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  1. I think I've been listening since whenever Nadella was made Microsoft's CEO, and this is the first time Coder Radio, or a podcast at all, has gotten me to react emotionally (in a positive way!. You're making me hate you in the way one can only hate someone that speaks the truth while you're wrong. I don't know what's worse, hearing structure is, _god forbid_, healthy, or the fact that you're confirming that, to better oneself, there are shit sandwitches still to eat.
  3. Listening to the segment was revealing for me, because you're putting into words something I've been thinking for a while: you made me realise just how much it's harming me not to have a framework to work with. Rules you understand are helpful in after all! Who would have guessed.
  5. I wish you the best in this year of structure you're setting up, and I'll be expecting further news on your successes in every new episode.
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