it that it is him just playing a joke on me.
  113. “No Kylie. I’m not your dad.” A man with a very deep and Russian accent voice responds.
  114. “Open this door Kylie.” “Do as I tell you or your parents will die.”
  115. I take out my phone and try to call 911 but it says that I do not have service.
  116. In a panic, I run over to my window to consider jumping out from the second floor. I look down out the window and I see another man dressed in all black with a ski mask on and carrying a long knife.
  117. The man outside waves at me and then points the knife up at me. He then makes the motion of slitting a persons throat with the knife.
  121. I hear the banging coming from the hall way door again and turn around.
  122. “KYLIE! OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!” the man in the hallway shouts.
  123. “NO! Go away! GO AWAY! PLEASE! DON’T HURT MY FAMILY!” I yell back at him while looking for a weapon I could use to save myself.
  124. I find a fork on a plate that I had left on the TV stand in my room.
  125. “That’s it Kylie. I’m coming in. You had your chance. Now. …. You’re mine!”
  126. The man starts kicking the door in.
  127. “Oh no..please… please.. someone help me.” I start crying in fear that I’m about to be killed.
  128. I pull back all but one of the prongs on the fork to make one straight metal point.
  129. The man finally gets his way into the room and spots me in the corner by the windows.
  130. “GET AWAY FROM ME! I DID NOTHING TO DO YOU” I shout as he starts running toward me.
  131. He puts his hands out as if he was going to try and grab me. I take the fork that I was hiding behind my back and shove it right into his eye socket.
  132. The man drops immediately and I start crying as I lay on top of his body.
  134. “What is going on? Why… why did this happen?” I sobbingly cry out.
  135. “The other man.. theres another man outside…” I get up and look out the window again and he isn’t there anymore.
  136. “Crap! He’s gonna come in.” I  run over to my parents bedroom and find that the door is open with the light off. I come in and flip the light switch on and both my parents are lying in bed hog tied with their heads chopped off. There’s a black duffle bag right near the foot of the bed and I see my dads hair sticking out of it.
  137. “NO! NO!!! WHY!!!!! WHY DID THIS HAPPEN!” I break down onto the floor crying and look at my phone again. I finally have service and call 911.
  138. “911 What is your emergency?”
  139. “Hi I live at 331 Tillsdale Av..”
  140. WHAM!
  142. The front door flies open and hits the window beside it and shatters it.
  143. “Please HURRY! He’s going to kill me! He’s in the house! My parents are dead. Please help!” I drop the phone and run over to the nightstand by my parents bed to look in the drawer for the gun he had earlier. When he thinks there is a risk he always places it loaded in that drawer.
  144. I find the gun and then lock myself in my parents closet hoping the man doesn’t find me.
  145. “Oh no.. I left the phone out there on the floor.” I think to my self in a panic while I try to point the gun at the door steadily. But I’m too nervous and can’t keep the gun straight.
  146. I hear a feint voice coming from my phone. The operator must still be on the line.
  147. I’m too scared to get out of the closet and grab the phone.
  148. I hear someone coming up the step and walk into the bedroom.
  149. “Ok now little girl… where are you? “
  150. Huh? It’s a woman I thought it was a man outside my window with a knife.. The lady has a Russian accent and sounds to be in the prime of her life.
  151. I hear more footsteps coming up the stairs and then someone comes into the room
  152. “Sasha, We have to go! We’ve been here too long.”  It’s another man. He also has a Russian accent, he sounds very old.
  153. “Nonsense. We have to find the little girl. We need to bring her with us.” The woman replies back to him.
  154. “Sasha It’s too late for that! We have to go. NOW!.”
  155. “Fine lets go.”
  158. I hear sirens coming down the street.
  159. The two Russians in black run down the stairs and run out the backdoor.
  160. I come out of the closet with the gun and run over to the balcony which oversees our backyard and see them run into the forest.
  161. “POLICE! WE ARE COMING IN! PUT YOUR WEAPONS DOWN! NOW! WE WILL SHOT TO KILL!” a man shouts from the front door.
  162. I hear multiple people running into the house.
  163. “Clear.” One police officer says.
  164. “Check up stairs!” another officer shouts.
  165. “I’m up here! Please help me! My parents are dead.” An officer comes running toward me with his gun drawn pointed at me.
  166. “GET DOWN! NOW!” he yells at me.
  167. “Please. I’m scared. My pare-…”
  169. I lay down on the ground and start sobbing.
  170. “Jim! What are you doing?! This is the girl that called in the 187. Let her go.” A man who appears to be a sergeant helps me get up and asks me if I am alright.
  171. “No.. No I’m not alright. My parents are dead. Someone cut their heads off.”
  172. “Boss, you want might to come see this. Holy shit…”
  173. The police enter my parents bedroom and witness the massacre that had occurred.
  174. One officer reaches for the duffle bag on the floor at the foot of the bed and opens it.
  175. “Oh my god. What the hell?!” the officer drops the bag in a panic and the heads roll out on the floor.
  176. “Little lady Don’t look! Don’t look!” He shouts at me.
  177. “No.. No.. why.. god why?” I start freaking out and scream at the top of lungs.
  179. “CALM DOWN!” he yells.
  180. “Little girl what is your name? Calm down. We need your help. What happened?” the sergeant asks me.
  181. “Ky.. Kylie Rizzeti. I’m sixteen and my dad John Rizzeti works for the government.”
  182. “Okay Kylie. What happened?” He continues to question me.
  183. “There is two more people! I was hiding in my parents closet. When they heard the sirens they ran off into the backyard. I came out and ran to the balcony and saw them running into the forest. They are wearing all black and had Russian accents.” I tell the sergeant while wiping tears from my eyes.
  184. The sergeant nods and says “Okay.”
  185. He radios in to all the other responding officers. “Everyone to the backyard, there are two suspects who fled into the forest. I’m going to radio in a search party and a helicopter. Let’s find these sick sons of bitches and serve them justice.
  186. Suddenly, a white English woman with green eyes and blonde hair tied up in a pony tail wearing a black suit with a light blue overshirt enters the room.
  187. “Ah, Ms. Jennings. There you are. I need you to take this girl to the police station. Her name is Kylie Rizzeti. Her parents have been murdered.” Sergeant grabs my arm and pulls me toward the doorway where Ms. Jennings is standing.
  189. “Not a problem, Sergeant.” Ms. Jennings smiles.
  190. I’m standing in front of her now and that’s when she puts both of her hands on my shoulders and looks me directly in my eyes.
  191. “Come with me Kylie, You’re safe now. I’m sorry about what happened to your parents. We will get you the help you need.”
  192. She wraps one arm around my shoulders and escorts me outside.
  193. “Everything is going to be okay, alright sweetie? Just get in my vehicle over there, the black one.”
  194. I look at the street and see a large black SUV with completely tinted out windows parked at the end of the block near a stop sign.
  195. I couldn’t see into the vehicle itself. Something seemed off.
  196. I begin to wonder who this lady actually is. Why am I not getting into a police vehicle? “This isn’t right. Why isn’t she letting go of me and allowing me to walk alone?” I think to myself.
  198. “Okay Ky, get into the back of the SUV. I’ll take you down to the police station and get everything sorted out.” Ms. Jennings tells me when we reach the rear driver side door of the SUV.
  199. I hesitantly get in, thinking to myself “The officer knew her.. everything must be okay.”
  200. I open the SUV door and there’s a man sitting in the front passenger seat. I can only see the back of his head as he is looking out the passenger window.
  201. I get in the car and Ms. Jennings immediately slams the door shut. She gets into the front seat and locks the doors. “We have her. Do it. Do it now.”
  202. The man pulls up a costume mask from between his legs and puts it on his face. It’s a black and yellow smiley face.
  203. “SMILE KYLIE! Time to go to sleep!”
  204. A person hiding in the trunk of the SUV comes up and wraps his arm around my neck and stabs me with a syringe.
  205. “NO!!!!!!!! LET ME OU-----“
  206. Everything fades to black.
  208. To be continued.
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