May 12th, 2017
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  1. Warframe.
  2. -Ammunition Concerns+100   I'm better at melee than anyone here
  3. -Fashionframe+100 is endgame
  4. -Rule of Three+100 annoying but doable
  5. -Profiteering +300 , you kill things in this game, so I've got some more kill squads of on my ass Corpus aren't shit
  6. Infested Thoughts +300 as if my jumpers mind was not already a cacophony of voices from astral layers .
  7. -The Void Cometh +600 yeah this is going to need fixing, but I have the science and magic to do so. Especially with the combination weld+key Astroswitch.
  8. Roll(1d8)+0:7,+0 Total:7 7. Eris looks like I'm going to need to blend in   Before I get assimilated and I start off in the ass end of nowhere.
  9. Infested -200 . Unfortunately have to change this. Since apparently the baseline isn't what I thought it was and I did things with it
  10. -Melody of the Void Free
  11. patients of eternity, free for infested
  12. cloud of potential free for infested
  13. Joyce abundance -300 discount for infested if there were still fat people I'd open up a weight loss clinic
  14. harmonious unity -300 discount for infested well. I am on the most infested planet. Let's see if I can wrangle the rest of these diseases into something prosocial
  15. mantle of legacy -50. I am Prometheus
  16. modification creation -100 I'm going for all the technology.
  17. -Light of the Orokin* -400
  18. -Clanmates -300 Monique,mother box, Pam,Tyrion,TJ,Tina, RJ, painwheel
  19. syndicate allegiance
  20.   Cephalon Suda
  21. -Warframe Bobble-heads (Free) cute little decorations
  22. Ornate Robes:Corpus Free as a scientist and a fashion designer I've always been curious about how they did that scrolling letters thing
  23. Transference Suit:Zariman (Free) I've been needing underwear for a while
  24. Skin of Allegiance:-Mutalist (Free: infested &-Orokin (Free: 'Light of the Orokin .   Make pretty
  25. -Weapon AcquisitionX3-100 Tenno Zenistar, ,Sancti Tigris&Pox
  26. two purchases free, a unique and novel weapon, a a replenishing supply of grenades, a splendid shotgun
  27. -Weapon Upgrade prime-50 and now they're all greatly enhanced, although I can't begin to think what a
  28. -Fabrication Table -200 you can make so much stuff with this, it's very hard to get a 3-D printer to print more than one thing at a time
  29. -Blueprint Creation Unit- 100 , oh this is money in the bank, I can sell blueprints for out of context gear to other Tenno   and get good stuff from them in return.
  30. -Crates of Resource Replenishment -200 pretty much mandatory taken from item budget
  31. Kuva Supply -200 I need all the resources all of them.
  32. Base of operations:Kuva Siphon -100 discounted with Kuva Supply
  33. -Eximus Modification Unit -300 let's adapt to use for use on my Alpha lanterns
  34. -Void Relic Refiner -300CP. This will be fun taken from budget  
  35. taken from budget   . Trust me you want these,
  36. -Research Labs-200 I think I have something that does this already , but this will spit out blueprints without me having to think about it.   Also remember that all the tech in this universe is made with about 12 ingredients and I have replenishment for the really rare ones.
  37. -Infestation Strain- free for infested
  40. -Warframe Exosuit -100 so I can actually interact with people Without them, trying to kill me.
  41. This stuff cost WP not CP
  42. -Transference Pod (Free: Warframe Exosuit) so I can actually use the damn thing
  43. -Fluid Mind, Fluid Form (Free: Tenno Only): you think I was only going to stick with the one?
  44. -Primary Element:-blast: (Free best element and great against the infested which I'll need considering my starting location.
  45. -Warframe Abilities-200 combine ember and limbo but replace ember's passive   with Inaros's   , you get a already OP glass cannon that can now shift to a different layer of reality to heal and become temporarily invulnerable to anything not on that layer of reality while still being able to use its offensive powers on both layers of reality and once assimilated   will give me a very powerful alternative to being swarmed by mooks
  46. Zen Projection (Free)
  47. -Waxing Wuxia -300 with my reflexes. This is going to be fun
  48. -Mirrored Mind-300 I generally try not to assimilate the innocent. So my morals dictate I must take this, it's just more of me pooling   with the rest of me rather than taking over someone else This way
  49. -Primed-600 pretty much mandatory, no one man should have all this power
  50. Way of the Closed Fist-
  51. Fists of Nonacceptance Free: Closed Fist , a very poetic way to say that you know martial arts,you've got style Red.
  52. -Augmented Prowess Free: Closed Fist   . Always nice
  53. -Ricochet Riot -100 discount Way of the Closed Fist. This will be fun
  57. My infestation strain this stuff cost IP not CP
  58. -Spores Free
  59. direction of purpose, free for infested
  60. -Strength of the Past-200
  61. -Strength of the Whole-200
  62. -Mutalist Strain-600
  63. Role of Creator
  64. Legion of serene minds , free with Role of Creator
  65. archivist mind -50
  66. -FEAR NOT-50
  67. -Environment Equilibrium-100
  68. -Doctor's Touch-100
  69. Doctor's Embrace-200
  73. Monique's infestation strain
  74. -Spores Free
  75. -Enhanced Senses -50
  76. -Strength of the Past-200
  77. -Strength of the Whole-200
  78. -Mutalist Strain-600
  79. Role of Creator
  80. -FEAR NOT-50
  81. -Environment Equilibrium-100
  82. -Doctor's Touch-100
  83. Doctor's Embrace-200
  86. Monique,
  87. infested
  88. -Patience of Eternity Free for Infested
  89. -Cloud of Potential free for infested
  90. -Mind of the Shepard-100  discount infested
  91. -Era of the Gods-200 discount infested
  92. -Harmonious Unity-300 discount infested
  93. -Warframe Bobble-heads (Free
  94. -Skin of Allegiance:Mutalist
  95. Weapon Acquisition:Caustacyst free
  97. mother box
  98. corpus
  99. -Money, Dear Boy free for corpus
  100. -Way of the Gaga free for corpus
  101. -Coding Your Army-100 discount for corpus
  102. -Shielding One's Opinions-200 discount for corpus
  103. cybernetic Knowledge-300
  104. -Warframe Bobble-heads Free
  105. Skin of Allegiance:Vandal  free
  106. Weapon Acquisition:Sonicor free
  107. Pam
  108. drop in
  109. -Smug Ki'teer free for  drop in
  110. -Salt Trader free for  drop in
  111. -Death Mark-300 discounted for drop-in
  112. -Blind Justice-300 discounted for drop in
  113. -Warframe Bobble-heads Free
  114. -Skin of Allegiance:Prisma free for drop-in
  115. Weapon Acquisition:Djinn
  117. Tyrion
  118. drop-in
  119. -Smug Ki'teer free for  drop in
  120. -Salt Trader free for  drop in
  121. -Proper Posture-100 discounted for drop in
  122. -Boundless Drive -100 discounted for drop in
  123. -Distinction of Luxuries-200 discounted for drop in
  124. -Beyond Reproach-200  discounted for drop in
  125. -Warframe Bobble-heads Free
  126. -Skin of Allegiance:Prisma free for drop-in
  127. Weapon Acquisition:Shade
  128. TJ
  129. Tenno
  130. -Graceful Myth  Free for Tenno  
  131. -Peaceful Zen Free for Tenno .
  132. -Mindful Transference-300discount for Tenno
  133. Devil of the Void:--Naramon: -300discount for Tenno
  134. -Warframe Exosuit (Free: Tenno).  A must-have.
  135. -Transference Pod (Free: Warframe Exosuit) so I can actually use the damn thing
  136. -Fluid Mind, Fluid Form (Free: Tenno Only): you think I was only going to stick with the one?
  137. -Primary Element:-blast
  138. Warframe Abilities-200 combine Mesa and Mirage
  139. -Helpful Friends-100
  140. -Greased Lightning-200
  141. -Primed-600
  142. Way of the Closed Fist:
  143. -Fists of Nonacceptance free
  144. -Hidden Emitters-100
  145. -Beast of the Bones-300
  147. Tina
  148. Tenno
  149. -Graceful Myth  Free for Tenno  
  150. -Peaceful Zen Free for Tenno .
  151. -Peace Within The Blade-100 discount for Tenno
  152. -Storm of Petals-200 discount for Tenno
  153. -Devil of the Void:-Unairu-300  discount for Tenno
  154. -Warframe Exosuit (Free: Tenno).  A must-have.
  155. -Transference Pod (Free: Warframe Exosuit) so I can actually use the damn thing
  156. -Fluid Mind, Fluid Form (Free: Tenno Only): you think I was only going to stick with the one?
  157.  -Primary Element:-blast
  158. Warframe Abilities-200 combine  Chroma and Vauban
  159. -Helpful Friends-100
  160. -Greased Lightning-200
  161. -Primed-600
  162. Way of the Closed Fist:
  163. -Fists of Nonacceptance free
  164. -Hidden Emitters-100
  165. -Beast of the Bones-300
  166. #the plan: grind , grind, grind. Use the fusion of weld +key  Astro switches to seal the void, trade out of context weapons with the Tenno in exchange for stuff I want via a bounty system. Roll(1d100)+0:34,+0 Total:34 oh. This makes collecting the things I want easier . Another -5 to  stealing Rolls
  167. Switch one of my bodies to my new and improved  viral form and take over  Eris Roll(1d100)+0: 45,+0 Total:45 okay this is not  going so well, let's try and tie virus bombing myself on this stubborn planet.Roll(1d100)+0: 92,+0 Total:92 oh crap they have developed antibodies to me and are effectively immune to my viral form. Let's break out the cyclonics Roll(1d100)+0:
  168. 1,+0 Total:1 . Yep , everything's dead but  I burned a body so looks like I'm down to two, one's piloting my war frame  The other is  encased in my rider armor fixing the void rifts.
  171. Now for the acquisitions, Let's start with the frames: Ash Roll(1d100)-65:
  172. 32,-65 Total:1  . That's a yes  Equinox Roll(1d100)-65:73,-65 Total:8 that's a yes ExcaliburRoll(1d100)-65: 95,-65 Total:30 looks like I'm missing the chassis. Frost Roll(1d100)-65:
  173. 7,-65 Total:1  . That's a yes  Hydroid Roll(1d100)-65: 58,-65 Total:1 . That's a yes Ivara Roll(1d100)-65: 26,-65 Total:1  Loki Roll(1d100)-65: 37,-65 Total:1  . Yes Nyx  Roll(1d100)-65:
  174. 19,-65 Total:1 . Yep  Oberon Roll(1d100)-65: 78,-65 Total:13  again , I'm on a roll . Thanks to these modifiers. Rhino Roll(1d100)-65: 5,-65 Total:1 . That's a yes Trinity Roll(1d100)-65:
  175. 41,-65 Total:1
  178. . That's another yes. Zephyr,Wukong and Banshee I can get from my lab, now I need  Forma , once I have one I'll be able to make more with the blueprint creator Roll(1d100)-65:72,-65 Total:7  , and here we are.  now since I can make anything a prime and can make blueprints of just about any tech I happen across in this universe.  I set up a service where I trade sets of components for a primed variant of the item. I'm actually going to be priming the components with the void relic refiner, making blueprints for the parts then assembling them then giving the result back, let's see how well this goesRoll(1d100)-0: 93,-0 Total:93
  179. yeah you know how the Lotus  sees Orokin technology as sacred and belonging only to theTenno? She is not taking kindly to this and sending her children after me time to try to bluff my way out of this with a half-truth , Pam and Tyrion are void traders who happened upon an artifact created by a lazy and decadent Orokin scientist automatically enhance things with the help of a  Cephalon so damaged that it can only perform its function and is unable to give any kind of communication , I'm using one of my bodies to mediate and given my skill with flying and millennia of diplomacy experience, including taking international diplomacy martial arts in that one jump with all the magic puddles. I think that's good for a -27Roll(1d100)-27:
  180. 66,-27 Total:39 , time to negotiate what if I offer her the info I got from Amazo backup data and my science Roll(1d100)-27: 8,-27 Total:1 she looks over the documents ,beneath
  181. her visor, her eyes widen in awe . She happily accepts! we are welcome at any of the Tenno relays! Especially since the parts and such are going right back to her children. Now let's copy my driver belts and throw it in there. How does that go?Roll(1d100)-0:15,-0
  182. Total:15 pretty God damn well, the coin slots  Now scan automatically and have their own  switches  and are arranged neatly between the Astro switches, the six Gaia memory slots are three to a side rather than spread evenly around , the hand Autor is center stage rather than awkwardly off to the right, the capacity of the prototype Ranger belt has been improved, the double half halo with lines of the Orokin  replacing the Chevrons and providing spaces for each of the gimmicks, the resulting transformation itself much sleeker and organically shaped, with gold highlights on white. Rolling for achievements Roll(1d400)+0:
  183. 394,+0 Total:394
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